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US Threatens To Eliminate Russian Integrated Air Defense System In Kaliningrad


US Threatens To Eliminate Russian Integrated Air Defense System In Kaliningrad

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The US has a plan to attack and destroy the Integrated Air Defense System (IADS) of the Kaliningrad exclave in the case of necessity, US Air Forces in Europe Commander General Jeffrey Harrigan said.

“If we have to go in there to take down, for instance, the Kaliningrad IADS [Integrated Air Defense System], let there be no doubt we have a plan to go after that. We train to that. We think through those plans all the time, and… if that would ever come to fruition, we’d be ready to execute.”

Harrigan said that if “Russian aggression” would come out of Kaliningrad, the US had a contingency plan to handle it, “it would be a multi-domain, very timely and effective capability that we would bring to ensure we have the access we need in that environment.”

No other details of the potential plan were provided.

But, of course, the exclave is a favorable target, since it is remote from Russia. But it is also an excellent Russian advance base.

Kaliningrad has anti-aircraft, anti-ship, and surface-to-surface missiles positioned, and they potentially threaten many of the NATO bases in the Baltics, Eastern and Central Europe.

Of course, that means that all of these weapons are within range of NATO warships and within short driving range of NATO battle tanks.

Harrigan said that it fell to him and to the Pacific Air Forces Commander General Charles Q. Brown Jr. to urge the Air Force to focus on multi-domain operations in the future.

“My job is to be the demand signal to big Air Force to give us the capabilities, over time,” Harrigian said. “They have the PowerPoint… but we have to turn that vision into incremental capabilities that we give to our airmen and allow them to experiment.”

He reminded that he had been part of Air Force Central Command for two years and that it operated multi-domain.

“I was in AFCENT for two years,” he said. “We were operating multi-domain. Now we need to continue to work through how we better decentralize and push down those authorities and bring in tools that allowed us to do that.”

In response, the Russian Ministry of Defense simply said that the air defenses in Kaliningrad are well known to any NATO pilots approaching Russia’s borders.

The military department noted that the region is reliably protected from any offensive plans that are developed in Europe by “vagrant” American generals.

As stated by the ministry, the frivolity of Harrigan and his naive faith in such plans should primarily concern his subordinates.

“Who, it seems, should better learn one of the main commandments of the military leaders – every plan is good only before the battle,” the Ministry of Defense noted.

Responding to Harrigan’s words, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova emphasized that Moscow qualifies them as a threat and considers them an indicator of stupidity that is detrimental to the reputation of the United States.

“We see the ease with which the political elite in the United States deals with such serious and very complex issues as world security and stability, makes it irresponsible, based on political market considerations,” she said at a briefing on September 20th.

The governor of the Kaliningrad region Anton Alikhanov advised the Pentagon representative to re-read history and remember that no matter how good the plan, “there are always Russians and historical experience.”

State Duma deputy from the region Alexander Pyatikop emphasized that such unfriendly statements do not build confidence between the countries.

He urged the exclave residents not to worry about their safety, given Russia’s powerful military grouping on its westernmost border.

The head of the anti-aircraft missile forces of the Special Forces Command of the Russian Air Force between 2007-09, Sergey Khatylev, linked the “information noise” about the breakthrough with the massive US nuclear rearmament.

“They have withdrawn from the INF Treaty. Now the next step is the START Treaty – They will also withdraw. That says that they will begin nuclear tests, and these will, of course, be tests of new weapons, and not what they tell us about re-equipping warheads and so on … At the same time, they tell “horror stories” – first about plans for Kaliningrad, then about other cities,” Khatylev said.

The head of the World Arms Trade Analysis Center Igor Korotchenko in an interview with RIA Novosti recalled that the Kaliningrad region is reliably covered by S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems, Tor-M2 short-range air defense systems and Iskander tactical missile systems.

“In this case, I believe that this is a loss of professionalism. I would advise the American general to learn the materiel and analyze what will happen to him, his subordinates and his country if it dared to commit aggression against Russia,” he added.

Western politicians and senior military officials regularly talk about the “Russian threat”. According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, NATO is well aware of Moscow’s lack of plans for any aggression, but they use any excuse to deploy more equipment and battalions at Russia’s borders.

Russian aggression, and especially “World War 3” is a favorite topic of MSM, and of some “non-biased research.”

One such research is, “Plan A” – a video simulation presenting how a nuclear war between the US and Russia would unfold.

