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US To Invest $35 Million In “Independent” Syrian Media

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US To Invest $35 Million In "Independent" Syrian Media

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The US is to allocate $35 million for the “independent” Syrian media, in order to combat the “propaganda” allegedly spread by Russia and the official government of the Arab Republic.

This was contained in a US State Department document reviewed by RT.

According to the US, Moscow and Damascus are preventing the US-led coalition from stabilizing the situation in the northeast of Syria and are holding the authorities responsible for the “crimes” committed there.

The $35 million that are reportedly being given to “independent” Syrian media are primarily to counteract the misinformation that Russia and the Syrian government allegedly spread.

“Strengthening the capacity of the Syrian media in countering disinformation efforts by Russia, the Syrian regime and other states, as well as increasing the ability of Syrians to recognize disinformation,” the document says.

The State Department believes that the information environment in Syria is polarized and divided between supporters of the government and the opposition, as well as Kurdish and Arab media.

In addition, according to State Department, the real picture of the conflict in the republic is distorted by the “misinformation” of Moscow, Damascus and Tehran along with the propaganda of extremists.

“The propaganda efforts of extremist groups and the systematic misinformation from the Syrian regime, Russia and Iran distort the perception of the conflict, prevent the international coalition against ISIS from stabilizing the situation and hindering the peaceful political transition process envisaged by UN Security Council resolution 2254,” the state accompanying the financing states.

According to the document, “misinformation”, as defined by State Department, means depicting “Syrian Civil Defense” (the official name of the White Helmets) and the “moderate opposition” as terrorists and also information that claims that the alleged “chemical attacks” were staged, whereas they were organized by Damascus, according to the US and Co.

According to State Department officials, these “propaganda” efforts “sow doubts, undermine the coalition’s stabilization efforts in the north-east of the country and prevent the Syrian regime from being held accountable for the crimes committed.”

The United States has more than once been caught in deception about events in the Middle East, political analyst Oleg Matveychev noted in a conversation with RT.

“Ever since the Iraq campaign, the American media has spread lies. Enough evidence has been gathered about White Helmets and staged attacks. We see how the organization is now hiding its tail. They want to remove it from the information field,” said the expert.

According to Matveychev, the recipients of the US grant will distribute messages that are extremely beneficial to their sponsors. This will lead to a new wave of fake news.

“A typical story. When the United States in any country allocates money to support supposedly “independent” media, it means that fake news will soon start. This media is completely dependent on the will of the States. In fact, this is an interference in the internal affairs of Syria,” he added.

As part of the financing, the US State Department plans to support the release of news and materials on current events and on certain topics, including “countering Russian and Iranian misinformation,” conducting journalistic investigations, and creating programs about religious and ethnic minorities.

Syrians need access to balanced sources of information in order to effectively contribute to stability and peace in the country, the document emphasizes.

According to the document, “although in some parts of the region the repressive influence of the Syrian regime and the Islamic State has changed to a more media-friendly environment, independent journalism is just beginning to appear, and restrictions on the media remain.”

“In other areas in northeast Syria, forces supported by the regime, Russia and Turkey have already established their presence, which makes us worry about the ability of independent media to work openly and in safe conditions,” the Department of State experts continue.

The documents further claim that Moscow and Damascus are conducting military operations in Idlib against the opposition, although this area has been identified as a demilitarization zone.

The US State Department has been providing financial and technical support to the “independent” Syrian media since 2012.

These organizations should be able to reach the vast majority of the audience in the republic, as described in the documents. According to a survey conducted in January this year, 84% of respondents from opposition areas receive information from at least one source supported by the United States authorities.

“Syrian media partners jointly produce and broadcast approximately 100 hours of content daily; The US Department of State continuously and actively promotes independent media and fights disinformation,” the document emphasizes.

Washington sponsors other programs in the SAR. So, this year, $40 million was allocated to reform the Syrian judicial system. There were plans to spend another $75 million to support local authorities and civil society.


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Saso Mange

Will this comedy ever end?

AM Hants

Led by Voice of America and the NED. Independent media???????


Yup as reported by RT International, kremlin propaganda channel


Yep.. As soon as you can take your head outta your Jewish rect um….

AM Hants

Riddle me this, but, how much does the US, UK, NATO Nd EU spend on anti-Russia disinformation and state funded media?

How much does the US state funded Voice of America spend on internal disinformation media, in Russia?

Then check out the minute Russian state media budget?

So how come Russian propaganda, at a fraction of the cost of US, UK, EU and NATO media prove so effective?

Andrew McGuiness

The thing is, RT no doubt avoids publishing anything damaging to Russia, but at least what it does publish is truthful – unlike, for example, the UK’s BBC.


