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JUNE 2021

US Soldiers Engage Turkish-backed Militants In Firefight In Northern Syira

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US Soldiers Engage Turkish-backed Militants In Firefight In Northern Syira


US-led coalition troops have engaged Turkish-backed militants in a firefight in northern Syria.

The incident took place near the town of Manbij controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Our forces did receive fire and return fire and then moved to a secure location,” the coalition spokesman Colonel Ryan Dillon said. “The coalition has told Turkey that firing on U.S.-led coalition forces is not acceptable.”

The firefight between US-led coalition troops and pro-Turkish militants was the recent in a series of tensions between Washington and Ankara over the US support to Kurdish militias remaining a core of the SDF.

Turkey sees the US support to the Kurdish-dominated SDF as a threat to the security along the Turkish border.

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“US-led coalition troops have engaged Turkish-backed militants in a firefight in northern Syria”…TRANSLATION…The ILLEGALLY Syrian INVADING US-led coalitions of INTERNATIONAL MERCENARIES TERRORIST, protect their MERCENARIES from Turkish-FUNDED Syrian invading TERRORIST.


Its called ‘Mission Creep’ :)




SDF lacks the manpower to guard their rear and attack Isis. Advancing southward into deir ezzor province puts manbij and kobane in an extremely vulnerable position.


To some extent correct.

On the other hand, executing the Raqqah offensive gives SDF command experience in directing a force of some 50k forces in a coherent offensive, gives them heavier weapons and expands their force of battle hardened, incl in urban fighting, fighters.

SDF is getting close to being a military force instead of a militia.

Lastly, it gave them strategic depth in case of a Turkish wholesale attack.


“SDF is getting close to being a military force instead of a militia”

What is that? A militia is a military force raise from the general civilian population…which is what they are and always will be..unless you mean they will become the army of Syria soon…wishful thinking from a T sympathizer

Jens Holm

No,they are not at all.


Any conscript army is a military force raised from the general population.

Northern Syria is in the process of transforming its militia at least partly into an army.

They have introduced conscription (the HXP), started an official officer training academy, have special forces equipped almost up to US standards and training etc etc

They are capable of airborne operations, have engeneering capacity etc. They are not there yet, but well on their way to become an army.


I was under the impression that the US Kurd proxies were going slow at Raqqah to try to avoid being sent to Deir Ezzor.

Jens Holm

Dirty evil assumptions again.


We’ll see.


They are slow as to be careful with the remaining civillians and to be carefull with their own lives in this totally mined city.

Preparations are ongoing for an new offensive out of the north from Shaddaadi towards the Euprates. The new DeZ MC is gathering arab forces, now at some 4k mostly tribal arabs.


You must be really happy then to read then that SDF cut big through the IS lines in two places, taking a large area and dividing IS held part in two, giving them a large tactical advantage.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They only have less than 50 k the current offensive in Raqqa is being run by 15,000 US backed Mercenaries this isn’t giving them the needed experience and they assume they will not be holding Raqqa after this, according SDF leadership.

The US apparently opened fire first and the FSA responded with artillery , the US is not supposed to engage unless fired upon is one of the most bald faced lies they tell the public. There are videos of them openly engaging first Syrian government troops in the southern region near Damascus.

Jens Holm

shit agoin by woodpicker

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This was provided by the Kurdish Colonel of the YPJ whom acknowledged all this numbers, CNN had confirmed them as US Specfor team that had gotten involved with Turkish backed rebels.

There are plenty of videos with the US Marines and Airborne group fighting alongside sorry spearheading the advance on positions on Syrian positions.


Suit yourself, reports out of the north say otherwise. As for the US in the south, I do not know enough to comment on that other then to say it is not relevant as far as the capabilities of SDF are concerned.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The both groups in the SDF faction are the ones experiencing tensions since the both groups are experiencing tensions among the populace in the region. You can’t rely on that as any tension seen there may cause tension in the North eastern Syria and that would cause a mini uprising among the Arabs there which are the Majority at 70%.


Arabs are heavily involved in running the north and have majorities in councils where they are a majority, like in Manbij, Tel Abyad and Raqqah. They have their own forces like MMC, JAT, Sanaadid, all numbering in the thousands. Even the new DeZ MC already has 4k tribal fighters.

