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JULY 2020

US State Secretary: Control Over Oil Fields Allows Washington To Influence Situation In Syria


US State Secretary: Control Over Oil Fields Allows Washington To Influence Situation In Syria

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Speaking on the sidelines of an Iraq donors conference in Kuwait on February 13, US State Secretary Rex Tillerson rejected claims that the US lacks support in Syria. The diplomat epmhasized that Washington controls a large part of the country’s oil fields and area and this allows it to influence the situation.

“The United States and the coalition forces that are working with us to defeat [ISIS] today control 30% of the Syrian territory, and control a large amount of population, and control a large amount of Syria’s oil fields,” Tillerson told media. “This observation that the US has little leverage or role to play is simply false.”

Tillerson added that the US is “very active” in the so-called Geneva format “both in terms of working with the opposition voices to unify them and have them working toward an objective, and we’re working very closely with Russia, who has the greatest influence on the Assad regime and can bring Assad and the regime to the negotiating table in Geneva.”

He further added that Washington cooperates with “a large group of partners” that “see things the same way we [Washington] do in terms of a unified Syria, a democratic Syria, with the Syrian people deciding their own future through a new constitution and election. We have enormous support from our approach in terms of seeking a future for Syria.”



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  • Joe

    There again talking childishly again

    What right has US to control?

    High time to send in the Houthis

    • Ronald

      Raise a glass to the Houthis , starved but still smacking the Saudis and US .

  • as

    That’s all they cared about… Oil.
    American style liberation.

    • Starlight

      Riiigggghhtt…. That’s why America allowed Saddam to beg them for YEARS (after the first Gulf War) to take Iraq back into the Empire as a loyal vassal state – and then INVADED Iraq on a complete lie spending HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars- because they wanted ‘oil’ that Saddam offered them on a plate.

      The oil nonsense is what the jewish controlled mainstream and soros controlled fake indy media sell the REALLY hard-of-thinking.

      It is true that after WW2 Britain and the USA worked to ‘stabilise’ the Middle East in the name of reliable oil supplies. This ended long before the 20th century ended when the LIE of ‘peak oil’ got busted, and massive new exploitable oil reserves were discovered and activated across the planet. Today there is a massive glut of oil, to such an extent the focus is on the best and most convenient fossil fuels, like Russia’s high quality gas supplies.

      Oil matters not to the USA- but it matters to the people of Syria since it is one of their financial lifelines. America simply identifies ‘pressure points’ and works to ensure it can press on them- hard!

      • John Whitehot

        “Oil matters not to the USA”

        I think I’ll avoid that Laurel and Hardy movie I was planning to watch and instead stay in this comment section.

        • Barba_Papa

          He does have a point though, in this day and age, with the US being self sufficient in oil, controlling the oil fields in Syria is not about the money. For that oil cannot be exported, so right now its for all intents and purposes useless. But to deny Assad this source of income, that probably is why they sent in their Kurdish lackeys to take them.

          • El’ kerym

            you both miss the big picture – the prices of oil. they do matter to US, and the petro-dollar dominance system is all that keep that enormous US debt at bay. It’s not about how much oil you have, but about how much it’s selling for and in what currency and to whom… do think few steps forward, even better – 5-7 ;-)

          • Barba_Papa

            Syria was hardly a major producer of oil before the war happened. Those oil fields coming back on the market or not will hardly shift the price of oil much either way. Iran being allowed to fully sell on the international market again would make a far far bigger impact. But you’re right about the petro-dollar. But that hinges on Saudi Arabia more then what happens in Syria. In that sense the possible petro Yuan is an infinitely greater threat to the US then a few insignificant Syrian oilfields.

