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US To Impose “Very Severe” Sanctions On Russia Over Skripal Case


Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

In the latest salvo meant to convince Mueller that Trump is not a pawn of the Kremlin, a State Dept official said on Thursday that the US plans a second round of “very severe” sanctions on Russia over use of nerve agent. The stated reason: Russia has not allowed on-site chemical weapons inspections, nor has it provided reassurance that it won’t use nerve agents against its own people, says Manisha Singh, Asst. Sec. for bureau of economic and business affairs.

“We are looking at this November deadline” under the Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act of 1991, Singh said, adding that “we plan to impose a very severe second round of sanctions.”

The sanctions will kick in some time in November, presumably just after the November midterms, if Moscow does not take steps in the wake of the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal in the United Kingdom, Assistant Secretary of State Manisha Singh said on Thursday.

“We have indicated to them that they can evade, they can make themselves not subject to these sanctions if they allow the onsite inspections, if they give us a verifiable assurance that they will not use these nerve agents against their own people again,” Singh said. “They have not done so so far, so to that extent, we are looking at this November deadline as absolutely, we plan to impose a very severe second round of sanctions under the CBW [Biological Weapons and Warfare Elimination Act].”

While US sanctions on Russia are hardly new, what is surprising this time is that the new round will include not only defense procurement and aid, but also target the country’s increasingly unstable banking sector. Quote Sing: “It’s going to include banking sanctions, prohibition on procurement of defense articles, aid money — it’s a laundry list of items that will penalize the Russian government.”

In kneejerk response, the ruble slumped, erasing most intraday gains resulting from the slumping dollar, although it has since recouped some of the losses.

US To Impose "Very Severe" Sanctions On Russia Over Skripal Case

In early August, the United States announced a new round of sanctions against Russia over its alleged involvement in the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in UK’s Salisbury in March.

The first wave of restrictions took effect on August 22, while the second package would depend on Moscow’s future policies.


British Allegations On Skripal Case Are Crumbling As RT Releases Interview With Petrov And Boshirov



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  • Nabeel Mehboob

    Why dont they just cut off all diplomatic ties with Russia than impose sanctions on them on an installment basis? :D

    • Tommy Jensen

      psychological warfare.

      • Ricky Miller

        Yes, death by a thousand cuts. Or, “creating quagmires until they get what they want.”

    • Sinbad2

      It’s just BS to sell to the American people.

      • Jens Holm

        Thats goes both ways.

        If I read most people here, I hardly recognize the western world. I opened my door. Its not as You descriebe it and us at all.

        Well, it could be different in the United States at the other side of Atlantic ocean, but TV and radio dont say as You tell.

        You also assume, that Turkey and Syria are the Middle of the Worls. Its not.

        We have our own. USA are 325 mio. EU is much larger then that.

        • Sinbad2

          The EU is about to collapse, and it is being caused by the USA, you got too big for your boots.

          • Jens Holm

            EU is not about to collapse. Changes are needed.

            USA dont do that at all. USA should produce better or different. The Chinese making too many double standards. When we open our markets fot them, they sont open for us.

            Thats not fair trade. Above that, they are running their Yuan like systematicly thives.

    • Jens Holm

      Only sanctions are to change things. First You get warnings, next sanctions and then adding sanctions.

      Diplomates are used too – I remeber this many times.

  • Mohale

    something seriously wrong mentalwise there by the USA. do they have mental asylums there, or the country is already a mental asylum. Americans should be very AFRAID, ruled by mental cases.yoh.

    • Tommy Jensen

      ……mental nutcases.

    • roland

      the people running the united states are psycopaths and psycopaths never end up in mental asylums they are mostly highly intelligent people who mask their true nature very well

  • RichardD

    Russia isn’t a party to the “Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act of 1991”, it’s a US law. Which is obviously being misused.

