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US, Taliban Sign Afghan Peace Agreement In Doha

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US, Taliban Sign Afghan Peace Agreement In Doha

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TOLO News reports (source):

Representatives of the US and Taliban signed the Afghan peace agreement on Saturday at a ceremony held at the Sheraton Hotel in Doha, following 18 months of negotiations.

The agreement was signed by US peace envoy for Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad and Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the co-founder of Taliban, as head of Taliban’s Qatar office.

The agreement was signed following a successful weeklong period of a reduction in violence which was announced on February 22.

Also on Saturday, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Kabul will announce a joint declaration with President Ashraf Ghani.

The declaration, according to Presidential Palace spokesman Sediq Sediqqi, will reiterate the commitment of the US and NATO to Afghanistan.

The details of the agreement have not yet been shared with the media.

With the signing of the US-Taliban agreement, the US’s longest war may finally be nearing an end, more than 18 years since US President George W. Bush ordered the bombing of Afghanistan in response to the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the United States.

The US has spent more than $750 billion in Afghanistan.

There are currently around 13,000 US troops in Afghanistan, and it is expected that this will be reduced to 8,600 troops over time following Saturday’s signing.

RT reports (source):

Washington and its allies plan to pull all of their troops out of Afghanistan within 14 months if commitments under the planned US-Taliban deal are implemented in full, the joint US-Afghan document says.

According to the statement by the US and Afghan governments, the US will first scale down the number of soldiers it has currently stationed in Afghanistan, from 13,000 to 8,600, within the first 135 days following an agreement with the Taliban, which is expected to be signed later on Saturday. The remaining US and NATO troops will withdraw from the country within 14 months, clearing all of their bases.

The withdrawal process is conditional on the Taliban fulfilling its commitments under the deal. The peace agreement will include guarantees “to prevent the use of Afghan soil by any international terrorist groups or individuals [working] against the security of the United States and its allies.”

US President Donald Trump said earlier that the agreement may pave the way for the end of political violence in Afghanistan and allow American soldiers to return home.

The US invaded Afghanistan in 2001 following the 9/11 terrorist attack, and has been fighting the Taliban insurgency ever since.

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Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

lol another illegal war USA pigdogs have lost

good american

They didn’t lose. Some pigdogs made a killing on weapons, resources and drugs.

Zionism = EVIL

alCIAda for sure :)

good american


Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

and the sackler family made a killing from getting hundreds of thousands in the USA addicted to opiods

Pave Way IV

That’s the reason we finally gave up in Afghanistan. The organic CIA opium operation couldn’t compete with U.S. Big Pharma manufactured opioids and the Chinese fentanyl tidal wave. And how is an Afghan farmer ever going to pay his mortgage now? Growing food crops have never made him enough money. It’s the small farms that always gets screwed in the end.


Won’t last long. Once China starts building roads and bridges to improve people’s lives, the US will be back or some sectarian violence will erupt.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

of course it wont, taliban has surrendered multiple times and then neighbours used americunt soldiers to settle old scores. The whole afghanistan campaign is a continuation of operation Phoenix from vietnam


The USa government have signed a cease fire with a terrorist organization,what a joke.lol

Zionism = EVIL

Not a fan of the Towelban, but the fuckers and their devious Pakistani handlers did kill a lot of Americunts and NATO faggots and made like living hell and so the lardasses really could not hang on after 20 years of taking a beating. The Taliban are Paki ISI in mufti, just like the Turkey terrorists in Syria.


look man most of the soldiers didnt want to be there and they are human being that died just like other humans being. If the war come to an end that’s is a success on both sides. I just hope the violence don’t erupts much worse for the sake of the Afghanistan people’s. I’m not a real fan of the USA foreign policy and tona lot degree not internal aswell.


But they choose this career anyway. I share your hope but the aggressors here are obvious and those deliberately deciding to join the aggressors forces- especially after a the long history of the aggressive involvements deserve zero respect and are just enablers for their overlords. Sympathy should be for those getting attacked or getting in the middle.


I agree but if you’re an under-educated white trash faggot from a fly over state its either the marines or the meth cooking business. the first with a body bag on the horizon and the latter a penitentiary for 10 to 15. that’s how the elite in washington treats the citizens while lookheed stock soares and the dividends as well.


The yanks will just send their meatbombs somewhere else

Zionism = EVIL

Well Reagan had feted even worse headchoppers at the White House and called them the equals ” of our founding fathers” as long as they were killing Russians, only when they started killing Americunts they became “terrorists”.


We lost the war.

Zionism = EVIL

Quite obvious :)


yep but was spared the embassy last minute lift off.

Lone Ranger

Paris Peace Accords 2.0…

Zionism = EVIL

You know this arsehole Zalmay Khalilzad has been a double agent all his life. He is an Afghan who the CIA recruited in the 70’s and he has been juggling with all and made millions.

Lone Ranger

Fall of Saigon Redux…


Read this: https://asiatimes.com/2020/02/the-afghanistan-peace-deal-riddle/ The rest is BS.

Remember D.T.promised he’d be out of Afghanistan. Elections are coming along. The Dow is cratering. The american farmers are cratering. He hasn’t done much . Not all his fault. The Deep State has been a big problem Israhell not much help. Then, of course the Russians are mixing in the elections again, lol.


I wonder where will the american terrorists relocate.

Ivan Freely

We’ll find out soon enough.

Saso Mange

”“to prevent the use of Afghan soil by any international terrorist groups or individuals [working] against the security of the United States and its allies.””

this i svery broad and has serious implications that USA will stay there. I hope i am wrong.


ISIS rises from the dead.

Again , after a few months rest in the US.

