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JUNE 2021

US Strategic Command Head: Don’t Doubt Russia’s Hypersonic Missiles

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US Strategic Command Head: Don’t Doubt Russia's Hypersonic Missiles

MiG-31 takes off with Kinzhal missile attached. © Russia’s Ministry of Defense

The US Strategic Command has observed both Russia and China operating hypersonic missiles of varied capabilities, Gen. John Hyten confirmed on April 18.

I won’t give you any specifics about the means we use to watch that. I won’t give you any of the technical specifics about the capabilities of those missiles,” the head of U.S. Strategic Command told reporters at the Space Symposium.But I can tell you that we have observed both Russia and China testing hypersonic capabilities.

“I will always advocate for more dialogue with our potential adversaries. I would like to have more dialogue on the strategic level with Russia and China both,” Hyten continued. “I continue to advocate for the State Department to have dialogues, I advocate for the administration, I advocate for mil-to-mil dialogues from our nation’s military leadership including myself.”

“There is no doubt in my mind that we will to have to deploy defensive counter space systems because our adversaries are building offensive counter space systems and we are going to have to defend ourselves.

Hyten’s comments contradicts to the mainstream media’s initial narrative that Russia’s new “invincible” hypersonic weapons are fake. On March 1, President Vladimir Putin gave his annual state-of-the-nation address to the country’s Federal Assembly and unveiled the country’s six new state of the art strategic weapon systems.

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jerry hamilton

” our adversaries are building offensive counter space systems and we are going to have to defend ourselves.“
From what???????
You are the people of planet Earth that want to invade and destroy other countries.

You can call me Al

Come on be fair, they are only bringing their exceptional form of democracy to other nations, what’s a few hundred million here or there ?…..well, that seems to be their argument anyway !!.

Feudalism Victory

Lol. What he said is all true. He just left out they started developing them because the us was using missle defence to develop first strike capabilities.

Given recent counter to older slower missles it seems logical.

Also the us already weaponized space “rods from god” there was speculation they were used on tianjin.


Aftermath photos looked like a nuclear blast zone not chemical fires.


If you go to Veterans Today and search for Tianjin, the nuke scenario is what it was apparently.


“Defense”, you gotta love the newspeak.

Hansi Hintern

The US already do have an offensive space fleet:


Hundreds of TR3-Bs have been built, and it’s supposed that there are a few dozen bigger ships with side lenghts of 70m and 200m, i.e. battle ships and carriers. Of course they don’t exist officially. They are flown by US Air Force personnel, but are under control of a transnational organization (like the Trust in SG1).


So you agree with you can call me al ? The USA are exceptional?

jerry hamilton

Absolutely yes. There has never been such exceptional stupidity as that exhibited by America.

Ivan Freely

You watch way too much TV.

Hansi Hintern
Ivan Freely

Not good enough. Before I continue, I want to set the goal post first. Those unknown
lights do fit the definition of a UFO. Technically, any flying object
not identified falls under that category, even a missile fired from Yemen fits the bill (using the reference of a radar operator). I’m not denying the existence of it, but the nature of it.

Using lights as evidence is insufficient, are you aware of optical illusions? Again, I’m NOT saying they don’t exist. What witnesses saw is real. However, my contention is that the UFO is not a “spacecraft” but just another aircraft such as an unmanned drone like the MQ-25 or the SR-72.

Have you seen the Chinese program their drones to fly in formation with absolute precision? Hell, they demonstrated it publicly at some kind of festival. What’s stopping DARPA from installed three lights on the MQ-25 drone to make it look like what you’re trying to claim.

But, let’s give you the benefit of the doubt, that these “spacecrafts” have been made. Your assertion of hundreds made is complete nonsense. Think about it. First, where are you going to store these crafts? Second, do you really believe people who work for this massive “space force” can keep their damn mouths shut? Nope. It’s been reported that for every soldier on the field, there is 10 support staff. The larger the group, the harder to keep it a secret. If the “spacecraft” was a prototype, then the size of the workforce could be small enough to keep the project secret.

Lastly, I won’t argue about these “space cruisers / capital ships”. The idea is so absurd that I won’t waste my time to debate about it.

All in all, it’s obvious we’re dealing with DARPA/military projects but the nature of it is likely an unmanned drone.


I heard that the US has a deal with the Centauri Republic but the Minbari had sided with the forces of good.


NEVER rely on Wikipedia for anything in ANY way politically important.

jerry hamilton

Put it this way. Wiki say that the jewish Bolsheviks that killed millions of Russian Christians were Russians, not jews at all.
Their bias is extreme.

Kell McBanned

comment image

Kell McBanned

Both sides have got stuff that will never be revealed until its bombing you.


comment image
I love this Russian aircraft MIG 31. Now Russia is developing a bit bigger hypersonic fighter plane which will also used to launch satellites in the lower earth orbits.


Exaggerating an enemy, just like creating a false flag attack or inventing a fake terror group consolidates yourpeople at home and urges them to support Government policies, no matter how insane they are…

ie. main tactics of a world bully (US) are: Scare your people, make your dirty war without opposition. Terrorize your people and supress your truth-seeking citizens/opposition.

ps. of course all wars are zionists’ wars.