    – H.R.3409 – Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act of 1991 –


    • Jens Holm

      FN’s Sikkerhedsråds resolution 1540 – april 28 2004

  • AM Hants

    I read some article, with Washington DC, seriously believing the Russian economy has been taken out by the sanctions. Guess they have not checked their own finances or noticed Russia is doing fine. They just want the oligarchs to turn on Russia, owing to nothing else working.

    • Sinbad2

      Americans live in fantasy land.

    • ruca

      Clear and sunny in Moscow today. So far they haven’t sanctioned the sun.

      • AM Hants

        Considering I am in England I have no idea. Is that your argument? How much did ‘mummy and daddy’ spend on your education? Perhaps they are due a refund?

        • ruca

          Hi AMH. It appears that you misunderstood me. I couldn’t possibly write something negative towards you because you don’t write BS. What I meant is that the US of Arrogance constantly tries to manipulate and control Russia but cannot achieve their desired results. The sun still shines here, and it was a beautiful sunny day. Have a great evening :)

          • AM Hants

            Ruca, so agree with ‘ US of Arrogance constantly tries to manipulate and control Russia but cannot achieve their desired results’.

            I do, apologise, if I took your comment wrong. Owing to the fact that I do like your comments. Sometimes things are lost, owing to misinterpretation of comments, so full apologies, if I got it wrong. Take care.

            Thank you for the compliment, but, I am seriously just an English housewie, with no agenda, just wishing us to be happy. comfortable and live together peacefully. Sometimes, or many times I will get things wrong, owing to having no agenda. Which will go against some, whilst still agreeing with other parts of the argument. Do love the comments on these sites, purely to learning so much, from various sides of the argument, together with us, excluding the trolls, just wanting the same bigger picture. Look after yourself.

          • AM Hants

            PS, I do have an agenda, I despise fascism/bigots, of any variety. Together, with policitians, who are easy to coerce or blackmail, owing to ‘lifestyle choices’. However, do believe there is good or bad in every sector of society, whether it be class, colour, sexuality, gender, religion, etc, etc, etc, Would never wish to generalise, excluding terrorists. Owing to we all have personal choice, whichever direction we choose to go.

  • James

    Yet another strawman argument by the US to ruthlessly punish Russia which has done nothing more than be more successful than the West.

  • Ricky Miller

    As an American who admires Russia and supports her foreign policy I’d say this is good news in disguise. Disengagement from the USA’s debt ridden ponzi-scheme economy can only but help Russia’s economy develop stably in the long run. Now it’s time for Russia to get ahead of this. Drop hints about draconian retaliation against all things dollar. Do it steadily for several weeks, giving people time to make the moves they need and should make. Then suddenly de-dollarize Russia’s economy and finance. Ban all trade and transactions in dollars and impose sanctions on the U.S. First and foremost ban exports of rocket engines. Downgrade diplomatic relations to bare minimum. Place all bilateral treaties with the Americans under review including both INF and New Start. Elbow back hard and stare them in the eye or this misbehaviour will never end. Trade and engage with those who trade with and respect you. The U.S. means to disable the future for Russia’s children and they speak and act with open hostility. It’s well past time to start flipping over some tables and square up.

    • Merijn

      Well said…no backing down…the U.S. Government & Deep Stateare in Panic…Wag the Dog…

  • Tommy Jensen

    Soon Russia´s economy will be in complete tatters, and Russia will be begging on its knees to get usury loans from IMF, ECB, DB, JP Morgan and our City Bank.
    France, UK and US have obtained usury loans from these banks to 100% of our GDP, and Putin must learn the hard way to change his silly “independency” behavior into the International order for World peace and World freedom, as there can only be World peace with usury!!!

    • John Whitehot

      Putin and Chinese president Xi were filmed eating pancakes in Vladivostok these days, and to celebrate Russian economy going in tatters they signed contracts for like some 100 billions.

      More sanctions will show that nobody really needs the US and the Dollar.

      • Jens Holm

        Again that goes both ways. The russian women by good reasons hardly make children anymore. Thats pessimisme.

