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US To Halt Its ‘Assistance’ Programs In Militant-held Parts of Northwestern Syria – Report

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US To Halt Its 'Assistance' Programs In Militant-held Parts of Northwestern Syria – Report

FILE IMAGE: sdf-press.com

On May 19, an unnamed US official told CBC News that the Trump administration will withdraw its assistance from the opposition-held areas in northwestern Syria, which include Idlib governorate and parts of Aleppo, Lattakia and Hama governorates.

According to CBC News, tens of millions of dollars will be cut from US efforts in northwestern Syria, including projects for “countering violent extremism, supporting independent society and independent media, strengthening education, and advocating for community policing.”

The official revealed to CBC News that the decision to cut off these funds was made through an inter-agency process over the last few weeks. According to the official, these funds will likely be focused on supporting the stabilization of northeastern Syria, the stronghold of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

“$200 million of stabilization assistance for Syria is currently under review at the request of the President. Distinct from that amount, U.S. assistance for programs in northwest Syria are being freed up to provide potential increased support for priorities in northeast Syria, as will be determined by the outcome of the ongoing assistance review, including the D-ISIS campaign and stabilization efforts,” an unnamed official of the US State Department told CBS News.

Another US official told Reuters that humanitarian assistance for northwestern Syria will not be affected by this decision. The source also confirmed that the humanitarian assistance for Idlib governorate will continue, despite that most of it is controlled by the former branch of al-Qaeda Hay’at Tahrir al-Sahm (HTS).

US President Donald Trump froze more than $200 million in funds for recovery efforts in Syria on March 30. Local observers believe that these steps are aimed at limiting the US influence in Syria to the areas that are directly dominated by US-backed forces.

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The ISIS locations. ISIS have not gone to anywhere. ISIS are still there in Syria: Al-Tanf, Deir Ezzor, Hasaka, Raqqa, Aleppo and in Iraq: Peshmarga areas. They are in direct command of US, UK, French commands like Israel.


“Humanitarian assistance for Idlib governorate will continue,.despite being controlled by HTS (Qaeda)” So Al Qaeda is to receive “medical assistance”, but not 80 % the people of Syria, and they claim this is “humanitarian”.


Donkey Trump see that just two ISIS pockets left in Syria after liberation of these two ISIS pockets the SAA and their allies next target is Idlib, Daraa, Al-Tanf and finally the US, UK, Frence and Israeli held areas. Therefore, now Trump want to remove their machinery before SAA and their allies attacks.




No body have asked Donkey Trump to hold hostage Syrians and send them humanitarian aids or some weapons to them. Move their asses out of Syria Trumpetools. Hands off Syria.


I guess we all got tired of trying to sort out who was a jihadist versus who was simply opposing the SAA. I wonder if this was apart of a quid pro quo with Assad.


Keep your fake money and go home america.

neil barron

You would be the first inline to take that fake money.


Now that’s something called learning. Long overdue nonetheless.

leon mc pilibin

They are only interested in the oil fields,anything else they say is just BS,typical for Zionist lying scumbags.

neil barron

Eat it idiot we didn’t take Iraq’s oil which we had all the right to do. Why would need to take Syrias ? We have more oil pumping in the country than we need now the rest is for sale. We have more coal than anyplace on earth. Did you read that statement or did someone tell you that . Go back to the first 3 words.


even so america want ot control all oil sources of the world.

You can call me Al

…. and water.

Hideo Watanabe

Would you help 420 sailors of USS Ronald Reagan who suffered radiation from Fukushima? 9 or 10 were already dead. Mr. Paul Garner, their attorney is working hard partly using my finding. Help men and women in uniform of your country, please.



Joe Ching


i m really the guy to help, the way i help out the 3mile-island accident, but i m not the guy who would have the time.

but i m still interested to meet with u, if all possible to talk and answer any questions on nuclear computations u have. i ll be in osaka/tokyo 6/26-7/3.

u can reach me on tzuooching@yahoo.com

Dawn of Svarog

U have everything – yet u are everywhere around the world… Like cockroaches… Why is that if u have everything and need nothing?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They had zero right but Iraq has a legal right to sue all parties of NATO under the Geneva Convention and International law and like Syria and Libya, smoke that in your pipe you pathetic child.