“China and Russia are super-scary. Give us even more money!”


We need to now build a “defensive counter space system”, now we need to catch a ride from Russia into orbit to set this up…

John C Durham

“There is no doubt in my mind that we will to have to deploy
defensive counter space systems because our adversaries are building
offensive counter space systems and we are going to have to defend
I would change that to, “If we continue doing what we do”, we will have to defend ourselves. The Earth is sick of being killed by Americans, our Corporations and our Terrorists.

Remember Yugoslavia Democrats and Republicans.


It doesn’t matter what we do. If we handed everyone a flower and went home today, we would STILL have to deal with these weapons. Or have you forgotten the Ukraine and Afghanistan adventures of Russia? We didn’t kill any Russians this week … Israel did. But those little poop-heads are likely to draw us into something ugly.

Then, too, there is the Chinese military project on artificial islands in the South China Sea. Those aren’t there for decoration.

Even if we never actually USE another weapon, we still need to have them.


Up to a point you are right. Russia and China have their foreign adventures as well and will continue to do so with or without the US. The point is though, for its own security, does the US really need to be everywhere and confront everyone? The Russians and Chinese are only meddling in their own close by backyard, whereas the US is meddling in theirs. That’s where the conflict comes from.


Well, yes, and no. Afghanistan was the Soviet Union, and modern Russia is a polar opposite of that. Ukraine was a NATO, US, EU sponsored overthrow of an elected president. There is available Italian TV interviews with the Maidan snipers (Georgians, I think) who admit they were paid by the CIA to shoot demonstrators, which was the galvanizing point of the coup d’etat. There is also an independent Canadian University research paper which states that the positions from which the snipers fired were actually controlled by the anti-government protesters, which corroborates the point above. So, yes, Russia has its foreign interventions (e.g. Georgia), but all of them were self-defense measures, rather than the blatant overthrow of elected governments a la US.


and modern Russia is a polar opposite of that

no way! continued ussr!


That’s an opinion, so come with something to back it up. I think we could agree, for example, that the USSR was officially atheist. So, modern Russia, post-USSR Russia, has rebuilt 30,000 churches, moved the family to the center of policy, and brought the Russian Orthodox Church into the mainstream. None of those are “continued ussr”. You may not like Russia, and that’s fair enough, but at least come with points well made backed up with facts and data.


“I think we could agree, for example, that the USSR was officially atheist.”

I don’t know about that. Much of the Bolsheviks were Jewish hence Jewish-Bolshevism.

Alberto Campos

Most of them wear moustaches hence Moustache-Bolshevism

Tudor Miron

This creature simply hates all Russian. Known troll.

Tudor Miron

You call Georgia a foreign intervention? Watch this https://youtu.be/Yc-l2aUUgzQ

Robert Ferrin

Lol you know us better than that or should anyway, as Clinton said why do we have all these hi-tech weapons if we don’t use them and of course all those missiles shot off at Syria which run into the millions will have to be replaced,sucking more money of the over taxed working class…


So ” Israel did”, kill Russians this week ? So what is Israel doing in Syria ? Why are they trying to draw us into something ugly, do we need to fall for it ?
The Chinese on “artificial islands” in the South China Sea are securing their own naval borders, what business has the US to challenge them on that.
The odds on the US “never using another weapon” ?


Russia has 3 hypersonic systems available in pre or actual production, Zircon, KH 32 and Khinzhal, weapons intended to be used at a tactical level.
What General Heyten is referring to is the Avangard hypersonic glide vehicle and Nudol ABM and ASAT system along with the S500.

More false flags will necessitate the use of these platforms in a conventional mode, to knock some sense into the empty brains of the MSM and the deep state.

Tiresia Branding

strange tone for an americanist military official. I think something is happened and that is because Trump retire the proposed new Russia sanctions. “Avangard” is in the air? They watch it over their heads?


““But I can tell you that we have observed both Russia and China testing hypersonic capabilities.””

…because they wanted you to see them. you amis are a very mentally dense group of people. addicted to taking selfies with your heads up your posteriors. you don’t see much that way. must be to do with your british ancestry. they don’t see much either.


yanks know, that those weapons do not exist. Simply use putins imbecile video to gat more money for army.


@velociraptor; You should continue to believe this, if it in any way reinforces the carefully crafted, delusional ‘bubble of security’, you wrap yourself in.


Why is there any reason to doubt that Russia has/is developing hypersonic missiles? Let’s just say they aren’t (they are), why just arrogantly wave your hand and dismiss it?


The problem with more dialog is Russia has had years to learn the hard fact that the US, EU, UK, and NATO are always lying.

The Latin Mass

Assad got attacked in 2017, Putin did not defend. Assad got attacked in April 2018, Putin did not defend. Jewamerica is and will never be interested in attacking Russian bases, for jewamerica does not attack another zionist occupied government’s bases. A possible next attack will not be an attack on Russia bases, but against Assad again. And Putin will cry to the UN and do not anything.

Give Assad 5 artillery battalions of S-400s as a gift, and maybe then I think better of Putin the Muslim backstabber.

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