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US Submarine Was Discovered And Warning Attacked In Russian Territorial Waters

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US Submarine Was Discovered And Warning Attacked In Russian Territorial Waters

On February 12, 2022 at 10.40 (Moscow time), a US Navy submarine of the Virginia class was discovered in the Russian Pacific Fleet exercise area in the territorial waters of the Russian Federation near Urup Island of the Kuril Ridge.

In the mode of sound-to-water communication, a warning message was transmitted to the crew of the submarine in Russian and English: “You are in the territorial waters of Russia. Surface immediately!”.

The crew of the US submarine ignored the demand of the Russian side.

In accordance with the guiding documents on the underwater protection of the state border of the Russian Federation, the crew of the frigate of the Pacific Fleet “Marshal Shaposhnikov” used “special warfare”.

The American submarine used a self-propelled simulator to split targets on radar and acoustic monitoring equipment and left the territorial waters of the Russian Federation at maximum speed.


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the end

Must of been navigated by Liz Truss, who thought she was in Maryland at the time.

Ivan the Terrible

The Children running the U.S. Govt are going to blindly stumble into a Nuclear War at the behest of Their Puppet Master George Soros the Nazi who still believes the Germans are Superior to the Russian people who Destroyed 85% of Germanys ‘Great Army’s from 1941-45.!!


Should have sunk it and then said “oops… sorry… lets just put that down to an “intel failure” Too bad, so sad…”.

Last edited 1 year ago by Scaathor
Dark Asian Male

Yep, like what China did before. They hit US submarine with submarine hunter underwater drone while UD said that it hit underwater mountains in the south China sea.


What do they mean by special warfare?


I read about non-acoustic detection methods. They are impressive. Possibly that.


Git Outta My Pool Ya Damn Yank! Go Home! Haha

George King

Interesting description of depth charges, me thinks.

Lance Ripplinger

Ah yes, the cat and mouse game of submarine detection. Either the U.S. submarine let itself be detected, or the Russian frigate crew was on the ball. Props to the Russian crew for seeing the submarine. I can’t imagine it is an easy thing to do, contrary to ridiculous Hollywood movies. The Russians must have been using towed sonar to sniff out the sound waves. Unless there is some other way to detect submarines that I don’t know about.

Last edited 1 year ago by Lance Ripplinger

Everyone notice something new? Seems SF author start to clear those bots


Not before time, I was seriously considering leaving SF.


“The US Navy has denied an allegation that one of its nuclear-powered submarines violated Russia’s territorial waters amid rising geopolitical tensions between the countries. “There is no truth to the Russian claims of our operations in their territorial waters,” US Navy Captain Kyle Raines said in a statement cited by Reuters on Saturday.”

Like the drone that crossed into Iran border…


It must be true then, the US, that amoral nest of sociopathic vipers, that warmongering cesspit of psychopathic morons, couldn’t possibly tell a lie…… could they?


They deny and lie every time. Just like with that drone attack on a family in Afghanistan. They lied, denied and after the truth was uncovered by the NYT, they admitted to it. US is powerless and frighten. If things get real they split in a second and deny anything has happened. They will never start a war with Russia. They will gladly push their vassals into conflicts and deny any involvement. They know exactly they don’t stand a chance against Russia, China, Iran or even North Korea. But they need a war as distraction from their looming bankruptcy. Inflation starts to grow and they cannot fight if with rising interest rates. That will break all markets. Their currency is doomed.

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