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JUNE 2023

The US And South Korea Prepared To Use “Full Range Of Military Power” To Solve North Korea Issue

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The US And South Korea Prepared To Use “Full Range Of Military Power” To Solve North Korea Issue

A B-52 strategic bomber. © Tim Chong / Reuters

US President Donald Trump on November 7 warned North Korea that the US was prepared to use the full range of its military power, but urged Pyongyang to “make a deal” to end the nuclear standoff.

During a visit to Seoul, Trump said that while “we hope to God” not to have to resort to the use of full US military might, he said: “We cannot allow North Korea to threaten all that we have built.” Trump also urged North Korea to “do the right thing” and added that: “I do see some movement,” though he declined to elaborate. “It really makes sense for North Korea to come to the table and make a deal,” Trump said after talks with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who has supported diplomatic outreach to Pyongyang.

“We demand that North Korea ceases nuclear developments and returns to negotiations,” Moon Jae-in said after talks with Trump, adding that Washington and Seoul agreed to continue exerting pressure on Pyongyang to achieve that.

South Korea will immediately start talks with the United States on developing the Asian nation’s military capabilities, including deploying the latest surveillance assets, the South’s presidential office said after the conference. The leaders also agreed to continue joint three-way efforts with Japan for practical responses to North Korean threats.

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For the US government and their puppets everything seems upside-down.

“We cannot allow North Korea to threaten all that we have built.” If I’m not mistaken, YOU destroyed NK in the ’50s and they had to rebuild everything. Not forgetting that NK doesn’t threat you with a first attack, just by retaliation.

“We demand that North Korea ceases nuclear developments and returns to negotiations” Which NK said they’ll do, whenever you stopped your provocative war games and the US guaranteed it won’t seek attack or regime change in NK. You can’t just demand and don’t give in a negotiation.

“I do see some movement” No comment. He probably saw someone making some Covfefe.

Frane Frlan

The standoff, as my understanding is on two points: NK point: We have right to develop our nuclear program, as everybody else. US point: We will not wait, until the proof that NK balistic missile can reach homeland. Anyhow, time is on Kim’s side, so it is initiative. Kim’s goal is to maintain that. US don’t know how to play, without having ‘initiative’, and in all cases, their response is act of aggression. No mater what, and not thinking about future consequences. Kim needs dramatic speech in UN. If it’s true for the Ukrainian rocket motors, being sold to Kim, than, we will see some mayor developments quite soon.


There is one major hypothesis that I hope is correct to argue against a quick US preemptive attack on North Korea . President Trump is currently enthusiastically promoting the sales of ‘ the Best US weapon systems in the world ‘ to nations in Asia , particularly US missiles and the legendary ,but very expensive, F35 Multi Roll high maintenance Turkey, sorry, aircraft.

All these systems are being hawked by the chief ‘Carpet Bagger’ of the US Government to provide a ‘smart’ deterrence to North Korean Missiles and will take many months and probably some years to deliver. ” Buy our superb and keenly priced weapons from US companies to ‘ Stay Safe ” etc.

The one prerequisite in all of this sales pitch is for North Korea to remain a threat until the money for the weapons is in American companies accounts.

Ergo, any US military attacks on North Korea will most likely not happen until the sales are completed some time in the future. Certainly not now , next week or next year.

Simply put, There is no need to spend hundreds billions on US weapons if the threat is gone.


Give the example of what you ask from others : You destroy first your nukes. The more so that your regime is the only one which has used them, and not even against a military target, but against two huge Japanese cities!

Langaniso Mhlobo

What USA is doing in Korean Penenzula is unfound and clear nuclear intimidation.Why is UN quiete is USA untouchable because their have nuclear weapons while USA is so double standard and irresponsible.

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