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US-Style “Troops Withdrawal”: Pentagon Plans To Keep Special Forces In Syria

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US-Style "Troops Withdrawal": Pentagon Plans To Keep Special Forces In Syria

Members of the US Special Operations Forces alongside with SDF members are in Syria Source: AFP

The Pentagon is planning to use small units of Special Forces to carry out missions against ISIS inside Syria after withdrawing its troops from the country, the New York Times reported on December 22, citing U.S. officials.

Under the new plan, U.S. forces in Syria, which are estimated at 2,000 service members, will be redeployed to Iraq than “surge” into Syria to carry out special operations. The plan will also allow the Pentagon to continue its support for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and its aerial campaign against ISIS in Syria.

U.S. officials told the New York Times that the Pentagon will submit these plans to President Donald Trump before Secretary of Defense James Mattis leaves office in the end of February. Mattis resigned after he had allegedly clashed with Trump on several issues, including the decision to withdraw American troops from Syria.

The Pentagon has not commented on the New York Times’ report yet. However, Dana W. White, a spokeswoman for the Department of Defense, said on December 21 that the military “will continue working with our partners and allies to defeat ISIS wherever it operates.”

“The campaign against ISIS is not over,” White added, according to the New York Times.

It remains unclear if Trump would approve these plans, especially that the cost of operations in Syria and the high pressure from Turkey, were among the key reasons that pushed him towards pulling the plug on military presence in Syria. The Pentagon’s new plans don’t address any of these problems.

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stary ujo

All is clear , we are home again , Syrian nightmare continue !


Todays tweets on this topic…



Jon Gruntha

What he says, and what his military does is something else. There’s a reason secret ops exist.


Time will tell.

Now we have accurate quotes. If he lies, we will all know it.

Jon Gruntha

Obama didn’t allow US forces to partake in ground combat nor did any of US allies allowed their forces. They are known carry out ground attacks from time to time however. Black ops and raids are just that – deniable.



The question I want answered is if they are going to be stopped. If Trump pulls back and lets Russia and the Middle East countries resolve their own problems (the outcome of this is not the issue) then Trump is credible. If not, he is just another flunky.

He made very big claims. He said that ISIS is defeated. What I want to know is if the ISIS that he is referring to is the CeyeA component. If the Black ops. have been defeated, then yes, Syria and her neighbors can clean up the last of the mess.

Time will tell.

Empire's Frontiers

The ‘American’ mission to subjugate and subordinate the globe and its people is unchanged.

The only thing on display is a public relations campaign to do with a fictional fight against IS.

Donald Trump does not have power, and does not make decisions on his own.

He was and is a reality Tv producer.

Jon Gruntha

While America does want to bend others to its own culture and dictates, it’s lot more through pressure than military. The military action is just for threat and show. It won’t attack any power that can threaten it significantly.

Empire's Frontiers

The armed men arriving to your door for a contraband inspection won’t shoot you if you respond with compliance, comrade.

Coercion is violence.


Empire’s, okay, even the resignation of Mattis can be a theater play, but what is happening with the dollar in the world? The dollar is their number one tool, not the aircrafts et alia military machine. May be the gang of the dollar is supporting Trump against the military gang. By the way, on their “natural” order of the things, the military gang is a mere servant of the much more inflated dollar gang.

Empire's Frontiers

I think the things like Mattis departing and all surely is theatre.

Power doesn’t come from an office, it comes from influence and respect.

Mattis yet maintains his same place among his circle of associates who exist and operate above and away from televised government affairs, as far as I can figure.

As for the dollar and the seeming troubles coming along in this debt based ‘global economy’, I think you’re right. This is their main tool today while it exists, and through a long series of abuses that tool is losing its power.

But the real power of the dollar at this time is its ability to create willingness-to-act in the hearts of billions of people. Once the dollar has been finished and the global economy retreats, the American rulers will be using food and clean water to maintain that subservience, or willingness-to-act.

When the currency is in tatters, arms, water, food, and steel take its place.

But it’s exactly that circumstance that brings the political theatre of Trump & Co to television while real matters of war-like sanctions, and global political paradigm shifts are obscured and ignored.


It’s stupid to sacrifice a real tool in exchange of impossible dreams, and billions of people are turning their backs to the dollar (only chinese and hindus, 2,7 billions). This absurd paradox between reality and dreams can be a real and serious base for a power struggle.

Empire's Frontiers

Americans are pretty stupid.

And after a few generations of an essentially inherited monarchy, the American ‘rulers’ are all but retarded.


Unfortunately, there are a lot of american folk still watching

Tony B.

Sounds like an attempt to further pressure Trump and/or wishful thinking of a neocon military that thinks it is its own government, separate from the U.S.

leon mc pilibin

Typical terrorist tactics,ISIS were well trained by these zionist yanks.

Tommy Jensen

US Special Elite Command groups will make pin point actions into the sh.thole country Syria where no terrorist will be left alive. US have the most unique trained hard core boys trained for this. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/95e273c06d4a66147ed374f0d8c38e8da1ae0387e5258fc7f3f7ac334871c3c2.jpg


We should have all known that the sneakiest most deceptive country on earth would have done something like this. Never ever trust America.




As ususal.

Carol Davidek-Waller

They are going to have a difficult time finding a hotel.


I think this is wishful on thinking on the part of Mattis, McGurk, Jeffrey and the other dead enders that have been trumped by the pullout decision…it sounds like ok we’re leaving, but not really…I seriously doubt this is what Trump has in mind…

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Get ready for more stories like this, the deep state is losing and will now rely on this sort of rubbish to confuse and misinform us. Listen to what Trump says, no one else, that’s what the real story will be every time, not the confusing drivel we get from the deep state, like this drivel we just read. Trump has to get rid of all those high ranking pro LGBTQI military commanders Obama promoted, and reinstate all those high ranking anti LGBTQI military commanders he sacked, then he won’t have one hand doing one thing whilst the other is doing something entirely different, like trying to stab yourself in the back.


you are a complete moron

Willing Conscience (The Truths

And you’re obviously a retarded LGBTQI chimp, no I don’t ever want to wear a dress or put on lipstick like you do, and in fact I want to stop you from doing it too, just like Putin and Trump want to stop you doing it, my heroes.


the wqhole thing is so fucking sketchy, literally everything is a lie or half truth

Deep Space

ISIS works for the US.


Party poppers :((

S Melanson

and Mattis is being redeployed to Secretary of defence for the deep state and will surge into the defence secretary role for the US when Trump is busy tweeting…

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