Towards the start of the video, titled Plan A, Russia sends 3000 nuclear warcraft to NATO bases across Europe. The simulation then shows London and surrounding areas targeted, with the whole European continent being wiped out in just three hours, with an estimate 2.6million killed or injured.

There are a further 3.4 million casualties in just 45 minutes.

Both sides then launch further strikes on major population centers, with another 85.3 million people killed and wounded in the course of 45 minutes. By the end of the exchanges, there are a total of 91.5 million casualties, including 34.1 million deaths.

Naturally, in the non-biased representation of events, Russia simply decides to launch 3,000 nuclear missiles towards Europe and the US, unprompted by nothing. The only country on the planet that has a policy that allows it to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike simply stands by and waits.




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  • Peter Bozich

    More nonsense and hubris from a dying empire, the coming crash of the U.S dollar will kill any future aspirations the U.S has of world domination.

    • Morton

      While the U.S. continues to be the world’s greatest economy and military power, Russia is the dying empire. Russia and its tiny economy are becoming increasingly insignficant. At this rate, in a few decades Russia will sell Siberia to China just to be able to feed its people.

      • Evil Sooty

        Why does the US which has the ‘world’s greatest economy’ have to rely on Russian rockets to get their astronauts to the ISS?

        Why can’t the ‘world’s greatest military power’ produce anti-air systems that work whereas the ‘tiny’ Russia can?

      • Wolfgang Wolf

        deduct all the FIAT money derivatives and stock market bullshit and then what is left over from the big US? a bunch of rotten bridges and 20 million on food stamps… yes, we can

        • Morton

          ^ A fool who doesn’t understand what the basic components of GDP are. Sad.

          • Dick Von Dast’Ard

            The total Russian debt is more than covered by Russian govt reserves to produce a net sovereign surplus, (one of the few countries in the world that boasts such a capital position) U.S. govt reserves don’t even cover a fraction of U.S. total debt.

          • Morton

            The U.S. can easily service its debt, the Russians can’t. That’s why Russia has problems getting unsecured lending at favorable rates.

            Tell you what ‘Dick Von Dast’, get back to me when Russia’s pathetic little economy grows a little. Russia’s economy is currently smaller than the economies of some of the U.S. 50 states (eg. California or Texas)!!

          • RichardD

            What Russian debt, they have none. What they do have is a half a trillion dollars of gold and foreign reserves in the bank that they could pay any debt payment that they want with. But they don’t need to.

            It’s the US that has to borrow and print money to pay it’s debt, not Russia.


          • Redadmiral

            Yeah, Yanki debt stands at a whopping $21 trillion and is clocking up $1.5 billion a day with interest. The only way they can pay this is with the FRB printing more and more useless dollars and hoping everyone stays mum about it. This Ponzi scheme when it blows won’t be able to print $billion bills quick enough to buy a pint of milk.

          • RichardD

            If we weren’t military spending more than the next 7 nations combined on Jew world order hegemony nonsense we could balance the budget and invest in economic growth.

          • AM Hants

            LOL, with the world and their dogs, turning their backs on the $US. Which is why the US is so desperate to claim the oil of Venezuela, together with the natural resources of Iran. They seriously need NATO Pampers, over in Washington DC.

          • Ralph London

            & Greenland.

          • Aneka

            oh yeah, the USA needs Irans natural resources…ever heard of California? Texas? Do you own a map?

          • AM Hants

            Hahahahaha. Ever heard of the $22 trillion national debt of the US?

            Have I heard of California? Yep, and feel so sad for the people of California.

            San Francisco, over in North California, appears to have a major problem with their homeless and not being able to clean up the human faeces, from the streets.

            Texas, once used to be known for it’s oil, but, how many businesses, fin the oil industry, including those in Texas, have gone bankrupt?

            May 9, 2016, 12:03pm
            The 15 Biggest Oil Bankruptcies (So Far)…

            ‘…What’s striking is how little the creditors of some of these bankrupt firms are getting in liquidation. Quicksilver Resources filed Chapter 11 with $2.1 billion in debt. Its assets, in the Barnett shale and west Texas, eventually sold for just $245 million in cash.

            Meanwhile, Dune Energy only got $20 million for its oil and gas fields in Texas and Louisiana, against $144 million in debt. BPZ Resources, which operates in Peru had $275 million in debt; its assets sold for only $9 million…’


          • Aneka

            I have two Quicksilver gas wells on my property here in Texas. They are fine.