Andrew i know its the merry season and all, but you’ve obviously had to much Buckfast

Andrew McGuiness

Not an answer. You have not shown anything untruthful published by RT. The BBC, however, has a long history of publishing doctored videos, and supporting the UK govt line without any acknowledgement of the arguments against it (the recent OPCW scandal is a good example).


Andrew I’ve watched RT International for ten years

Its repetitive and boring

it’ll twist stories in ways that present an untrue picture,it always spins things in a way that reflects badly on the west, for example if there are protests in France it’ll immediately show fire bombs going off, violence etc,etc, all usually backed up by dramatic music! even though this might be a minor group of trouble makers, RT will give the impression the whole of France is going up in flames,they’ll then cut to somebody, the usual anti western talking head who’ll reliably inform us that this is the end of France,Europe,the western world, blah,blah blah

It has a fixation about stuff like Syrian chemical weapons to distract its viewers from MH 17 or Salisbury, or the general corrupt nature of its own bent state owned media, its nothing more than a re run of the old Soviet propaganda stuff, this time they’ve got acfew attractive looking birds to sell it,obviously you’re a big fan, maybe you’ve forgotten how much the Soviets lied in the past?, maybe you’re to young?

Don’t be taken in by blather from the Russians, Frankly they’re dysfunctional country, a spoiler, who’ll contribute very little in the 21st centry, so they’ll continue just as they did in the 20th century, they seem incapable of learning

Andrew McGuiness

“Don’t be taken in by blather from the Russians, Frankly they’re dysfunctional country, a spoiler, who’ll contribute very little in the 21st centry, so they’ll continue just as they did in the 20th century, they seem incapable of learning” Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better . . .

A great deal of the content on RT is made by people from outside of Russia – it’s just that RT is willing to provide a platform for them while outlets like the BBC will not. The BBC covers the Hong Kong protesters, with a strong bias in favour of them as promoting democracy and characterising the police response as violent and repressive; and minimises the ongoing protests (14 months and counting) of the yellow vests. A ‘minor group of troublemakers’?? The first protests in November 2018 had 250,000; the recent pension protests had 800,000! Eight people have died and several have lost eyes, due to the weapons the police use in France.

What I sense from your reply is that you have chosen who to believe and you’re going to stick with it, rather than questioning whether what you’re being told is true and exploring a range of sources with a sceptical approach to try to find out what’s actually going on.

Andrew McGuiness

btw, what’s Buckfast?

Mehmet Aslanak

Peaceful Kurdish parties coalition ENKS will be heard with that so called independent media? I don’t think so. I believe it will be part of Kurdish Kommunist Party (PKK/YPG/SDF) guerilla’s voice. Boomer rebel generals in Pentagon will continue to use communist Kurds in order to attack Turkish border. Peaceful Kurds supported by Barzani & ENKS will put an end to this comedy. Trump should fire those rebel generals like he fired Bolton.

Karen Bartlett

Mr. Trump is probably in agreement with propaganda “news” sources.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

If they have a comments section I’ll be happy, I’ll be able to post on their site and won’t mind being called a troll, but I doubt very much they’ll have a comments section, it wouldn’t be an effective tool for the US if it did.

John Wallace

There will be a comments section but only for those that follow the official truth . Azriel , Jacob and Iron dick will be able to tell their stories without fear of abusive antisemetic replies.

Gary Sellars

Don’t use the phrase “anti-semtism” except in conjunction with withering scorn.

Every time people use this dirty con phrase they cede a little slice of soft power to the Zio trash.

John Wallace

I use the term with sarcasm. They constantly accuse myself and others of antisemitism so I accuse them with it in return. It is meaningless bullshit to me and is used by them to suppress anything they disagree with. I disagree with them so as far as I am concerned they are antisemetic.


The Jews who clammer loudest about “antisemitism” are those of European extraction, the white-skinned, blond ones and they aren’t even Semites, just like old Herkowitz. They are Khazar Jews, and their origin is in souther Russia, where a Turkic tribe converted to Judaism in 800 AD and then moved West ahead of the Golden Hordes.

Liberal guy

Haha hahaha right in spot

Wayne Nicholson

This is a Hail Mary play. The USA has lost the battle in Syria.

The “moderate rebels” they trained armed and financed are either in Idlib or have rejoined the SAA. US weapons are in the hands of everyone BUT the rebels they trained. Turkey are sending their pets to Libya. The SDF are negotiating with Assad and are cooperating with Russia on security.

So what’s left? ….. harass Iranians, steal oil and pay Syrians to lie? Not much of a war winning strategy. More like delaying the inevitable It’s throwing good money after bad but it keeps the Saudi’s from getting cold feet and creates jobs for a few US contractors.


Yup, you’re a brilliant strategist

USA lost war in Syria!!! Read all about it!

That’s a great lost war isn’t it, you know when the Americans are now custodians of Syria’s oil, you know just for safe keeping!

