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MAY 2021

US Soldier & Several SDF Members Killed In Attack In Eastern Syria: al-Mayadeen TV

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US Soldier & Several SDF Members Killed In Attack In Eastern Syria: al-Mayadeen TV

Illustrative image, source: sdf-press.com

On April 6, Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen TV claimed that a US soldier and several members of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces had been killed in an attack by radical militants on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, in the province of Deir Ezzor. Earlier, similar claims were made by several pro-Kurdish and pro-opposition sources.

The situation remains unclear. However, over the past 2 months ISIS cells have ramped up their operations in the provinces of Homs and Deir Ezzor.

On March 25 ISIS cells captured and beheaded two SDF members in the town of al-Twaymin near al-Shaddadi. On March 29, the US-led coalition and the SDF conducted an anti-ISIS raid in the area cracking down on ISIS cells there. Nonetheless, such separate anti-ISIS actions are not enough to put an end to the terrorist group’s presence there.


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Zionism = EVIL

As I initially stated, an Americunt “special forces” convoy escorted by Kurd turds was hit by a well executed IED ambush and more than one Americunt occupation arsehole was killed and at least two Kurd arselicking traitors officially perished serving their Jew masters. This is same area where the Amerciunt cowardly motherfuckers killed a child where the civilians threw stones at the oil thieves. This is just the beginning like in Iraq.

Local resistance forces have claimed responsibility and issued a warning to the Americunts to end occupation and illegal occupation of the oil rich Syrian province.

The ambush came less than a month after a US military convoy was forced to retreat from an area in Syria’s Hassakah after government forces blocked its way and groups of angry local residents, upset with its presence in the region, pelted the US occupation forces with rocks and American soldiers opened fire on civilians killing a child and wounding Syrian women and children blocking the road.

Concrete Mike

Power to the people my man!!

Assad must stay

they should not be there at all they should go home completely completely go home and leave syria for syrians and iraq for iraqis

Zionism = EVIL

The arrogant arseholes are delusional and want to “control” the world, loot oil and protect the Zionist parasites, but as most rational people know now the dumbasses are bankrupt and their societies are falling apart even before the Pimpeovirus backfired on them.


so, the yankeetwats and the jews have concocted a virus with which they can eradicate the iranians from the map and give the jews carte blanche to kill and steal and lieto their hearts content. it may seem futile to attempt to break the link between the jews in tel aviv and the bought and paid traitors on the hill but it will be done,once the world can see that they are finished and that the jews in tel aviv will soon be pigs swill and the traitors on the hill taken care of by the people, who, at the end of the day will sort the hill problem.

the alliance of turkey, iran, syria, iraw, hezbollah have every reason to feed the jews to the pigs and should call their alliance ‘the iron dooom’


You do make great Hummus and olive oil, so you guys are not a total lose, loser. And they all might like to do that but are not as stupid and suicidal as you to try it, kid.

Jens Holm

I Americans adn SDF wasnt in the SDF the Assads wasnt in Idlib at all.


ISIS supporters are fair game for US drones anyplace in the world. You better stay on your bug infested couch in your basement, kid.

Ashok Varma

Indian media is reporting a senior officer was killed.US is an illegal occupation force and needs to go home and deal with growing problems.

The ambush, carried out by an unknown resistance group, targeted vehicles of the
U.S.-led coalition and fighters of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces in the village of Sur in Deir al-Zour’s countryside, where the US occupation forces had previously clashed with local residents and killed a child.

The slain U.S. officer was transported to the Shaddadi base, which is occupied by the U.S. forces, in the southern countryside of the oil rich northeastern province of Hasakah.

Jens Holm





Hanny Benny

alluha fackbar slavehoreson !!!!


Radical militants, SAS, or just disaffected locals who’ve had enough?


Hit them every day,the only thing to fear is fear itself.

Azriel Herskowitz

The US already said this was a false report from the pro-Hezbollah media outlet. Shows how desperate the Shia terrorists are to spread this fake news.

Noel Ignatiev H8s white people

It is aipac/jews/israel that wants chaos in the middle east. Ever heard of the yinon plan shlomo?

Let me guess. You will feign ignorance.


LOL…fake news to cover for the top Hezbollah Commander Israel just knocked off in Southern Lebanon. Try to keep up.

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