          • AM Hants

            Bully for you, So what has that got to do with the US national debt and the human faeces problem on the streets of San Francisco?

          • Ralph London

            Only a country like the usa could come up with Faecesbook.

          • AM Hants

            ‘Faecesbook’ – so apt, for so many reasons.

          • Aneka

            OK, what country are you from, or can you answer? will your boss let you honestly answer anything? fuck you little bitch.

          • Ralph London

            You really are THICK, aren’t you? What part of ‘London’ are you too f***ing stupid to understand? You don’t KNOW where London is?

          • Aneka

            No where on this page did you say that you are from London. Since you are clearly so anti-American, i can only presume that you are a Russian troll.

          • Ralph London

            You can presume what you like, and CONTINUE to be a dumb, unthinking, IDIOT. You also prove to have SFB, presuming I’m Russian & a troll. Obviously, your intellect is too low to appreciate relevant facts.
            I am proAmerican, but anti dumbfuck yanks including the satanic usg.

          • Larry

            US still buys UAE petroleum. When you wave that Yankee flag around with such prejudice and little knowledge of the rest of the world you make the whole country appear bad.

            Most USAians are so full of their own propaganda and worse don’t even realise it. You are a very extreme example of this spouting all the crap you have been told and not doing actual research.

          • Aneka

            I know more about this world than you do. fact. how many countries have you visited? How many continents?

            I do research for a living, you bigoted idiot.

          • Ralph London

            Well you’re bl00dy useless at it, aren’t you? Ever heard of PNAC, you SFB?

          • aa aaa

            Just because you sucked off the United Nations does NOT mean you’re a world traveler.

          • Aneka

            What a childish and ignorant thing to say. You kiss your mother with that mouth? Or maybe she is the whore that you speak of? Mommy issues, huh?

          • Sparrow

            Can’t wait for those dual isralien excuses for human beings get the boot from the US. ALL OF THEM. TO THE SEA WITHOUT LIFE RAFT OR VEST-I

          • AleK

            “The U.S. can easily service its debt” Of course it can! But it doesn’t because it likes its debt, right Moron?

          • José Xavier

            US will give one year of it´s GDP? Hahahaha… You´re totally crazy tard. Stop playing the GDP Nominal card dude, seriously. No Economist really uses it. Only rednecks that had Fox News as source of information…

          • Peter Bozich

            By the way, if you know anything about economics,The the U.S Fed this week, had to pump in 80 billion into the repo market to stop interest rates from exploding higher. The U.S is now a banana republic, they’re back to good old money printing Zimbabwe style. Bye bye U.S reserve currency.

          • Aneka

            That is why the entire world uses the ruble as the standard…oh wait, that is all wrong!

          • AM Hants

            Funnily enough, those that are turning their backs on the $US, are working with Russia and the Russian automatic payment system. How many others will be joining in, by this time next year?

            How long did it take for the world to turn away from £sterling, as in reserve currency and switch to the $US?

            1913 the first $US was printed – The US became the lender of choice for many countries that were willing to buy dollar-denominated U.S. bonds. In 1919, Britain was finally forced to abandon the gold standard, which decimated the bank accounts of international merchants who traded in pounds. By then, the dollar had replaced the pound as the world’s leading reserve…https://www.investopedia.com/articles/forex-currencies/092316/how-us-dollar-became-worlds-reserve-currency.asp

          • Ralph London

            I got rid of all my $ bills, I didn’t want that trash any more. I did keep a silver half $, its silver content is worth more than its rubbish face value – wonder where I can get it melted down?

          • AM Hants

            Take them to the jewellers and see if they can melt them into a design of your choosing. Something, say with the map of Eastern Ukraine, engraved on it haha?

          • Aneka

            that is not true, and there are many ways to prove the actual facts. Not everyone is as ignorant as you must believe… which ironically makes you the ignorant one. ha ha!


          • Mack Dane

            and even so global investors demand Russia pay 7% on 10year bonds while the US only pays 1.7%?

            shows how laughable the world views Russia’s economy to be.

          • Mike

            Go away solomon kupek.

          • Mike

            I guess toronto tonoto got old didn’t solomon kupek.

          • AleK

            Probably that romanian troll/bot @occupybacon (aka Toronto Tonto)

          • Mike

            What’s sad is that you are a broken record there solomon.