Oh as for this being American tax payers money I’d simply take it out of the revenues from all that Syrian oil America is now custodians of

I don’t think its a bad deal myself


Says the GOYIM who sticks his head up his jewish master rect um, for information.

Wayne Nicholson

Syria is a UN member and the Assad regime is still the UN recognized government. You can take what’s theirs by force but there will be a price to pay.

The US aren’t ‘custodians’ of Syrian oil they are thieves of Syrian oil. Stealing the wealth of a nation during war time is called plunder and it’s a war crime.

I’ve read that five senior Pentagon officials have resigned since Trump announced he was seizing the oil. Anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of the law would. I’m surprised more commissioned officers haven retired …. or maybe they did and the media just didn’t get wind of it.

It’s one thing for a patsy president who doesn’t know any better to go down in history as a war criminal but good, honorable officers of the US military to have their careers tarnished with being complicit in a war crime …. I can’t see that sitting well.

Especially for a lost cause



Al Nusra radio and ISIS tv coming in with headchopping tutorial chanel! For 12+ moderates only. And now the weather forecast…

Zionism = EVIL

hahaha it will barely make a dent, as the corrupt headchoppers will spend the $35 million on five star hotels, hookers, booze and gambling in Istanbul whorehouses. The puny amount from bankrupt Americunt losers will never see the light of day.

Barry Malkin

Al Nusra radio’s weather report: it’s always sunny in Idlib.


This is the kind of idiocy that leads to crime and worse.

You can call me Al

Too little, too late, you Yanky scum – who lost the battles and the war.

Karen Bartlett

And now for the CIA news channel…

John Wallace

They already control the US media and are just upset their lies , Sorry I mean Truth , is not being repeated everywhere else.

Liberal guy

What will be its name jihad tv???????????? Hahahahaha



AM Hants

Thought that was the BBC and CNN, with a little Washington Post and New York Times.

Or International Secret Intelligence Service – Media Central.

Andrew McGuiness

But this one will be the ‘voice of the Syrian people’. Likely it won’t acknowledge its funding sources.

AM Hants

Straight back to those that fund the White Helmets.

The Iraq War, the Pentagon handed over $500 million, to some UK media spin machine, run by one of Margaret Thatcher’s special advisers. The late Timothy Bell, who departed this world around the same time as Epstein, and was given a life peerage by Tony Blair. Tony Blair, who just happens to be a member of Common Purpose, which was founded by the late Timothy Bell’s brother, David. A former Director of Pearson, runs Common Purpose, (UK version of the US version of Common Core) and also controls the UK Media Standards Committee and not forgetting Cambridge University Press. Funny how the same crowd behind Timothy Bell’s Bell Pottinger and not forgetting he also set up Sans Frontieres are the same crowd behind the White Helmets and in dire need of pillaging Syria’s resources.


Why not? That would be a typical CIA approach.

Xoli Xoli

Fake news the news of corruption is coming to Syria.Promoted by world terrorist state of America under Trump siege.


This has been going on for decades, with teamTrump being a culmination.



U.S. allocating $35 million for an “independent” Syrian media in order to combat “propaganda” is CRAZY; THIS IS MORE WASTE & STEALING TAXPAYER MONIES

All our taxpayer monies should be spent on “We the People”


And the pack of GOYIM j asses still stay quiet.

AzrieI Herskowitz

All your taxpayer money should be spent on Israel.

AM Hants

Thought Trump campaigned on Make Israel Great Again with his dyslexia muddling up I for A?


Why do you give yourself a thumbs up? Because no one else will :}

Barry Malkin

I thought it was.


Are you able to provide a good reason why?

Isn’t Israel able to support itself?

AM Hants

Didn’t they set up the Soros controlled Voice of America’, when Ukraine kicked off. Funded by the Soros controlled US State Department?

Gary Sellars

What a fucking joke. 35M USD for Jihadi-Rat TV and they call it “independent”? RL/RFE for terrorists is what it will be….

What a dirty pack of evil cunts these Uh’Murikkkans are..

Black Waters

Independent for the U.S gestapo means BIASED with tons of U.S promoted ideas for national dissolution of the targeted state.

Liberal guy



An American opens their mouth – and lies come out. ZioMedia is the leading deciever of the people of the world today. It’s been this way for half a century. except now it is far more blatant than it ever was.


Oh and RT International isn’t a propaganda channel of the kremlin????


Can you see RT from up the jewish rect um where your head reside ?

AzrieI Herskowitz

Of course they are, they are not free as BBC, CNN, Reuters… 5 corporations own them all, and we own them :)

AM Hants

How much does Russia invest in State Media, compared to the US?


How much of it’s content is about Russia?

Not much, doesn’t even give you a weather report does it,nope

Oh sorry i forgot its just a fresh look, an alternative look at the world, yes i forgot,please excuse me

Of course it loves blathering about Assange, sooooooo terrible, poor Julian, doesn’t mention how many journalists and bloggers it targets in Russia though,nope!

