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JULY 2020

US Think Tank: Russia And Saudi Arabia Citizens Are Largest Part Of ISIS Foreign Fighters


US Think Tank: Russia And Saudi Arabia Citizens Are Largest Part Of ISIS Foreign Fighters

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Russia took over Tunisia in the amount of citizens that went fighting for ISIS, according to the survey published by US-based Soufan group.

The report, titled Beyond the Caliphate: Foreign Fighters and the Threat of Returnees, states that there are 3,417 Russian citizens fighting for ISIS as of now, with Saudi Arabia taking second place with 3,244 citizens. Jordan and Tunisia take third and fourth place (3000 and 2926 people respectively), and France is fifth with its 1910 citizens joining ISIS ranks.

According to the report, despite the increasing number of foreign ISIS fighters, their flow has practically stopped due to ISIS losing control over territories in Syria and Iraq, and due to measures specifically intended to stop them from joining ISIS.

US Think Tank: Russia And Saudi Arabia Citizens Are Largest Part Of ISIS Foreign Fighters

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The amounts of returnees are as follows: 400 people returned back to Russia, 760 to Saudi Arabia, 250 to Jordan, 800 to Tunisia and 271 to France. The experts emphasize that the returnees do not generally contribute to increasing threat of terrorism around the world, while the number of attacks conducted by domestic terrorists either “inspired or directed by ISIS” continues to rise.  “All returnees, whatever their reason for going home, will continue to pose some degree of risk,” the report states.

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated in February that about 9,000 people from former USSR were fighting for ISIS, having cited data from security and intelligence services. This corresponds with the US report saying that there are 8,717 people currently fighting for ISIS from former Soviet Republics.



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  • Enkidu

    Probably Chechens and state-sponsored Saudis

    • Lupus

      Lets hope they all die

  • TiredOfBsToo

    I often refer to US ‘think tanks’ as Stink Tanks. They’re always pushing blame on others and wanting war against anyone that doesn’t agree with the Empire. Maybe now as a companion to this piece, they could chart a list of who has purchased the most weapons from the former Soviet Satellite states to give to terrorists in Syria. Another pie chart could show which countries have spent the most on providing terrorists with funding. Still one more chart could show which foreign countries have the most bases in Syria for the training of terrorists.

  • Pave Way IV

    It’s the Wahhabi gift that keeps on giving. As long as everyone ignores the cause and uses the Whack-a-Mole strategy (= War on Terror) against the head-choppers produced, it will be a ForeverWar©

    Are US/NATO/Coalition of Evil leaders really that stupid, or are they in on it because of the ‘Destroy Iran’ angle? On the plus side, the costs at the US military’s Command and General Staff College have plummeted. It only takes a large bag of coins to train the senior military leaders of the future.

    This guy could replace Dunford as the next Joint Chief of Staff at the Pentagon. Dunford is dumb as a box of rocks and believes anything the Saudis tell him. Gen. Dunford: Don’t touch the orb. ‘Counter-messaging’ is bullshit. Level Saudi Arabia if you want to stop global Wahhabi terrorism or step aside for your replacement in the picture below. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/728b2ea4f8309ac20e296676bc5631c5b7475f290d3b6142fbd2f8411c012ffe.jpg

  • isoko

    the yankees certainly know since they prepare the payrolls !

    • jade villaceran

      Yeah, they even stated the exact numbers of their employee

  • Ronald

    @ Kennethlindsy ; do you wonder if any of those 439 returning to North America are from Texas .

  • Carol Davidek-Waller

    If you can believe anything a U.S. think tank says (I wouldn’t recommend it) former Soviet republics aren’t necessarily Russians. The headlines sound suspiciously like a clumsy effort to sully the the heroic work the Russians have been doing to eradicate terrorist groups and to disguise the fact that has he US has been using terrorists as a mercenary army in its pursuit of empire.
    ISIS has always been foreign fighters. The wars in Syria and elsewhere are foreign invasions not civil wars in spite of what administration liars and the client press say.

    • Solomon Krupacek

      boy, only you mix russian citizens with russians.

      the analysis is correct. shoygu told, 5-8000 jihadist went from russia in syria. their elimination in abrouad and to avoid of their return was on of the most importatnt reasons, why entered russia this civil war.

  • qveenz

    Maybe the Russia should put their own “ISIS” fighters arround Deir-ez-Zor against SDF.

  • Igor Dano

    And all of them are under the US command, getting money from US tax payer.
    This fact US based Soufan group analyst did not say.

  • gustavo

    By Russian, they really means Chenchs with russian citinzenship.