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US Special Forces Deploy To Support Lebanese Army’s Operations Against ISIS

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US Special Forces Deploy To Support Lebanese Army's Operations Against ISIS


The US-based Arabic TV channel Alhurra claimed that dozens of US soldiers have been deployed in Lebanon to support the Lebanese Army in its upcoming operation against ISIS at the Syrian-Lebanese border.

Alhurra claimed that 70 servicemen from US Special Operations Forces are currently in Lebanon but did not reveal the tasks of these soldiers or how they will support the Lebanese Army.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese Al-Jumhoria newspaper claimed that the Lebanese government may ask the US-led coalition to provide an air support for the Lebanese Army during its operation against ISIS in the border area.

According to the report, Lebanese officials may have contacted Russia and asked them to pressure Syria and Iran to allow US-led coalition warplanes to operate at the Syrian-Lebanese border. However, it appears that Syria is opposing this idea that might lead to establishing of the US-led coalition foothold at the Syrian-Lebanese border.

Back in 2014, ISIS fighters captured Jorud Ras Baalbek and Jorud Ras al-Qaa in northeastern Lebanon and Jorud Qara and Grijer in Western Qalamoun inside Syria at the Syrian-Lebanese border.

Major General Abbas Ibrahim General director of the Lebanese General Directorate of General Security said that the Lebanese authorities are ready to negotiate with ISIS fighters in Ras Baalbek area if they agree to withdraw like HTS, or they will face a military operation.

According to the recent reports, the Lebanese Army will be the main force in the military operation against ISIS in the area. Hezbollah may participate in the operation from the Syrian side. According to Lebanese sources, the operation was delayed because the Lebanese Army had not finished preparations for the effort.

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Our American viewpoint seems to be becoming more sensible, so perhaps this will not lead to tragedy.

martin aguilar

Noooo please ! Americans go home !!!! and let Siria Russia Iran and Hezbollah fight ISIS,

Jan Tjarks

It’s more like, everything is falling apart, let’s smile and wave!



It always has , so it likely will now. The US Military never seem to be able to endear themselves to any local populations.


Never fear, the US gov and military will use any excuse to ingratiate themselves so as to be in a position to turn on any supposed ally. This is a Trojan horse operation…strictly to put themselves in place should their masters, Israel, need to call on them, they will already be in place. Hariri needs to have his head examined if he believes this is on the up and up. This is a move against Hezbollah…probably planned in Israel.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Nothing good whatsoever will come of this. Nothing. I wonder what blackmail was used against the Lebanon government. It’s also a certainty there will be no, “Thanks for helping, US, you can go home now.”


The lebanese army is a joke. They have Hezbollah and they go search 70 US soldiers. XD.


Are Arabs stupid ?


They are not as stupid as at least 50% of Americans .


They are not needed!


I was wondering why there were no Hezbollah units fighting on the Lebanese side of the border in this battle. And I was wondering if the Lebanese army could be trusted.

Now we know America troops are fighting alongside the Lebanese army. That answers both of my questions.

Too bad. This battle was sabotaged from the beginning. They will escape , not just to idlib, but free to any place in Lebanon.

Expo Marker

Since Alhurra is the only one speaking of this, this may not be true. If it were true, more people would report this from Lebanon and nearby.


just goes to shatter what some ppl have been led to believe the us don’t support the revolution and never did but pretended for image and public relations


In Hollywood the US always wins :) In the real world they do not :)


No, they are obsessed with getting rid of Assad and or Hezbollah. The good guy crap is mere window dressing for the cameras at home…then it’s back to slaughtering innocent civilians, like they’ve been doing all along and continue to do.

Kim Jong

US Special Forces Deploy To Support ISIS Against Lebanese Army’s Operations


It’s highly probable that the source of information is talking out its a$$. This source also the SDF was coordinating positions with Saa which sound simarly to Russian/ USA coalition coordination that leaves much to be desired as the Russians would say. If I were to guess, The information is to fabricate a narrative reinforcing ideas of 3rd party and use 3rd party independent networks to promote narrative, something learned from observing French bombings observing the hit miss successess on 3rd party indepencent outlets as the saying goes look into the abyss long enough… you find the abyss looking at-… you

The source seems to be outside the loop When Nasarella commented on Hariri Trump he declined to comment so as not to make or get trouble. meaning lost in translation meaning of which resulis in wrong meaning

Hariri goes to RUSI 911 not what article says


Now that would make US SOF and Hezbollah – allies??? I know the news is BS, but just think about shitstorm in Tel Aviv if it were genuine ;-D

Justin Ryan

I agree with u but think about what benefits this might gain USA / Israel if they did do this? A US base maybe? Who is going to move them after the USA says “no, we are not moving, we are staying”!


Hezbollah of course. They already moved out US in the 80s and Israelis in the 90s. They are very good at moving aggressors out of their country…

Justin Ryan

I hope you’re right!


Phuck off Americunts bloody go home and stay there. NOBODY likes you NOBODY wants you All you do is LIE & KILL & DESTROY We’re sick to death of you You’re the scum of the earth lower than the polluted scum that froths dirty water.

If Lebanon needs more help than Hezbollah then let them ask Iran, Syria and/ Russia. Forced, claimed, arm-twisted Yankee Jerk-Off allies are not needed.

Even the idea that Lebanon WANTS Americunts on their soil again is a phücking joke. (And please forgive all my French but these **** very nice people**** pìss me off something horrible.)


Well said . The US never brings anything good with their military.

Brett Johnson

There is no longer Syria…. Only Russia and Iran controlling to their interest, what the radicals do in the Land, to start more unprovoked attacks against Israel!!!

Manuel Flores Escobar

US forces in lebanon?..to spy SAA/ Hezbollah and give info to israel?..or to build another Al Tanf?…US forces are NOT clean wheat!…


Wow..That Hariri puppet must be expelled from Lebanon


Lmao SAA and Kurds allies one minute now USA want to help leb army all the way over in the small pockets of leb Syrian border Usa provide air support ??

And hez will just let USA forces get a footing on the ground ?

Unless al bagdadi is hiding there ? On what theory does USA just want to be apart of this

Like what sources are being used ?


¿ Against ISIS ? let me laugh a while about this good joke.


syria is going to win the war, but after the war is another thing, US,ISRAEL, Jordan and Turkey are going all at once atack syria after the war. from jordan, israel, turkey and lebanon to take out syrian capital


If true this is a result of massive bribes, blackmail or both. US is desperate to have their planes and SFs to have a “legitimate” excuse to be around Syria. I doubt this will happen, but the moment there is an invitation to enter Lebanon tons of drones and other craft will be flying all over the place. Airspace violations will become commonplace and if there is any retaliation it will be framed as “aggression” towards US. And when relations deteriorate Syrian insurgents will start receiving TOW missiles again. It’s a dirty game.

Shahid Raja

ISIS does what its creators/financers/Trainers ask them to do. Follow their movements and you will accurately guess where the next deployment of Axis(USA&Co) forces are likely.

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