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US To Expand Military Base, Build New Training Ground In Northeastern Syria – Reports

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US To Expand Military Base, Build New Training Ground In Northeastern Syria - Reports

Illustrative image.

The US-led coalition was planning to expand a military base located near the town of al-Shaddadi in the southern countryside of al-Hasakah in Syria’s northeastern region, several Syrian news sources reported on July 24 and 25. 

According to the sources, one of which is the pro-opposition Step News Agency, the coalition will also build a new ground to train fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

A supply convoy of 75 trucks carrying armored vehicles, weapons, equipment, logistics as well as construction materials, arrived in al-Shaddadi base on July 24, according to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The convoy came from Iraq.

On the same day, two US military helicopters, loaded with supplies and equipment, landed in al-Shaddadi base, per the Syrian Arab News Agency. The helicopters also transported a number of US service members.

US To Expand Military Base, Build New Training Ground In Northeastern Syria - Reports

Click to see full-size map. Via Google Earth.

Despite the official denial, the US-led coalition has been boosting its presence in northeastern Syria since the start of this year without providing any explanation.

Earlier this year, an airfield was built in al-Omar oil fields in southeastern Deir Ezzor. A large base is also under construction in northeastern al-Hasakah, near the border line with Iraq and Turkey. Furthermore, recent reports revealed that the US had deployed missile launchers, most likely air-defense systems, in the region.

The US-led coalition military buildup in northeastern Syria didn’t came without a cost. Recently, a series of attacks have targeted coalition’s military bases in southeastern Deir Ezzor. Iranian-backed Syrian and Iraqi forces were allegedly behind these attacks.


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ruskies seething lmao


zionist diaper tard hides behind transgender american imbeciles.

The Russians have legendary patience. This is why the SAA & allies are victorious time and again. Approximately 150000 extremist trash eliminated by the Russians in Syria, and counting.


A huge patient. They let UNHUMAN GENOCIDALS invade their ‘ally’. Strange friends are they….


Keep trying APE. One day someone might believe your imbecilic comments.

Marco Polo
Arch Bungle


Because the Anglo-Judeo-Saxon empire is broke and needs to sell off bits of itself to the Yellow Man just to fund its greed.

Last edited 1 month ago by Arch Bungle
Marco Polo
Last edited 1 month ago by Marco Polo

Haha what? Victorious? Do you even believe the crap you write hahahaa

Lone Ranger

Indeed, Americants are delusional.

Jim Allen

US Government most certainly is.
The people are mixed.

Marco Polo

jewess Sings About How ‘Gender Identity’ Insanity Comes From the Talmud

[Just because jews are a screwed up people who feel the need to express their “gender identities” in degenerate ways does not mean we need to partake in their insanity. This is yet another #ThanksJews moment.]

Marco Polo

Basics of Self-Defence – The more armed you are the more freedom you have. The less armed you are, the more enslaved you are. Although subversive “education” and consumerism are poisonous whether mental/metaphysical or physical.



Why? Assad’s still there despite 9 years of “Assad must go”. Russians are getting excellent intel on US and IDF aircraft and military communications. The entire Syria project is subsidized by the Russian military training budget and Russians are field testing hundreds of weapons. Russia has been able to extend their A2/AD bubble into the eastern Mediterranean.

It’s the USA who must be getting frustrated. Assad’s still in Syria along with Iran. Turks are making sure that no Kurdistan ever exists. Getting out of the JCPOA proved to be a disaster. iran has shown that every US base in the ME is under threat of missile attack including CENTCOM. Meanwhile the US taxpayer is stuck paying to defend Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and a Kurdistan that only exists in the imagination of the SDF


Excellent commentary. Half a day reading trash from ignorant swine.

Last edited 1 month ago by block
Lone Ranger

Hi Shlomo…
Need a Tampax…?

Jim Allen

Or, Midol ?

