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US stops to Provide Military Aid to Syrian Opposition – Report

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A program of military assistance to the Syrian opposition in the north-west of the Arab Republic, coordinated by the CIA, has been suspended.

US stops to Provide Military Aid to Syrian Opposition – Report

Photo: Newsmakers / David Burnett

The US has suspended a program of military assistance to the Syrian opposition in the north-west of the Arab Republic, which was coordinated by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Reuters news agency reported, citing sources in the opposition’s ranks.

The program was frozen after an attack of extremists that occurred in January, it will be restarted after reorganization, representatives of the opposition said.

A US official source told Reuters that the suspension of aid to the Syrian opposition was not associated with the change of the administration in the US and the coming of President Donald Trump to power. The source confirmed that the reason for this move was the attack of extremists.

Meanwhile, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the armed opposition and formations of mercenaries in Syria are uninterruptedly supplied with weapons and ammunition from abroad.

“So, for example, the war has been continuing in Syria nearly six years. And, all this time, groups of the armed opposition and formations of mercenaries have been uninterruptedly supplied with ammunition, weapons and other physical resources, which are necessary to conduct active combat operations, from abroad,” Shoigu said on Tuesday at a lecture at the opening of the 2nd All-Russian Youth Forum ‘International military-political and military-economic cooperation: current trends’ in the Moscow State Institute of International Relations.

He noted that according to estimates of the Russian Defense Ministry, only during the armed conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya, illegal armed groups got about 2,450 short-range man-portable air defense systems, 1,750 anti-tank guided weapons, about 650 multiple artillery rocket systems, more than 24,000 mines of various types, and over 600 tons of explosives.

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My ass it isn’t due to the current administration. Now that the psychopaths are gone, Trump is bringing a bit more of rationality back to Syria. Not crazy about all his cabinet, but he is stubborn in his opinion and not easily swayed. Gives me hope.


Improved grammar for title here to prevent confusion suggested

“US stopping (the) provision of military aid……”

Lord Humongous

This belated action is absolutely due to Mr. Trump. He certainly isn’t ideal, but is a damn sight better than the traitorous Obama or the corrupt and psycopathic Clinton. And this action is long, long overdue. We (U.S.) have much innocent Syrian blood on our hands.


John Brennan , CIA Director and traitor Wahhabi , is gone well , even if he is still feeding the press their cash envelopes . His days are numbered .

Lord Humongous

He deserves a bullet.

Solomon Krupacek

That means, already divided Syria between Russia and USA.

Boris Kazlov

USA is out of the Syrian game, the Empire is falling apart like a house of cards.

Solomon Krupacek

What do you smoke?


well its about fucking time, and they should support even more kurds and tell turkey to back off

John William

As a American all I can do is shake my head. I truly believe we mean well but it’s clear we don’t know what the hell is going on with the Middle East. People in Washington playing gods sigh. Like presidents think the cia is a neat toy they have to play with

Lord Humongous

Tragically, you are correct.


As long as Trump continues to support Saudi Arabia with weapons (and it looks as though he plans to), those terrorists in Syria will continue to have their toys.

Boris Kazlov

Nothng will be stopped, Trump will continue playing nicely with the neocons, as if he weren’t a rabid Zionist, what can you expect of him, to pin your hopes on that man is an illusion.

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