Of course, there are some problems like there are problems anywhere. There are always some people that prefer IS, AAS, SAA, HTS or whomever. Luckely everybody can soon vote and we will see how the people express their political will on a local and regional level.


What rubbish. The SDF are another average level miiltia. The US SOF, the US Marines artillery units and USAF have done all the heavy lifting for them in north east Syrian campaign.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They have 15,000 third party vetted mercenaries fighting in Raqqa where the whole entire SDF number less than 50,000 in Northern Syria. I would say they are very incapable of maintaining any type of front.

Jens Holm

Well, You must a genral in thee Erdogan or Assad forces.


Many of the SDF are not front line, some units are recuperating, are holding forces, are reserves, logistical etc. Actually, having 30% of ones forces doing the actual front line fighting is way beyond regular army capabilities where they normally are below 20%.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

There always creeps in the mission by the US and creeps that lead the military there.

Jens Holm

Because of Turks, they are mainly very light armed and therefore need some support of the hard stuff.

You might porefare USA gave them som TOWs and SARs or what.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The US specfor has all the toys and actually got caught on a snatch an grab mission, do you even know there were only US troops involved with FSA and no Kurds there.

Joshua Lopez

How do i get the same information you do?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

I check upwards of twenty 20 sources in regards to items and check known former intelligence officers sites. This is not a way to spend your time productively you get caught up being a junkie for this type of news.


Indeed all bandits fighting for stolen land. Truth is stranger than fiction.




well said


Back in Time when Assads army gut killed by the hundreds by ISIS the Kurds and US were the only ones that stopped them. Kobane was the turnpoint and nemesis for ISIS. Now SAA-Fanboys from this side have big mouth since its going well (which is a very good thing), but when the time was earlier – it was welcome that the kurds with Assistance of US resisted ISIS. SAA is well aware of that, the big talkers here dont matter.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Back when the US was bombing and aiding these terrorists were they not, we know how pathetic you sound , especially when everyone here knows the truth about the coalition support and embedded mercenaries from Dyncorp,Academi and advisers from the US/Coalition. The Kurds had the assistance of the SAA in the North which was mostly controlled by the SAA to go fight ISIS in other regions. Hoping the Kurds would respect agreements in place, which the Kurds started to take advantage of and eventually massacre along with ISIS terrorists and blame them for those atrocities , can’t believe terrorists to be honest can we?

Lumen always back to supporting your terrorist friends despite the truth being available , can’t believe much about what you say , the US was invited by the Arabs faction and not the Kurds. There are somethings you always lack in your arguments is when you forget the truth.


Really, i think the Kurds were very glad being helped by northern SAA Air Force. But then evilish kurds massacred SAA Tropps and blamed ISIS for it. Guess now what sounds pathetic?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They were caught killing Syrian civilians in the region there were some survivors of the atrocities , remember not all Kurds support the YPG or PKK terrorist groups. Just stick to the truth and quit trying to muddy it with your lies and deflection.

Incidents by Kurdish groups in both Iraq and Syria in regards to civilian Arab lives is reprehensible , they have a large number of Kurds serving in ISIS and are still there. The US spokesperson Brett McGurk deals with a known member of ISIS and has him sit at the table discussing Raqqa’s future, the absurdity is too much.

Jens Holm

No,kurds made no etnic cleansing there at all. ISIS did. Its well descriebed in all details in several medias incl. wikipedia.

Ypu lie like the worst again. You have no shame.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Medias try to hide this in the west but it is the sad fact there are always those who take advantage of the situation.

Jens Holm

You seemes to forget whole chapters of details. You are right those YPG-YPJ/PYDs was almost like only forks and hunting riffles.

But you forget how impresive for any defence, that they by good help from PKK as well as US has made such a good force so fast.

Compare to others there. Assads? Iraqians? Hard to see Turks, but they mudst be better then those.

Where are Nusra and FSA in the picture of Yours. The Kobani advantage was 400.000 refugees in Turkey or being killed by ISIS.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They took and disarmed all the local militias who did the fighting saying they needed the firearms and left them to die against ISIS by fleeing the area. Some FSA had already formed an alliance with the SAA to fight against ISIS, the others were proxies in pay of US , Israel,Turks Saudis, GCC, even Norway was supporting those terrorist groups with medicine and doctors.