          • RichardD

            Measured in what, JewS$ funny money?

          • Selbstdenker

            GDP should not include Services, as these are free priceable virtual goods. Take out services and licenses, and you have a comparable GDP.

          • AM Hants

            Not forgetting DGP debt.

            Compare, Russia, which provides free health care to her people. Together with free education, including University Level, to the US, where the average person cannot afford health care and how much does it cost, for the average undergraduate, to receive an University Education, that provides puppy therapy, crayons, play-doh and colouring books, to handle a democratic Presidential Campaign and it’s outcome.

          • AM Hants

            Ironic, from a fool, who has no understanding of GDP Debt.

            Now remind me, what is the US GDP debt, compared to Russian GDP Debt?

            Which nation is a creditor nation and which nation is a debtor nation?

            Which nation can easily feed her people, and which nation is reliant on imports?

            Which nation is clean and beautiful and which nation, has a problem cleaning up human faeces, from the streets, where the homeless live, in their thousands?

          • Ralph London

            But AM, the USA is home to Faecesbook.

          • AM Hants

            Brilliant, and perfect description. Glad I no longer use Faecesbook, as Nick Clegg comes to mind.

          • You can call me Al

            Which nation has beautiful women and strong men, and which nation are have gender things which are all fat, dumb as fuck slobs.

            Which nation knows where the USA and Russia is, and which nation knows only what the next town up is ?.

          • AM Hants

            Oooooh, now let me think?

          • Aneka

            The actual data show that our people are more similar than different, despite what your propaganda tells you.

            You have far more homeless in Russia, around five million. The difference is that we help our homeless, and do count them.

            “Russia’s governmental statistics agency Rosstad has not collected any numbers on homeless people since 2010. The official number from that period – 64,000 – is thought to be far too low, and it is estimated that the real number is roughly 5 million (Euromaidan Press, 2017).

            Around 19 million people, 13.3% of Russia’s population, live below the poverty line (CIA, 2017).”


          • Ralph London

            Well if the West with the usa in particular, hadn’t used economic warfare on Russia for the past 100 years, then of course Russia would have been a MUCH better place, but then, the usa doesn’t LIKE competition, it rather likes to remove it.

          • Larry

            You have been brainwashed. Nobody repressed Russia, except your leaders. Theft and dishonesty is an accepted culture in Russia. This is the result of having nothing, desperation, and jealousy. Your leaders dropped you in the poop and most don’t know how to keep a job. Even in North America they have trouble keeping a job, because they are too lazy, and end up on our welfare systems, with the other people supporting them.

          • Ralph London

            1st, I’m British.
            2nd, how much tax do billionaires pay in the usa?
            3rd, which would bankrupt a country more, socialism, or capitalism?

          • Aneka

            America is a shining light to the world.

            It is known for natural beauty, and freedom.

            Which country has more people trying to get in?

            Which is the place that people dream of living in?
            The Texas economy is bigger than Russia’s and that is only one state.

            Ever heard of Hollywood? Blue jeans? Rock and Roll? All American.

          • GANGA PRASAD R K

            America is the cancer of the world

          • AM Hants

            The lights went out long ago. Now the world laughs at the US.

            Natural beauty – like the human faeces on the streets of San Francisco?
            Like the violent crime, it is well known for. How many have died a violent death in Chicago, just this year alone? How many ‘mental health’ victims, have had breakdowns, leading to major fatalities, in schools, night clubs, shopping malls, etc, etc, etc,
            How many nations does Soros use, in his lust for people trafficking? Not just the US, where he targets.
            The US once upon a time, was a dream destination, now the sane, quite like what Russia has to offer.
            The Texas economy, in the world’s largest debtor nation, has a larger economy than a nation with so little debt, it can easily pay it off, owing to it’s vast currency and gold reserves. Plus, control of it’s natural resources. Do the people of Texas, like the people of Russia get free healthcare? Do the people of Texas, like the people of Russia, get free University education?
            Hollywood and Blue Jeans? Haha, the world’s largest propaganda outlet and when was it created and for what purpose? Blue jeans, darling so last century. Rock and Roll, so last century, as you got back to the 40s, when it was created.

            If I had the choice of a vacation in the US, or a vacation in Russia, well, it would be Russia, that would appeal to me, owing to the beauty of the 11 time zone nation. Together with the culture, traditions and pure architectural beauty. Not forgetting Russia, has been going for hundreds of centuries and has no problem highlighting her history, without even trying. By the way, I have visited the US on numerous occasions, but, would never bother in the future.

