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JUNE 2021

US Supply Convoy Targeted In Southern Iraq Few Hours After Another Attack Failed (Photos)

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US Supply Convoy Targeted In Southern Iraq Few Hours After Another Attack Failed (Photos)

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On June 3, a convoy carrying supplies and equipment for the US-led coalition came under attack near the city of Nasiriyah in the southern Iraqi province of Dhi Qar.

The Sabereen News, a Telegram channel known to be close to Iranian-backed forces in Iraq, said that the convoy was moving 17 container filled with supplies and equipment to US troops in Ain al-Assad Air Base in the western province of al-Anbar. The convoy’s trucks were all damaged as a result of the attack.

According to Sabereen News, the convoy was targeted with two explosively formed penetrator (EFP) improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

A few hours before the attack, Iraqi security forces uncovered five IEDs on roads usually used by the US-led coalition to the west of Nasiriyah city.

“The IEDs were prepared to target companies cooperating with the anti-ISIS international coalition forces led by the US,” an Iraqi security source told the Shafaq News outlet.

Security forces blew up three of the IEDs, which were also of the EFP type according to the photos released by the al-Hashid Media Network.

Iranian-backed forces in Iraq have been carrying out attacks on US supply convoys, troops and diplomats for over a year now.

These attacks are meant to be a response to the assassination of Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, Deputy-Commander of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units, and Commander of Iran’s Quds Force, Qassim Soleimani.


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The so called Irai security forces are part of the problem,they should be planting IEDs not digging them up.


US convoy distributing condoms to LGBT troops to prevent more spread new amerikan HIV Covid variant


Russia has higher HIV rate than USA lmao cope harder, pussy

Dildo Brain

Have you ever visited Auschwitz ? . I went some years ago with a group and my friend. It was interesting but then we got thrown out , not sure why. My friend was just having a wank in the showers which I thought was normal and they all got upset. We are still mystified as to why.

jens holm

I have had a car like that too not being sure it sould start or not and tryed almost anywhere. People didnt like that as well.

You might have known there was no water in those showers.

jens holm

Thanks for the many minusses. You are the reasons for I write here.

jens holm

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jens holm

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Jens Holms Unemployed Dick

Do you talk with a stutter or were you or were you excited about having a wank in the Auschwitz showers too. Why were you smelling my friends butt ?

Peter Wallace

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jens holm

I sleep, are in work some days a week and its spring in my garden.

I feel fire about gays and lesbians. I dont care. And as for the rest its about they treat each other nice or not.

Try some control alt delays for Your wonderes. Not all is cement even it seemes. Dont try soap, You might be gone in 60 seconds …

jens holm

Aids and HIV is not limited to LGBTS but spread all over. You should not meet him with facts, which are based on assumptions, that those people are the only ones.

Some parts in some countries has, but the wast majority having HIV and AIDS are the normal family with children because they are the 90% majority.

In numbers USA is 0,3% and Russia 1,2% but You has to subrract some from the high Russian numbers. So You are right, but the context is no good.


night porter wrong again—-800,000 cases in Russia where testing free, universal health care
USA official numbers 1.2 million but all US experts clam actual number 3 times
in US transmitted by homosexuals/junkies
in Russia, junkies,heterosexual sex
in Denmark homosexuals and junkies: expected in US colony

jens holm

Thats exact what I wrote. Those are among mainly homos in the sexual minorities, which all included by the LGBT max are 33 million.

So what about the rest. Well they are much lower in % but they are 292 million so it add up to much more then homos.

You have to think Yourself before You use statistics.

In Denmarl we are very much agains any incommers unless they have the best og the best reasons for it. TYhe incommers mainly are muslims, 50% of them after 10 years has no job and the overcrime is overwhelming.

BUT 90% of the muslims are honest people making no crimes just as 95% of the “old danes” are. So the 10% makes a lot of crime again and again. A LOT. They also treat their femakes and vomen far away from, what we think and even kill them for too much integration or send those for repatriation in muslim inviroment, where they dont speak the language and are seen as having not legal behaving and a strange language.

By that 50% of the muslims here makes 50% of jailed ones and 50% of Our safehouses are filled up with muslims women.

Thats highly unacceptable with all that family and other kinds of crime BUT we should not blame the 90 even poor and with no jobs for that as well as the ones integrating well supporting themself too. Too many here do.

Arch Bungle

Is Denmark still spying on the EU for Uncle Sam?

I read they were caught red-handed last week.


racist night porter not taught mathematics…needs rat poison vaccine to cure stupidity
Russia–166 million pop.
800-850,000 cases HIV where testing free and rigorous
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The LGBTs dont make those rates. The rest of us do.


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jens holm

Russia hardly registrate anything well. Almost all is created by Putin even the weaterrapports.


you have AIDS but of course amerikans refuse to test so you transgender homosexuals under-report—too uncivilized to create universal health care like Russia and all Europe…I suggest you go to Rwanda: they have universal health care—they will test you for HIV—unfortunately they have no vaccine for homosexuality and stupidity


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I hear You reuse them making a whole more and for baby feeding.

