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US SOUTHCOM Head Says Venezuela Military Intervention “Might Be Necessary” By End Of 2019

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US SOUTHCOM Head Says Venezuela Military Intervention "Might Be Necessary" By End Of 2019

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The US is publicly considering a military operation in Venezuela. The Venezuelan government is preparing to resist.

Venezuela erected a S-300 missile defense system launcher on April 7th, satellite imagery revealed.

Significant activity surrounding the operational deployment areas of Capitán Manuel Rios #airbase was also noticed.

Activity in the air base was noted earlier, on March 24th as well.

The missile system was put into operational readiness following a military drill back in February.

The deployment followed Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro acknowledging that two Russian planes landed in Caracas, Venezuela, as part of a military co-operation between the two countries.

Separately, Nicolas Maduro in a twitter address claimed that Venezuelan authority neutralize up to 4 attacks on the Power Grid every day.

“Electric energy sector workers do not sleep. They are protecting the system from attacks around the clock. Every day, we neutralize two-three-four attacks on the electricity supply system,” Maduro said.

The president also promised Venezuelans that the authorities would continue making efforts to overcome the consequences of the recent attacks on the country’s power supply system.

Venezuela suffered yet another blackout on April 9th, after a power overload failure occurred as a result of the damage caused by alleged attacks against the electric grid. Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez explained that work was undergoing on restoring power and it was, in fact, restored within 3 hours.

Meanwhile, US four-star Admiral Craig Faller, US Southern Command head, said that the military is ‘on the balls of our feet’ awaiting instruction from the Trump administration on military intervention in Venezuela.

According to him, ‘The crisis in Venezuela could approach that degree by the end of this year if Maduro still remains in power. It’s that bad.’ He also compared the situation in Venezuela with the “chaos” in Syria under President Bashar al-Assad.

‘President Trump is determined not to see Venezuela fall under the sway of foreign powers,’ Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton said.

He also referenced the Monroe Doctrine and said that if it ‘fails, if China and Russia, along with Cuba, establish domination over Venezuela, I think American strategic interests will be harmed.’

On the part of the US, Vice President Mike Pence spoke to the UN Security Council on April 10th.

In his address, he used the chance to expectedly call for Nicolas Maduro to step down and praise US-Proclaimed Interim President Juan Guaido.

Pence also directly called out Venezuela’s UN Ambassador Samuel Moncada, telling him that “he shouldn’t be here.”

Pence also accused China and Russia of making the crisis in Venezuela worse by blocking the US resolution on the country in the UN.

He also announced the US will be providing nearly $61 million in humanitarian assistance, in addition to the $213 million the State Department says it has already provided to Venezuelan refugees living in nearby countries – as well as $43 million in development and economic assistance. All of the US aid has been rejected by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

After the Security Council meeting, Pence told reporters he believed that the momentum is on the side of the US position.

“We really do believe that freedom has the momentum but now it’s time for this body, this historic institution to step forward and to give voice to that momentum and we’re going to be reaching out to nations across the world to join us,” he said.

In response to Mike Pence, Venezuelan Ambassador to the UN Samuel Moncada retorted that “the only state representing Venezuela is the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela,” he said and framed the so-called humanitarian crisis as “part of the machinary of lies spread about the government of Venezuela.”

“To begin, I think it is called upon us to speak on the falsehoods that have been spoken about Venezuela,” he said and denounced that a new coup attempt that had just happened, as “the U.S. is attempting to pillage our resources.”

The Venezuelan government also released a statement categorically rejecting US attacks on Venezuela’s oil sector.

Russian Ambassador the UN Vasily Nebenzia also commented on Pence’s words, questioning the US’ actual intentions in Venezuela.

“The U.S. has still not overcome the devastation of Hurricane Maria,” the Russian ambassador said in response to Pence claiming the U.S. is trying to deliver aid to Venezuela, adding that the Venezuelan government “is not rejecting humanitarian assistance. Russia and other countries have provided assistance along with WHO.”

He also accused the US of causing the crisis in Venezuela, due to its geopolitical interest of controlling the region.

“If you want to make America great again stop interfering in the interest of other states,” Nebenzya said and, addressing the Latin American neighboring, made it clear that “Venezuela is a bargaining chip for geopolitical influence in the world.”

The Russian diplomat also said that “we call on the U.S. to recognize the right of the Venezuelan people’s rights to choose their leadership.”

The Chinese Ambassador to the UN Liu Jieyi also said that China was monitoring the situation and that “Unilateral sanctions will only worsen the situation. It won’t help resolve the problems nor will it bring peace.”

Iran is also expressing its support for Venezuela, with Iranian political representatives traveling to Venezuela as part of a framework of political consultations, aimed among other things to counter the U.S. attempts to destabilize Venezuelan state.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mohsen Baharvand accompanied by a political delegation and members of the Iranian airline Mahan studied the possibility of implementing direct flights between Iran and Venezuela.

Raul Castro also pledged that Cuba would never abandon its ally Venezuela in the face of US “blackmail.”


