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JUNE 2021

US To Spend $214M On Europe Air Bases To Counter ‘Russian Aggression’

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US To Spend $214M On Europe Air Bases To Counter 'Russian Aggression'

U.S., Estonia’s and NATO flags flutter next to the U.S. Air Force F-35A Lightning II fighter in Amari Air Base, Estonia, April 25, 2017. INTS KALNINS/REUTERS

The US has allocated $214 million to build airfields, training sites, ranges and other military installations in in Eastern and Northern Europe aimed to counter the so-called “Russian aggression.” The scheduled modernization is a part of the $4.6 billion European Deterrence Initiative (EDI) aimed at “reassuring” European allies.

According to Air Force Times, a total of nine bases in Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Norway, Luxembourg and Iceland will undergo the modernization.

Some of the bases will temporarily house high-tech stealth fighters like the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Strike Fighter and reconnaissance assets to track and counter Russian warplanes in the North and Baltic Seas.

“While we can’t provide specific details on future operations and locations, we continuously look for opportunities for our fifth-generation aircraft to conduct interoperability training with our allies and partners in the European theater,” Maj. Juan Martinez, a spokesperson for U.S. European Command, said.

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USA is using Russia to maintain hegemony in Europe.
USA is using Iran to maintain hegemony in the middle east.

USA is using sunnis to maintain hegemony in Europe and in the middle east.


“Israel is using USA to maintain hegemony in the ME” would be a more accurate statement I think.


USA and israel have common interest in the region.


Yes but it’s obvious who controls USA’s foreign policy. Washington DC and the Congress are full of shabbos goyim and jews with dual citizenship.


It will all end in tears for the US though I think.

Every Empire has sought to travel the same path and every past Empire has failed when the dead weight of empire crippled the bloated body.


The only aggression being waged is US & NATO towards Russia. An easy litmus test, if one is completely innocent, is to just look at a map of US & NATO bases just after Germany was united and a current map from today. There has never been an aggressive Empire in history as aggressive and nasty as the current one!

Feudalism Victory

Mongols and romans come to mind immediately


Nah, they carried neither the power to destroy the entire planet, nor the reach to destroy democracies in every part of the globe. The Romans contributed a lot to society whereas the US provides only enslavement, destruction and no chance of a government that benefits the populations of the vassal states.

Feudalism Victory

The us has contributed vast amounts to the world. Not all good of course but enough good to be undeniable to all.

Had the americans resorted to mongol levels tactics places like vietnam would still be dead today. So really id say intensity of violence is relatively low.


Please, point out the good that the US has contributed. That is, any good contribution that doesn’t first involve destroying the country or it’s society first. You list Viet Nam. Does all the benefits from Agent Orange count as violence; after all, it damages and kills even newborns long after the war? The Mongols didn’t possess the ability to harm and kill those born after wars were ended.

Arthur Smith

Are you saying that in-between major conflicts the mongols haven’t sucked their tributaries dry, lowering their ability to sustain children and taking some of those they had anyway as slaves?

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

“Russian aggression” is defined as Russia taking reasonable and prudent measures to counter US Aggression.


No, “Russian aggression” is defined as Russia still existing.


US build up is continue everywhere in the world, in the sea and in the space. Trump and notonyahoo both are radical Zionist extremists and racists and there is no place in the world for them. Our world will be a safe and a better place for human lives without these both extremists. There will be no more children become hunger, orphan or suffer. No more homes will be demolished. No more children will become refugees. God protect all humanity from these two evils.

Feudalism Victory

Ive got a bridge to sell you. You seem very gullible


If I were to think you could be right, then there would have been paradise before both men got into power.

I just have to point you to WWI, WWII, civil war in China, civil war in Russia, separation of India and Pakistan, DR Congo etc etc


We have miles of old water pipes leaching lead in US, yet build more bases abroad. Another reason for tax payer revolt.


Low profit margins in pipes business, not enough to grease all the politicians. On the other hand, those planes print money for anyone involved.


I fully support Nato forces being deployed in eastern and norhtern Europe, on the condition of course that the governments of the host countries agree. If not, then imo no deployment.

It is the sovereign right of said countries, all democracies, to allow deployment for any reason, including feeling threatened, right or wrong, by Russia. Whether it is wise, that is the privilige of all countries concerned.

Anybody saying anything else is a fascist or at the least antidemocratic.

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