          • El’ kerym

            It’s not about “major” or “minor” anymore, as it hangs balancing things on the brink; will China get it’s silkroad (via Syria ofc), will RF get to more control over worlds oil, even not being part of OPEC, already having major stake in Venezuela while cutting off US… the thing is, Syria’s oil/gas – is the last bargain chip US has, before loosing the definitive battle (on global theatre). So you’re right ofc – nothing much to contribute production-wise to global market of oil, but the sheer balancong factor is about to change the system. Cheers! =)

          • Pave Way IV

            True, but the oil and gas fields would produce a substantial amount of steady income for the Syrian Kurds and SDFistan. The US also wants to prevent Iraq exporting its oil or gas through Syria – for either sale to Syria or Mediterranean export. In other words, anything to screw the Syrians and prop up the US puppet state of SDFistan.

          • Barba_Papa

            If SDFistan cannot export the oil its basically useless to them. Without a port they can never export the oil unless they reach an agreement with their neighbors. And none of them like them. And the Syrian Iraqi pipeline has basically been brought under their control again. So that strategy has also failed. The only way those oilfields are now useful to the Kurds is as a bargaining chip.

        • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

          The only thing that matters in regards to oil and gas with the US is the control factor and they can sufficiently produce enough in the US. The rest they get is sold as a US export coming from other countries like Canada and Venezuela etc.

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      Hey get the code name right it’s: Operation Intervention ,Liberation and Graft, Acquisition of Syria.

      • Dorthy

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  • Rob

    US is with sidelines with different terrorist groups in Syria for example SDF another US brand of PKK to build a Kurdistan against Syria and Turkey.

  • Rob

    US became insignificant due to their terrorism in the Middle East states. Now US distributing bribes blood money to different states like Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. to padlock their mouths.
    The Syrians, Iraqis and Palestinians blood and land is not for sale. Sorry. Only traitors can accept that blood money.

  • zman

    This A-hole is perfectly suited for his job. He naturally talks out of the side of his mouth, no doubt a practice he perfected while at Exxon. His purported ‘many partners’ are nothing but phantoms of his illusion. There are only the US and it’s cadre of bootlickering criminals. “The United States and the coalition forces that are working with us to
    defeat [ISIS] today control 30% of the Syrian territory, and control a
    large amount of population, and control a large amount of Syria’s oil
    fields,” Tillerson told media. “This observation that the US has little
    leverage or role to play is simply false.”…This is par for the course, “control 30% of territory” and ‘a large amount of oil fields’ are the only parts of his statement that are true. The rest is total horse manure. The last paragraph of the article is complete bluster and BS. Looks like Tillerson has finally gotten on the same page as the rest of the syndicate.

  • 1691

    I bet it never crossed his mind that this is illegal.

    • Rodger

      Or that there is no statute of limitations on war crimes. In 20 years the Chinese might lock him up for it. He can have the cell of that car mechanic from Auschwitz.

      • 1691

        Why in 20 years? Put him in the cell now.

        • Rodger

          The US being held accountable at this time? Fat chance. At least the top brass.

        • Merijn

          ALL TRAITORS WILL PAY…..!!!!!

      • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

        Problem with the claim of 30 percent is wrong it’s actually 24.1 percent, but everything else is a clear violation of Article 2 of the Charter called Acts of Aggression covered under paragraph 1 and even the US was admittedly involved in the willing overthrow of a nations Sovereignty especially admitted under Obama and state officials. There is a good chance of indictments being achieved relatively easy.

    • zman

      Legality is a non-sequitur as fas as the Criminial Regime is concerned.

    • Rob


      The world community is too smart they know the oil and gas thieves from their talks that how they create chaos in a country and then they take control of that country’s natural resources. Washington have proved that they are also thieves of oil and gas rich land for which US have slaughtered hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and service men.

    • Merijn

      Illegal stuff only exists for us… the scum…..

  • Rodger

    “The United States and the coalition forces that are working with us”
    I thought they claimed they were just supporting the SDF not using them as auxiliary troops. Ok, I’m kidding nobody with a brain is fooled anyway.
    It’s a war crime to do this Tillerson. You belong in prison at the least.

    • Ace

      Anytime the U.S. talks about it’s “partners” you know it has some unworkable, sophomoric, abstract monstrosity of a goal in mind, the results of which will evaporate when the last of our female warriors depart and local political, cultural and economic realities return.

  • Drogba

    Greedy thieving bastards There is no difference between Isis and these zionist scumbags. They should be hounded and prevented from taking the oil out.