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Zionism = EVIL

So far the CIA stage managed Guaido arsehole has not worked out well. The Americunts now have a CIA installed idiot in Brazil and Colombian dopers next door to invade Venezuela. The military has stood by Maduro so far and the Russians and Chinese will not allow a UN cover hopefully as the have shamefully done in Iran, Iraq, Yemen and Libya. The only option for Americunt losers is to invade outright from Colombia using a puppet Latin force and Americunt forces. It all depends if the Venezuelans have prepared to defend their country and Russia is willing to help along with Cuba. Venezuela is a large country with jungle terrain and is ideal for asymmetrical warfare and can bog down the Americunts for years with high casualties. The fat buffoon Trump’s openly racist anti-Hispanic policies will invite a lot of pissed off Latins, including the FARC and even M-13 and Central American gangs to support Venezuela. Let’s see what the Zionist masters decide as Syria and Iran axis is hotting up too. The Americunts will lose as usual regardless.

Xoli Xoli

Da Silva was locked up for supporting Brix countries.


US is clearly bluffing. Why would they inform their oponent about the attack and let them prepare for it?


Perhaps…then again, they are that dumb.


It’s not military strategy, it’s political. They are building (yet again) an international consensus for their illegal war.

Raptar Driver

They/we are not, get ready.


they are bluffing. Attack on Venezuela would be the last action of the empire…..

Raptar Driver

Disagree with the first part agree with the second. I know the Beast, I served it and kept careful accounts of past build ups, the shit is coming.


When does the US bluff? The US laughs because Russia is too pussy to confront them

Who’s gonna stop them, Russia got their ass kicked by Israel how can they fight America


You are delusional. US made the coup in UA in order to establish base in Crimea. Russians took Crimea without a single bullet shot. US invaded Syria in order to make it a puppet state or destory it. Russia saved Syria without starting WW3 and Russia actually removed Turkey from US vassal states list while saving Syria. Now Russia is saving Venezuela and US can not do anything about it……


“The US laughs because Russia is too pussy to confront them”

Russia laughs because they have the USA and Israel running around so confused you LITERALLY can’t even say if you’re coming or going in Syria.

War is politics by other means. It’s what you ACHIEVE POLITICALLY by your actions that defines winners and losers not how many people you kill or what you destroy.

Russia has in a few short years completely fucked up US plans in the Middle East by keeping Assad in power as well as turning Turkey and Iran into allies, turning Turkey away from the USA / NATO as well as drawing Iraq and Qatar into the Russian sphere.

Russian supported forces in Libya have just taken the airport in Tripoli and driven US marines out of the country.

Russia has stalled the overthrow of the Venezuelan government. An invasion of Venezuela by US forces is going to be one bloody affair for US now that Russia, China and Iran are supporting the Maduro government both financially and militarily.

Then there’s the Ukraine where the US puppet Porky-what-the-fuck, bought and paid for by the USA is getting bounced and replaced by a comedian.

Why on earth would the Russian bother going kinetic against the USA when they’re already kicking your ass without firing a shot?




” on the balls of our feet” man, they’ve even got that wrong. lmao


Yes , clearly he meant that we have “our feet on our balls”.

Concrete Mike

On the balls of likud would also be acceptable.

America first my ass!


Trump is an Israel firster and not an America firster. Trump’s ONLY concerns are his a*ss and Israel.


Russian weapons to protect Venezuela from the sea should be requested of Russia along with anti-drone weapons.


I’m sure Russia is busy delivering stocks of manpads, infantry EW weapons and anti drone weapons, small arms, explosives and mines to Venezuela.

They’ll let the USA invade if they want to but then mount an insurgency that will keep the USA tied up in Venezuela for decades bleeding them white and costing them $trillions, If the USA can fly CAS due to manpads they can’t fight infantry battles effectively …. they depend on air power sooo much. GPS jammers will render whole classes of precision weapons and AC-130 gunships useless. Hand held anti drone weapons will blind infantry squads, it will then come down to Vietnam era or even WW2 vintage partisan / infantry battles which will see many Americans sent home in body bags.


This has got to be the worst pack of liars we’ve ever had in the WH…and after all the BS pulled by the last 5 admins, that’s saying something. The closest thing to the truth that was said is that Venezuelan chaos is like that of Syria. No shit…and who is responsible for that? The same gang of criminals.

Daniel Martin

“According to him, ‘The crisis in Venezuela could approach that degree by the end of this year if Maduro still remains in power. It’s that bad.’ He also compared the situation in Venezuela with the “chaos” in Syria under President Bashar al-Assad.”

And we all know by now how ”well” you manged that one …

Raptar Driver

I work with a man who suddenly took off of work to go to Colorado where his son is stationed; said it was an emergency and his son was afraid. He is afraid because he and many others are being deployed to a combat zone and the likely hood of causalities is assumed to be very high; I believe they are being sent to invade Venezuela. This comment is 100% true and accurate, the only speculation is where they are being sent, it is a secret, the troops don’t even know, here comes WW III on a platter thanks to our insatiable war pigs, yippy ki-yay mother Farkers!

