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US Special Forces & YPG Units Conduct Saboteur Raid Against ISIS In Tabqa

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US Special Forces & YPG Units Conduct Saboteur Raid Against ISIS In Tabqa

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Last night, the US Special Forces and the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) conducted a raid against ISIS positions at the town of Tabqa near the strategic Tabqa dam in the Syrian province of Raqqah.

The goal of the raid was to damage the terrorists’ command structure in the area. However, no confirmed reports are available to estimate the results.

Pro-YPG/SDF sources claim that clashes were ongoing in the northern part of the Tabqa town, including the bank.

Last week, US-backed YPG forces recaptured from ISIS a batch of villages north of the Tabqa dam.

Now, if YPG forces want to advance further they will have to develop an offensive operation in the eastern Raqqah countryside or to storm the Tabqa dam and the town of Tabqa. Results of the raid against ISIS in Tabqa will likely impact the decision.

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For some two weeks I mentioned the possibility of SDF using barges like they did attacking Manbij.

This will force IS to deploy frces on the southern banks of the Euphrates. A real attack to create a bridgehead would require more SDF forces and a coordinated attack on the dam.

SDF can also advance a bit eastward on the north bank of the river and use the railbridge to cross the rver.

Mighty Atom

They have already crossed, battle has started. IS had ditches, but there was a weak point, and SDF have exploited it.


They crossed but it was just a raid, it was not a bridgehead on the other side. However, IS is now forced to station fighters in sufficient numbers to guard the southern side, taking fighters from the front or depleting reserves.


SDF pressure against south bank of river is positive. ISUS has sent many to Deir Ezzor and more may be tied up around Raqqa. I hope that their lines are getting thin now (with less reserves available). ISUS corridor between Deir Ezzor pockets may be a good kill zone.


Maybe it’s actually a bank robbery. What was the name of that movie? Anyways ISUS scum will not need cash considering where their headed. The loot can be used to reimburse their many victims. :)

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