Its low grade propaganda which allows a bunch of idiots from the West, especially America to get on their high horse and talk BS


LOL. Funny to see someone spewing their frustration over a much more balanced, fact-based form of news reporting than any of your beloved MSM are doing.

No, RT and Sputnik News aren’t perfect, but they outshine the corrupt MSM each and every day, so I fully understand your depression.



RT and Sputnik are perfect, perfect at spreading propaganda


Their “propaganda” is child’s play compared to what your beloved depraved MSM presstitutes pollute the world with.


Poor Bob….

BBC budget is 12 times that of ‘Kremlin’. PedoWood (HolyWood) budget is orders of magnitude times that of Kremlin 1000’s of % greater. Netflix Whitehelmets,

France,Germany,Baltics,Scandinavia,Canada,U.K.(FleetStreet),ZioMedia,(All 99.9% of Swedens Media is owned by Jews),Murdock,Bloomburg ETC ETC ETC – and ‘Kremlin’s budget is ‘less than half of one percent of ‘The West’s’ spend – And now ‘Bob’ is worried about ‘propaganda’. Bob want’s the Kremlin ‘Censored’.

War Washes Whiter, Iraq Lies, Yugoslavia ‘Wag the Dog,’ Kosovo, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, 911, Bay of Tonkin,USS Liberty, Entirity of South America, Manduro, Chavez, Cuba, Chile, Argentina, War on Drugs, Iran Contra, Libya etc, Middle East, Aljazeera, Isis, Alqida, Al Nusra, Clinfons, CNN, ETC ETC ETC and Bob is ‘worried’ by ‘Kremlin Propaganda.’

You’re a smuck Bob. Or a troll… probably both. I’ve worked in media, I was a media analyst with a background in journalism, publishing, advertising and market research. Been doing this stuff for 30 years and I know for a fact that Bob is a schmuck – and ‘bob is worried about Kremlin Propaganda.’

You’re a troll Bob. You’re an ignorant troll and one of the ‘useful idiot’s who’s been brainwashed with ZioMedia and duped into thinking that you’re ‘fighting for freedom’ by ‘standing up to Putin.’

Patriot Act, NSA, Smarf Phone hacking, Langley Virginia data farm, Total information awareness, FarceBook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Mossad backdoors, ETC ETC ETC.

Good luck with all that Bob. There’s not much left to discuss with Trolls like you… other than to put you in your place.


The only thing you need to put in place is something in the space between your ears

Hint, its called a brain!


LOL. No refutation of the facts Trauma2000 listed. Why not bob?

Bruno Giordano

I see no facts, just statements and ad hominems. Nothing to refute and nothing to “LOL” about.


You see no facts, I see plenty of them. I agree with there being ad hominems, though that does not take away the facts, unfortunately for you.

Bruno Giordano

Facts? First define when something is a fact.Then show what makes the statements in “Trauma’s” post facts. Where would Trauma get his “knowledge” (for instance his “statistics”) from, and how reliable would his sources be? How accurate is his list of his “problems” with the West and what facts are these “problems” based on? Are they really based on facts, or just on propaganda? I repeat, I see no facts in his post. Well, except for the fact that he provides no facts, just statements and ad hominems. Your comment did not change that fact.


I don’t need to elucidate his/her comments, if you are interested you would try to engage him/her in a discussion, without lowering yourself to his/her level of ad hominem attacks. The pot calling the kettle black is not conducive to building a constructive discussion.

Bruno Giordano

That is a pile of baseless ad hominem bs that does not contribute to a serious discussion. Typical that you call somebody a troll when what you post has all the characteristics of trolling. I remember very well that you repeatedly posted a clearly fake “satellite image” that even a 5 years old child could see was fake – as recently even admitted by the boss of the Russian TV channel that brought this “breaking news”.


So, you resort to ad hominem now, even though Trauma2000 has not level any against you. Case of the pot calling the kettle black. Sorry, but I have to LOL.

Jimi Thompson 2

Save your tears Boob… we haz a counter-play in hand… the show has only begun and all of your globalist Neocon and Leftist heroes are going down.

AzrieI Herskowitz

They need free and independent media like CNN and BBC and NY Times, The WashPost, The Jerusalem Post, Haaretz! We must indoctrinate them with our freedom!

Jimi Thompson 2

The Atlantic Council News Network… brought to you by Jones Group International.


“Strengthening the capacity of the Syrian media in countering disinformation efforts by Russia, the Syrian regime and other states, as well as increasing the ability of Syrians to recognize disinformation,”

In other words the US State Department hasn’t changed a bit and still isn’t able to provide independently verifiable evidence to back up their own ludicrous statements.

Link follows





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