The PKK hadn’t even showed up in the picture until late in 2014 at the urging of the US , but none were allowed to publicize the political affiliations as some of the Kurds came from Peshmerga , the Syrian Kurds like the Arabs have been relegated to the background.

The assertion that the well funded terrorist group YPG were armed with forks and hunting rifles is full of it, the YPJ is only a recent addition to make these hard case Sunni terrorists seem somewhat palatable to the media.

The credibility you expect me to believe or anyone else that the Kurds and the US have been fighting ISIS like the SAA and It’s allies including Russia is totally ludicrous the majority of the Attacks roughly 85% have been on the SAA and it’s allies. Tell me where do the US and PKK,YPG play in any of those battles alongside the SAA and it’s allies.

Why do you like to feed totally utter nonsense from the western media sources all whom are known propaganda arms of various Government agencies.

Jens Holm

That right. If their mouths had lipstick You could hardly see the rest of their head.


“Our forces did receive fire and return fire and then moved to a secure location” <—- another term for withdrawing, a.k.a US pansy army fighting from behind when real actual casualties have even the slightest potential?

Robin Morritt

Or “ran away, firing a few rounds into the air”.

Vince Dhimos

Aside from the fact that the US forces are illegally invading sovereign territory, they are also showing, once again, that there is no such thing as an American “ally” because as soon as these snakes see a short term advantage to betraying you, they will do so without batting an eyelash. BTW, we need to stop comparing the US to the Roman Empire. If you read Julius Cesar’s Gallic War you will note that it was not just his big army but also his knack for getting the enemy on his side that made Julius successful. The US has only ONE response to any problem: bomb them. The Romans knew that would never work in the long run.

LR captain

Romans would have cut down and burned most of the Vietnamese forests and jungles to win that war.

John Whitehot

you forget agent orange and napalm.
the US did just what you say in Vietnam, with a focused effort at deforestation enforced by their air forces.

LR captain

I meant the WHOLE country not just selected parts. This also means rebuild small dessert like outposts. Plus Romans don’t know what genocide is, or they did not care. So the south would never accept a plan like that.


In fact the Romans did carry out massive ethnic cleansings, genocides, slave trade etc. When Carthage fell, all of its surviving people, just women and children remaining, were sold as slaves and shipped out. Carthagians btw were Phoenicians, coming from present day Lebanon

Solomon Krupacek

soviets were stupid. romans not.


I would have compared them to the Prussians.


i d say bomb these Turk puppet clowns


Turkey has stood up recently against US and its allies in Syria. Its common knowledge that they funded, gave weapons, training everything to the ‘Syrian opposition’. They even treated wounded soldiers….but then things got complicated. Russia was involved, anyone accepted that Assad is a serious player that they cant get rid off that easily. Then the Us decided to fund the SDF along with other militants…..Turkey was outraged….She lost the cheap oil (in exchange of arms etc) from Syria (Russian airforce targeted trucks transporting it). Thinking as a child she shot down the Russian aircraft in order to take NATO to war. Failed. No tensions are obvious everywhere between US and Turkey…..diplomatic level, battlefield….

John Whitehot



I can see you understand this conflict
better than most. Please continue to post what you believe is the truth.

Glenn Swart

Big sh!t coming!

John Whitehot

why didn’t they bomb them?
normally US ground forces call air support as soon as they hear one shot fired.
Or even if no shots are fired, like in the case of iranian supported militias in south Syria several weeks ago.


One can only hope the US killed as many of the turkish mercenaries/islamistst as possible.


I may not like these Turkish jihadist but I am sure there are many Syrians among them unlike the illegal US occupation force


Syrian Kurds are Syrians. Turkish backed syrian-jihadist are the same scum that helped kurdish women get raped and killed by ISIS. They will not last.


It is not about nationality but about intent. Jihadis, Islamists are scum and as far as I am concerned, anyone can bomb, shoot and kill them so the rest of us will not have to suffer their acts.

northerntruthseeker .

I smell a set up here.. Notice that this “attack” supposedly took place LAST WEEK, and suddenly only now being reported.. And by the liars at CNN!

