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JULY 2020

US Soldier Killed, Another Injured In ‘Apparent Insider Attack’ In Afghanistan’s Kabul


US Soldier Killed, Another Injured In 'Apparent Insider Attack' In Afghanistan's Kabul


One US soldier was killed and another injured in an “apparent insider attack” in the Afghan capital of Kabul on November 3, NATO said in a statement.

“Initial reports indicate the attacker was a member of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces,” NATO’s Resolute Support mission stated adding that the attacker was killed by “other Afghan forces”.

According to the statement, the wounded soldier was flown to Bagram Airfield north of Kabul where he was receiving medical treatment. He was in a “stable condition”.The identity of the dead soldier has not released so far.

The NATO is investigating  into the incident.

Less than two weeks ago, NATO forces in Afghanistan suffered casualties in another insider attack. A member of the Afghan security forces killed a Czech soldier and wounded two others were in the western province of Herat.

The increased number of insider attacks on NATO troops deployed in the war-torn country shows that the US-led bloc hardly has enough support among locals that would allow it to secure at leeast its own personnel.



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  • so

    Sounds like its time to leave. After seventeen years you’d think we would have gotten the message. But then I realized that the war is just a criminal enterprise for the rich. Just like every other conflict the US has been in since its inception. The US is the master of moral corruption and spiritual hypocrisy. The Constitution and Declaration of Independence mean nothing……..empty words.
    Read Martin Luther King Jr. Its all there. An idea of what the world could be.

  • christianblood

    Only one? come on guys, you can do better than that!

  • Carol Davidek-Waller

    War torn country? Invaded country. Invaded by the US and a puppet government installed. Hardly a way to make hours of popular. The Afghan go segment offered to turn over bin Laden if the US provided proof that he was responsible for 9-11. The US refused and launched a war with a coalition of the unwilling.

  • H Eccles

    Looks likes someone didn’t buy US propaganda…