            Compare the beauty of either nation.

            Why is San Francisco … covered in human feces?
            Nathan Robinson… https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/aug/18/san-francisco-poop-problem-inequality-homelessness

            Welcome to Russia – Federal Agency for Tourism, Russian Federation… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naf4DNAZNaU

            Vesti Special Report: Holidays Begin in Crimea With Brand New Attractions For Russian Tourists… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0g7KkSmmaks

          • Ralph London

            AM, been to the USA 4 times, never want to go back there again, esp after 911.
            Russia has a lot of poverty and things that need repairing, not surprising, since the USG (&…) is responsible for Russia having lost cummulative $trillions over the past 100 years. How would Russia look like if they hadn’t had evil shits like trotsky etc?
            USA on the way down, Russia on the way up.

          • Aneka

            keep on believing your Czar’s (putin’s) opinion, maybe he wont kill you.

          • Ralph London

            Well I’ve been to Russia and I’m still alive, you dumbfuck paranoid moron. I’ve also been to Texas 3 times, luckily I didn’t meet any wetbacks like you. Now, I’d much rather go to Russia than the warmongering usa, after all, it’s not like everybody in the world wants to become a lying moron like biden or a shit like shitlery, is it? Betcha can’t export THEM. YOU can continue to have schitt, comey, and all the other morons I can’t be bothered to think about.

          • Aneka

            you are full of lies that you were served by your propaganda ministry. The entire world knows the truth. Only you are confused, and that is because you live without freedom. Your great nation has more homeless than most major US cities, at @five million. Ask them if they want to go to America, comrade.

          • AM Hants

            5 D media disinformation script, for budding Integrity Initiative, Joel Harding, 77th Squadron trolls.


            You normally find a personal insult thrown into the mix, for a bonus.

            Now I do believe it is time to leave the kinder garten and go and chat with the adults.

            The entire world knows the truth?????? Is that you Gretan? How is your Soros provided security working out today?

            Do not believe I am confused, as woke up from the media induced, zombie coma, back in 2014.

            I live without freedom – well, that is because the UK is one of the major nations, with regards surveillance methods that are used on the people.

            With regards the homeless in the UK, yep, sadly it is disgusting, how a supposedly wealthy and civilised nation should have so many homeless. Just like it is disgusting that the US cannot afford to deal with their human faeces problem, caused by the homeless, in San Francisco and tht is just one US city dealing with the problem. How is Chicago and what is the daily death rate, courtesy violent shootings? I know in London, we also have a serious problem with out of control stabbings, leading to fatalities and acid attacks.

          • Ralph London

            You’re fucked in the head, you SFB moron, AM is British.

          • Larry

            Ever heard of hotdogs, basketball, apple pie? All Canadian. LOL.

            Evere heard of rampant prostitution, rampant alcoholism, rampant bitches, culturally approved theft from friend and relatives? All Russian.

          • Ralph London

            I’d think YOU were a good enough reason NOT to want to know the usa.

          • Aneka

            oh yes, a troll telling me how terrible I am. Go be a tool somewhere else, cuckboi

          • Larry

            Everything is bigger in Texas, especially your heads. The USA is known for it’s pollutions and dirty cities, and is the most racist country in the world, nigger.

          • Aneka

            jealous much? Do you always generalize entire populations based on their most lacking qualities? get a life, learn some facts, reality is not what you think, and certainly not what Russia tells you to think.

          • AleK

            ^ A fool who doesn’t understand what the basic components of GDP are.

            (pointing at your own name 😁 )

            Yes, you are a fool and also a mor(t)on. Most morons that talk about GDP have no clue what it actually is, and they definitely don’t have a clue about PPP. GDP? Bus driver in New Delhi is far more skilled than his colleague in Stockholm, but he is paid 10 times less. So more of a job done for 10 times less. That is about GDP. I know you’re too stupid to comprehend that tho.

          • José Xavier

            The basic components of flawed “measure” that is “Nominal GDP”… But there are a lot of mansions on the moon by this measure… all controlled by the US…hahahaha

        • You can call me Al

          20 million ? – keep up maye.

          “It is a federal aid program, administered by the United States Department of Agriculture, under the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS), though benefits are distributed by each U.S. state’s Division of Social Services or Children and Family Services. SNAP benefits supplied roughly 40 million Americans in 2018

      • Dawn

        lol :))))

      • RichardD

        You’re flaming disinfo.