What we have here is further evidence of the US trying to dismember Syria and claim that they are protecting the northern Kurdish forces that have made a deal with the devil for their “country”…

This will not end up well, for the Turks and Iranians will never allow a Kurdish nation to be carved out of Syria, and the ignorance of the US here will only lead to a more widespread regional war…. I suspect this is exactly what the psychos in Israel have wanted all along, and the stupid Kurds have taken the bait!


well, kurds know that teh arabs would have simply accepted thewir annihilation and genocide by ISIS, so the didnt ally with the devil, but with their only fiends. Curse on thre weaklings that lefttheir neighbors unprotected.

Rodney Loder

Erdogan made a good statement yesterday concerning the Palestinian situation, this is the problem he is struggling with at the moment, everyone even Salman are looking to him for leadership UAE and Egypt are still backing Western regional hegemony, beginning to look like soothsayers, I think Salman wants to abandon pretentious ambitions and get Erdogan involved in Yemen which could shut it down, but then the Syrian war would have to be a permanent fixture similar to Angola which began in 1961 ended 2002 we won in the end though, Erdogan won’t win AK won’t win if he folds in with KSA, I believe Erdogan is a survivor and is guided by Allah, he knows US treachery and will seal off the border counting FSA out unless their willing to fight SDF as reported in the article, Trump will do nothing, if he does Uncle Un will take advantage US has only got foolish Kurds making themselves anathma worse than jews in the region, Japan and South Korea will say you go first, if we want AK on board with the SAA we don’t have to give away much because Erdogan knows Suddam was betrayed by KSA using Kuwait as the front door for US invasion, Turkey joining KSA would reopen that door, Saddam was just too big, same as the Sharif of Mecca Hussain was just too big for the British, Erdogan knows all this stuff but we still have to offer him something for AK to use domestically. Al-Assad should extend the hand of friendship.


US treachery?

I say that it is a narrow policy to suppose that this country or that is to be marked out as
the eternal ally or the perpetual enemy of England. We have no eternal
allies, and we have no perpetual enemies. Our interests are eternal and
perpetual, and those interests it is our duty to follow… And if I
might be allowed to express in one sentence the principle which I think
ought to guide an English Minister, I would adopt the expression of
Canning, and say that with every British Minister the interests of
England ought to be the shibboleth of his policy. Palmerston Speech to the House of Commons (1 March 1848).

it has pedigree.

Rodney Loder

It does have what you mentioned, Canning was saying that the interests of England ought to be a worn out slogan, that’s exactly why the Church Mice (Pommys) opted out of the EU wanting to be the Tax Haven for the West Switzerland has done that one to death.


The UK has always been a tax dodge. Most of us voted Outez to poke a finger in the boss class’s eye. Membership of the EU hasn’t prevented the British state from shoving the workers back into a Bantustan, manufacturing permanent mass unemployment, beggary and intensifying the fascist state.


well, its a pity that kurds resisted their annihilation, no single arab ever cared about, right? guess what, they shit your opinion and will defnd themselves to the last drop of blood.

Us Treachery?

Arab Treachery!

Rodney Loder

Well do you know I was reading through “A Shameful Act” by Taner Akcan, a few years ago and he did mention that the Kurds were complicit in the Armenian Exodus as well as Kurds stealing the underwear off the Armenians that they killed, and as it happened just after those shameful events the Kurds had a remarkable proliferation of Kurdish Population in Turkey, and there were virtually none in Syria then compared to now, but that was long ago, now like the jews who make enemies of their neighbours and rely on US big daddy for protection, a very silly thing to do, because the future will be the last man standing and people with enemies close by will be the first to go.

John Brown

Very soon the entire Turkish army will cross the Syrian and Iraqi borders to crush the SDF and then capture the American bases in Syria with the support of Syria, Iraq, Russia,China and Iran.


These weren’t Kurds or anybody particularly sensible. They weren’t even the forces who weren’t cheering when the good guys rolled into Syria last year. Either of those latter could give the good guys something to worry about.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The problem is no one knows who started it but apparently a group of US special forces was on a mission in the area, according to CNN ,this is fishy things just don’t make sense here.


That is it!! time to invoke section 4 of NATO. USA has been attacked by Turkomen. Turkey now needs to live up to its NATO bargain and crush the Turkomen lol

Solomon Krupacek

first read that article, later write something!


“Erdogan, control your terrorists, #’;* ahh I mean, um, er Rebels”.


So now they didn’t do airstrikes, huh? But it’s ok to bomb the SAA when they try to engage the “FSA” tools of the CIA.

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