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US Threats To Strike Syria Will Not Halt Liberation Of Idlib: Syrian Foreign Minister

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US Threats To Strike Syria Will Not Halt Liberation Of Idlib: Syrian Foreign Minister

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Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem says that US threats to strike the war-torn country will not halt the liberation of Idlib from militants.

“The intended aggression won’t affect our people’s morale nor will it sway our military plans to liberate Idlib,” Muallem told the Russian state media. “This is not the first time that the United States, Great Britain and France have cooked up a scheme for a chemical weapons incident. It happened earlier in the Damascus suburb of Douma, when these countries decided not to wait for the results of an international investigation and conducted a trilateral strike on Syria. However, the Syrian people manned up to and scoffed off that aggression. They celebrated as they watched Syrian rockets down missiles launched by the aggressors.”

The diplomat said that the US-led bloc is going to justify its attack by a staged chemical weapons use incident in the province.

“They [the US and its allies] are providing the White Helmets with tools to stage a false flag chemical weapons incident and shoot it in a village in the Idlib province,” he said noting that “this video footage is planned to be used as an excuse for a future aggression.”

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The Syrian people manned-up last time round. Hopefully, Russia have supplied the necessary military ordnance to negate fully any FUKUS aggression. Translation: Hopefully, Russia have Manned-Up for this up coming Zionist attack


It would be better to send in some Spetznaz to have a ‘hearthy’ chat with the White Helmets organizing this upcoming event so it will never happen in the first place. And then parade the evidence on the 8 o’clock news.

Although it will probably be immediately denied by the UK government saying Russia said it.

Carne João Pasta

We’re now officially worse than the Third Reich.

Lena Jones

Syria needs to start killing off the talmudic masters of the Idlib terrorists. Destroy tel aviv and the very source of global terrorism and usury will be gone.


Burn Idlibistan….the U.S. is just trying to Protect their Satanic Headchopping Offspring…


It’s NATO’s last regime change gasp in Syria – they have sunk a lot of time and colossal resources over many years into this regime change project – and the final redoubt of the hardcore of foreign sponsored mercenaries and militants are approaching their end. NATO will try and save them – the question is will is be all huff and bluff as in south, or will they get truly desperate and engage in an irresponsible or punitive violent act against Syria – despite militants no longer having an serious offensive regime change capacity?


Why do they always tell people 2 weeks before they do it? if this happens it will be weak and no effective and they will avoid anywhere the Russian forces are it will have very little impact.

Paige Temesy

This is equivalent to if US was being invaded by foreign terrorists backed by foreign powers, then as the US military is about to liberate the last terrorist-held state (i.e. Maine), foreign powers threaten to bomb USA… Hypocrites

Carne João Pasta

Cruel, sadistic and unbecoming of an alleged first world, civilized nation.


Todays air attacks by Syria, coming so quickly on the heals of Trump’s latest Tweet threats against Syria, Russia, and Iran for attacking Idlib is Syria’s answer. The message; our patience is used up. Show us what you got fat boy. Let’s rock and roll.


Well said, point.

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