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JUNE 2021

US Strategy In Southeastern Syria Collapses As Another US-backed Group Defects To Government Forces

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US Strategy In Southeastern Syria Collapses As Another US-backed Group Defects To Government Forces


Another group of Jaysh Maghawir al-Thawra members have defected to Syrian government forces from the US-controlled at-Tanf garrison in southeastern Syria, near the border with Iraq. This was the second group of Jaysh Maghawir al-Thawra fighters that defected to the Syrian army in less than a month.

Meanwhile, Abu Omar al-Homsi, head of the media office of Shohadaa al-Qraiteen Brigade said that the US-led coalition had threatened to bomb the group’s HQs and positions if it rejected to return arms and equipment received from the coalition.

The threats came as a result of the battle launched by the brigade on July 17 against the Hezbollah militia and the Syrian regime forces, which managed to control the mountains of “al-Ghorab and al-Halba”. This angered the coalition, which refuses to open any battles against the Syrian regime in the region, al-Homsi added.

Al-Homsi confirmed that the brigade’s leadership will not return arms back, consisting of “Toyota cars, medium weapons, light weapons and a number of lorry vehicles to the international coalition, and will continue to use them against the Syrian regime.

Shohadaa al-Qraiteen Brigade announced a few days ago it stopped receiving support from the international coalition because of the latter’s refusal to provide ammunition and weapons in the battles against the Syrian regime, and only to provide it in battles against IS organization,” the pro-militant alDorars website reported.

In late July Shohadaa al-Qraiteen Brigade was excluded from the coalition-backed forces as a result of the group’s willingness to fight only the Syrian army and to ignore any ISIS threat.

With the recent developments, it becomes clear that the so-called US partner force in At Tanf does not more exist, as any kind of united entity. The US-led coalition uses the pretext of support of this unexisting force allegedly fighting ISIS to justify their presence on the Syrian-Iraqi border.

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John Marks

This is the CIA lining up “plausible deniability”
You watch how al-Qraiteen, a ragtag remnant, nevertheless make significant trouble for the Syrian Army, and suddenly manage to be armed with huge amounts of the latest high-tech American weaponry.


Another ten to thirty islamists defecting or surrendering to SAA?

It will really change Syria.

Wahid Algiers

Better than nothing. 10 to 30 problems less. “SDF” would be happy when only one ISIS fighter would defect and lower their problems to get Raqqa.

Solomon Krupacek

this is nothing dot zero

Wahid Algiers

Solomon, minutes ago, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) reached the first buildings in
the strategic city of Al-Sukhnah, a military source told Al-Masdar News.The ultimative march for DE City started.

Solomon Krupacek

good news! i wrote about the number of jihadists. and i think, the saa shpould not use jihadists.

Weldon Cheek

Hang on a minute! So they get told “you cant attack SAA anymore or were not going to be your friends” so the next “logical” thing they decide is, “well if we cant attack them we will go and help them instead”!!! ? Does this sound a little strange to anyone or am i missing something?


I guess some of them simply realized at long last that they have lost this war but they don’t want to die fighting so they just quit. Alt+F4 before they get killed. And some of them are a bit dumber or they are guilty of too many war crimes so they chose to “fight”. For the moment SAA is just watching them and letting them go mad in that empty piece desert that the FSA terrorists are pushed into but soon the SAA will attack them and purge them from that part of the country.

Weldon Cheek

I was picturing a scene where the fsa fighters arrive in the saa camp and say ” ooo thats a great looking machine gun,can i have a go?” And then shouting “surprise””Alah akbar” and killing everyone!!!


There is a developed awareness in the ME about the fickleness of US support. Even when they get it – and it can be a winning card – they suspect that it is only temporary, and they have a back up plan for that situation. Roughly: “We may win with US support, but if they drop us in it we will turn against them and join their geopolitical enemies to hurt them, and to survive.” It looks shallow, but shallow alliances by shallow people (Pentagon included) calls for shallow measures. That’s what we are witnessing.

John Brown

Its simple, its about who pays them.

Brendon Mark Collom



Supplies for this unit can only come from the US,Jordan or Israel. Or perhaps all three.

Wahid Algiers

FlorianGeyer, minutes ago, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) reached the first buildings in
the strategic city of Al-Sukhnah, a military source told Al-Masdar News.The ultimative march for DE City started.


This is good news indeed my friend. The Syrian people are crying out to be freed from the Western inspired and supplied terrorist barbarism.

John Mason

How did you come to the conclusion that Russia is a traitor? The leader/founder of the Desert Hawks is Russian and as far as he is concerned they have accomplished what they set out to do. The militia will join Government forces.

Solomon Krupacek

because russia do not want to fught in idlib

svenne svensk

Toyota white cars again supported by the US. Wonder who gave all those white Toyotas to isis ;-)


Send them to the desert against ISIS near Abu Kamal or elsewhere to die.


Haha I read that trump saw a video of these “moderates” beheading a young boy or something and thats why he told the CIA to stop arming them. I wish someone would tell him how netanyahu said he wants to cut up and sell the US off as a welfare state. I wish Russia would just drop a few FOABs on these fuckers and just be done with it!

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