Americunt LOSERS

Not certain about Putin’s sexual preferences, but can say that the Zionists, Turks and Americunts are slowly carving up Syria as envisaged in the Yinon plan. The Zionists have just attacked Syria again within 12 hours, this is the third strike and is causing much more damage and casualties than before. Russian forces will be targeted soon as well, mostly due to Russian inaction. This is time to grow a pair and hit back or it will be curtains soon.


s long as Assad is not exterminating yankees and every terrorist 24/24 there will be no peace. Give Putin an ultimatum to close the sky or leave Syria. Ask Iran and China for balistic missils to clean every corner from parasites. An Iranian missile can stop the zionist parasite from attaking Syria, simultan whit Hesbolach and Hamas Palestine and Libanon will be free to. In every country who occupies and harm Syria, send a team to execute the responsable polititians.

Americunt LOSERS

Syria needs to go on war footing and hit back or it will be annexed. The next few months are crucial as the Americunts and Zionist/Turks will increase attacks. Now the Zionists are bombing Syria several times a day and the Russian AD systems have found wanting. Not a good omen for the future.


Remember 200 Russian service men were vaporized by Americans in Syria,


200? You may as well claim 2,000,000 and be no less accurate

Peter Wallace

If you knew the true story you would know they were contractors along with hundreds of local tribespeople were told by the SDF that they would hand over control of some oil plant to them. They crossed the river with nothing but personal arms and were attacked in the open for three days by every American aircraft available. I saw an interview with one of the Russian survivors. They had no air cover and nothing to fight back against the aircraft. There weren’t 200 Russians killed and surprised that anyone could survive that with the total might of the US airforce available bombing and strafing this column for 3 days and nights. If you want to use that as a gyuide to how good the US is against a real Russian force backed by various assets .. boy are the Yanks in for a surprise.

Lone Ranger

In a CIA funded disney movie…
Remember 58,000 americants biting the dust in Nam.
And another 20,000 in the past 20 years, not counting suicides which are around 200 a day nowdays…


besides how are your CIA intel and NATO officers that were killed when the Russiand threw a bunker blaster in Idlib Terrorist stronghold………was 2016 I remember ….well that happens when you side with terrorists…200 Russians……my ass…..next you claim Russian air defens is bad and American is better………..you live in a dream wonderland LGBTQXYZ………

Last edited 1 month ago by tobi999
Arch Bungle


It was 20000!

CNN told me so!

FOX confirmed!

Arch Bungle

241 US marines liquidized by Islamic Jihad in Lebanon, 1981.

Last edited 1 month ago by Arch Bungle

you forgot to count jihadist buried by the US, like sand of the sea


Open your eyes, Syria is being split into pieces and Russia can do nothing about it

La Rata

In time the USA will fail similar to the Afghanistan loosed war. The USA can not take all the Syrian Oil….

Lone Ranger

85% of Syria is under SAA control.
Cry your eyes out Trollstoy…


i almost wish somebody would nuke the states.

Peter Wallace

It would take 200 nukes to destroy the US cities and infrastructure along with around 100 million people. Trouble is the US has over 6000 nukes to retaliate with so there is a good chance they would drop one on top of you and everyone else. Of course once the US started sending off their nukes then Russia with their 6400 nukes would join the party along with Britain , France , China . Israel with 100 or so would make sure no Arab country was left India and Pakistan would get rid of their pent up anger and we haven’t even got to Kim Long One or whatever. No wonder they call it… MAD.. You are right though. The US powerful need a bloody nose. Did you know that the US was going to bomb Miami and kill people so they could blame it on Cuba . They don’t care about anyone , even their own people and yet people want to fight and die for the country that loves no one except those that pull the strings.

Muay Thai

Dr Robert E Willner MD PhD, exposed the CDC, NIH, Fauci, Uncle Sam for the fake AIDS epidemic during the 90s. HIV, a benign virus, does not cause AIDS. similar to the PCR test of today, the HIV test (99.9997% inaccurate) told a person had AIDS. the cure, AZT (DNA Terminator), a toxic drug, even too toxic to treat Cancer, guaranteed a person’s death. it was an all out scam. the video of Dr Willner is on YT. (he mysteriously died of a heart attack shortly after exposing the GOVT)

FYI: 1976 Swine Flu of NJ was also fake, too many things to say. Mike Wallace of 60 minutes did an expose in the 70s on it. there’s a good quality video of it on BitChute.