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    That foolish racist white guy control sovereign Syrian oil.Which USA claims interest.

  • Pareggiamoiconti

    “in case you had any doubts, i confirm we don’t give a f*ck about international law”

  • Joe Doe

    Here we go, Oil is the main reasons Americans are in Syria and NOT ISIS

    • Ace

      No. Not oil. Israel.

  • Joe Doe

    And the Nobel price go to Trump and Rex Tillerson for destroying Iraq and Syria, just for Oil

  • AM Hants

    US are illegally in Syria and the oil fields do not belong to Washington DC and their friends, but, the people of Syria.

  • Pave Way IV

    “…Washington cooperates with “a large group of partners”…” = lapdogs and vassal states, plus assorted Wahhabi shitholes

    “…that “see things the same way we [Washington] do…” = psychopathic visions of empire and exploitation flowing with rivers of blood

    “…in terms of a unified Syria…” = split up the way the US prefers, but all under the same flag

    “…a democratic Syria…” = like the emerging failed state western democracy shithole previously known as Ukraine

    “…with the Syrian people deciding their own future…” = we’ll use our standard lies about how the people control the government (our puppet government, of course)

    “…through a new constitution and election.” = We’ll rig voting and ‘the law’ just like we’ve done in the US to control the little people. After enough corrupt politicians are elected and millions of laws are passed, the constitution will be worthless. We wipe our ass with the Constitution here in the US. The ‘little people’ don’t object because they don’t even know what their constitution means – we tell them what it means.

    • Rakean Jaya

      Thank you, clear and sharp translation as it is.

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      Just like the bogus UN claim of rewriting constitution under their auspices , problem is no nation has ever given them the authority to do so and no self respecting nation would do that. They are the most morally bankrupt group of useless idiots to have walked the planet so far.

    • Ace


  • telemetrie

    Time for Mexico seize Texas oil fields to allow Mexico-city influence over Washington.
    The same faulty “logic”.

  • velociraptor


    • John Whitehot


  • Starlight

    Last two years saying this was described by the official jewish controlled mainstream media as an “anti-semitic conspiracy theory”. Today the jewish controlled press are BOASTING about the same fact.

    The real life jewish nazi, George Soros, funds most of the so-called ‘indy’ media outlets to push the same demonisation by “CONSPIRACY THEORY” accusation. Yet when the time is right, without even blinking, that same ‘conspiracy theory’ becomes the news FACT pushed by the BBC, CNN, NYT etc etc. See how the game is played.

    Of course Trump is now boasting about illegally holding a large chunk of Syria HOSTAGE, in the name of the jews and Saudis. And to make matters worse, Putin just gave Trump explicit permission to massacre a large number of elite russian irregulars that were threatening to help the Syrian people take back this region.

    What a massive COINCIDENCE that what the Saudis and Israelis want in Syria, Putin works so hard to give them. A nation perpetually divided and ineffective, always on the brink of new societal collapse. One might almost think all those servile meetings Putin has with the rulers of KSA and Israel havfe something to do with this.

    Get real people. Putin could throw America out of Syria tomorrow- and America- the supreme planetary power that enjoys the legal framework that allows it to legally ‘own’ so many nations on Earth would be more than happy. The law of SOVEREIGNTY benefits America 1000 times more than Russia so America would never hold fast to a postion that weakened it- NEVER!.

    A few months back it seemed as if Putin would work toward a united Syria- but not now. I think back them he assumed Trump would gradually withdraw, but instead a zionist meme propagated across the net (America holding Syria’s oil wealth regions) has taken concrete form in Trump’s foreign policy. And Putin, as always, is rolling with the punches as his inner circle of jewish advisors tells him he should.

    Why does Trump have his senior military goon make this PUBLIC statement? To back America into a corner so it CANNOT now give up that region.

