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US Stryker Fighting Vehicles, Humvees Filmed In Raqqa, Confirming Direct Involvement Of US Troops In Clashes With ISIS

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US Stryker Fighting Vehicles, Humvees Filmed In Raqqa, Confirming Direct Involvement Of US Troops In Clashes With ISIS


The pro-opposition SMART News Agency has released a video showing the US Armed Forces’ Stryker armoured fighting vehicles and Humvees alongside the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the city of Raqqa.

The video is another proof revealing the real role of the US military and confirming a direct participation of US military servicemen in the fighting against ISIS in the city.

In general, the US-led coalition attempts to hide information and to censor any videos showing its troops at frontlines against ISIS. However, reports, photos and videos revealing the real role of the US military force appear on a constant basis.

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A coup against the US military censor? Maybe, but is that the only way to look at it? First, Obama said “no boots on the ground in Syria”. Then there were rumors of SpecOps in Syria–without boots one assumes; then, pictures of the same. Now we see mechanized units in all-out combat. If nobody that matters protests at home, then soon enough this too will be normal. It’s how you ease yourself into a war like a warm bath. Then, when 20,000 orcs march on Deir Ezzor or wherever else they fancy, this too will just look like a continuation of existing policies.

The US’s experience with their Syrian proxies… well let’s say you won’t win a ticker-tape parade with that. The resistance to go for the real thing instead is political only; the logical move is to gradually chip away at it.

G Dean VanGaya

Well, there is absolutely no peace movement here in the U.S. and Canada. But thankfully, for once, the U.S. are backing revolutionary forces for direct democracy, feminism, ecology and anti-capitalism. Usually the US backs total barbarians as it’s proxies. After creating and arming Daesh, the US needed some image repair, so they are now backing YPG-YPJ, but not TEV-DEM. Only arms, no aid for the people and the r’evolutionary polity. This is regrettable. The Syrian people deserve to control their own country through real direct democracy in every town, with politicians they can recall, like is happening in the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria through TEV-DEM. If the world wants to see a united Syria that rejects Israel, Turkey and Iran as controllers, then it needs to back the assemblies of Arabs, Assyrians, Syriacs, Kurds, etc., in Afrin, Kobani, Manbij, Czezire, etc.


How about the world floods the US with heavy weapons and we try the experiment with feminist revolutionary direct democracy over there? This is just one of those things: instead of making Germany pay for the holocaust, or Britain for “peace in our time”, the West chose to inflict the jews on Palestine, who had nothing to do with any of it.

Syria is not. your. fucking. country. Get out.


Syria (the North of it!) is the syrish kurds country, so Assad and Putin, Trump and Erdogan get the fuck out of it!

Alex Black

The kurds have gone well beyond kurdish areas, and unless trump makes a deal with Putin, it’s going to be turk rapee time.


Why not just live happily together like you have before the war, not like you were opressed or anything. Traitors.


The reasoning here is weird.

Humvees are proof of direct involvement of US forces?

Humvees are proof over delivery of heavy arms. Not of the presence of US groundforces.


Of course the US special Ops are in there. It is because of the equipment and that there are not that many good fighters in the YPG- YPJ that can be trusted to pull off the moves that are needed in this type of combat. A lot of ‘looking through walls’ and not so simple rules of engagement. Got to have some survivors… or it will look real bad.

Brad Isherwood

Like Afghanistan. ….US/CIA will run Opium from Kurd Opistan
Fetullah Gulen is in USA,his cult ran Afghanistan Opium with CIA.
Erdogan had a falling out with Gulen. …Erdogan cutting into Gulen operations.
With CIA now with Kurds will cause musical chairs game …
Iran has a growing Opium user population. …that is something Tehran is very
Concerned of…and will certainly lead to military actions to disrupt drug trafficking
Into Iran.


Captagon is worse that heroin

Brad Isherwood

Yes….like Steroids to College football athletes.
One ponders how the isolated ISUS in Syria’s Barrens are getting their Captigon
Or Pay for that matter.
There can’t be the numeric of these Takfiri kooks to hold so much area.
Syria’s military is a shambles of groups who operate on different funding and support.
There is little cohesion and overall operations planning.
Maybe Russia realizes it’s just F’ng hopeless with this fractured state. ..

Putin’s probably staring at a wall sign saying. …”You break it,…..you buy it”.
Syria is reasonably a burden just as the Donbass is.

Solomon Krupacek

braver than russians :P

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