Joe Dokes

US fraking makes Syrian oil wells look like droplets. It is the French that are taking them as consolation for pulling out of Iran as they own the rights to Jafra, Qahar and Atalla fields. Only this time it will be minus the Syrian government. Once Total gets them running again they will arm the Kurds with better weapons.


Not true. To occupy oil field is one thing, to fully sell it commercially is another.

It would be taken back in due time.
No country Earth can stay there once Syrians are ready to take it back ….not even America.

All bull talk about wanting the oil.

Hello, Assad is winning the war not losing and US knows it wanting others to be slaughtered not them

You can call me Al

Where exactly would they transport or sell it to as well (the oil), Iraq = NO, Israel = NO chance to get it there, Jordon = DITTO, Turkey = mmmm via SDF territory ??, NO …… where ?.

Joe Dokes

Transport it through Iraq obviously, sell it to anyone they want.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Won’t happen and Iraq is unfriendly territory as more nations begin to pull out Denmark returns home being flown back with the Dutch , they need Canada to fly them home ,like flying rangers to Africa US has not enough planes.

Joe Dokes

French convoys traverse the Iraqi border every week. If the pipeline is not activated they can truck it out along with their convoys. Iraq will be more than happy to tax it.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Iraq govt would seize it upon request and nothing the French could do about it and don’t think France would want to face an ICJ trial.Then that would expose their companies to forfeiture and exposing criminal behavior of France in Syria.

You can call me Al

For Syria yes, but not for the retards.

PS You can add via sea via the Med, or even via Turkey once it is all over.

Joe Dokes

Iraq goes where the money is, oil crossing their borders means taxable revenue and I never seen an Iraqi turn down free money.

Gregory Casey

Has it escaped your attention that Syria borders the Mediterranean? Syria can export Oil through its Ports on the Mediterranean and with all due respects to the US, France, UK, Saudis, Emirati & Turks Syrian Oil can never be blocked from reaching the Market

You can call me Al

If you read the thread, we were not talking about Syria transport the oil originally. Read the thread.

You can call me Al

Forget it. Total can start to get the work done to start to fix the things, but how do they get over the sanctions in place ? how will they recruit Western spares ? + control panel updates ?, even Western manpower ?.

The damage done to the fields are vast, it will take maybe 12 months; well I can tell you that in 12 months, the Syrians will have taken control back by then.

I bet you a fiver.

Joe Dokes

Total is not sanctioned, they shut down Iranian operations to avoid it. The French are building a base in the area to protect it along with training Kurdish militias. Those oil fields are the only solid revenue for the YPG and they will fight for the French to keep it. If you didn’t get the memo the French and Americans are partitioning East of the Euphrates as a Kurdish state.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Keep dreaming on that as like I’ve explained before both France and US are signatory guarantors of protecting Resolution 2254 so they can’t do much without showing their hand in this venture from the beginning.

Joe Dokes

Syrian sanctions are against the regime, obviously they will not be doing business with Assad but for the Kurdish people. As France is a P5 member it can simply veto anything that gets in their way, they are a true power unlike Turkey.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

France is a joke they have a shitty army. The sanctions are against all of Syria and like I said they are signatory guarantors of resolution 2254 and would be subject to damages and recovery costs at the ICJ.So please keep dreaming as many countries no longer actually support the US and if Merkel tells Macron to withdraw he asks how fast.

Joe Dokes

You are living in a dream world where the partition of Syria is not going to happen. The lines have already been drawn.

You can call me Al

Look Joe, I know what I am talking about on this, so sit back and listen.

On a minute scale of Total, my Company is in the same boat. If you break a US sanction, whilst doing work in the US, having branches in the US or even using a multinational bank that works in the US….. you will be sanctioned …. remember the banks ?.

Total pulled out of Iran for this reason – meanwhile Yank companies are actually still working over there (Iran), which is infuriating.

We closed down US ops that were only small anyway, but still costly to do …… but we are still hampered with International banking systems in Europe.

I wont talk about the French in Syria, I think there could be more to that than we know at his present time.