        • John Whitehot

          demographics have changed since the 90ies, where you conveniently stay.

          • Jens Holm
          • John Whitehot

            illwish all you want, you’ll never put your hands on Russia over the course of your life.

            population is younger than EU countries, where in fact births are less every year but medium age increases.

            EU migration is mostly from Africa, while in Russia is from ex-soviet republics. Not to mention the suicide rates in some of the northern countries of the EU.

    • Sinbad2

      Russia has gold, it doesn’t need Visa.

      • Jens Holm

        Gold is a fine help, so why are they that low. They do export a lot of oil and gas as well.

        The main rhing is low productivity and people are kept fine by good food and healt care. Since they collapsed, they dies younger and younger.

        • Sinbad2

          “Gold is a fine help, so why are they that low.”
          I assume you mean the Ruble?

          The low value of the ruble is due to American economic warfare, it has nothing to do with economics.

          “The main rhing is low productivity”

          Who benefits from productivity?

          The plutocrats.

          The not highly educated American worker, earns less today in real terms than he did in 1969.

          If you think working harder, for less money is a good thing, maybe you should try the WSJ?

    • Dicksonrp

      Says the worm up tight and warm in a pile of jewish Shi#!!!

      • Jens Holm

        Primitivisme solves every thing. Jews did it in the best Allah Akbar style explaining Your missery from Pole to Pole.

        Well its the other way around. Its what You dont do, and You insist in doing that.

    • Jesus

      Yea, Russia can take their Central Bank out of the international financial loop and print their own money, laughing all the way at IMF, ECB, ….etc. Russia can achieve economic and financial self sufficiency on her own.

      • Jens Holm

        Unfortunatly thats rethorics. None see that. Russians die younger and younger.

        If its an improvement, I think they should print their own finance and economics since yesterday. The russian population is suffering harder and harder year after year.

        They cant even elect any real alternarices, as its now.

        • Sinbad2

          “Russians die younger and younger.”

          That’s a blatant lie.


          • John Whitehot

            the jewnazi above illwishes and rejoices at the suffering of others.

            that’s the kind of folks who live so miserably that the only thing that prevent them jumping from a building roof is the hope that others get the same pain from life.

            a race that will simply extinct in the future.

        • Jesus

          Russians are suffering because of external forces and past reliance on western “partners”. A change in constitution would remove Russian central bank outside of the Rothchild central banking system, and Russia will become immune from western economic and financial manipulations and pressures.
          Russia can print whatever amounts of money it desires without being accountable to Rothchild parasites.

          For that matter Russia given its real gold reserves, can peg the rubble to a commodity basket including gold, silver, diamonds, titanium…etc.

          • Jens Holm

            I disagree almost 100%. Its no part of the real world.

    • 1691

      You should change your name to ‘nikki haley’.:)

      • Sinbad2

        He was being sarcastic.

        • 1691

          I know. So am I.

          • Sinbad2


    • Merijn

      By way of Deception Thou Shalt do War…. the Petro-Dollar will go Down….have to get Rid of these Money out of Thin Air Creators….the Dollar is Toiletpaper…. not worth the paper on which it is printed…

      • Jens Holm

        You forget the Petro dollar CAN GO DOWN.

        Kind of funny seeing Russia almost collapse, when it goes down and now hardly breathe therough a pericope now and then.

        • Sinbad2

          The US crashed the oil price, to crush the Russian economy, but ended up doing more damage to the US economy.
          The damage to the US economy remains hidden, because American oil companies pay virtually no tax, and banks are lending them money to pay dividends.

          Russia had planned for this and built defenses, the US destroyed the Soviet Union in exactly the same way. Russia is impregnable to American military, and economic attack.

        • Merijn

          It only will Hurt a lot for a short time… and then the Dollar will be Gone for good….

  • Sinbad2

    There are US elections in November, the most common way incumbent American politicians increase their vote, is to kill a lot of people in another country.
    Yemen has not been reported in the American press, so a US invasion of Syria is highly likely.