      • Peter Bozich

        The U.S, a we know it won’t exist going forward, a breakup of its current existence will be a result of the civil war that is coming to its shores.
        It’s military is far behind Russia, look at U.S craft carriers, Russia’s missile technology turns them into museum pieces.

        • Morton

          LOL. Dude, China will own Siberia long before there’s any kind of a civil war in the U.S.
          And as for Russian missiles, the only western products they’ve shown themselves capable of hitting, are civilian airliners.

          • Mike

            Hey again get life solomon kupek, you stupid Israeli.

          • RichardD

            They’ve backed NATO and the blood sucking Jew baby rapers out of Syrian airspace without even having to fire them.

          • AM Hants

            Think you mean the US, when talking of civilian airliners and of course Ukraine.

          • Evil Sooty

            And 70% of the Tomahawks launched at Syria using an ancient Soviet system along with the multitudes of drones that frequently attack Russia’s base there whereas the worthless patriots couldn’t take out one.

            Russian air defence has a proven track record far superior to its US equivalents.

            ‘Most powerful military’…go back to playing Call of Duty.

          • Peter Bozich

            Lol alright, this week the U.S Patriot piece of rubbish couldn’t even pick up, yet shoot down, Yemeni drones flying into Saudi air space. Laughing stock of the world now. And if you live in the U.S get ready for a currency crisis real soon, your dollar won’t be worth anymore than an Indonesian rupiah. Then the shit hits the fan. All good stuff to look forward to dude.

          • AleK

            China will own you, same as mexicans and africans own your mother. That’s why you’re so scared of both China and Russia. Pathetic cowards.
            Ameircan missiles cant even hit yemeni $100 drones LOL. they can’t even detect them, entire american air defense is completely useless and worthless broken pile of manure (just as you are).
            Now go play with your transgender daddy and with patriot little missile 🍌

      • Mike

        Seriously solomon kupek, get a life.

      • Tiresia Branding
      • Nikos Yiasou

        Is your name Morton or Moron?

      • Sparrow

        Lemme guess mortie…you were one of the participants in the “non-biased research” crowd from TelAviv? …and TelAviv won’t last one more year? Go figure that jew arrogance.

      • AM Hants

        LOL, which is why Russia has not debt, is a creditor nation, in full control of vast wealth of natural resources. Plus has healthy gold and currency reserves.

        Yet, the world’s largest debtor nation, with over $22 trillion, has fantastic credit ratings, from the agencies, that missed the 2008 financial crash. Funny that.

        • Sparrow

          Especially the welfare isralien agency that knows nothing about being a sovereign anything.

      • Raptar Driver

        First understand how the US counts GDP and then you will see how wrong your statement is.

      • José Xavier

        This uninformed person uses Nominal GDP…hahahahaha…. I stopped there! Or should I show this Morton, how Nominal GDP it´s totally flawed using data from my own country Brazil? Did you want this Morton? I have this data… maybe you could explain me why anyone in the world would consider Nominal GDP as reliable?

      • Traiano Welcome

        Russia doesn’t need a gdp. GDP is for countries dependent on trade for a lifeline. Look at the map, were Russia’s GDP 0, it would still be a military superpower, and in possession of more landmass and natural resources than any country in the world. Their small economy is an indication of their lack of dependence on external trade, whereas the American economy is dependent on the global economy to retain their ‘superpower’ status.

  • Bob Starsky

    Russia will be always enemy nr 1 of the free world as long as they stick to bolshevik war crimes and keep trying to invade Europe. Europe should kick out ruskies back to steppes and tundra where they belong.
    If Russia is really peaceful then they would end black episode of bolshevism and stop occupying Baltic/Polish lands like Królewiec!

    • Wolfgang Wolf

      what did you do the last 70 years? watching star wars? or just being a stupid US citizen living under the american bubble? what FREE world are you talking about? ever been outside USA? seems not))) really embarrassing…

    • Blaubeere

      Under which stone have you been living so far that you write such a BS?

    • Tiresia Branding

      idź kopać swoje pole ziemniaków

      • Sparrow

        i uczyć się historii

    • AM Hants

      Sorry, but, when did Russia invade Europe? I know the Soviet sent Adolf back to Berlin, but, never heard of Russia invading any part of Europe.

