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Mysterious Aircraft Pound Turkish Oil Smugglers In Syria. US Supply Convoys Are Blown Up In Iraq

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You can read this article in German. LINK

The first month of 2021 was marked by a new round of violence in Syria. The situation was especially complicated in Greater Idlib, northern Aleppo and in the central desert.

On January 8, ISIS terrorists launched a large attack on government forces in the eastern countryside of Hama. After a series of clashes with the Syrian Army and pro-government militias, terrorists captured a number of positions near the towns of Rahjan and al-Shakusiyah. As of January 12, ISIS cells retreated from these positions under pressure from the army. Nonetheless, at least 19 government troops and 12 ISIS members were killed in the clashes.

Meanwhile in the eastern countryside of Homs, ISIS cells destroyed a pickup of the al-Quds Brigade, a Palestinian pro-government group, with an improvised explosive device. According to pro-opposition sources, at least 44 pro-government fighters have been killed in the clashes in the desert area since the start of the year. The number of the eliminated terrorists is reportedly over 35.

Sources affiliated with Russia-linked private military contractors claim that the deterioration of the security situation in western Deir Ezzor is a result of the withdrawal of a majority of Russian specialists from the area.

At the same time, Iranian-backed forces continue their work to expand the Imam Ali Base near al-Bukamal. The base, operated by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, is allegedly designed store precision-guided missiles in a network of underground tunnels in the area. The base was repeatedly targeted by Israeli and even US strikes in 2019 and 2020. Despite this, the strikes did not cause any major impact as the base’s military infrastructure has been steadily expanding.

January 9 also became the first day of 2021 when the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out strikes on terrorist targets in Greater Idlib. Strikes hit several hills in outskirts of the town of Kabani, which is known for being stronghold of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and the Turkistan Islamic Party. A day earlier, forces of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham shelled Syrian Army positions in northern Lattakia injuring several soldiers.

These developments coincided with some strikes by some ‘mysterious aircraft’ that once again bombed Turkish-linked oil smugglers in northern Aleppo. This time the infrastructure of the smugglers was destroyed near the village of Tarhin.

The situation in neighboring Iraq is also not stable. Just on January 9, 3 supply convoys of the US-led coalition became targets of IED attacks in the central and southern regions of the country. These attacks are a logical continuation of the ongoing standoff between the US-Israeli bloc and the Iranian-led Axis of Resistance. Iranian-backed forces in Iraq conduct these attacks as a part of their campaign to force the US to withdraw its forces from the country.

While some expect that a Biden administration would be less interested in an increase of confrontation with Iran, there are no indications that the sides can fully settle their contradictions in any way in the nearest future. Therefore, the entire region will remain a battleground for the warring blocs.

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” some strikes by some ‘mysterious aircraft’ that once again bombed Turkish-linked oil smugglers in northern Aleppo “….

As I told you again here guys …

ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ • 10 days ago • edited

“Mysterious” drones, “mysterious” warplanes hit Turkish Hawk anti-aircraft systems at GNA Al-Wataya air base in Libya …. “mysterious” fire on Turkish helicopter carrier Anadolu..many “strange” things are happening in Turkey. Be prepared for other “mysterious” phenomena..



Is Greece behind all these attacks?

Tommy Jensen

Greece is a world power.

Jens Holm

Yes, they hide:)

Jens Holm

1) The Iranian troops at Aby Kamal and Qaim was hit very hard and because they were stupid, so they seemes to have learned and expensive lesson in the contraseption level.

Im no Israeli or American, but my next step would be to throw all kind of mines all over the place. It might even take som fro ISIS with them, when those attack.

2) Very risky stupidisme to predict what Biden want there at all. He dont know himself.

3) We again see for Iraq, that Iraqians cant handle the northern part themself – or dont care. TGheir focus is only greedy oil fingers and not to be an Iranian Colony.

What has all those millions done, since their many Gods and even Karl Marx punish them that hard? Even debate for peacemaking is censured away.

Arch Bungle

“Im no Israeli or American,”

You should get ‘israeli citizenship’ for sucking jooballs all day long.

Jens Holm

Israeliens in many ways are Westerns made by Westerns and has a western economy, so in many things they are fine people.

Other parts of them are very bad. So I only blame them for that.

Arch Bungle

The Western Parts of israel are the shittiest parts of it.

“Westerns made by Westerns”

You’re right for once. Like I say, They are a white colonial project planted into Palestine by their Anglo-Saxon colonial masters (Britain).

