US Speical Forces Arrived Al-Rai in Northern Syria, but Were Kicked Out by Turkish-backed Militants (Video)


Four US Special Forces officers have been spotted in the town of Al Rai in the Syrian province of Aleppo.

The town is now controlled by the Turkish Armed Forces and Turkish-backed militants. According to reports, in total 25 US soldiers were working with the Turkey-led forces as they advanced on al-Rai.

However, US special forces officers were forced to flee Al Rai after Free Syrian Army (FSA) militants threatened to “slaughter” them for their “invasion.” In the video above, FSA militants chant that US forces are “pigs”, “crusaders” and “infidels.”

We recall that the FSA is called by the US as a “moderate” rebel group and supported by Washington against the government of Bashar al-Assad.



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  • VGA

    The americans should start getting used to this “pack up and leave” actions. Same thing happened in Libya.

  • Jens Holm

    Dont get, why those american soldiers are there at all. Its a turkish projekt.

    • Psst, it’s all a Zionist project. The whole thing.

      • Jens Holm

        Look more like camouflage uniforms for muslim despots for me. The lower ranks are in Hijabs or kebabs.

    • Riyad Enakoua

      and does Turkey can value anything without the Americans ?
      just to make things clear … USA can wipe out all of these RATS and makes Turkey bark like a dig inside their territory … but USA needs to play with some cards .. and can’t be present there by their own .. it’s a proxy ware

      • Jens Holm

        Well,if all were ok in Syria, there wasnt any war at all.

        As You define it all wars are proxy wars – almost.

        The one, who isnt here, is Assad, Baads and the majority making war against the rest during many, many years. There is no proxy there.

        But it came.

        USA and Nato are not the main proxies at all. Lot of others are incl. Turkey.

  • Költikin

    To give you some information, the anger is ignited by the Kurdish militia using US flags on some of the facilities. These interpreted as occupation, and these rebels do not want to see their country is occupied by any foreign nation. Even Turkish army in Syria do not use Turkish flags on the top of the buildings. These sneaky Kurdish militia is clearly fabricating tension there.

  • This is stupid, why not just kill them? You kill Syrians, Children, Turks, Russians, Each other, Lebanese, Iranians, basically anyone who does not work for Mi6 and CIA. But when someone works for CIA, you wont harm a hair on their head??? This is crazy.
    If Militants should be killing anyone, it is these imperial-solders who are arch nemesis of humanity and God.

  • Alireza KH

    Fuck these worthless rebels.they are funded and supported by turkey just like their brothers isis.but The kurds will kick their asses like they kicked the isis