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US Threatens To “Take Out Russia’s Nukes” If Needed

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US Threatens To "Take Out Russia’s Nukes" If Needed

FILE IMAGE: Sputnik / Sergey Pyatakov

The US would work on options to “take out” new Russian missiles if they become operational, US Ambassador to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison stated accusing Russia of violating the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) treaty during an October 2 press briefing.

“Counter measures [by the US] would be to take out the missiles that are in development by Russia in violation of the treaty,” she stated adding that “They are on notice.”

The violations of the INF treaty is one of the flashpoint between Moscow and Washington. The both sides accuse each other of violating the deal.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova described the Bailey Hutchison statement as the “aggressive rhetoric.”

“It seems people who make such statements do not realize the degree of their responsibility and the danger of aggressive rhetoric. Who authorized the lady to make such statements? The American people? Do ordinary people in the United States know that the so-called diplomats paid out of their pocket behave aggressively and destructively?” Zakharova told media.

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Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

lmao russia should take out US nukes first


They would be justified after this little stunt. This is the US ambassador to the UN spouting off and not some twat spouting off for votes – and so what if she gets Europe nuked before the USA. Arseholes are just damned lucky the grown-ups are in Russia!

S Melanson

Actually she is the US ambassador to NATO, which is a military alliance that has expanded right up to Russia’s borders, and she is talking this shit.

By the way, she is also a twat.

Tommy Jensen

Women´s special care values. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9ede7a642142d2d35eb9d6ca8fc7b8088b2d23ead73b73f2be0d70ed1ddd2a1f.png


Yeah you right – my bad. NATO – it’s the Waffle Waitress at the UN. Sounds like a great American idea to me – they’ll learn why it’s a bad idea to bomb other people’s cities.

Tudor Miron

Yeah, and also they will tell the sun to turn in the opposite direction :)


What US and their stooges are doing in the world for global power for that someone should have to stand against them that what are you doing, are you mentally sound.

What Russia is doing this is called compulsive intervention. Russia doing their job most honestly to save the world from disaster.

S Melanson

Basically threatening Russia with a first strike. Well I think the US has a full proof plan to take out those missiles and here is how it works:

US launches surprise first strike on Russia

Russians are fully prepared having noticed the preparations by the US military, and besides, Trump tweeted to his base that a first strike against Russia was imminent to ‘show who’s boss’.

Russia launches the missiles targeted by the US ICBM swarm.

US missiles strike empty silos.

All Russian missiles strike the US such that Russia no longer has any of the offending nukes operational since they all blew up – over their targets.

Trump prepares a tweet to his base to declare success –

‘this is HUGE, I want you to know that the result of the first strike is very impressive, very impressive, as all the nasty Ruskie nukes are destroyed, finito, you know, finished, gone, for those that don’t speak enchilada, I mean Mexican.’

But when he tries to tweet, it fails to send. The Russians targeted all the strategic tweeting sites in the US. Trump, devastated, knows that without. Twitter, the US is doomed and promptly surrenders to Putin.

Tudor Miron

Lol. Targeting Twitter is beyond evil. Those pesky russkie…how dare they?




I would think that President Putin is shaking his head in disbelief.

The US leadership has gone Full Retard in line with Israeli doctrine :)

It is a real indication of US impotence in the ‘American Century’. :)

Zionism = EVIL

Arrogance and hubris of US losers is indeed astonishing. They think they can humiliate Russia without any consequences.

Tommy Jensen

When women talk they mean business. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/63b5d122dc7a82c1fc3eeaade2aed3251edbe94e3772ece6910154e5e311473c.jpg


Nice message u send here but its completely irrelevant! This russian women is just saying what she is told to say! Do u think her boss Lavrov or his boss Putin would let her just go ahead and say anything she wants when it comes to potential nuclear threats? DO YOU? i think not! So what is she doing?? She is doing the first part of ur message! She (a politician) is SAYING what she is told (approved) to say! APPROVED!!!! By her boss and his boss!

(i support russia in this war) i must call out Bullshit! Dont post bullshit! Thatcher was the PM, not the fucking spokesperson of her administration!

You should delete ur post! it makes NO SENSE! (unless ure one of those 3rd wave feminist liberal nut jobs)


Disgusting human being…


If the British want anything done, they ask the Americans.