It pays off. Your kind are better to use Your mouths for anything else but talking because there is no brain.


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Fog of War

Yet more dead tires and not one ZioAmerican killed or injured. Just pathetic.

jens holm

They did destroy equipment. Bringing equipmnt long distance is expensive and it makes a lack.


moron night porter illiterate pay for porn and internet 300 k per mo—lacks sex life and thinking capacity—-standard of living dinkmark night porter=cheese porn, spying on Norway for amerikan master

jens holm

I pay the same each month. By that all free stuff is free.

Danes and the Goverment included feel bad and a shame from the danish has been spyes for USA.

Those employed are totally removed or as a minimum suspended. I and we feel ashame.

People like You not even try to understand we are quite different in living and livingstandards – AND IT PAYS OFF very well.

And we never are given links for anything better even we ask. NEVER.

jens holm

Its not as bad a result as You write. Its very expensive to bring equipment that far.


expensive for night porter pay transgender prostitute and afford LSD after CIA reduce salary—incompetent jens tried to spy on Norway could not find Odense

jens holm

Yerrrh. my golden bathtub has no little ducklings anymore.


Long live Pedro Castillo Viva Peru
Long live Communist ;)

Fog of War

Isnt it funny how all sides use the same slogans ? Think about it.

– ‘New world order’ being formed before our eyes, Russia’s deputy defense minister tells RT ahead of key Moscow security conference –


Last edited 12 days ago by Fog of War
jens holm

Internet does it and fast.

many are up fro there seats so handle those changes. In economics we see USA declining a little, China is growing very fast but also has internal and external problems, Russia as barbed to its right seize highly grows and EU even very big in economics also is a big elefant with too big boots on. Nato and the Warzaw pact also has lost their old roles and has to be regained or be replaced.

I see the climate changes as very important too. Not many actually do much apart from changing from fossils and a lot of symbols. Most of that is for own benefits. You become less independent, You save a lot of money and You have less pollustion where the fossils are taken from as much less smog in cities using it well.

So new world order is about changed focus. We see it work here better and better. A slogan here is, that if a production pollute the price for their products has cleaning up always by law are included. They cant just go anywhere else and do same thing there too.

I also see it here in West or partly or in parts of West. More and more vomen has semilar right to men, they go to school as men, they educate as men and by that also are inpendent and here has no need for any money in divorse. Another result is much less children made older parents and old ones actually being much older now. Well the rest has to feed all those old ones, so machines has to take over much more production as well as replacing “varm hands” to grandfater and grandmother.

Very much of that is the same all over.

But Leaders see their way of doing things, because of it quite different. I see Putin as well as Biden as keepers. They want to continue by stabilisation and slow but well planned growth. Other behave as opportunists almost prefaring chaos.

We cant avoid those vital changes, but there has to be plans for the future. Much as the after WW2 war is gone whatever it was cold or hot.

Thats what I think about it. I have no patent.

Not acting is acting too.


you become more stupid by the post …CIA standards very low…now they pay you in used condoms—jens prefers this to cheese

jens holm

We glue those condoms sun and You buy it. Veryu good for Our export. We also buy Syrian and Lebanese money and make them to toiletpaper.

We sell itg to Iran and get rubels as well as rials. By that none of them can efford new Armatas and F-5s.

Iran seemes to set many things in fire themself for attension. We didnt do it.

Best regards from Achmed the Terrorist sponsored by CIA and Bin Laden.

Arch Bungle

Wtf. This doesn’t even make sense.

Arch Bungle

You’re like pavlov’s dog who starts slobbering whenever he hears “new world order”.

If you’d read properly the deputy defense minister’s statement you’d understand he was referring to something completely different to the Anglo-Zionist_American New World Order.

jens holm

Too much childcare center in the moderator. But Im no child. Are advanced things not possible even as comment to people peeing in the showers of Auswitz thinking its fun

Jens Holms Unemployed Dick

No point peeing in the showers. Better off doing that in the ovens but I think it might be a bit late to help.


pedophile jens banned from childcare center–only allowed bdsm dungeon w CIA boyfriends

Arch Bungle

I think pissing on Jewish graves on the Mount of Olives is fun.


It appears that some Syrians and/or Middle Easterners don’t care much for the Jews’ US Tyranny wardog’s occupation of Syria. Go figure?!

jens holm

They have no one else to hate. The rest of us love them:(

Denamrk being an advanced country can have gadgets on mars wirth the USA, but the big challange here is to make the Muslims work. Only 50% know what work is. Hardly any of them has been reading in the Choran, because they cant.

Their dayli prayers should be: I am told its written …..

Arch Bungle

Well the Muslims in Denmark are doing good work breeding Danish women.

You should thank them for raising Denmark birthrate.


Over here,white woman rape blacks

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