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US Soldiers On Guard For ‘Democracy’ In Syria (Photos)

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This is how ‘forces of democracy that fight ISIS’ look like in Syria. Photos were taken near the Conoco fields in the province of Deir Ezzor. US troops pose with digging tools. So, apparently they have been searching ISIS terrorists underground. Anyway, if there is no ISIS in the area, there is always some oil to loot.

US Soldiers On Guard For 'Democracy' In Syria (Photos)

IMAGE: twitter.com/200_zoka

US Soldiers On Guard For 'Democracy' In Syria (Photos)

IMAGE: twitter.com/200_zoka

US Soldiers On Guard For 'Democracy' In Syria (Photos)

IMAGE: twitter.com/200_zoka


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The SAA and Hezbollah with Russian air power could take that area in hours,why the fuck are they not? its an outrage to Syria every day they are there.

Arch Bungle

The Americans punish civilians for actions the SAA takes to defend Syria.

Assad has to balance the urge to retaliate with the harm to ordinary civilians.

Fog of War

Then why dont the civilians rise up ?

Arch Bungle

Pull your head out of your arse.

The have and are for years now.



Fog of War

I’m not talking about impotent protests fool. But you knew that.


Because while the Russians have 2 airbases with 6 air superiority fighters and twenty or so ground attack aircraft in Syria the USA has 11 air bases with a metric shit ton of combat aircraft that could be called on to defend US forces in Syria. Russia has air defences in Syria but they would run out of missiles long before the USA ran out of aircraft.

Russia would have to choose between getting their asses kicked and fighting WW3, which while entertaining would seriously fuck up my life so lets hope it never comes to that. thankfully the Russians are experienced enough in warfare to know which battles to fight and which ones to avoid. never stop an enemy when he’s making a mistake and US ground forces in Syria are a mistake.

Christian J. Chuba

You have a point. The smarter play is to provide the SAA with missiles and nail the truck convoys every once in a while as they try to leave Syria like they did in Idlib. Doing this a few times has a big effect because this creates the fear of being hit.

Arch Bungle

That has been happening since last year. IED and rocket attacks from unidentified groups in Syria.

Arch Bungle

“Russia would have to choose between getting their asses kicked and fighting WW3,”

The same calculation applies to Uncle Sam.

That’s why the Yanquis have not pushed their luck too far…


Thats right. Both sides avoid attacking each other directly.

Of the two sides the Russians are playing a longer more strategic game … Americans are on the four year plan … one president wants troops in Syria the next president wants them out of Syria, they pivot to Asia, then pivot to the Arctic, then back to the middle east. One day they sanction the Germans, the next they drop the German sanctions and sanction the Russians instead. They print money and use their foreign policy for political points at home, which is a serious weakness and a huge mistake.

Meanwhile the Russians can sit back, build up the economy, build up their military, build relationships by being consistent and an honest broker. You have to be patient. The Anglo-American empire was build brick by brick over centuries. The foundations of the empire are being eroded … push too hard and all those bricks fall on your head … if you just lean on it a little and let erosion do its work the building tumbles on its own and falls right where you want it to.


Agree hondred procent, inshallah they take it


I love how most of the US population still think these guys are ‘heros’ who are ‘defending our freedoms’ … this is why there really is no hope for the american empire. TEP.


What such Pentagon sponsored series like Nvi CIS, or any movie showing US muiltary and equipment (all sponsored by Pentagon and censored for the right pictures to show). US and western viewers of US produced TV series are brainwashed for the last 70 years.

Séamus Ó Néill

If the populace in America don’t realise how much they are loathed and detested worldwide, then they are more dense than I thought, I know the majority in America are obese, semi-lterate savages but they must have some grey matter betwen their ears !

✡︎ Millennial troll "Holocaust" Survivor ✡︎ 🤑👺💩

“Israel begged US to broker Gaza ceasefire, says Yedioth Ahronoth” 😂😂 “An Israeli newspaper says Tel Aviv begged the US to mediate a ceasefire during the 11-day military aggression on the besieged Gaza Strip that prompted the Palestinian resistance to retaliate with a massive rocket barrage.”

We all know which dogs in Zion state started that “war” now…😂get fuked BiBi and goodbye you were an old fuking dog. One of his own dogs killed the fuking pig…the face of TRUE Zion 😂. They kill you for money – power – loot 🤣🤣🤣 “God chosen people” btw 😉.

They asked Wahhabi brotherhood Egypt for help, ofc Wahhabi and Zion are the same shit 😂. Then they hide it and the US came in and save Zion faces…the yankees claim they were the broker.

God chosen people begged for 1+ billion right after that as well 😂😂😂 they are asking for more as well…Gaza which is fully blockaded by Wahhabis and Zion fuk the mother of Zion 😂.

In hindsight this should have been obvious:

A people who never miss a chance to crush the weak will never stop unless they have been terrified.

The really bad bad news for the chosenite swine is that Iran has come into the picture on the side of the Palestinians and in the process, displaced those useless Gulf monkey arabs starting with Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The Palestinian militia has become a formidable fighting force and with improved armaments will narrow any military gap that still exists. Israel only has its air force to count on as long as the US is willing to support it.

Israel, like the USA, is going down the toilet at an incredible speed….I give it until 2024

✡︎ Millennial troll "Holocaust" Survivor ✡︎ 🤑👺💩

US Veterans are suffering food insecurity on top of PTSD “With a US military budget of over 1700 billion dollars one would think that some of that should be allocated for veterans, yet, not only is that not done, but Veterans are going hungry and are committing suicide on a daily basis.”

We Zion…no no we Jews need that money more than some pigs, those are not even humans 😂 they can die for all we care.


No diversity there, no females, almost no blacks, but at least most of them are gay.

Arch Bungle

Gay yes, but not brave enough to “come out” .

jens holm

They are very cute, wee love them so much in Denmark. But our women prefer migrants from Africa and Asia.

Arch Bungle

Thank you for your ‘service’…


Protecting the Jews they serve’s “Greater Israel.” Oh, the future sadness of these chumps.


As per the Constitution, the US Tyranny’s so-called soldiers or “service members” are actually mercenaries. As they serve the foreign Jew power, they are all traitors to America as per Article 3, Section 3.

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