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US State Department Forms ‘Iran Action Group’, But Claims There Are No Regime Change Plans For Iran

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US State Department Forms 'Iran Action Group', But Claims There Are No Regime Change Plans For Iran


On August 16th, the US State Department in the face of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the forming of an Iran Action Group (IAG).

The first step will include the appointment of a special representative for Iran to coordinate the US policy, while the Trump Administration aims to increase the pressure on Tehran after the May 8th US withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Brian Hook, who is currently the State Department’s director of policy planning with head the new IAG and will coordinate actions between the various US agencies.

“We’re committed to a whole-government effort to change the Iranian regime’s behavior, and the Iran Action group will ensure that the State Department remains closely synchronized with our interagency partners,” Pompeo commented.

He also added that the IAG will coordinate policy with the “growing” number of nations that share the US standing towards “the Iranian threat.”

“Our hope is that one day soon we can reach an agreement with Iran, but we must see major changes in the regime both inside and outside of its borders,” Mike Pompeo said. “The Iranian people and the world are demanding that Iran finally act like a normal nation. The Iran Action Group will drive daily progress on these objectives, and I hope do much more,” he added.

Sputnik cited, Brian Hook who commented that the IAG would address all forms of the Iranian threat, which has been a force of instability and violence. “When you look at the range of Iranian threats, especially around missiles and cyber, maritime aggression, terrorism, these are concerns of other nations. The United States is not alone in that regard. And I find that when we sit down and talk with other nations, there are shared interests that we’re able to pursue, and we’ll continue doing it,” Hook added.

Since withdrawing from the Iran Nuclear Deal, the US has reimposed sanctions that were eased under the deal and has steadily increased pressure on Iran. The unilateral move to withdrawl from the deal has been opposed by other signatories to the agreement, which have pledged their commitment to the deal.

To further deepen the worsening of Iran-US relations, on August 6th the first batch of sanctions were reimposed. They target Iran’s purchase of US dollar banknotes, trade in gold and other metals and transactions involving the national currency.

The second batch is to be introduced on November 4th and  in they target Iran’s oil exports and energy sector. Something for which Iran has threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz among other retaliations.

As a response to the sanctions, the EU activated its Blocking Statute, prohibiting European companies from the application of sanctions by a third country, exempting the EU companies from complying with the US sanctions on Iran.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has ordered Iran to prepare to build up the country’s enrichment capacity in case the nuclear deal falls apart.

Critics of the administration’s approach suggested that Hook’s new position was a sign the US was adopting a regime-change policy in Iran, something that Pompeo and other officials formally deny. The Trump administration claims it is only interested in a direction change, not a government change in Iran.

Pompeo’s announcement as reported by PressTV, coincides with the 65th anniversary of the CIA coup against Mossadegh. The 1953 United States covert action overthrew Mossadegh in favor of strengthening the monarchical rule of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi on 19 August 1953. Hook, however, commented that the forming of the action group being on the day of the coup was “pure coincidence.”

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leon mc pilibin

2 israhelli puppets,and smiling traitors,what an insult to the american people.


Amazing how they always find the money to pursue the Zionists agenda but cry unceasingly how they can’t afford education, medical coverage, social security etc. for the American people, but bring up yearly donations to the non-Semitic Zionist state of Israel or wars for their benefit….. oops, I forgot that MSM never covers the money freely available for those purposes.


Would you buy a used car of either guy in this photo!!


The American people are responsible for the politicians they elect. This is true for every western type democracy.


American style is called …de-mock-racy!

Tommy Jensen

The American people are WORSE than their politicians. Otherwise US politicians would never have been elected in the first place.


The Title Iran action group is controversial. It should be US action group for Iran.


There are a lot of moves that the US makes, that I find perplexing. This is one of them.


They will do anything …including the laying down of hundreds of it’s servicemen lives…in order to serve their masters interest …in the stolen lands called isrealhell!!!!


The death rattles of a dying empire.
A hundred years from now historians will blame Trump and Pompous for the fall of the empire.

Ivan Freely

LBJ or maybe as far back as Lincoln or Wilson.


I reckon you are right about LBJ, he spent all of Americas money killing Vietnamese. That caused the US to default on the Bretton Woods agreement, and they have been printing money ever since.
The great American Ponzi scheme, the US dollar is approaching 50 years, and it’s starting to unravel.

Hisham Saber

If the U.S. / Israel want action on Iran, they will be sorely mistaken. If Israel still wants to exist, and the U.S., still wants to have a regional role in the wider Middle East and central Asia, then they had better not miscalculate and do anything serious or provoke Iran into a no-win situation.

