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US to Deploy 3,500-Strong Armored Brigade in S. Korea Due to Mounting Tensions with N. Korea

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The 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, one of the oldest tank units of the US Army, is going to be deployed in South Korea for nine months due to rising tensions with North Korea.

US to Deploy 3,500-Strong Armored Brigade in S. Korea Due to Mounting Tensions with N. Korea

The 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team of the 1st Infantry Division waits Feb. 10 in Fort Riley’s deployment center (Photo: The 1st Infantry Division / Amanda Kim Stairrett)

The US Army is going to send the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, one of its oldest tank units, to South Korea for nine months. The decision was announced on Wednesday, just one day after threats of the Pentagon to give an “overwhelming response” to any attack on Seoul.

According to a statement, the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team (1st ABCT) of the 1st Infantry Division from Fort Riley, Kansas, will be deployed in the Camp Casey north of Seoul. The brigade’s 3,500 soldiers and officers “are well-trained and fully prepared for this important mission to South Korea,” deputy commander of the 1st Infantry Division, Brigade General Patrick Frank, noted in the statement.

The 90 M1 Abrams tanks, the 90 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, and the 112 M113 armed personnel carriers are the main part of the typical Armored Brigade Combat Team of the US Army, while other vehicles, such as the Humvees just support the main military hardware.

US military does not provide any additional information on this issue, but the decision to deploy the Combat Team has been taken due to the latest of “North Korea’s provocations.”

On October 19, US Defense Secretary Ash Carter told his South Korean counterpart Han Min-goo that “the US commitment to the defense of South Korea is unwavering.”

“Make no mistake, any attack on America or our allies will not only be defeated, but any use of nuclear weapons will be met with an overwhelming and effective response,” Carter pointed out.

A massive two-day military exercise, which will be begun by the two countries on October 22, will also become a part of the measures. The South Korean Yulgok Yi I Aegis-capable destroyer, the USS McCampbell, the USS Tippecanoe support ship and the P-3 Orion patrol aircraft will participate in the war games, meant to train naval intercept operations. The Ariake guided-missile destroyer and the H-60 helicopter will be also sent to the military exercise by the Japanese Navy.

Also on October 19, a so-called ‘extended deterrence’ which will see deploying of the American THAAD ballistic missile defense system in South Korea was discussed between the defense ministers of the US and South Korea. Reportedly, the main goal of the THAAD is a response to North Korean rocket launches.

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US conventional weapons are not effective in nuclear war. DPRK must go nuclear even in tactical battles. The DPRK MLRS is nuclear.Tactical use DPRK nukes will raise risk of escalation. The useless deployment of US conventional forces raises risk local tactical and global strategic nuclear war.

Julius Alfred Anderson

this people are making this


look true!

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