    • AleK

      “Free world”? hahaha you mean angolamerican global tyranny that you serve so obediently you dumb, pathetic kurwa. a slavic slave with Stockholm syndrome who worship his western masters while they rape your puny ass; a mixture of Reagan’s and Hitler’s ideological crap, typical for brainwashed russophobic fascist degenerates like you Shitsky…. sick and disgusting.
      Hey kurwa if you love Hitler’s nazi crap so much, perhaps you should stop occupying german cities like Danzig and Breslau? No?
      Then fuck off back to yankee rectum where you belong you pathetic braindead slave.

    • Concrete Mike

      Fuck you russia hasent invaded europe.


      Russia and all the other soviet nations liberated most of europe from the nazis your supposed to hate so much, butn75 years on, ill say you and the russia invades this and that crowd are the modern nazis!

      Id say ita highly likely your a fucking idiot according to unnamed intelligence sources.

      Undersrand that?

  • chris chuba

    ‘The Empire’ (my country) will make this sound like a perfectly reasonable measure, okay but I love how many times Zarif’s diabolical quote to fight to the ‘last U.S. soldier’ was quoted as an act of heinous aggression when it was clearly stated that it would only be done in response to an attack by us. Oh and we have been flippanty discussing attacking Iran as if we were handing out after school detentions to a disobedient Middle school student.

    Were we always such fools? I like to think we were once adults. I will claim that Bush Sr. was the last adult we had in the WH, I know he made mistakes but he ran on a higher octane than his son, Bill Clinton, and Trumpmeister.

  • RichardD

    The more realistic scenario is traitor Trump’s mutual defense pact talk with the blood sucking Jew pedophile mass rape cultists who attacked America on 911, killed 3,000 Americans, wasted 6 TRILLION dollars on unnecessary Jew wars, attacked the US Liberty, stole our weapons grade material for their wmd program, got 200 agents killed with their Pentagon mole, and the list goes on and on.

    They clearly fear a regional coalition armed with nuclear weapons removing the IDF and Israeli government from the occupied territories and are trying to defend it with American lives. Whether the Zionist Israel firster anti American traitors in the US government are stupid enough to go for that remains to be seen.

  • KT

    only if its a hollywood movie war, in reality, can’t even handle the houthis

    despite their napalm and agent orange, vietnam trashed them

    any state will be subject to regime change, or color revolution if it has something of value

    so far the most despicable nation on earth, its flag smeared, dripping with blood and oil.

    with a dumbass people who doesn’t realize what their politicians and partners are up to

    can’t even handle the domestic issue of a perpetual recurring massacre every other week

    • RichardD

      The US and our planet need to be dejudified.

    • Selbstdenker

      Same situation in Afghanistan. Returning veterans kill themselves by thousands a year. Last year was more then 7000, since 2008 the number is constantly above the 6000 mark. If you remember, all this mess started as a so called “war on terror” to take revenge on the terrorist, who killed merely 3000 civilians at 9/11. Question is: how many more Americans must die until this idiocy is stopped? Or don’t they matter for the greater good of the industrial military complex?

      • Sparrow

        They don’t matter to the jew…

  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    Wouldn’t take to much notice of a country that shoots it’s mouth off all the time…

    Part of Russia gets attacked by U.S. misled – NATO, then obviously a part of America will.

  • Tiresia Branding

    the US military and politicians are the direct demonstration that Darwin was wrong… evolution is just a myth

  • Mike

    I guess Israeli russophobe toronto tonto got new name again, in the form of Morton, but he still is solomon kupek.

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    this jeffrey harrigan is DREAMING

  • Nikos Yiasou

    Best to ignore the clamouring of the semi-illiterate Harrigan.

  • R PLobo

    The Bedford Incident should be required viewing at the shabbos goy pentagon – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-END-yLD6o

  • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

    Its a common misconception that every war between “east and west” will be an nuclear war, i highly doubt that due to the following:

    1: Military officials from both sides have said numerous times that nuclear is only a deterrent weapon, and not a practical weapon at all, and for once, what they say actually makes sense.

    2: If you nuke an enemy harbour it is unusable to both sides, you want that harbour for supplies and further operations.

    3: All airports will have controlled destruction upon them, wich means that you need to control the damages so you can jump in and grap it with minimal repairs, not ahve to rebuild everything from scratch delaying the war for weeks or months.