Iran is in effect the sponsor and supporter, on all levels of the forces of the axis of resistance. Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen stand militarily with Iran. In effect, surrounding Israel, and able to reach deep into U.S. bases and interests in the wider Middle East. Iran can quickly put the Gulf monarchies out of the oil and gas business, chocking off 40-50 % of the worlds oil and natural gas imports. That’s a single act which would collapse the dollar, which is propped up by oil and Gulf Arab money.

Jews, who are pushing the confrontation with Iran, stand to lose not only Israel, as a state/entity, but also stand to lose their centuries long world monetary scheme, through Central Banks and also propping the dollar against oil, the Petro-dollar. Iran will not do down just like that. They have been preparing for hostilities since 1979. They are ready. And they too, have big plans.

China just bought up an 80% stake in the Iranian South Pars gas fields. The largest reservoir of natural gas in the world. A mind-boggling proposition if you think about it. Thus, China will keep Iran floating , flush with dollars and any precious or non-precious metals it needs for industry or reserves. Iran is also a very crucial and indispensable part of China’s mammoth, gigantic OBR Silk Roads. As a matter of fact, just last month I think the first express cargo/passenger train left for Iran from China for it maiden non-stop voyage, which will take 14 days, rather than 5 weeks by cargo/container ship.

China has already staked its claim in the wider Middle East, and wont be deterred, nor will it let Iran be affected by dubious sanctions or any type of subversion or subterfuge. Not that Iran cant handle things on its own. But one interesting thing no one is talking about is China has been floating the Syrian government, and essentially Syria with goods, trade, grants and assistance since 2013. Even military assistance in the form of weapons and technical help. There are many Chinese military surgeons embedded with the SAA, NDF and allies, also in Damascus. The Chinese have just stated on the record that they have Special Forces embedded with the Syrian Arab Army, mainly the Tiger Forces and 4th Armored Division of the SAA. The Chinese have a vested interest in seeing Idlib liberated, because there are many Uighur Chinese militants alongside the others. They don’t want them coming back, but want them neutralized/captured, so the Syrian government asked them to participate directly. Also Chinese officers get to train in real-time combat scenarios alongside their Syrian, Iranian, and Russian counterparts. Valuable for China’s growing ever more sophisticated military. And they are announcing that they are in essence with the forces of the ‘ axis of resistance ‘ all the way. Not good news for the usurper Zionist apartheid regime in Tel Aviv, nor is this any good for the U.S., which had wanted to keep the Chinese from taking sides, and perhaps even cooperating with them instead.

Iran has nothing to worry about, but needs to forge ahead full throttle and ignore the restless arrogant powers that seek to undermine it. Push comes to shove, and Iran could over-run the whole region with ground forces if necessary. Who’s going to stop them, the small, irrelevant U.S., British , French Special Forces with their Kurdish lackeys and their small ‘sitting targets’ bases? Irans Basij force is estimated to number 17 million, and all have sworn an oath to fight , and that’s not even including the Iranian military and IRGC.

Tommy Jensen

Good one. I wondered how Assad succeeded to establish all the help to refugees and public servants while Kurds constant were in payment trouble. You gave the answer.

Splendid cooperation and coordination between Russia/China/Iran in Syria YEAHHHHHHHHH,

Tommy Jensen

Just be aware Kissinger has said Israel will not exist within 10 years, and Nasrallah recently have advised ordinary citizens in Israel to leave as soon they can. Why?

Because both Kissinger and Nasrallah knows the plan of the US/UK/Rothschild gang to sacrifize Israel in order to get hold of Iran´s $42 Trillion oil/gas reserves.

Hisham Saber

The cabal of international Khazar Talmudic Jews want Russia, not Iran. Russia is their stated goal, and by far out-prizes Iran in natural resources, or in anything else. Jews want their ‘ Kingdom of Khazaria’ back.

Ivan Freely

“The Chinese have just stated on the record that they have Special Forces embedded with the Syrian Arab Army, mainly the Tiger Forces and 4th Armored Division of the SAA.”

Where are you getting this info from? According to this English language Chinese news website, http://www.ecns.cn/news/military/2018-08-10/detail-ifywwxaw2291512.shtml , China “is willing to participate in some way” which means they’re thinking about it but have not committed.

I have not seen any photos and or videos of any Chinese involvement in Syria. Even SouthFront and AMN mentioned this as well. Do you have any photos and or videos of Chinese involvement? I would love to see them. Thanks.

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