US Strategy Failed In Southeastern Syria?


US Strategy Failed In Southeastern Syria?

Anti-government Syrian fighters from Maghaweer al-Thawra next to American forces at the Syrian-Iraqi crossing border point of Tanf. (Hammurabi’s Justice News/AP)

Syrian military and political expert Hamza Abbas wrote an article for “Russkaya Vesna” outlet, titled “The Failure of the US in Syria: Pentagon abandons the militants in the southern regions of the country.”

According to the article, there are 500 US special operation units and trainers based at At Tanf. Several militant groups supported by the US are also based in the region that previously were a part of a so-called New Syrian Army, formed by the US in 2015. Thanks to their help and their links with the groups in Eastern Qalamoun and Eastern Ghouta, the US managed to put pressure on Damascus from the north-east. Adding to that, a few thousand US-supported militants tried to stop ISIS from increasing their presence in Central and West Syria, as foreign powers designated these territories for Al-Qaeda and the Al-Nusra Front.

The article then outlines how despite Pentagon’s plans, the Syrian Arab Army managed to free Deir ez-Zor by itself, which provoked the US-affiliated militants to start fighting the Syrian Army instead of terrorists in order to stay in control over the roads in the Syrian desert.

The militants lost, and had to retreat to At Tanf under the cover of the US air forces. Despite the US claiming it no longer supported the militant groups, the US protected them and let them stay at the Rukban camp among the refugees.

The US presence of 500 people is not enough, the Pentagon claims, to control the situation at the Rukban camp. It is, interestingly enough, deemed sufficient to guarantee the safety of the humanitarian convoys arriving at the Rukban camp and control the distribution of their cargo in the camp. It’s clear that they wouldn’t be capable of doing that, if they really couldn’t “control the situation” at the camp.

The Trump Administration sees no point in spending money on militants and refugees in At Tanf. The flow of US supplies and money to the south Syrian militants will be completely cut off by the end of the year. The Mahavir As-Saura group, the only group the US still supports officially, has been downsized significantly, according to local sources. The “fired” militants dislocated to the Rukban camp, just like many members of other groups.

The situation, the article claims, cannot remain unchanged, as the coming winter and bad humanitarian state of the camp will be a recipe for disaster. The Jordan border is still closed. Many At Tanf militants try crossing the border and get killed by the Jordan border security that claim that the militants were ISIS members.

The US covertly transfer the militants it has further plans for. The author stipulates that the US waits for At Tanf militants to engage the Syrian Army, once the US Air Forces stop protecting them, which would allow western media to demonize the Syrian regime once again.

This is not a viable solution. The Rukban camp militants should heed the Russian Reconciliation Center and begin negotiating with the Syrian government. They may receive amnesty and return with their families to their homes. Some may leave the country with Russia’s help, as some militants had already done in different regions. Only open dialogue may save the At Tanf militants from death. Any delay may prove fatal, as winter is coming, and the Americans are leaving.



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  • alejoeisabel

    Who is paying the mercenaries?

    • james keith

      CIA of course

      • slayern2

        And Saudis (via Jordan)

      • rudy

        IS is payd by the CIA, Al Nusra is payd by the Pentagon thats why they fight regularly eachother, FSA is payd by GCC each merc recieves a US supplement depending his military knowledge !Watch the video above Camelot Scott Benett !

    • dutchnational

      Wagner mercs paid by Russia.

      • james keith

        but these ar good boys

      • Bob

        Irrelevant – are there any Russian ‘mercs’ remotely near Al Tanf? Nope. Do try and stay on the thread topic.

    • Cheryl Brandon

      CIA off course with American taxpayers money

    • rudy

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      Project Camelot
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      By 2LT Scott Bennett 11th Psychological Operations Battalion (retired)

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      Kerry Lynn Cassidy

  • Starlight

    This site is always a day late and a dollar short- in other words trailing the news rather that staying ahead of it. Our side MUST do better.

    Syria is YESTERDAY’S news. The Russians finished off the wahhabi play there. Today, we have Michael Flynn, one of Trump’s key advisors initially, now testifying against Trump- declaring that Trump was working with the Russians behind the scenes.

    Why is the Deep State turning the screws against Trump like this? To get Trump to kickstart the Lebanon War, to be closely followed by the Iran war. You see, to a person like Trump, a war is the best way to get people to forget about a scandal. Trump would like to attack N Korea- but that ain’t ever gonna happen cos N Korea is a Deep State construction to keep Korea divided to please Japan (Japan will never accept falling to no.3 regional power).

    The Deep State want the Iran War- all else is window-dressing. There was a plan to go thru Syria- now that has ended. Now the new plan is a near simultaneous Israel attack on Lebanon and ‘Saudi’ attack on Iran. Even now Trump is surrounded by sane people telling him this must not be allowed to happen. Trump has got to be subjected to the worst political pressure imaginable to get him to block out these sane voices.

    Trump cares about public perception. The recent ‘outrage’ over Trump’s retweets of Muslim atrocities was actually manufactured by MI6- Trump was directed to do the retweet and the British outrage manufactured cos it is ‘good’ to have Trump focused on ‘muslim extremism’. The excuse for the coming wars on Lebanon and Iran is that these two anti-terror nations are to be depicted as the source of terror in the middle east.

    We know that once Iran is put to the sword, Iran has nothing to lose, so will saturate KSA and Israel with unstoppable rains of ground-to-ground missile strikes. Many in KSA and Israel don’t want this- and they are some of the people begging Trump not to allow this war.

