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US State Department Is Concerned By Presence Of Alleged ‘Russian Mercenaries’ At Libya’s Largest Oil Field

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US State Department Is Concerned By Presence Of Alleged 'Russian Mercenaries' At Libya's Largest Oil Field

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The US State Department seems to be very concerned by the supposedly growing Russian influence in Libya. On June 26, the US embassy in Libya even released a statement claiming that it condemns a “foreign-backed campaign to undermine Libya’s energy sector and prevent the resumption of oil production.”

“We share the NOC’s deep concern about the shameful interference of Wagner and other foreign mercenaries against NOC facilities and personnel at the al-Sharara oil field, which constitutes a direct assault against Libya’s sovereignty and prosperity. The Embassy also regrets that Libyan parties have been unable to reach a solution that would lift the needless oil and gas blockade and allow the NOC to resume its vital work across the country on behalf of all Libyans,” the US embassy wrote in a statement.

Allow the NOC to Resume Its Vital Work on Behalf of All LibyansThe Embassy reiterates full U.S. support for the…

Posted by U.S. Embassy Libya on Friday, June 26, 2020

The comment followed a report by the National Oil Corporation, based in Tripoli and thus loyal to the Turkish-backed Government of National Accord (GNA), that forces of the Libyan National Army (LNA) and ‘Russian mercenaries’ entered the Al-Sharara oilfield on June 25. Earlier in 2020, the LNA ordered to block the export of Libyan oil saying that the GNA uses oil revenues to pay Turkey for mercenaries and weapons. The Al-Sharara briefly resumed its work in early June but then was closed once again.

The strong stance of the LNA against using the country’s natural resources to fund the Turkish invasion of Libya demonstrates that its leadership is still committed to its long-pushed project of uniting the country and restoring its sovereignty. This effort faces a strong criticism of the US and some other Western states.

It’s interesting to note that while the US State Department remains a vocal opponent of the Russian presence in the Libyan oil sector (which goes in a close and official cooperation with the local administration), Washington sees nothing wrong with US agressive actions in the Greater Middle East, for example the occupation of Syrian oil fields.


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cechas vodobenikov

amerikans oppose the existence of any peoples that do not submit to American fascism and pillage

Icarus Tanović

Yes, that’s very right my friend.

M.A. Lamett

I guess Russians shouldn’t be there. Russia doesn’t have any shoreline in the Med sea. US doesn’t have either and shall get the fuck out of Middle East to be honest. However, Turkey is kind of collaborating and thus invited NATO and US to put pressure on Russia to pull out its mercenaries. Russia officially says that he doesn’t have control over those Wagner killers which is a total BS. Turkey seems like having made an offer to Russia in Libya and Russia has declined. Now Turkey looks like using NATO and the US as leverage. However Turkey should be extremely careful, as US may grab all the oil and exploits in the area, leaving Turkey with the dirty work behind. Going into bed with US you may lose all.

AM Hants

Remind me, but, isn’t Libya a sovereign nation and not a suburb of Turkey?

Now remind me, why are the French cheesed off with the Turks, over in Libya? Then throw in US pillaging services and watch the 3 NATO members fight between themselves.


A hor war between NATO pillagers would be akin to the infighting of terrorists in Idlib.

A joy to see :)

AM Hants

For some reason and I do not know how, I just had an image of a heated argument, between deaf people, using sign language. Me bad, but, was told the story, by a witness and needed Pampers, owing to the laughter. Seriously tickled me.

As you say, a joy to see. Maccron, Erdogan and Trump, playing with their toys, as Russia gets on with business

Interesting, but, President Putin took what they did to Gadaffi personally, even though he was not President of Russia, at the time. I wonder if it will come back full circle, to haunt those involved? Cannot see the people of Libya having any loyalty to NATO members.


The wanton destruction of Libya and Serbia by NATO are having dire consequences in NATO Europe that should have been realised by the political classes within NATO. There are of course factions within NATO that seek to gain from wars of choice. This is a problem that has to be solved.

AM Hants

The old Warsaw Pact, certainly kept NATO in check. Forcing them to work as a bi-polar partner. Then whilst planning the fall of the Soviet Union/dismantling of the Warsaw Pact, funny how NATO took on so many nuclear peace activists, to run the totalitarian offensive union.