“and has a western economy”

Indeed, they have an economy based on Land and Resource Theft (Historically, a big part of many western economies).

But they also have a Welfare Economy, given the tons of welfare support received from America and Europe.

The parts that are good don’t come from Europe at all:

1) The Yemeni children kidnapped by israel to pick up the population numbers:


2) The Iraqi jews shipped into israel to make up the population numbers:

“Mizrahi Jews (Jews living in Islamic cultures and whose traditions were

influenced by the Islamic and pre-Islamic traditions of their neighbours

in these cultures) were brought to Israel via mass immigration programs

portrayed as “taking up Aliyah”. The bulk of the Mizrahi Jews came from

Egypt, Iraq, Morocco and Yemen. They made up the bulk of the low-wage

labouring classes in Israel, even though some if these Jews had clerical

and administrative backgrounds.”

“So for a few decades up to the 1980s, Israel’s upper and middle classes

were of Ashkenazi Jewish origins and culture, and the lower classes were

mostly of Mizrahi Jewish origins. Later as Mizrahi Jews began to join

the middle classes and left behind low-wage work, and began to

intermarry with Ashkenazi Jews, Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza

started doing low-wage work before the Intifada began in the 1980s.”

3) Since the 1980s a whole lot of poor Asian labour:

Israel has been importing guest workers from China and Southeast Asia, especially the Philippines. Some of these guest workers have had children born in Israel who can only speak Hebrew and they and the children have been subjected to deportation.


4) Poor Palestinian labour:

israel is a fake country, a fake culture, stitched together like a pizza from kidnapped or forced migrations and clever deception of numbers.

Jens Holm

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/70303aa4641b668ea862bda2169c2a52311e2e02afde2e39cea00cf835643c0d.jpg …And Noah didnt muslims to drink alcohol, because they were drunk all the time.

You dont like Piggs, because they are more clever then You and Jews are more clever then pigs and program them being helpers of them here. We only see it by their curly tail.

Arch Bungle

Pure Drivel, jens, as usual. You get an “D” for “Drivel” and an “F” for effort.

cechas vodobenikov

PIGS good- bacon fat tastes like cheese in DK—something rotten in DK, Jens?

Jens Holm

Im welloriented and always right. What I write is facts.

But the Britts didnt do that to make Jewish dominate. They made new advanced jobs, which we also see today, and the traditional culture dominated by farming and some hand-craft should contnue as it was – also with some vbery few develllopment mopney.

The Britts ave much more money ro the Emmigrants to there, because they started from scratch are almost that low.

You ignore that was agreat succes. 1000s of jobs was created and the area had to import mainly arabs to expand the workforce.

Its always forgotten there were 2 lines in that devellopment and one was farming based on poor working class peasant – something.

The workers were helped by donations and got or took land 2 ways. 1) They took very dry or very swampy land the locals were not able to grow. That didnt harm any.

But number 2 did. Here land was bought from the local Feudals – It was Feudal mainly arab land – and here lived many many arabs not as oners. So when more Jew farmers came in many by socialisme structure, they on paper could take over as owners, because thoise arabs was not – even they have lived thre fx 500 years. So arabs suddenly has no where to go. Some of the imported ones took home fx to Jordan of today, but the majority had no chise and was urbanized not even with a kind of job.

Thats were the trouble came. Untiul that the Brittish was succesfull. More jobs and even less poor is a good devellopment for most of us.

So the real problems started with even harder “treatment” mainly in Eastern and Middle Europe, so many more then expected did everything to go anywhere else.

That Emmigrations made confrontations with the local ones , which also became extremists like the best know “Mullah of Jerusalem”.

The extreme Jews most likely was the worst and started Stern and Irgun Zwei hastile groups for making more space for the ijncomming Jews.

So finally the Britts could not handle it. Even a Leader of UN name Dag Hammerschöld later was killed. So that the Brittish part.

I) also allow me to add the Britts and for that Matter didnt start the devastating percecusions in Europe in those days and later on even worse gave power to Adolf Hitler.

But by that all Jews and many as still alive in the KZ camps for understandable reasons came in in uncontrolled numbers. By that the extremist Jews grew in numbers and reasons. They were not helped much by others.

We see it in the UN decklaration for a new country.

That was wrong, but I see no options for return. Its like eggs hardly can be to eggs again after smahibg or boiling, so I accept support, so they has has a place. Much like arbas there can go to the very big arab areb world, if needed changes is done. YThe same goes for the Gaza part.