Joe Dokes

You can look at US sanctions on Syria, it is against the regime and anything their allies want can be applied for a waiver. It is the US plan so they are not going to sanction France for carrying it out.

You can call me Al

“tens of millions of dollars will be cut from US efforts in northwestern Syria,”

and added to now sanctioning allies and screwing them for money – that’s an even better “Oh YESSS Baby!”


In other words, the US are now concentrating material support for terrorism in the north-east.

George Evans

the Northwest seems to be a Turkish responsibility..and the French are siting artillery on the Syria /Iraq border…why do they not ALL go home and leave Iraq for the Iraqis and Syria for the Syrians..???
just watched a rerun of ” Lawrence of Arabia “..and …given a bit more wisdom (?)…was saddened to see just what a mess the West made when they threw the Turks out of Arabia…
they managed to create Iraq ( still a failed Sate ) , Lebanon , Kuwait, Syria ( surely qualifies as a failed State )..and the real villains in the piece…the Saudi monsters ( a disaster waiting to happen )..and the wicked rascals in Tel Aviv ( making hay while the sun shines..and heading inexorablyfor the failure coming )

if Trump really wanted to make America great again..his first action should be to cut Israel adrift because otherwise “as sure as eggs is eggs ” they will destroy America …
it may already be too late…..

Hanny Benny

turkey has to be shattered

George Evans


Mustafa Mehmet

Wrong ,don’t even think about it ?

Dr. Pro Liv

Turkey is one of the countries that were involved in directly supporting ISIS.
ISIS was created deliberately by CIA with help of Mossad and MI6 probably.
Turkey is against ISIS now because they understood that US and Israel game goes against not only Syria but Iraq,Iran and Turkey also !
They want to create independent Kurdistan and by doing that to destroy Syria;Iraq and Iran and Turkey in that process!

Dr. Pro Liv

“Saudi monsters ..and the wicked rascals in Tel Aviv”
And their closest friend and creator of terrorists United States.

You have called Saudi’s and Israel with right names yet you do not mention that US is deeply involved with them (just like in 9/11)
Trump doesn’t want America great again judging by what he does.

George Evans

Trump is getting in tight with the Jewish and Zionist lobby to get himself re elected…he believes in NOTHING…poor sad old man….

Dr. Pro Liv

Listen I’m not in Trump shoes to judge his problems and convictions.
He does not deliver and will not deliver if reelected.
Not being from US for me only decent candidate for very long time was Dr. Ron Paul.
He could have made “America great again” by cutting militarism and interventionism that will completely destroy US together with Wall Street.
I presume if he was elected he would have been killed for his policies.

George Evans

yeah..he was…and is…a good thinker…His son Rand shows similar traits and I hope he keeps up…but the real problem in America seems to be that the Democrats have lost their way…Clinton was bad…his wife would have been worse…Obama as dealt a bad hand by GeorgeW and corrected a lot..but he did nothing to help the ordinary poor American..the minimum wage is still set at an insulting amount and NOBODY , it seems , can do anything anbout it…


Each individual US state has its own minimum wage and many are above the federally mandated level of $7.25 per hour. For example Governor Andrew Cuomo recently raised the New York state minimum to $11.75 per hour to be increased to $12.75 per hour in 2019.

George Evans

and the Federal minimum wage is still insulting…

George Evans

the main cause of insult is the fact that less progressive States use the fed minimum as a crutch…maybe if it were abolished the States would have to come clean and actually tell their citizens just what ( to misquote Trump ) a sh*thole Sate they inhabit…some States have not even bothered to have a State minimum wage..mainly the usual suspects around Alabama and Mississippi..while Georgia has a minimum of $5.15 an hour….
it may be justified to have the differentials to some extent…but let the States enact their own minimum and expose themselves…but the ones who stick to the Fed Minimum ( particularly places like Texas and Virginia ) think they have an out..by doing NOTHING…
time to flush them out…let them justify allowing charlatans to pay such pitiful wages…

Promitheas Apollonious

not getting he always been, very tight with them. All you need to do to know this is to search and understand a simple fact about the elections in US. None becomes a president unless the most fanatical followers of israel vote for them and those are the evangelikas who control more than 50% of US vote.