Russia will use the weight of ignorance and hubris of those that control the US and Israel against them as the US cancer of ‘exceptionalism’ continues to spreads to the now depleted ‘American brains’ that rule over the USA.


US is making too many enemies at time when it is a sunset power as Asia rises. Americunts are acting in desperate bragging, the other day some US idiot wanted to blockade Russian ports. They should be careful not to bait the bear as an angry bear will bite their fatass. Russia has many allies and cards to play, especially in the Middle East and its southern borders.

Vince Dhimos

Yeah, and that idiot was the commander of the navy. Sure, America is great again.

AM Hants

Is that part of the plan?

Zionism = EVIL

As if Russian is going to sit by and let US losers attack it? US is pushing Russia too far and history has shown that Russians like Iranians like to pushed around, especially by hypocritical cowardly lowers. Last week another AmeriKKKan idiot wanted to blockade Russian ports and search Russian ships. US is crazy like a rabid dog. Russia should just arm Iran to the hilt and see how US squirms.

jade villaceran

Im waiting it to happen, but of course it will be disappointing because USA cant do such thing to Russia, its like they are signing their death wish


What the fuck is wrong whit this America? Are they so stupid? reckless ? idiots? If a war starts whit Russia it will be devastating for all world hundreds of millions of people will die 70% of Americans will die ,All the world will suffer. America slowly become second Nazis ??? Wakeup AMERICAN PEOPLE YOUR FUTURE is hanging in balance. The future of your kids The future of your grandkids The future of America itself WAKEUP WAKEUP.. …… AMERICA @!!!!!!


Zo Fu

Are they stupid ? Well, mainly yes. I’m not talking about US politicians, they are all but few exceptions utterly stupid by diagnosis. Not big difference between Trump, McCain, H.Clinton or Haley. I’m talking about millenials, leftist, social justice warriors and all parasites in media, non-government organizations, refugees and so on. Being parasite has inevitable consequences like brain atrophy.

Concrete Mike

Zo, your second paragraph nailed it. These so called leftist, all their doing is helping to install a police state and censorship on us. Yet we are too busy arguing about religion, who has sex whith who, guns, all these causes that are somewhat noble, but when you look at the bigger issues, its plain to see that the little issues are distractions, a smoke screen to hide the real crimes committed by our countries all around the world.

Im sorry afghanistan Im sorry Iraq Im sorry Libya Im sorry Syria

I will not be quiet anymore.


Relax….it will be a choice that the Whole of Humanity is responsible for….they have chosen this path themselves…all of them…for Nature a Nuclear War will be a blessing….It will be the Human Species that is responsible for the Future… but there are a lot of Dumbass Sheeples around…try to convince them….Either way the Outcome is always a positive one…:)


The future of America huh? Then …. roll on Yanks – go bomb those pesky Russians – and leave the rest of us to peace.

Raptar Driver

Not slowly, we have been Nazis since we brought many of the major Nazis from Germany to work for U.S. government.


It’s time to dejudify the US.

Zo Fu

translation : USA is deciding to start WW3 by attacking Russia. and Putin is still calling them partners :D

Concrete Mike

Putin is giving them enough rope to hang temselves with nothing more nothing less.


The usual, this was a regular thing in the First Cold War why not in the Second Cold War?


Exactly right! It’s all a game to win public support and make Russia more nervous.

Zo Fu

Since what time is America worrying about keeping promises ? I’dont know any single treaty which was not violated by America. For example. NATO is on Russia borders. Why ? USA is meddling in all elections around the world. Why they accused Russia ? America violated treaty with Iran and imposed sanction on Iran. Why they didn’t put Saudi Arabia on sanction list instead ? USA started countless preventive wars and regime changes since WW2. Why they have so big problems with Russia and China, which didn’t started any ?

Luke Hemmming

Your finally making correct statements.

Tudor Miron

Perhaps he’s trying to gain credibility before coming back to his “Putin is weak”, “Start WWIII now!” antics?

Concrete Mike

Yep your correct, if you read up.on project for a new american century, their foreign policy doctrine, it openly says that america will do all these things to stay on top.

This has been in the open for 20 years, I find it funny how 20 years later were waking up to see it, when it was clearly announced 20 years ago for all to see.

But luckily they are failing, with all the advanteges they made for themselves, american leadership had the chance to truly take over the world, but in their lust for money and power, corrupted their home base, looted their country, sucking it try (f35).