    Now I might suggest in some way Putin is SO thick, he thinks this entanglement in Syria makes it LESS likely Trump can progress his plans for the Iran War. But America is an octopus crossed with a hydra. So many heads and tentacles- each capable of operating at the same time and assisting one another. America has a capability of projecting military power successfully across our planet unprecedented in Human History. ‘Infinite’ funds. ‘Infinite’ manpower. ‘Infinite’ resources and equipment.

    To think America ever gets ‘bogged down’ miliarily or politically is the mistake of eternity.

    You NEVER let America in- never never ever. That is the ONLY way to protect yourself against America- to keep it out to every degree.

    America in Iraq is bad enough. America in Syria is far worse. And every minute of every day the America Military Machine asks of itself “what can we do next in our regions to hold or project new dominance”.

    Putin HOPES for factors to dominate that would have a real chance in a time of REASON, but have no place in a time of CHAOS. Putin bets everything on the same misunderstanding of the Deep State that ended Gaddafi after decades of successfully surviving the American threat.

    Tillerson is as demonic as he looks – but such men are chosen for their love of unthinking unfeeling mass murder of all that is precious. It is the machine he fronts that really matters.

    • John Whitehot

      “to think America ever gets ‘bogged down’ miliarily or politically is the mistake of eternity”

      lol no really, take Vietnam, that was a quick victory.

      Also, take Afghanistan, tell us it’s 17 years they are there now, perhaps they want to win several times instead of one?

      • Hide Behind

        GO yo Vietnam today. See who controls all of its resources.
        Damn near all the shrssimp and cheap fish are farm raised in Partnership with US and Euro Natoons. Ask who the hell received all of its valuable timbers, and what international mining concerns are leveling its mountains.
        Victory is measured in many ways, and the hidden forces not always visible.
        Who supplies their military supplies, and why they owe billions to the very same allied nations they once fought.
        ASK why they are signi.g defense trieties with US.

  • Garry Compton

    Where is that oil being transported to ? Take out the route, pipeline etc and the game gets a little different.

  • Bolter10

    Haliburton and Murdonch are drilling for oil, so its war for the elite.

  • Douglas Houck

    Yes, the. Kurds with the US control the oil fields, but they have no place to sell it. Therefore, they have some leverage but not much. Let the US keep funding the Kurds as it helps Damascus.

  • Hide Behind

    This form of hubris by US leaders is not new, it is that today, unlike in past, there is no longer a need to hide their criminality, and this corruption of moral and ethical codes of conduct towards humanity permeates every public and private institution , and their employees..
    In this environment the generations of populace know of no different mentality..
    Truth spoken in this land of deceit is called anti-social, anti-establishment, and treasonous.
    The words of psychopaths are their reality and everyone must accept them unquestioning.
    There is no way to reason with those of such a mental aberation.
    That is why those who talk of international laws, treaty obligations, Consitutions, are seen by such leaders,, as being too F’n stupid to understand their views of reality.

    • John Whitehot


      It may even seems so, depending on the observer though.

      Yet in the long-term, those nut-cases get trampled over by a multitude of different peoples and countries because everybody realize who’s dragging everyone down.

  • RichardD

    At one point the US controlled 90% of Syria, so now they’ve lost 2/3rds of what they had. And by their own admission 1 week ago that remaining 1/3rd is getting hit with:

    “a battalion-sized dismounted formation attempting to advance on partner forces under cover of supporting fires from artillery, tanks, and multiple-launch rocket systems and mortars.”


    So obviously there are a lot of people in Syria who aren’t at all supportive of what the US is doing.

    • Ace

      The U.S. lurches from budget crisis to budget crisis wanting to fund an enormous military engaged in ruinously expensive foreign adventures for vaporous goals as well as leftist welfare state spending. If you want to score some laughs mention “balanced budget” in a Republican gathering.

      American culture is being destroyed by diversity and PC.

      People in Syria and elsewhere only need to wait out the American crazies and enjoy the loud creaking and cracking noises.

      Israel cannot exist without U.S. aid. Its choice to take over Middle East real estate is sustained only by military force and they are thus in an untenable situation, now complicated by improved military capabilities of their enemies.

      The clock is ticking….