After you understand this fact, then search the past of trumpy and whom he been all his life in business with. Then you get the full picture of whom he is.

George Evans

he was always tight with the NY Jewry, yes…now he thinks he has hit a homer by gaining the backing of ALL the Jews…but the traditional backers will come back to the Democrats..because they do NOTHING about the Trump excesses,,,,

Rodney Loder

North East Syrian Kurds are encircled completely, even Jordan’s King Abdullah the 2nd. is on a visit to Iran to see his good friend Rouhani, this is his first visit since 2003 when he went to Iran, that was because, Jordan was worried about getting sucked into G.W. Bushe’s war, now it’s much more binding with Trump trying to give the West Bank to israel as well as Jerusalem.

Probably the Kurds think that they can walk away when the time comes, I’d be very surprised if they will be able to do that.

The jews are mostly dual citizens the can just up and leave, not so the Kurds, they have no place to go, Turkey will be off limits to Syrian Kurds.


Slowly but surely, Trump is draining the swamp. The problem now is, what about the UK swamp (MI6, MI5, etc))? They are every bit as dirty as the CIA and Mossad.

You can call me Al

Why don’t you just concentrate even trying to contemplate what the swamp is, before attacking the UK.


I am not attacking the UK. I am attacking the UK swamp.

You can call me Al

Well, my apologies….. may I now totally agree with you. Apologies for my sensitivity.

Bobby Twoshoes

That last sentence was insane, when has the US ever “limited” it’s influence voluntarily? Isn’t the more logical explanation that they don’t want to fund Turkish terrorists now that Erdogan is acting independently?

Dr. Pro Liv

Good observation
That is ErDOGans turf now…
U S doesn’t want to finance something if they do not have influence any more….
US stick to the Kurds only …now.

Mo Richard

How humanitarian is it in helping TERRORIST who are destroying a country? . that’s how the world has become. This is a different meaning to the word as of what we were taught at school.


Basically, what happens is the US is cutting off all investments in all areas they don’t have any control whatsoever. Idlib & Allepo governate territories that are not under control of Syrian government are controlled by militants that are either controlled by Turkey or by Saudi Arabia. USA are bunch of nobodys in these areas. Smart move by Trump. The problem is that he will continue support the Kurdi people in the East and until he doesn’t stop this war will never end. At least not for Syria, Iraq and Turkey.

Dr. Pro Liv

His objectives are the same like Israeli objectives (because US has no reason to be there except for Israel). So it is logical that he doesn’t want war to stop (it is Israel’s objective and objective of US military industrial complex)
He can not support peace and than have Kurdish independence, because of Turkey also….
Endless war is best option of all for now.

Promitheas Apollonious

you need to see things a bit more peripherally and why this war started in the first place. And is a war to control energy and cut the russian supplying natural gas to europe. While all attention is turn to syria israel, has make alliances with Cyprus and Greece and will at the end of the day supply natural gas to europe replacing russia as the main supplier of europe. This is what UK/US want.

Also they dont want the greeks to be in any way in position of control. One of the reasons, russia is using turkey as counter balance. Cutting syria in 3 pieces as they have effectively up to this point have tight russians hands and also make turkey to believe that she is winning something they never will.

On the other hand russia want syria to clear her country, with out her getting more involved that she already is and also do it, with out the right tools at her disposal, in an effort to keep all sides happy and cooperative. I dont believe they achieve that target, the way they go about it.

Dr. Pro Liv

Time passes and things change, objectives also.
i think that ” why this war started in the first place” is not important any longer. Because some new events outdated old objectives.

“Russian supplying natural gas to Europe” has new competition and if you are Greek you must know all about that better than I do.
There are also huge quantities of gas found of the coast of Cyprus and Lebanon and Israel (except that Israel considers Gaza-Palestine gas as Israeli also)
Why do you mention Israel only is mystery to me..

Syria is not attacked with same objectives any longer and I never mention Qatar (Iran) gas pipelines related to the aggression because OLD news not important any longer

“One of the reasons, russia is using turkey as counter balance”
Counter balance for what…US?
We all know how and why they use Turkey…
You think that Russian approach is double faced and cynical and that they prefer Syria in 3 peaces?!?
What for?!
I’m totally loosing your point what are you trying to say….

