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US Threatens Strikes On 122 Targets Within Iraq Unless Tension Subsides

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US Threatens Strikes On 122 Targets Within Iraq Unless Tension Subsides

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In recent days, it would appear that Iran-US tensions are decreasing, within Iraq.

This could potentially be a result of an alleged vow by the Untied States to carry out a wide bombing campaign within Iraq, as well as Usbat al-Thayireen, (League of Revolutionaries) promised attacks on US troops, as well as on the US embassy.

In a video, released on April 8th, it released a video in which it said that it is addressed to the whole world.

The message opens with Quran 3:200:

“Oh you who believe! Be patient and excel in patience and remain steadfast and be careful of your duty to Allah, that you may be successful.”

It further explains that the previous release, which included footage of “the evil embassy, was not our first surveillance mission and will not be the last of them.”

The video showed photos of Ain Al-Asad Airbase, describing it as the second-largest air base in Iraq and saying it housed American, British, and Iraqi troops.

Switching between several locations of the base, such as a runway and a warehouse of U.S. weapons. An aerial view shows what the video describes as the “housing compound.” It also shows several military planes parked at the base.

The video shows footage, apparently filmed inside the base, of military planes landing and taking off. It concludes with a message that reads: “Our eyes are watching their movements and they will not achieve what they want.”

In a possible response to the shelling on various US bases, as well as Katyusha rockets hitting near the Green zone, as well as rockets hitting the Zubair oilfield, which is being operated by the US company Haliburton, Washington withdrew some of its troops from its more remote bases, and repositioned them at more “defensible” positions.

Reportedly, in March, the Pentagon began drafting plans for a major escalation against the Iran-backed factions, namely Kata’ib Hezbollah, blamed for the rockets.

Kata’ib Hezbollah is a part of the Popular Mobilization Units, which are a part of the Iraqi Armed Forces. The US attacked their positions on December 30th, 2019 in a reported response on attacks blamed on them, and as a result killed dozens.

The above-mentioned Pentagon plan, reportedly includes simultaneously hitting 122 inside Iraq if any more Americans died.

“Washington told us they’d simultaneously hit 122 targets in Iraq if more Americans died,” a top Iraqi official said.

US-led Coalition head General Pat White feared it could spin out of control, writing to US Central Command in March with “concerns” that targeted groups would respond, putting thousands of coalition troops in “significant” danger, according to a US military official who saw White’s memo.

Non-US coalition members are “nervous” the bombing could kill civilians or push Baghdad to permanently oust foreign troops, diplomats from two coalition countries said.

But those plans were put on hold, while the US fights the spreading of COVID-19, according to unnamed officials.

“But if there’s another attack and it kills an American, then all of this comes back again,” one said.

Concerned that there could be more strikes, the US deployed Patriot anti-missile batteries and C-RAM rocket defence systems to Iraq to protect its forces.

At the same time, it reduced the coalition’s presence, it pulled out half the bases it once operated from in Iraq and withdrawing hundreds of trainers indefinitely as a precautionary measure against COVID-19.

A key lawmaker from Fatah doubted Washington’s intentions.

“The American side wasn’t serious about withdrawing and handing over bases, and was actually re-deploying its troops for tactical reasons to protect its soldiers amid the spread of the coronavirus,” said Mohammad Ghabban.

Kataeb Hezbollah has insisted the shifts should lead into a full and permanent withdrawal, raising the prospect of further rocket attacks.

“There will be no death for these forces if they keep withdrawing as part of a total departure from Iraq,” the group said.

Meanwhile, prime minister designate Mustafa Kadhimi is preparing his cabinet and is seen as a person of compromise between the factions, and if he succeeds in forming a government, US officials are expected to visit in June for talks on various matter, including troop presence.


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bomb the under-educted riff raff all the way to hell – cause a ruckus of such dimension that idiot dunny the dunce will have to cease and desist if he’s gonna be a 2 term potus.

klove and light

Zionist slaves just understand one Thing……..bullits Missiles bombs dead slave bodies…… the one Thing americans cant take …are alot of american slave bodies returning home ina coffin…….the more u kill, the faster they retreat……history….

Zionism = EVIL

It is high time to hit the Americunt lardass occupation forces hard. No mercy to the child killing oil stealing Jew owned parasites.

Peter Jennings

The ‘unknown official’ is correct, we cannot have one single US invader being killed, that would be just awful. Especially when there are still millions of Iraqi’s to choose from. :)

It’s ok when Iraqi people die in their thousands, but hurt one hair on the illegal invader’s head and you’re considered a terrorist, in your own country.

I wonder when it will be europe’s turn for the democracy treatment? The empire is bound to get around to trying it some day. The US already has thousands of troops all over europe in order to secure their favourite battlefield for future use. It could only take a few years of ignoring US diktats and trading with the ‘enemy’ to clear away the dog & pony show and bring on the knee-jerking clowns.

John Wallace

Reminds me of the Roman times. We shall whip the slaves until morale improves.. That helped the slaves to revolt against the masters and later the invasion and fall of the Roman Empire . The dying days when senators fought each other and bribed their way to be Emperor and the decline of one of the greatest empires of all time . Sounds familiar somehow. Funny how history repeats against those that fail to learn from it.

chris chuba

Because airpower alone worked so well in suppressing the first post-invasion uprising and this is a great time to pick a fight with China. We aren’t Israel. We don’t have air bases in another country where we can drop glide bombs outside its territory and fly back. Even ignoring the total immorality of it, it isn’t even logical.


No matter the reaction ( from US ), if it’s half the size they’re threatening with, US presence in Iraq, at the very least, is over.