  • Barba_Papa

    Who cares what Tillerson says, he doesn’t even matter. It’s Mattis who runs the foreign policy show, Haley who froths at the mouth, all while Trump amuses himself with Twitter. Like a modern day Nero who plays the violin while Rome burns.

    • Ace

      Fantastic imagery! Excellent.

  • Merijn

    The US is seekin’ a future for itself……

  • dutchnational

    Well, it is fair to say that US supports groups controlling over a third of Syria, containing also around a third of the population, so it would be correct to say they “control” a fair part of Syria and even more of its (ruined) economy.

    • Merijn

      And who have ruined it?

      • Merijn

        I think it’s fair to say that the US, UK, the AngloZioNazis, Europe, Nato & Saudistan supports Headchoppers that have stolen over a third of Syria. Containing Kurds, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, HTS & other Criminals…..so it would be correct to say they “Stole” a fair part of Syria….and even more of its (carpetbombed) economy…..perhaps it would be nice if they returned that stolen property…..I dunno….

  • George King

    This is straight out of the theater of the absurd! It is no secret that Empire wants control of all of the worlds resources and assets. We have known this for over a century. Recent history of trying to control and profit from Russia’s oil and gas resources failed (Putin entered the fray) they have moved on to attack and destroy as we have seen in the blocking of pipelines. First through Ukraine to Europe and then blocking the work around of alternative pipelines to Europe using coercion via EU and the thug strong arm of NATO.

    The world is moving on as we see in a multi lateral movement to throw off the shackles of Empire and provide a win win for world citizens Treasure, Commons and Unalienable Rights. The Empire is in death throes and becoming unceasingly more violent and destructive. This is futile and even juvenile but it has been the story of Empires which on the norm last briefly on the average of 200 years as Empires.

    • goingbrokes

      Yes the US Empire is teetering, but we must not forget that US is being used as a tool for the central banking cartels, that props up the globalist agenda of reducing a large part of the humanity to slavery.

      • Ace

        I would delete only your “to slavery.”

    • Willing Conscience (The Truths

      This pipe line could be the cause of ww3 and apart from you I very rarely hear anybody even mention it.
      Even an article by The Saker the other day continually asked why the hell Russia doesn’t just pack up and leave Syria, and couldn’t see any valid reason for Putin to remain there.
      Russia is fighting for it’s survival and China is too. Xi ping has thrown his lot in with Russia by investing heavily in both Iran and Syria, knowing if Putin fails to stop this Saudi pipe line and doesn’t succeed in the Iranian project, Russia will be on a steady road to decline and lose superpower status in less than 10 years.
      That would not be good for China or the rest of the world and Xi Ping knows it, even if most of us don’t.

  • Sinbad2

    Armed robbers, nothing more, just thieves.

  • JEinCA

    Whenever, wherever and however the ZioYanki terrorists start taking heavy casualties the whole world will cheer.

  • goingbrokes

    They do not control 30% of Syria. 30% of Syria is under their notional control, not actual control. The population is not much more than 10% of Syria’s population, as 90% of Syrians live in the western parts, which is called the “useful Syria”. The 30% has oil fields but apart from that it is mostly economically useless desert. The reluctant population will be hell to govern, even if they managed to hold onto it, which they won’t. The moment US becomes distracted by another area of the world it will return to the Syrian Government. Personally I reckon it will return to the Syrian Government quite soon.

    • Ronald

      I think you’ve got it pretty much , the Kurds being 8 % of the Syrian population , with another 2 or 3 % being Sunni desert tribes , making just over 10 %.

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)


  • Ace

    I can’t stomach U.S. arrogance.. Who are these people who play with people’s lives and presume to change other nations according to their pipe dreams?

    Yes, I’m sure Syria will be unified and peaceful after these fools are done. The U.S. elite doesn’t give a fig about the U.S. Constitution so why are they pushing a constitution on Syria, especially one that will be drafted by first-year, feminist, sjw lawyers right out of Yale and Berkeley; French, British and Danish leftist nut jobs; and jihadi killers? The Syrians loyal to Assad will recognize this screwing from 100 miles away and smell the Israeli stench at the same time.