Last edited 1 month ago by Muay Thai
Lone Ranger

It would only take 4 nukes.
One on the UN HQ, one on Langley, one on the NSA HQ and one on D.C.
After that the population could retake their country and make peace with the rest of the World, Russia included.

Jim Allen

Putin said 7 tactical nukes to take out the command, decision making, communications, defense, and nuclear launch capabilities. Further, hypersonic weapons are staged within 200 miles(he said miles)of both US coasts. There is no analog for hypersonic weapons in the world. (except Russia, and China) Or, US is defenseless against a Russian attack. Something Russia is trying to avoid. Futilely, I think.

Americunt LOSERS

That would be the best outcome for humanity and human dignity.

Lone Ranger

They cant accept defeat lol
Wont change a thing.
Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Syria…


Did you notice your’e counting failed states?, the the new war game victory, leave them in TATTERS

Lone Ranger

Vietnam has one of the strongest economies in South-East Asia, one of the Tiger group countries.
Afghanistan was always a mess.
And Syria will be rebuilt by China it seems.
In 10years it will look better than most crumbling U.S. cities…

Americunt LOSERS

All valid points, but in all the cases that you mention, there has been steady and growing resistance, but in Syria since the Americunts illegally occupied 90% of the oil fields in 2016, there has been no resistance and no casualties. The Americunt occupation forces operate their logistical lines from NATO bases in treacherous Zionist ally Turkey and the Hasakah region in northeast is full of pimping sell out Kurds. The only thing that will get the message across are sustained drone and rocket attacks as in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Americunts are using Syrian oil money to build a $1.5 billion occupation base with a major 2.5 kms long runway capable of handling all aircraft. the real number of these lardass occupation bastards is well in excess of 3,000. So unless there are casualties and costs, they will stay in Syria for another 20 years. It is simply astonishing to see this level of insidious imperialism in the 21st century.

Lone Ranger

Only a few things in life are as sure as U.S. defeat time after time…

Fred Mc

Just because Iraq doesn’t want you, doesn’t mean you move your trash into Syria. Syria doesn’t want your illegal presence either. Go Home!


Which iraq, liwa fateoum or kataib hezbolla…there’s nothing like iraq


Another consequence of Putinist regime “restraint”.

Americunt LOSERS

“Restraint” against bullies simply invites more aggression, learnt that persistently in second grade and hit the big fat bully kid on the nose (had to jump to do it) but got the message across and no one bothered me since then.


Yes. Medvedev abandoned “restraint” when Georgia invaded South Ossetia and stopped Amerikastani aggression in its tracks for three years. Unfortunately “restraint ” returned in 2011 over Libya. If Russia had dispatched planes to protect the Gaddafi government the moment the first Amerikastani bomb fell on Tripoli, there would probably have been no terrorist invasion of Syria, no ISIS, and no occupation of East Syria today.

And no Ukranazi coup regime either.

Arch Bungle

Yes Please !!

Piss your money away into the desert sands, Uncle Yanqui!

Build as many sitting targets for Iranian missiles as you can!

After all, it saves the IRGC the effort of reaching out all the way over the Atlantic to smack you in the face …

Last edited 1 month ago by Arch Bungle
Americunt LOSERS

Actually, the bastards are using stolen Iraqi and Syrian oil to fund the occupation and they also sell $175 billion in forced arms sales to Arab Sunni puppet regimes and NATO pimps.


You fail totally to comprehend that Amerikastan isn’t pissing its money away by occupying East Syria. It is using stolen Syrian oil to pay for its colonial occupation.

L du Plessis

The US Gov has no brains, have they not realised they will NEVER own Syria ??

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