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JUNE 2021

US to Boost Military Presence in Syria up to 300 Soldiers

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US to Boost Military Presence in Syria up to 300 Soldiers

On April 24, U.S. President Barack Obama has ordered 250 additional soldiers to be deployed to Syria boosting the U.S. military presence up to 300 personnel. The US sent 50 special forces troops to Syria last year and, according to reports, a contingent of the new force would also be special forces. We remember, Obama has also said in the past that the US plan to defeat Islamic State would not “involve American combat troops fighting on foreign soil”.

Thus, the White House confirmed SouthFront’s prediction that the so-called “Kurdish advance” on the ISIS capital of Raqqa will involve directly the US military contingent as a spearheadConsidering operation is planned by the US military and supported by the US Air Force, the Pentagon doesn’t hope more that it’s possible to liberate Raqqa without direct involvement into the conflict.

The Kurdish factor of the Syrian conflict:

War in Syria has for the second time in the last 10 years breathed life into the Kurdish national movement in the countries of the Middle East (the first time it occurred was after the American invasion of Iraq in 2003). Inhabitants of Western Kurdistan (Syria) are mostly resisting Islamic fighters supported by Turkey, and the “southerners” (Iraq) are cooperating with these militants. The clans of the Iranian Kurds, who are continuing their long-term game under the name “negotiations with Tehran” are meanwhile in a holding position. READ MORE

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Beware, Syria, the camels nose is in your tent, and his rump will soon follow.


US would “consider” deploying third unit of military personnel:


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