So this I do not understand;
One of the reasons, russia is using turkey as counter balance. Cutting syria in 3 pieces as they have effectively up to this point have tight russians hands and also make turkey to believe that she is winning something they never will.
This I understand and I agree with conclusion….

On the other hand russia want syria to clear her country, with out her getting more involved that she already is and also do it, with out the right tools at her disposal, in an effort to keep all sides happy and cooperative. I dont believe they achieve that target, the way they go about it.

Promitheas Apollonious

I mention only israel because they are the ones controlling the natural gas off the coast and what ever emotional thinking for palestinians exist to the ones who have it, does not matter or count in the real picture.

If russia want syria in 3 pieces or not also dont count as it is a matter of fact, very difficult to change the way russians are trying to balance things according to their understanding and aims.

Counter balance to greece, as well nato in Mediterranean. Unless you only follow what happening in syria and not in the Balkans and Mediterranean. It is not a different game all is interconnected. Unless you think greece economy been destroyed as well any heavy industry she had went down the drain in a very methodical manner accidental like.

And I dont agree objectives have changed only the way to go about achieving them, since nothing stay the same even at the most perfect scenario.

Dr. Pro Liv

So how com you do not mention Cyprus gas discovery?!
Also Lebanon….
Importing gas from Cyprus would be even much simpler because EU country…
Russia is in full process of diversifying and they are not dependent on energy exports like before.
If they will lose share of EU market from Israel or Cyprus SO WHAT?!
It is still not immediate future those pipeline has to be built and gas fields developed…By than Russia will be ZERO dependent on gas exports and still have Asian alternative like China, South Korea?, Japan and others…
So all that story about the gas is bit out of proportions.
Russian only strategic interest in Syria is to keep those military bases…. And traditionally good relations with Cyprus and Greece
(despite Turkey and gas pipeline there)
“If russia want syria in 3 pieces or not also dont count as it is a matter of fact,”
I don’t think that is the true. I can not see Russia to be that cynical and do not see motive for them to support something like that at all.
“Unless you only follow what happening in syria and not in the Balkans and Mediterranean”
I do not pretend to be expert and have no time and I’m not equipped to control everything that happens in the region.
All I know that game is very complex and that ordinary people know what they are aloud to know.

Promitheas Apollonious

you obviously not reading what I wrote or you not able to connect the dots. First post.
israel has make alliances with Cyprus and Greece and will at the end of
the day supply natural gas to europe replacing russia as the main
supplier of europe. This is what UK/US want.

Dr. Pro Liv

I have read that but it is YOU who are “obviously not reading what I wrote or you” !

I was asking and I ASK AGAIN :Why are you not mentioning Cyprus as independent EXPORTER of gas to EU ?
Why are you pushing Israel all the time forward?
You sound almost like Jew .
This is 2nd time you repeat about Israel and I was asking about CYPRUS GAS EXPORT specifically and not about JEWS !
You have said it already about Israel so why are you repeating?!!

Promitheas Apollonious

your ignorance of reality and what is happening in the area it is astounding kid. Maybe you should get a bit educated of the situation in the area and what is the agreements between the three countries I mention then you have your answer.

Cyprus as well as Greece much to our disappointment are not countries that are free to make their own choices but follow exactly what UK/US dictate to them, with puppets governments set by the above mentioned. We fight a lot for our countries to align with Russia and stop kissing english and american ass but, unfortunately the sheep voters there keep voting for this scum so now we wait for the war is coming to clear things up.

As for me sound like a jew, if you trying to get even because I called you a hasbara, you failing to do so, just showing a cheap side of yourself. And stating fact as I do only an idiot as your self and an ignorant person of what is going down will do that.

Dr. Pro Liv

“kid” :-)

Just like your arrogance is “astounding” for me all the time.
Why should I “get educated of the situation” when I can ask you?!
That is exactly main point of the conversation that people exchange the information at least…..

The reset of your comment was surprisingly clear and well spoken.
All you describe on Greek situation I can recognize in practically majority of EU countries…
They manipulate elections, politicians to get their EU-NATO vote.

