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US Threatens To ‘Disrupt’ Iranian-Russian Network Of Oil-Shipments To Syria


The US has introduced sanctions against what it described a network of oil-shipments to Syria, including Russian and Iranian companies and individuals.

The US Treasury Department claimed that the move is alimed at disrupting shipments to Syrian-owned ports. It stated that the sanctioned individuals and companies are involved in a “complex and malign scheme” to bolster the government of Bashar al-Assad.

According to this very version, Russian companies act as middlemen, taking money from Iran and moving the oil to Syria.

“Today we are acting against a complex scheme Iran and Russia have used to bolster the Assad regime and generate funds for Iranian malign activity,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said, according to the released statement. “Central Bank of Iran officials continue to exploit the international financial system, and in this case even used a company whose name suggests a trade in humanitarian goods as a tool to facilitate financial transfers supporting this oil scheme. We are issuing an Advisory today identifying the grave risks to the maritime community if they participate in shipping oil to the Government of Syria. The United States is committed to imposing a financial toll on Iran, Russia, and others for their efforts to solidify Assad’s authoritarian rule, as well as disrupt the Iranian regime’s funding of terrorist organizations.”

The Treasury Department also came with common accusations against Iran:

“Throughout the Syrian Civil War, the Iranian regime has continued to provide military and financial support to the Assad regime, enabling it to commit mass atrocities against the Syrian people.  The Iranian regime also continues to fund terrorism, providing hundreds of millions of dollars to its regional proxies and U.S.-designated terrorist organizations, HAMAS, and Lebanese Hizballah (Hizballah), further destabilizing the region.

U.S. sanctions prohibit material support to the Assad regime and U.S.-designated terrorist groups, including the IRGC-QF, HAMAS, and Hizballah.  All assets subject to U.S. jurisdiction of the individuals and entities added to the Specially Designated Nationals List (SDN List), and of any other entities blocked by operation of law as a result of their ownership by a sanctioned party, are frozen, and U.S. persons are generally prohibited from dealings with them.”

Russian and Iranian support play an important role in overcoming an energy crisis in Syria and restoring the normal life in the areas liberated from militants. Thus, targeting the Iranian-Russian network of oil-shipments, the US seeks to disrupt the normal life in the government-controlled area in Syria.



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