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US To Impose New Sanctions On Russia Every 1-2 Months: Kurt Volker

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US To Impose New Sanctions On Russia Every 1-2 Months: Kurt Volker

Kurt Volker. IMAGE: Valentin Ogirenko / Reuters

The US is going to impose new sanctions on Russia “every month or two”, US Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations Kurt Volker declared during a speech at the analytical center “Atlantic Council” in Washington on October 18.

Volker stated that Washington has “tried to increase the pressure we are putting on Russia in order to get them [Russian leadership] to negotiate toward a solution.”

The appraoch of the Trump administration includes keeping sanctions in place and increasing those sanctions periodically over time.

“You’ll see additional sanctions come into play every month or two months or so as we’ve seen,” he stated.

The diplomat also stressed that the US is working on this issue with the EU.

“The European Union has shown great resilience in terms of their [sanctions against Russia] of preservation,” Volker said.

Separatelty, he emphasized that the weapons supplies to Ukraine are also a part of this strategy because Ukraine has the “right of self defense”.

Ukrainian Conflict Is About To Escalate Once Again While US Midterm Elections Draw Nearer

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Dick Von Dast'Ard

Volker has been experiencing impotence for quite some time now.

AM Hants

McCain taught him well. No more than a little man who believes he is a legend in his own ego.


All American men are being feminized, all the hormones they put in their processed food(Soylent green) diet is causing penis shrinkage.
Have you noticed how all the tough guy roles in American movies are now played by Australians. What were once white American males, are now some sort of third sex.

AM Hants

Will not work. The US only knows one way of doing things. The last four years, you would have thought they would have noticed their sanctions, not only made Russia stronger, but, also close to China,

SU-27 – one US pilot dead, one Ukraine pilot dead. If only Ukraine bothered with maintaining their kit. I wonder if the plane was painted in Russian colours, when they were testing the very old version on the S-300, Ukraine has?

Then you have the CIA style shooting, over at the Crimean College. I seriously wonder how Russia will respond, in her own, unique way, if it is proven Ukraine was involved on Russian territory?

Ricky Miller

Russia surely can respond to draconian sanctions by withdrawing from the missile control regime. This agreement prevents the sharing of missile technology beyond a certain range. If longer range Russian missiles are available for export than Russia can look forward to considerable export orders in the coming years as countries look to teeth up. The U.S. will hate this as better armed countries make for tougher targets. President Putin has already said that a whole host of Russian treaty participation will be placed under review flowing from the increasing economic warfare.


Oooh really more sanctions??
How about you America no sanctions against you?
You destroy Afghanistan ,No sanctions against you?
You nearly destroy all Syria if it won’t be Russia and Iran. How about some sanctions against your country???
How about Iraq.??? You kill millions ,, how about some sanctions against your country???
You fucking America.. You are the most bullying country in the world. How about some sanctions against your country??
Don’t worry World. If you look at data against dollar more and more countries they are cutting off using Dollars. Do you know what this means? If countries continues this way to cut off the Dollar slowly but surely America in the world is Dying as a power

John Whitehot

why they don’t just terminate every possible economic relationship?

Russia will grow anyway, the rest of the world will not support the US, besides perhaps ukraine and poland, and the US will go tfo.

at least these tools won’t have press time every single day on the issue.


If the stupid statements coming out of the US international representatives, could also be limited to a few every couple of months, it would be heaven. ;)


Kurt Volker is CIA.

Concrete Mike

Or.mossad…same shit differe t pile

Ivan Freely

What is the US going to do when there’s nothing left to sanction Russia on?




Please world. Stop buying our bonds. This will crush the military industrial complex.

Zo Fu

I still not understand who they think they are. This is not what Trump’s voters voted for.
Trump’s voters wanted stop endless wars and better relations with Russia.
What Trump did is perfect opposite, preparing for WW3, escalating in Syria and Ukraine and North Korea and China, making more debts and sending more money to MIC.
Fuck America. Those idiots needs to learn by hard way what word COSEQUENCE means.
If their politician can continue with such narrative unpunished, it will only escalate.
Typical Billy Bob will just eat cheap burgers and watch Soros’s TV channels and will be happy with war against Russia.
And what is the most laughable. US army is absolutely unprepared for big war. F35 is grounded half time year by year. It is manufactured in hundreds of facilities all around the world and there is not slightest chance that during war time they could be able to build just single one. And those morons are schooling Russia as a little boy what Russia can do and what can’t.

It is Putin’s and Lavrov’s fault that they didn’t shown any strength toward USA yet.

Concrete Mike

No its usa fault for being the yesmen that they are.

If they put other countries or corporations imterest above the interests of the people as they are doing now…its 100%usa fault.

Russia is not world police.
You cant blame this one on putin no matter how many time you copy past blame putin.

Brother Ma

Another CIA Talking Head filled with his own importance. Bullyboys,that is what the Yanks are ,getting their vassals to do the real fighting and paying!

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