The mainproblem for Your cant be solved and its unrealistic crap. Im also like that because as UN contributorCountry has been paying for refugees since 1948, where there has been mopre and more to feed and a lot more eveer since.

So I only see a solution, where those people never goes back to, whats Israel now. I also see those Arab neigbors in Syria dont create new joibs. They also are still are in tribe and beduin mode, where people cant get Syrian or Iraqiand citicenship and by that even by last names are looked down at and used as cheep skapegoats just as the Jews are.

That can only be seen as a kind of racisme even among arabs. So I see the mainproblems for any solutions are the Bathists not even devellop a single thing, where millions extra easy could live there and the ones living there today could have a much higher living standards.

In fact that what the Kurds see and wish for – Develloping the primitive farmland making more to use, sell and distribute. There is not even structures for it but one stringes emirate ones, which is very bad business or none.

I see no other options for any kind of soutions, wjhere any westbanlker or Baza citicen should go back to, where their Grndparants was hard expelled from.

Your video is typical. Things like that happens in much larger scale just outside the Israel doors <nd India and Phillipines and very much in the arab world where girls also are married wi8th lower right then cars and goats.

Ypu get that nasty example form Israel because they have free speach and registarte things well. Assads and also Turks in Syria has not even a clue about how many lives there and who is who.

Its the same for relating to west and fx Denmark right here. We actually try to keep trafficing and labour treated as slaves down hard. We also convict the.

I remind You the reason for those conditions are lack of jobs made by overpopulation and les doing something about it. Here a start among Hindus too is, that women re their own persons and never can be sold as such, whatever bad reasons, there might be.

So i do support Your bad treated phillipines but says clean Your own hoses first. They are nearbye. And it also include men treated as slaves.

Arch Bungle

This shit sounds like output of a bad a.i bot!


“Im well oriented and always right”

xD xD xD please stop, im dying

Jens Holm

Typical nonsense comment. No factchecking. You probatly not even. know how.

John Brown

2) Very risky stupidisme to predict what Biden want there at all. He dont know himself.

He follows the orders of his Jewish masters. He can’t even go to the toilet without their permission just like Trump.

Jens Holm

If true, they do very well and we help each other in the Western World Economy.

Simple maps say You are OUT in thios and a lot of other things. You are not able to make succes. Cheep Your only hope is for fiasco here.

We are rewarding Ourself by education and hard work paid pr hours, which You hardly know what is.

We also are not burried in almost funeral family tradtions, where we buy and sell Our vomen and girls as cars and cattle. You even keep them more stupid then Yourself, which many here not even believe is possible.

But its like that. Every IQ test says Your vomen are much more stupid then Ours, but when they come here as integrated emmigrants their level suddenly becomes the same as the rest of us.

You all are like Our farms for hens. Here we kill and eat the too many little roosters before we eat them. We eat the female hens later, because they lay eggs. Roosters also dont do that. They only eat too much and often before the usefull females. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/76471ac89886d533bca17485c8d5de264d38c8e486a43cf27276fe500061cb55.jpg


Russia battle testing drones?

Zionism = EVIL

Well children, don’t say that I did not tell you months ago. The CIAcunts and Turkeys are losing a couple of dozen oil theft tankers a week now and this is just the beginning. Wait and see what happens in Iraq soon. The good lord moves in mysterious ways indeed. Hallelujah!



The Russians are not behind these blows.

Zionism = EVIL

Americunt dumbass cowards have sunk so low that even the Eurotrash ignores and rejects them

Pompeo snubbed by European officials after riots, cancels trip as US isolation grows

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“Sources affiliated with Russia-linked private military contractors claim that the deterioration of the security situation in western Deir ez Zor is a result of the withdrawal of a majority of Russian specialists from the area”.

Why did they withdraw, did the Russians know what was about to happen today, a huge number of Israeli airstrikes against Iranian positions all over Deir ez Zor as well as one location in Ar Raqqah, maybe they did. Now the Iranians will have to battle against Isis without Russia’s help, that’s bad news for Assad and the SAA, but he only has himself to blame, he keeps picking the wrong side. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians, but one chief’s packing up his followers and moving back to more fertile ground, which will leave the 2 other chiefs with more Isis fighters than they can cope with, mmm, let’s see what happens. Hopefully this means the 5th army corps is now headed back to Hama to take back the Syrian food bowl for Assad, the al-Ghab plains may be liberated afterall. :]

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