On ” jew” complete misunderstanding and not important after all…

Promitheas Apollonious

P.S. What you think or I think is irrelevant as we are not the players who do global policies or our thinking is effecting in any way the final outcome.

Also you fail to understand, or accept a simple fact. Russia at this point has everything to lose and what you saying about her economy it be true only and when yuan manage to replace $ in international trade, that I know it will not be happening very soon.

Also is true russia will not be so depended in her gas and oil exports, when the pipeline to China is done and activate fully her industry, which it will not be happening before 10-15 years.

And you simplify everything in order to suit your thinking and i do understand your feelings been pro russian and everything and respect that. And also I dont think russia is cynical but they are pragmatic and put always russia first, other wise Putin would have responded to turkeys aggression and put her in her place in a very final way instead look what is happening. Smart move on the side of russia at the time yes. on the long run watch what it will happen then you understand a little better and it will not be long now. So you dont have much to wait.

Dr. Pro Liv

” other wise Putin would have responded to turkeys aggression and put her in her place in a very final way instead look what is happening.”

Well coming from Greek it is logical that you see that as his mistake and not for tactical move or something else.
We differ in lots of things and I can’t follow your line of thoughts all the time. But it is not important
I am on the Russian side but not to the point to be completely blind or not accepting the facts.
You’ve said yourself to be NATO soldier. So you are also not in position to lecture anybody on impartiality
Putin will put Turkey in her place in due time if need be.
There is always time and place for everything.
i also think that you underestimate Russian capabilities.
Tactically you US-NATO guys can go only for Russian lessons.
Russia was at the bottom and now is on the top almost and only losing side was the US and West to the present day

Promitheas Apollonious

where did I say I am a nato soldier? are you on drugs?

Dr. Pro Liv

Didn’t you talk about being in “seals” to the other guy some time ago….I wasn’t reading it really just bumped into it..

Promitheas Apollonious

and if I am in seals it means I am a nato soldier? Get real kid and stop assuming. Not only I never been a soldier of nato, I am dead against everything they stand for.

I am a soldier of my motherland and have fight not once against nato interest.

Dr. Pro Liv

I am really sorry than… if Greece is not in NATO..
I have got misinformed that Greece is NATO member which is according to you total nonsense…….
So why is everybody claiming that Greeks are NATO country all these decades?!?

Promitheas Apollonious

greece maybe in nato idiot. That dont mean our armed forces and especially us who left the army when greece when back to nato are nato soldiers. Now kindly go fuck yourself.

Dr. Pro Liv

OK you claim Greece is in NATO but not every Greek in his personal choice is in NATO.
Isn’t that everywhere like that?
And what was that insulting about ?
Showing your mental “superiority” ?

Promitheas Apollonious

a statement of fact is not insulting it is just that a statement of fact.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Most of Idlib controlled by HTS did they say, I’m not 100% sure, but it looks more like 45% HTS, 40% SLF and FSA, and 15% SAA to me.

Concrete Mike

SAA will come visit hts very soon. They are not part of Astana deals. They will get crushed.


As Turkish influence In occupied idlib province grows, America is choosing to walk away. This isn’t just walking away from political support. It’s walking away from large numbers of TOW anti tank missiles delivered, warehouses of mortars, ied workshops , and thousands of trained experienced fighters. They’ve unleashed a genie from a bottle and they’re not going to put it back. They’re just going to walk away and say “it ain’t my problem.”

Promitheas Apollonious

or is part of the plan screwing up russia, who sided with turkey and give her a status, she never had in ME. I dont believe turkey at the end of this chess game will be at the side of russia. They will take what they can from russia yes, but be a trusted `partner` as the russians like to call every one that tells them hello, no.

Samantha Green

Glad to see the help going to the ABORTION RIGHTS defenders of SDF.


So if the U.S. “will withdraw its assistance from the opposition-held areas in northwestern Syria” then it has been providing assistance to al Qaida and ISIS. “Humanitarian” assistance will continue to be provided to those terrorist scum.

And now money will be spent destabilization efforts in NE Syria.

All without the consent of the sovereign nation of Syria, without UN authorization, and contrary to the Constitution of the U.S.

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