Do these morons not see the chess board? What is the most they could possibly do. Nuclear weapons….ok. What then? You think you’ll waltZ in and control 350 million Muslims…LMFAO


Every target within 400 km of Iranian border would be cleaned off map. Including AC carriers…what then? Israel either become international law compliant or digs it’s own grave within a decade.


Israel will wipe out Iran if it comes to that, the U.S should also make it clear to the mullahs what is the cost of a war.

The Objective

Very correct! Israel can wide out Iran. But then, so too can Iran wipe out Israel. Do your research: there is enough missiles in Iran to bomb every Israeli village ten times over. Even Hezbollah will bring Israel to its knees regardless of Israel nuking Lebanon or not. These weapons are dispersed and hidden in fortified and secret places that your nukes cannot completely take out.
Israel thought that by having nukes, it will terrorize the region into submission. That worked with the Sunnis, but it Isn’t working with the Shiites. The Arabs and Persians are no longer afraid. The Middle East is on a ticking time bomb. One false move by either Israel or the U.S, and that’s it. I think they already made that false move with the assassination of Soleimani. Iran is now organizing the forces of resistance in the Middle East, because this war has already started. It’s just in a low-intensity mode.

Mark My Words: The Iraqi Militias will start this war if the U.S does not leave Iraq before the end of this year. The U.S said it would hold Iran responsible if the PMU attacks it forces in Iraq. If Trump actually carries out this threat by bombing targets in Iran, the war is on. One thing is certain: Israel will not be ignored to sit out any war between the U.S and Iran. I can use its nukes to devastate Iran, but certainly there will be no Israel after such a war.


I agree Objective, but it seems a war is already inevitable. Have some faith, you might get to see this world ends.

Icarus Tanović

Really, let’s just see that, bring it on.

The Objective

I don’t want to see chaos, death, and destruction in the Middle East. Israel will go down in history as the cause of such a destructive regional war. All this turmoil stems from its persistent killing and displacement of Palestinians. Had it not be for the Palestinian issue, no Muslim country will worry Israel. And if you think Israel is right about the Palestinian issue, I urge you to do a search on U.N resolutions against Israel due to its action against Palestinians. the U.N is not dominated by Muslims, neither does it serve the interest of Muslims. But the fact that they have unanimously adopted dozens of resolutions against Israel speaks volumes.

Jews indeed are the worst tribes of the Human race, just like the Qur’an describes them. I am sure the Europeans would never ever agree to a small country for the Jews to be created in Europe. It will result in destabilization of Europe. Jews have been expelled in more than 40 countries throughout history – a record no single tribe ever had. I strongly believe that Britain relocated them to the Middle East after WW2 because they knew what’ll happen to Europe if Jews were allowed there in their numbers after the holocaust. Wars ceased in Europe after the Jews left. The Jews were plenty in Europe in the past. From Russia, to Germany, Poland, Romania, Britain, France etc., there were millions of Jews in Europe. Europe never had peace during all that time. there were 15.3 million Jews in Europe in the 1930s. https://encyclopedia.ushmm.org/content/en/article/jewish-population-of-europe-in-1933-population-data-by-country
Today, there are less than 2 Million. https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2015/02/09/europes-jewish-population/

No wonder Europe finally have peace.
Wherever Jews relocate, chaos follow. May the curse of Allah be upon this evil race.


No LR it’s true, they did cut the border fence in 3 different locations and went back safely under the densed tree area before the IDF could kill them. They know our weak spots, I give them that.


So you think Iran have no nukes…?
You must be ignorant to think that…
Ask the Pak intelligence…they’ll tell you the Iranian have nuke


Maybe they do, that’s why we got the Arrow3.


I’ll join the discord channel and we talk there, send me the link again mate.


Israel is of no consequence. If you had any sense you would understand that.
The israelis know it, you should too.

Rafik Chauhan

the current Zionist goverment f Trump doesn’t care how many US and Iraqi people die .Zionist aim is only one is to occypy and keep stealing resource and . make US and Iraqi soldier/people slave of Zionist scum and israel to die for them. Trump has to be thought hard lesson.

Assad must stay

For Godsakes just get out of Iraq and the region completely stop threatening other people who don’t want you there, stop making up the dumbest excuses as to why you have to be there, try giving a damn about your own soldiers lives and safety and just LEAVE!!!!

The Objective

Just what exactly will bombing those sites achieve? All sensitive weapons of the militia are hidden underground. They won’t be that foolish as to store their arms in places vulnerable to air attack. Iran wouldn’t allow that.
These guys will fight the U.S like Hezbollah fought Israel. While the U.S can bomb a lot of buildings and civilians, it cannot achieve victory by mere bombing. Its forces will be forced to come out in the open. This time, it won’t be IEDs and rockets that they are up against. It’ll be anti-tank guided weapons, missiles, and drones. This isn’t going to be like the fight in Afghanistan or Iraq during Saddam Hussein.
The U.S killed an Iranian General. Iran will see to it that these Militias get all the weapons they need to give American forces hell in Iraq.
Trump issues these threats because he doesn’t want to pull out of Iraq in humiliation, as that will be interpreted as Iran driving the U.S out. Trump sure as hell doesn’t want this fight before the elections. He reportedly offered Iran a deal over Iraq where both Iran and the U.S will coexist in Iraq. But Iran rejected the offer.
He desperately wants peace for U.S in Iraq until after the elections. He does seem to understand that a lot of American lives will be lost should the Iraqi militias get pissed off. I think at this point, Trump should accept the humiliation of withdrawing from Iraq. He could sell it as a precautionary measure against Covid-19 or something. It isn’t a good-enough face-saving way out, but it is better than nothing.

Icarus Tanović

All who messed with Hezbollah loose.

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