Peter Moy

First of all, greetings from 3rd World New York City, USA. My best guess is that your colleague’s son is stationed at Fort Carson – home of the 4th Infantry Division and the 10th Special Forces Group. (Back in the 80s, I was with the Big Red One east at Fort Riley, Kansas). Considering how many wars this country is involved, none of which whose goal is to win, but to prolong and continue to cause death/destruction/misery/chaos, I’m surprised he is still stateside or not already preparing for a foreign deployment. Well just tell your co-worker to stay strong and hope for the best. As for the present civilian and military leadership, my opinion is that they are just government paycheck sucking, stupid, ignorant, reckless, pathetic losers. I could never serve with these downright morons. Remember: anyone with a brain capable of independent thought, critical thinking and logic is a threat to the Einsteins and geniuses slowly wrecking our country at all levels.

Raptar Driver

Thanks for your insight.


got proof?

Raptar Driver

For what, my word, yes, I never lie.


for your claim, which was a lie

Raptar Driver

Freaking dumb shit, you are the liar, go bite yourself.


And again you have no proof, no specifics, just childish whining

Raptar Driver

What proof moron, can’t you read, what I posted is hearsay, word of mouth, inside info and an opinion, do you need a scientific published paper? You are a doubt troll, get a new job loser. When it happens come back and show your yellow belly, I dare you cock munch.


Proof for your claims moron. Now fetch


here ya go kid: “work with a man who suddenly took off of work to go to Colorado where his son is stationed; said it was an emergency and his son was afraid. He is afraid because he and many others are being deployed to a combat zone and the likely hood of causalities is assumed to be very high; I believe they are being sent to invade Venezuela. This comment is 100% true and accurate, the only speculation is where they are being sent, it is a secret, the troops don’t even know, here comes WW III on a platter thanks to our insatiable war pigs, yippy ki-yay mother Farkers!”

Raptar Driver

Do you have a point or just more doubt trolling?


rhetorical question?

Raptar Driver


The shit is coming and you are doing a distraction dance for the deep state or whatever the spooks are called these days, hope your check is worth it?


wuuuht are you talking about – “deep state”? “Checks”? You’re typing at the wrong person

Raptar Driver

What then, you want the name of my co-worker for proof? You are being absurd, a distraction from the topic, you add nothing, therefore you are…….


how would you typing a name be “proof”?

Raptar Driver

It wouldn’t; how is asking for proof from a stranger on the net about hearsay and opinion logical? Is it a wonder that I work with a person who has a son in the Military?

Should you harass me over the fact that a unit is being deployed to a dangerous zone?

Is it strange that I am guessing a military action against Venezuela when the U.S. government has stated that this option is very much “on the table”?

You are a doubt troll, what is your purpose but to distract? Go away butt head and tell Beavis I said hi.


if it “wouldn’t” then why suggest it? To answer your question: to illustrate you’re only typing hearsay and opinion of course!

Now here’s my question: why type hearsay and opinion on a blog on the Internet? what’s the point? Strangers don’t care

Now I’ll skip your second (rhetorical) question and move on to the third. “Should” indicates an opinion, but the entire sentence is a logical fallacy as it’s an example of “begging the question”. And in this fallacy you use the term “fact” which requires proof. Which brings us back to my previous request.

Now your next sentence is a rhetorical question, so I’ll skip it as well.

As is your next sentence (the one with the claim I am a “doubt troll”?) . So I’ll skip it as well .

Then comes the personal insult. Always sad but inevitable.

SO in conclusion you post is…. worthless. No facts. No information. Nothing but “hearsay and opinion”.

Raptar Driver

“if it “wouldn’t” then why suggest it?” To prove what an idiot you are. Have enough rope yet?

More distraction, you are a state troll tying to keep a lid on things, you are not very good at your job, may I suggest cleaning toilets?


wait, I’m an idiot because you stated an opinion ?

Raptar Driver

More dancing around, you should join the ballet. You are an idiot for asking proof of an opinion, are we done yet?


is that a rhetorical question?


BTW: https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/global-research/

Raptar Driver

Stupid, are you retarded?



Raptar Driver

My favorite https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zingers


Twinkie !


Venezuela should start building up solar and other small scale power sources. They need to decentralize their grid. To take it to the extreme, how do you crash a grid which is mostly rooftop solar + batteries? You’d have to hack every single house.

Pave Way IV


What a coincidence. A non-representative Israeli-firster, neocon, chickenhawk-led US government that finds such foreign intervention necessary may find that domestic military intervention is also necessary – to save its own ass.

I know where the loyalty lies among the treasonous commanders in the Pentagon. Question is whether neocons can get the MSM to spin imperialism-opposing US citizens as ‘domestic terrorists’ to be rounded up for detention. At least spin that enough to get common US soldiers to join in law enforcement for the Plan-X style repression. If only Stasi Chief Erich Mielke could have lived to see this day. It would bring tears of joy to his eyes.

Tommy Jensen

Maduro has WMD. This is not something we think. Actually it is something we recently have been informed from reliable Intelligence sources. Thats why we know it and not sink it!


Has it ever been a whole year without the USA being at war with someone after ww2 …?

What would happen to the US$ if there was peace in the world…would the $ die the next day or would it die the next week…

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