For those of you calling on russia china or someone else to do more, i say why? Give the americanazi enough rope that they can hang themselves with. Nothing more nothing less.

I wish a good day to you sir.


Did the US just threaten to strike the Russian homeland/ That Russia of 4000+ nuclear bombs? They’ve lost their minds – and now they want to lose their people, their infrastructure and their entire bliidy country???

On the upside…..


………………..I think the answer is “Yes” to all your questions……………….. and the world would be a better place for it…………….BUT first , lets get rid of that pit of vipers and cockroaches aka Israel,


Why wait? The USA goes and Israel goes with them. No-one else is going to give those turds unconditional support with the US MIC holding their guns to their heads.


Before US and their stooges decide to harm Russia with in 10 minutes their all satellites will be ground and their all aircraft carriers will be in the ocean base. Then fly their planes from sea base. What Trump regime think that Russia is so easy.

John Mason

Problem with all what you say is that the US are using Europe as the cannon fodder and making sure that America is safe from Russia. If I was Putin I would let the US, UK, France and Israel know without doubt that they would definitely be destroyed.


They let them know that when Medvedev was holding the seat warm for Putin until he come back. If you notice the russians very rare repeat themselves on serious matters. He also named the countries will be the first recipients.

John Mason

So true but a friendly reminder doesn’t hurt, the gentle art of persuasion..


I accept what you saying and second the notion but………… trying to persuate the would be new rulers of the earth and their NWO as they refering to it, it is not only futile but also have destory how many nations up to now and how many 10s of millions of dead?

Not top mention the destruction they causing with their mutate food and imoral ways who trying by any means at their disposal to enforce all over the world. So persuation with this subhumans is not possible and either they are eleiminated from the face of the earth or the earth will be eliminated with every one on it.

This are not people who lost their ways and someone can reasson with them. My understanding of them and dont sasy this lightly as I seen one too many wars in my life and I participated to many of them from very early age with my country been a colony of the brits and then be attacked by the turks.

After that I went every where they started a war against them for the better part of my life to this day.

John Mason

Maturity and responsibility determines that one talks first, logic, reason and persuasion and if that fails you have a choice; ignore or react. There won’t ever be a nuclear war, biological but not nuclear. Those elites want to keep their wealth, boats, cars, homes, corporations and especially Power. A nuclear war takes that away but a biological war is survivable with antidotes.


Yes I think of this often and agree. As for the rest you saying this NWO western invantion, has been going on for centuries despite the fact is new fruit for most humans and now they begin to become aware of what it means thought to the mass population it is very abstract like religion is and gloobal strategies.

It is my take that chinese or the russians who are the main force opposing what west it attempted in their globalization plans dont need to understand what the globalists are doing or thinking they already know very well. So try to reason wiht the likes of them is out of the question when you play for global control. It is very fast coming to the point of direct colission and this is a fact.


Putin should repeat his speach at the Munich Security Conference 2007, addressing the politics of US and what Russia made out of it since his initial speech. That would open the eyes of some people.

John Mason

Doesn’t really matter if the US loses its’ people, infrastructure etc.. simply because it is kaput already.


The exceptional psychopaths showing their exceptional stupidity to the world. The psychopaths think their ’50s underground shelters will shield them. If they launch, they’ll discover the exceptional faults in their exceptional stupidity.

Tommy Jensen

We have everything prepared. Bunkers in Antarctic and underground cities in US. You guys are condemned to hunger games on the radioactive surface………………………….LOL.


How long are the 1% going to last when the 99% are gone? Unlike Russia which has preparations for it’s citizens, the US has next to none.

Hisham Saber

not ‘ destroyed ‘ yet. we are still in the beginning in the battle against the Talmudic rabbinical jews.

Luke Hemmming

Show us your personal invitation to these ‘underground cities’ you speak of? Unless your one of those 1%’ers then you are on your own im afraid. That’s IF you even survive the initial warheads landing in a town near you. You can bet you’re bottom dollar that Russia has most major towns and cities locked into their targeting systems as well as major targets like the WH, congress, Defense bases etc. But back to reality, do you honestly think both leaders would go ahead and press those red buttons? I’m thinking that they are not that gun ho as they say. Tough words thats all.


