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US Special Forces Join Philippine Army In Anti-ISIS Operations In Marawi

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US Special Forces Join Philippine Army In Anti-ISIS Operations In Marawi

Using their V-300 Commando Fire Support Vehicle, the Philippine Marines patrol Barangay Saduc in Marawi City on June 6, 2017. Photo by Bbobby Lagsa/Rappler

The Philippine Army announced that the US Special Operations Forces have begun providing technical support to help end the siege imposed on Marawi city by ISIS fighters.

At a press conference, Lieutenant Colonel Jo-Ar Herrera of the Philippine Army said that “US forces are not fighting but only providing technical support.” A spokesman for the US Embassy in the Philippines said the Philippine Army asked for American help in the Battle of Marawi, which entered its third week.

US Special Forces Join Philippine Army In Anti-ISIS Operations In Marawi

OV-10 Bronco is carrying out airstrikes on ISIS targets in Marawi

From its side, ISIS claimed that 19 Philippine soldiers were killed during clashes in Dagodban district of Marawi city.

ISIS also claimed that its fighters managed to damage an armored vehicle of the Philippine army with a rocket-propelled grenade in Marawi yesterday.

According to the Philippine government, 58 soldiers and 139 ISIS terrorists have been killed so far, and 20 civilians have lost their life as a result of clashes  in Marawi.

Jihadists have been actively using tunnels and caves in order to resist air and ground attacks by the security forces. The army says the jihadists occupy only about 10% of Marawi.

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“the US Special Operations Forces have begun providing technical support to help end the siege”

Does this mean that the US will be giving ISIS information about Government plans and leaving a few Manpads around to be ‘found’ by ISIS ?


That is exactly what it means. Just like they’ve been doing to the Iraqi Army for years now.

gfsdyughjgd .

Very perfect mind reading.USA/Nato is going to grab this opportunity and mobilize ISIS with new arms against Philippine government.


Oh my Philpinies brothers ISIS created by US CIA. You should have to study internet a bit then you should have to invite US SOF.

ISIS, AL QAEDA and Boko Haram are the most effective tools of US CIA. They are proxies that destabilize and destroy countries.

gfsdyughjgd .

Very true.

Peter Moy

Here we go again, US Special Forces involved. The only thing special about them is that they don’t like to get their hands dirty by actually trying to kill the enemy. Wars without end.

Solomon Krupacek

sorry boy, but they are allied. what did you think, datartre will please putin or chinese president?

Shylo Duffy

If he was smart he would have..

Solomon Krupacek

again: they are allied.

Amon -Ra- DeArmond

Seems like someone’s ignorant of all the things Duterte said about USA

Solomon Krupacek

words of politicians are irrelevent. who believe them, is simply fool.

Amon -Ra- DeArmond

Yes….it’s not like Duterte said he would start killing drug addicts and dealers…and than went on to do the exact thing he said he would do if he wins.Same applies for him getting closer to China

Solomon Krupacek

he is a murder and practiced as mayor. therefore simply continued. but the words on adddress usa, china, russia i divide by 10-100. be sure, the americans will be there also in 20 years.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Entire Filipino nation defeated by 250 ISIS and allied fighters. This is just demeaning.
Let the Filipino people figure it out for themselves. If they will not fight, then they die.
I would think that the multitudes of millions of Filipino citizens and military equipment could handle this if they were dedicated.
I want the USSA 100% of of the Philippines forever!

John Brown

Real anti racist action. Well 59 Philippine soldiers have died so that does not sound
like they are cowards to me. Look at the weapons ISIS has they are top of the line
USSA weapons much better than the average American soldier gets, rifles with grenade
launchers on them etc. ISIS has been trained by Israel and the USSA and from
the looks of it some of them are from Syria, so they have experience in this kind
of battle, the Philippine army does not. Also the Philippine army care about the
local population etc this is a big disadvantage fighting ISIS when ISIS could
care less how many die in their battles. They don’t understand yet that large parts of

Marawi are going to look like Aleppo before ISIS is done.


Duterte is all talk and piss on Filipino army. America’s bitches. Maybe I plan vacation there and get my cock sucked.


I am sure a deviant like you would enjoy that with another man.


No, your sister would suffice.

Filipino GDP was 7 percent Q1, 2017. 7%!!!

Maybe your mind cannot intelligently comprehend this since you’re a mindless American brasher. No, Filipino government needs a Fidel Castro moment to clean house of all their corruption that cannot produce their own “Special Forces.” Instead Duterte grovels to his American masters all the time shouting his tough talk. Totally lost respect for this guy. And where is the splendid Spetnaz? No where.


“No, your sister would suffice.”

You are a rapist as well then. You must be so proud.


So much for the Presidents anti americal rhetoric. To be honest I never
believed it in the first place. Everyone wants to be america’s friend
even if they sulk sometimes.

Solomon Krupacek

he hated the black obama. now both are “pussy grabbing” types.

eric zweistein

Very bad news. Once US forces get involved, ISIS will grow ten-fold stronger over night.

Take away point:
Zion’s numerous Intel assets inside the Philippines have started an all-out attack on Duterte. We can only hope he is prepared for this.

Shylo Duffy

Oh oh and here I thought the Philippine leader was a smart guy now its clear he’s only a tough talker.I assumed every one understands what type of help the US provides.

Shylo Duffy

God Bless the people there.


US special forces are probably acting more as intel for ISIS. The ISIS card is being played at exactly the same time as Duterte is negotiating directly with the Chinese without the US about rights to natural gas in the South China Sea,

gfsdyughjgd .

Poor Philippine government is now in serious trouble with USA terrorist supporters involvement.

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