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JULY 2022

US Special Forces Fear Su-24M2s of Syrian Air Force

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The US is concerned about the Su-24M2 upgraded tactical bombers of the Syrian Air Force, and tries to use any diplomatic means in order to limit activity of Syrian aircraft on the territory of the Arab country.

US Special Forces Fear Su-24M2s of Syrian Air Force

Photo: Encyclopedia of Syrian military

The Su-24MK tactical bombers are the main striking power of the Syrian Air Force. In summer, it became known that in addition to the ‘winged trucks with bombs’ from Russia, the upgraded Su-24M2s have also started to enter in service of the Syrian Armed Forces.

The Su-24M2 has more perfect aviation electronics. This has significantly improved accuracy of usage of regular ballistic bombs. A range of used precision-guided weapons has also been expanded. According to some reports, the electronic warfare systems that make the process of using of air-to-ground and air-to-air missiles against these aircraft more difficult have also been improved.

The fact that the Syrian Air Force has received these enough modern aircraft caused concern of the US. For this reason, it was not surprising that the F-22 Raptor fifth-generation fighter jets have been sent to intercept these Syrian bombers that can threaten the US Special Forces, operating on the Syrian territory.

The increasing effectiveness of the Syrian Air Force has led to the fact that Americans do everything in order to limit activity of the Assad’s air power, including the Su-24M2s, using any diplomatic means. Despite this fact, according to military experts, supplies of the Su-24M2s bombers to Syria will be continued.

US Special Forces Fear Su-24M2s of Syrian Air Force

Photo: Encyclopedia of Syrian military

US Special Forces Fear Su-24M2s of Syrian Air Force

Photo: Encyclopedia of Syrian military

US Special Forces Fear Su-24M2s of Syrian Air Force

Photo: Encyclopedia of Syrian military

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The terrorists are scared shitless of cluster bombs, huh? Good.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The US is fearful because their are a lot of British-SAS operating on the ground in Syria. Two groups of 750 total. That is a tottal of 2,500 publicly known SAS unites. Plus CIA and US special forces and Jewish-Mossad. Once intelligence comes in, and if Syria chooses. They could pry eliminate as many as 25 SAS-Imperials per bombing run thus running the remaining SAS out of the country and back into Turkey. England would be so pissed, after they have spent the last 300 years working hard overtime to conquer and control all of the Middle East.


They shouldn’t be there but you should quote your sources? The figure you quote would mean ALL of the UK’s operational special forces would have been committed. That would be highly unlikely as the UK has a maximum of 2,500 to 3,000 special forces with many being reservists. The US has over 70,000 special forces.

Simon Gunson

On Sep 21, 2016 according to Russian, Syrian & Iranian sources a Russian attack on a secret bunker rebel held Aleppo took out 30 foreign intelligence officers. These were personnel from Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Israel’s Mossad, US special forces & British SAS. The underground bunker was located deep within the old caves of Sam’an mountain.

After this the United States retaliated with a deliberate air attack on Syrian Army forces defending Deir Ezzor co-ordinated with an ISIL attack. US Special Forces work closely in co-operation with ISIL inside Syria.


For your information, US air attack on Syrian army was on Sept 17.

Russia retaliated with the Sept 21 attack on terrorists operation room taking out 30 idiots (if they had “intelligence” they wouldn’t have been there) of Israeli, US, Turk and British origin.

Marek Pejović

it’s an interesting information. could shed useful light to nature and exact working of west-backed support. too bad South Front didn’t look into that.

Joseph Scott

There are not that many total special operations personnel in the entire British armed forces, as I pointed out before. At full strength, 22 SAS, the Territorial Army’s 21 and 23 SAS, the SBS and the SBS reserve are well under 300 operators each. Altogether, it would be under 1300. But, they are NEVER at full strength, due to the difficulty of finding qualified personnel. Average pass rate for SAS selection hovers at around 1%. 22 SAS regularly borrows people from 21 and 23 just to maintain their strength. Aside from individual operators posted to the regular units, I’m not aware of either TA formation or the SBS reserve unit ever deploying anywhere. But even if they did, you’d be lucky to get 1200 people. One squadron of 22 SAS is always held at Hereford on counter-terrorism duties, and one squadron is generally in reserve, training and running selection. Realistically, you are looking at 256 SAS and SBS deployed worldwide. The SRS adds in another maybe 600 people, assuming you sent the whole regiment which again, just isn’t done.

Also, SAS and SBS hardly ever operate in groups larger than 16 man troops, so the odds of hitting 25 at once with any single piece of ordnance would be quite low. Probably the majority of their operations see them split into 4 man teams.

You greatly underestimate the great use of auxiliary forces and foreign troops of various kinds the British have made. At most points in British history, there were far more native militia, mercenaries, allied forces and British-officered locals than there ever were actual British troops. It’s quite possible the British have assembled 2500-3000 total troops there, but most of them will be private contractors, only a handful of which will be British subjects. No more than 5% are likely to be members of the British armed forces.


It is time to show the USA and other foreign forces that they have no business in Syria unless being invited by the government.


60 Syrian SU24M2’s seems about right.

Simon Gunson

What the War in Syria marks more than anything else is the loss of prestige, power & influence of America globally. It is the United States & NATO allies who have taken a misstep & underestimated by boxing themselves into a corner where they can only succeed now by direct confrontation with nuclear superpowers.

This is a lose – lose situation for the United States. If confrontation leads to nuclear war everyone loses. If they don’t escalate Syria into a super power confrontation with Russia & China, USA loses face and influence in all future confrontations. CHECKMATE

Brad Isherwood

Excerpt: The MiG-29SM features many improvements over the MiG-29B, such as an upgraded N-019ME radar, the capability to carry a larger payload and many more smaller upgrades to cockpit displays and navigational and communication systems. Arguably the most important upgrade, considering the MiG-29’s current use in Syria, comes in the form of an expanded arsenal of air-to-ground weaponry, such as the Kh-29T(E), Kh-31A/P missiles and KAB-500-Kr/OD guided bombs. Delivery of these weapons was included in the MiG-29SM contract.

Lastely it enables the aircraft to carry the dreaded R-77 (AA-12 ‘Adder’) air-to-air missile, which poses a considerable threat to foreign aircraft intervening in the conflict. MiG-29s have already been spotted in Syria carrying the AKU-170E launch rails used to carry this missile, as seen in the image below. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/–t1Kg1Vhp5Y/VLQiAP0S7jI/AAAAAAAACdY/dqIElOuwMh4/s1600/alfaris_net_1384981777.png

The exact number of upgraded Syrian Mig 29 is? The contract for 12 Mig 29/M2 has 2018 delivery date with the past years dates pushed forward. The YAK 130 contract is ? Good to know Syria has some capable airframes to haul standoff weapons .

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