    4: The lethal dust and debris only creates problems for everything: engines, airfilters, sensitive systems and human lungs.

    5: If someone have a brainfart and push the button, the primary targets will be military targets, POL and storage depots, NOT civilian targets.
    Nuking/bombing the civilians only creates more resistance from the enemy, in no way will it make the weapon silenced; WW2, korea, vietnam, afghanistan etc

    6: Nuclewar weapons are the perfect weapons, they work even if they are not used, they “kill” the enemy without being fired.

    • RichardD

      Nukes are highly effective weapons. It’s the escalation management issue that is the problem. The history of civilians being targeted isn’t good. And nukes are no exception. The only use so far was against civilian targets.

      It’s foolish to think that the Russians won’t use them. They’ve said that they’ll never fight another war on Russian soil. I’d take that very seriously.

  • Icarus Tanović

    Only 34 millions fatalities? You kidding us? It is more like 340 millions that die that same day, at best.

    • José Xavier

      It´s Western Think Thank, what would you expect? Westerners are dellusional since the end of Soviet Union…

      • RichardD

        Almost all US think tanks are run by Israel firster anti American Jew and Zionist traitors. The US needs to be dejudified and decoupled from Israel.

  • José Xavier

    US is already behind China in dozens of important areas. No wonder the despair came from the decaying Empire and not from China. The Best contribution from Trump to the World was the “Awakening” of China to the necessity of buildup it´s military. America´s Elite will never be anything than Imperialist Warmongers. The Economy of China by the real useful measure GDP PPP is already 5 trillions larger than US. And the Gap will only growth. And Money = Military Power. Better US accept this place in the World, 3rd, after China and India. A Bronze Medal, congrats!

  • José Xavier

    Americans talk a lot but don´t do anything really… I don´t remember the last War they Won, with boots on ground… Maybe the Mighty “Invasion of Grenada”? Laughs… US talks about Venezuela, about Syria, Iran, North Korea, Russia and China… but i can only remember of US Defeats from “inferior” people, since the Chosin Reservoir, when they get they but kicked by the PLA, from Vietcongs sending +45000 nice package back in the USA, with heroin in their coffins! How pure and immaculate are the Empire!

  • José Xavier

    +300.000 american soldiers have PTSD… It will be dificult to conquer the World this Way Yankee! When your soldiers are killing themselves in record ratio. Russia by the way has Tactical Nukes, did any Western Lunatic worshipper of the NATO Devil believe that this Tactical Nukes won´t obliterate their Divisions before their reach any goal in Russia? It´s utterly laughable that an Alliance that´s is unable to conquer Iraq and Afghanistan will be able to Conquer Russia and China. But the Warmongering Threats are good for the Military Industrial Complex, that builds “perfect” Patriots that can´t down an Houthi Drone! How Mighty!

  • José Xavier

    And the american populace are feeding in daily basis with this lies, paying for theses weapons that doesn´t work, and don´t have health care, have a huge secondary education debt (meaning a bubble), have the worst indicators of all developed countries. Every Northern Country in Europe has better living indicators than US. And the victims of the Criminal US Elite, is not only innocent Yemenis, but the majority of Americans, that live in a Plutocracy. Pay for the rich, work till death… The American Dream is dead, what remains is a Zombie Empire.

  • Ilya Grushevskiy

    Lol. I assume plan A is to take out as much military infrastructure with a rain of hypersonics and request parlay..

  • ColinNZ

    Iran threatens to supply Houthis with catapults to take out US integrated Air Defense system in Saudi Arabia.

  • Boycott-Israel!

    Why US & EU wished to death? Why can’t we just have peace tho.

  • Traiano Welcome

    Mult-Domain = Multi domains of failure.

  • John

    This is embarrassingly stupid behavior from someone, who knows better not to act like that. Get the general back where he belongs, in charge of a small group of toilets.

  • Tommy Jensen

    “an indicator of stupidity that is detrimental to the reputation of the United States”, good one Maria!

  • goingbrokes

    Although only a plan, it is still American aggression on European soil.


    Laughable western propaganda

  • Jim Prendergast

    Hah, hah, hah! Very funny!

  • Xoli Xoli

    USA NATO with failed Patriot systems and no air defences talk nonsense.Tactic that their are using small countries to booster fear in them.

  • Xoli Xoli

    USA,FRANCE,BRITISH and blind dog Israel want humanity depopulation supported by their one sided failing organization UN.