In reality it will be far fewer than 1% in the bunkers. The US population is about 327 million, so 1% is 3.27 million + their close family members I suppose.

Tommy Jensen

Im a special and have more chances than you crowded sheeple. Nuclear war is overrated, its possible to survive in certain places.

Its worse than you think. Here is Albert Spikes time agenda for the globalists WWIII from 1871:https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/sociopol_masonsknightstemplar15.htm

Luke Hemmming

I reckon you have 2 chances like the rest of us goyim, buckleys and none. I’ll check out that link later.

Concrete Mike

Lets go on a tangent.

What really worries me, is that some “third” party plants a nuclear bomb in us or in russia, detonates it and blame russia or us.

We all know who are insane enough to pull off a stunt like that.

Where were you morning of 9/11? I was in a french university class, i had just called the teacher out for calling newfoundlanders lazy. Man that cunt of a teacher pissed me off that morning.

Have a good day bud


You sure do…. head in the ground a*s in the air.


stop watching holywood. It is obvious that you are not able to separate reality from fiction. Any relation with MacFart? You sure sound like him.

Concrete Mike

Tommy is representing the us elites here, he is merely a spoksperson or a reporter.

Hes kinda funny


true reading what he says often make me laugh at how brain washed, her is. One thing he is not is a reporter I assure you. Too low level to be anythgin but a blind follower.

Concrete Mike

He must have read alot of.albert camus.

He’s comically pointing out the absurdity of the us elite.

Thats the way i take him now. For a while i thought he was serious, then I umderstood what he was doing. Showing the existential absurdity of the political elite of america is his purpose.

Concrete Mike

Thats ok, if thats the world they want, they can have it.

Id rather die with all the birds animals fish.


BlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlah BlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBwahahahahaha…. Sure U.S….


If the world would take out New York City and Washington DC I would be forever in their debt.


I’d volunteer to carry an ICBM homing beacon in DC. I’d park my ass on the steps of the Capitol, beeping away , happy as a clam.

Concrete Mike

I got an 12 pack of moosehead beer, ill join you. Cant think of a better way to watch it all end than drinking good beer with a stranger.


Well this was the biggest laugh in my life when I saw this Title LMAO LOL. And how do they planning to achieve this maneuver I really wonder though.

You can call me Al

It doesn’t matter Eye, spur them on to try.


So let me get that straight.. Naval blockade and now take out their nukes..lol.

Jim Bim

Farts from a sinking Empire. The other day the US threaten with a naval blockade against Russia, that`s a declaration of war. Today the US threatens with a preemptive strike against Russia, a nuclear super power.

Concrete Mike

Its ridiculous, dont they have advisors that tell them not to say dumb shit like that?

Or is it these advisors whispering evils in their masters ear.

Reminds me of archbishop lazarus and king leoric for all the diablo fans out there.

What are the people to do if the leaders are insane.

Jim Bim

I think its a kombination…but anyway, besides thriven by hegemony and a indispensable mindset…..the Neocon/neoliberal have completely taken over US policy and position their people in all key positions. The last 2 decades of invasions, regime change, wars and destruction are the Neocons work.

Concrete Mike

And also the lobby circles. Lobby circles are the other side of the government coin. Too many special interests groups have too much power. This is the case in canada (ukro nazis) and in other countries as well.

Now…the real question is, whats a viable solution?


Hutchison is a prime example of the rabid spokespersons dominating US foreign policy. The populations of the world should be beyond furious that such miserable excuses for human beings should be allowed to threaten the existence of humanity itself, and with such reckless warmongering provocations targeting a nuclear superpower. There is a special place in hell for these war-whores and the sooner they check in the better.

Manuel Flores Escobar

we heard the same nonsense vs North Korea…of course at the end… only “nuclear sanctions preventive strike”….

Feudalism Victory

Wait. What? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/959d4d09860f9c185124fd080618d9b48dfbf2374e3b3bfc4890b99bac9020e8.jpg

Rüdiger Preiss



You can smell America’s fear.


RUSSIA IS PART OF EUROPE, FORGET NATO, EUROPEANS WILL NOT COMMIT SUICIDE FOR ISRAEL. mexico is in the american continent russia is also on the european continent same culture same people,. and same celtic origins

Tommy Jensen

Europeans would love to commit suicide for Zion.

They already did it in Afghanistan, Iraq m.m. and Europeans love all the returning ISIS fighters running freely around on welfare on their streets…………………LOL.