    So the Deep State is going to put Trump’s ahead in the vice and tighten the screws until Trump ‘pushes the button’. The official Democrat and Republican parties are fully behind war on Iran. This is the story that should be getting max coverage here.

    • Daniel Castro

      It seems you’re the one doing old news as everyone on this site know this for years, let alone days.

      SF is reporting on facts on the ground in Syria, this is news even if it is not that interesting to you, we care about syria, we coudln’t give 2 pennys for USA, american people deserves everything it’s coming at you.

      Get your country back from the jews and redeem yourselves, that would be real good news.

    • whatsmolly

      My friend this entire story about Flynn was an opinion by 1 news anchor and the anti trump idiots quate him like it’s a factual source. Flynn was a foreign agent for Ukraine, not Russia, 2 years before the trump election

      • as

        Nah the entire things were a fiasco designed to keep USA citizens preoccupied by something less importance.

      • dutchnational

        And for Turkey.

        Flynn seems to be implicating Trump, Pence and Kushner. Will Trump reach 2019 as president?

        • whatsmolly

          Kushner is closer to Israel than any of other trumps advisors are to Russia. And this is how the media paints kushner “not a politician but basically a trump advisor, likes to stay private and it clearly because he’s modest and moral and it’s not because he’s riding Zionist cock”

      • Pave Way IV

        Flynn and his employers at DMP International were hired to advise the Party of Regions and then-President Viktor Yanukovych how to interact with US government officials and other western leaders to develop better economic and political integration between Ukraine and the US. Likewise, they encouraged US officials to engage more with Ukraine. Flynn is only guilty of helping the elected president and leading political party of Ukraine do what most Ukrainians were already asking for: a more ‘westernized’ Ukraine.

        The US State Department tag team of Hillary/Kerry and the neocon deep state would have none of that BS. They were already well into demonizing Russia and anybody friendly with them, and they were furious with Flynn and DMPI’s efforts. Russian-lover Yanukovych had to go – Ukrainians were only allowed a US-lapdog anti-Russian president. How dare those bastards vote for anyone else? Send in the cookies and snipers – Ukrainians had to feel the righteous iron jackboot of freedom and democracy on their neck to truly understand how much the US cared. I think they understand now.

        Flynn went to the top of the neocon hit-list. He knew a lot of secrets – too many secrets. I’m surprised they didn’t whack him back then [Cackle, cackle…].

        • whatsmolly

          On point but my comment about Israel was talking about kushner, I didn’t even mention Flynn and Israel.

          • Pave Way IV

            I was responding directly to your comment about Flynn being “…a foreign agent for Ukraine, not Russia, 2 years before the trump election…”. While technically true, that obscures the real reason he was targeted by US Clintonites, democrats and rabid neocons: Flynn didn’t hate Russia enough (and didn’t love Israel enough).

            As to the ‘crime’ of acting as an unregistered agent for foreign powers, every US consulting firm representing foreign clients is guilty but nobody really cares. Flynn wasn’t charged with that because Muller would look like a fool.

            I’m not sure I understood what story you meant by “this entire story about Flynn was an opinion by 1 news anchor”. The entire Flynn story – to me – is just another event in a long sequence of attacks on him for the reasons I stated above. In the end, they could only bust Flynn for lying to the FBI and nothing else. I agree (if you are making this point) that Flynn never agreed to anything like ‘testifying against Trump’. He merely agreed to cooperate with the investigation – that could mean anything. There’s nothing of substance for Flynn to testify about regarding Trump, so he didn’t ‘turn’ on him.

            I’m completely lost about your comment on Kushner – that wasn’t in this thread.

    • Enkidu

      Late or not I appreciate the fact that SF actually exists. This is my main source of information on the war and the machinations of the zionist empire, since most other sources I’ve seen are in foreign languages I do not understand.

  • RichardD

    Sounds good, the US leaves, the SAA moves in and reestablishes government administration to improve conditions for the people who need it. This is exactly what should happen.

    • Pave Way IV

      The SAA does not want or need to administer the Rukban Death Camp – it should never have existed and isn’t a formal refugee camp at all. Jordan was pressured by the US to deny entrance to the fleeing Syrian refugees, who had no other place to go in that remote region of Syria. That’s why the unofficial Rukban Death Camp exists outside the Jordanian border checkpoint – it serves some murky US interests we can only guess at. Human shields? Recruitment center? Place that jihadis and their families can hide among other refugees? Who knows for sure, but it’s undoubtedly related to the planned US theft and control of the At-Tanf border crossing (via the washed-up FSA leftovers).

      The refugees outside the Rukban crossing have been well-indoctrinated to believe the SAA will kill all of them due to their anti-Assad sentiment. They don’t necessarily want to leave, but have anyways since the conditions are so bad there. The Jordanians have been trying to starve them out this year so they leave, but many are too weak or sick because of starvation to leave. The SAA can’t send in aid or evacuation buses without being attacked by the US.

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        • Cheryl Brandon

          I never do business with U$A tools like google!

        • rudy

          Das Mister google wants extra treatment ?

  • Rodney Loder

    Assad is going to respond to israeli most recent attack on Damascus, that’s what I heard anyway.

  • VGA

    Yeah yeah but will they actually leave? We keep hearing about it …

  • Cheryl Brandon

    Hezbollah/Iran and Syria 1 USA 0 hehehe