Saso Mange

Everything is possible. Taliban is blocking US heroin trade and its important for “waron drugs” as much as isis was in “war against terror”. Its comedy, its silly but its also truth, which makes this very amusing. And you will hear US officials speak about integrity. They learned from Irgun & Co.


The United States has once again shown its dishonor and cowardice by agreeing with the terrorists.


hey jew boy fuck off


We dont need to know the details because it is worth as much as the treaty the US signed with the dakota black mountain indians..


After US election where Trumps will claim credit for his Afgh “peace” deal, Trumps will claim Taliban violate agreement with false flag. Then it will another surge to same level.

USM is mercenary of warstreet controlled by Rothschild & cabals. They aren’t going away without digging up all Afghan lithium ores, and setting up military bases with nuclear missiles to threaten Russia, China, Iran & Pak together with its sepoy India.


seems like CIA and Taliban made a fair deal about Opium crops .




the talibans never been much for opium – just the brits and the more than dumb morons from the disunited states of A, whose constitution is of a lesser value than the bog paper gwyneth paltrow offers on her site. bet if she was asked she could sell it in a paper roll at a profit.




….only reason for them to be there


Just like Vietnam, US is done in Afghanistan. Taliban will get rid of the US installed puppet regime and take over the country.

Next up is Korea.

Traiano Welcome

But … but … I thought “We don’t negotiate with Terrrrists” … ?

Ivan Freely

That was Bush Junior.


US lost about 55,000 troops in 3 years from 1950-1953 at a rate of almost 18000 troops per year during the Korean war and about the same number in Vietnam. Wonder how many US troops were killed in Afghanistan.


Over at the Banana republic and its sites, eh.. “alternaive” sites like the ZH, whom had an long article about Afganistan, and what chought my eye was the drivel about refusing to hand over OBL, that, is an flat out lie, Yankikes, nothing else, the Afgan campagne was even planed years before the 9/11 happened, conviniently, and OBL was just, techincaly speaking, an vitness or suspect, nothing else, and Taliban offered, as it The Buch clan OBL hadned over, several times, and it was Your Gov that refuses to deal with, eh…. the Terorists, witch later morphed into Taliban, and the Afgan people, against an invading force whom just took over and whines about terrorism, yeah, another mans freedom fighter. And wounder why you never took Afganistan in the first place, and since then, downhill. The Moronikans can help it, its like talking to an child, that cant help it self, it cant do anything than pimp Lies, over and over again, the entire war against Afganistan is as iligale as its possibly can be, no honor in bombing people whom never was any kind of threat to the American people, and on top of it, can forgive, can you. The shere mass of propaganda, against even the Taliban is so saturated into the fabric of what the western world sees Islamic fundamentalist as, but forget the harship that brought this out in the first place, and the eradication of heroin, was stunningly effective, and dont doubt there is Afgans whom can rule their own land and people in ways that would benefit you all. You are after all, Afgans.

But, if the Afgans and Taliban sees this as an begining, trust is vitale, and transparency should be an of course, cant say anything else than we all hope this will be the begining of an new Afganistan, just take an long hard look on what is going on in the nations around you, incl the Chines/Russians initiativ regarding revitalise the entire region and Afganistan is in the middle despite its insane mountain ranges, etc, and Afganistan can be revitalised in an breath taking speed, but again, I am hard core nationalist and wishes the Afganistans peaceplan succsess with my hart and soul, and bless the people behind it, regardeless.



“The declaration, according to Presidential Palace spokesman Sediq Sediqqi, will reiterate the commitment of the US and NATO to Afghanistan.” AH! Another vassal state. Put a win in the U.S. column

Peter Jennings

So after 20 years of US occupation after Afghanistan copped the blame for Sept 11th, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the co-founder of Taliban all those years ago is still alive? What were US forces doing? They couldn’t even find a very sick Tim Osman in a cave.

Set your clocks. I’ll give the agreement a few months before the US find a way to break it.


YEAH… As the Donald says: “BEAUTIFUL!” Very good news. Though Turkey being able to use their drones freely in Idlib on dozens and dozens of attacks on SAA is VERY VERY concerning.. Why the hell are they not shot down.. It contradicts all claims of closed air space, and shooting down any drone should be comparetiviely easy (Slow moving, low ceiling, no stealth features..). If this does not change, the casualty figures the Turks claim may come true sooner than we think. This is some bad shit.


the disunited states of A lost another war after 18 years – another vietnam. the talibans allowed the americunts some grace to get them out of their hair. practicaally 100 pct of the country is run by the talibans while the disunited states of A’s been hunkering in their compounds and certain safe parts of the cities and towns. americans have not been safe in afghanistan for about 18 years if they have left their bases. and now they’re going to tell the drooling american white trash that the war was won although I can’t see how they’re going to explain the expenditure of say 2 trillion bucks and absolutely nothing to show for it.


Agent Orange will be claiming all the credit I’m sure

Ivan Freely

It did happen under his Administration so, yes, Trump can claim this victory as his.


Make no mistake: this forum has been hijacked by Shiite disinformation propagandists. Please, for any neutral Muslims or non-Muslims reading comment on this forum, be as objective and as critical as possible to understand attempts by some forum members to conceal the truth. These people I strongly believe are Shiite propagandists: cliff, Zionism=Evil.

I identified them from the comments they make on the Taliban – calling them terrorists and wishing that the U.S never signs a deal with them. In other words, these guys who claim to be in support of anti-US forces are advocating for a continuation of the war on Afghanistan. Let this be an eyeopener to those who think the Shiites are on the receiving end of aggression without meting out one of their own on others.

YOU WILL NOT DEFEAT AHLUSSUNNAH. AND WE WON’T GET INVOLVED IN YOUR WAR WITH THE U.S.A OR ISRAEL. You are both enemies of Islam, and may Allah hasten the day when you mutually destroy each other.

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