Which leads me back to Dulles, Earl Browder and Reinhard Gehlen. The Bolshevik Communist Kershchov and was he working with Dulles, during the Cuba Missile Crisis. What was the Bay of Pigs all about, which threw Dulles out of the CIA?

Wasn’t Dulles one of the Founding Members of the Nazi Atlantic Council?

Why are so many linked to Greenham Common CND nuclear peace protests also connected to NATO. Including Thomas Hamilton (Dunblane School Massacre), good friend, the weirdo Blair made his Defence Secretary, who went onto lead NATO.

What role did Dulles have with setting up NATO? AS I find myself asking loads of questions, looking for the missing links.


The pool of shysters required to populate any clandestine cabal has to have a method of control that is greatly feared. The fear of death and more often the fear of exposure that link cabal members to anything that is highly illegal and a life long ball and chain.

Paedophilia is of course the blackmail weapon du jour. Not too long ago it was male shit stabbing and female fanny munching, but in todays fucked up world the last two have become a badge worn with pride.

We live in a time when chrystal balls are very depressing , AM.

AM Hants

The pedos are now trying to wear it as a badge of honour, ‘minor attracted interest’ on their social media profiles. Know what you mean about ignoring the crystal ball.

Icarus Tanović

Erdogan thinks he’s smart. He’s daumb as it gets. He will loose all. I know very well for how long they’re preparing all this mess. It will boomerang them.


“Going into bed with the US you may lose all”, well at least you got that right.

Lazy Gamer

What happens in Libya will have a knock on effect to the nearby countries, the region, and the whole Eurasian continent.

Tommy Jensen

Wagner is on vacation in Libya legally. They have nothing to do with the invasions of US, French and Turkish troops into Libya.

AM Hants

Considering what the US did to the Libyans, guess Libya is not happy to see the US back. Guess S-40p is needed in Libya?

Tommy Jensen

Libya is just another deliberate quagmire.
If US is not there, the other hyenes from Turkey, UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Saudi, France will fock it up.

AM Hants

However, fortunately for them the sane Russians have arrived. They are like International Rescue for the Middle East.

With the SU35 playing the role of Thunderbird 1.

Assad must stay

Whats new, US would be concerned if russia was expanding its presence in andromeda galaxy lol


I wish that the US would expand its presence in a Black Hole.

Assad must stay

Hahahaha yes

Dick Von Dast'Ard

America is making itself very unwelcome in Europe with the turning of a very blind eye to Turkish terrorists in Libya.

Note the U.S. State Dept isn’t concerned about Turkish contracted Al Qaeda mercenaries, just professional Russian military contractors.

Icarus Tanović

Because Al Qaeda Al Nusra are their fake enemies and in fact friends.

Lone Ranger

Im concerned about U.S. funding wahabinazi terrorists and Mexican drug cartels since the 70s.

Mustafa Mehmet

who gives a shit about your concernd

Lone Ranger

Should you be at your local rape party…?

Lone Ranger

For every action there is a reaction.
Afghanistan, Chechnia, Georgia, Ukraine.
Only a few names where the U.S. tried to hurt I go further to destroy Russia.
Russia was very patient with the U.S. for a very long time.
But after the genocide in Syria and east Ukraine its understandeble if Russia is a bit more pro active and wont wait for the next genocide orchestrated by the U.S.
U.S. Empire wont be missed.

Icarus Tanović

Well siad.

cechas vodobenikov

the CIA trolls seem less active at SF–a surprise…perhaps they r aware that their empire is on fire, the ashes being discarded in the dustbin of history—the peace studies scholar, Johan Galtung—a mathematician and sociologist, predicts the US empire will collapse in less than 10 years

Icarus Tanović

America isn’t concerned about Al Qaeda Al Nusra etc., that are theirs fake enemies, in fact they are theirs first allies. You Americans back off.

Harry Smith

Didn’t USA concerned about USA troops entered Syria oil fields?


Lots of Hypocrisy here. And I do agree with the author.
US, Turkish presence in Syria is illegal. Russian, Egyptian presence in Libya is illegal.


I wonder they think of US troops overtly and illegally occupying most of Syria’s Northeastern oil fields.

Tommy Jensen

Im concerned that our US State Department are using too much time on Libya.

What I should recommend is that our US State Department use all their energy on Manbi, the heartcity of the heartland.
Who controles Manbij, the heartcity of the Heartland, controles the world.

This is how the US State Department could do it better after my idea and recommendation.

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