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US State Department Accuses Assad of Violating the Ceasefire


US State Department Accuses Assad of Violating the Ceasefire

AlMasdarNews reported: The U.S. State Department’s Spokesperson, Mark Toner, stated during his press briefing on Tuesday that the “Assad regime” continues to violate the countrywide ceasefire.

Toner attempted to refute the allegation that the Syrian rebels have violated the cessation of hostilities agreement repeatedly, stating that the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, agreed with their take on the ground situation.

“Okay, great. They also discussed the ongoing – or rather, the cessation of hostilities, current status of them, in Syria and the urgent need for the Assad regime to stop its violations of the cessation. He – the Secretary stressed the importance of expanding and improving on humanitarian access. Obviously, that’s something we want to see solidified, including access to medical supplies to all Syrians in need and the urgent need, obviously, for progress toward a political transition in Syria. And then they did also discuss Ukraine briefly at the end, and of course, Secretary Kerry urged Russia to comply with its Minsk commitments.”

When asked why Russian reports differ from the U.S. allegations, Toner responded with the following refutation: “I think so. I believe that’s the case. I mean, we’ve – we haven’t, obviously, issued a score card or anything like that. What we have seen is that the Assad regime continues to be the biggest quote/unquote “violator.”

Toner was unable to address the ceasefire violations that took place two days ago in Aleppo.

The full briefing HERE



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