Promitheas Apollonious

you are wrong and you confuse european population with the globalist puppets and followers, who by the way in their majority are not europeans, in origins.

Tommy Jensen

General Dunford already told we could do it but it would take time. Take over the entire Russia.

Sorry guys, you think the United States have been sitting on its thumb while Russia developed hypersonics……………………LOL.

It has not! We present US newly developed deadly weapon that makes all Russia´s nukes obsolete and sitting ducks…………………………LOL https://youtu.be/cFQwp1T376o


A mach 3 interceptor isn’t going to stop hypersonic missiles. And do you have an exact quote and link for Dunford’s purported statement?

Tommy Jensen

Been looking, couldnt find it. But I remember it as a study Dunford referred to in a Senate hearing within the last 1-3 years. Sorry.


Whoever thinks he can win nuclear war is clearly delusional. American leadership is bluffing by faking insanity, trying to get concessions, but both Russia and China will call it. And if your leadership is in fact insane, you will have a few seconds to regret voting for them, on top of a mushroom cloud.

Raptar Driver

They are not bluffing, they are completely insane.


That’s what they want you to think, so they can maintain hegemony. They are not stupid, they do risk assessment for every move they make. Crazyness is just an act to get more then others would give them otherwise.

Raptar Driver

You would think so but I have seen much insanity here in the U.S. and can say it is endemic within our general population.


I’ve heard somewhere the advice that if you ever go to prison, first day you take chair and hit a prisoner closest to you. After that everybody would leave you alone. Same logic here. Fake unpredictability. Remember how everybody got excited when Russian general said that Russia will “retaliate against platforms delivering missiles to Syria”? That’s what you need to get them to back off. Putin is too predictable.

Raptar Driver

Let’s hope it is just “fake unpredictability”, it is too close to insanity for comfort.


It’s a poker game with lot of bluffing on US side. Russians are just learning the game – they’ll get better as we go.

Promitheas Apollonious

I agree with you they are not crazy, just plain delusional and stupid. That make them even more dangerous. Beside most of them are constantly on prescription drugs and they have hard time separating their asses from their mouths.

Ivan Freely

Nixon’s madman theory.


US has obviously not been sitting on its thumb while Russia was dveloping its new superweapons. US has been busy suporting terrorism and organizing coups around the world while Russia has been developing its new superweapons. US army now obsolete compared to Russian army and US economy now second compared to Chinesse economy.


Somebody left the door unlocked at the loony bin. First Zinke and now this.

Nuno Cardoso da Silva

The only problem with these empty, unrealistic threats, is that some nut in the US may believe they can be carried out. Seeing the low level of intelligence of most American politicians, that’s not completely impossible…

Concrete Mike

Agreed, its disturbing how stupid they are, yet they think there so smart.

Like this one guy yesterday claiming kurds was fouggt the most and were the best against isis. I tried to debate him and all he could muster up was insulting me and copy pasting south park lyrics.

We in the west are living in the matrix, a fake reality. So when you consider that, then yes in our fake world we can destroy russia.

Of course the people that live off the matrix will do everything they can to keep the compliance formula going.


Can you imagine what some people are capable of doing to other people like them for “”TO BE THE MOST POWERFUL””. Killing innocent human beings for grabbing POWER. IT simply brakes the rules of the nature .. If you look back in the past the decision of some States to start a war In a country to grab power and land has killed million of people.. This type of States can bring a war that in our time and our technology can be devastating for all humanity if any of these 2 States Russia and America will ever go to WAR. Both countries they have nuclear bombs and both countries will use the bombs to defend their Government. God help us …………….


god will not. But uniting against them will.

Nigel Maund

The Yanks (read the Anglo – American Zionists) have had their day. They’re running scared shitless of the latest Russian developments, which they know all too well leave the US & UK over a decade behind in many key areas of military technology. The realisation of this fact has shaken the complacent (and totally corrupt) US military and MIIC to the core and now they are trying, like all hegemonic dictators, to wave the big stick when in fact the Emperor has no clothes!!………They are the ones guilty of Treaty violations due to their emplacement of aggressive missile systems right on Russia’s borders!! So, these criminals want to blame Russia for taking the appropriate steps to defend itself. So to the US & its sidekick UK, we don’t believe a word you say!!

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