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JUNE 2023

US soldier found dead in Turkey

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US soldier found dead in Turkey

The Incirlik Air Base Murad Sezer/Reuters

A US military serviceman has been found dead in Turkey’s Adana.

Thaddeus Mithcheel Borowicz worked as a fire chief at the Incirlik 10th Tanker Base Command. According to Turkish media, he was found dead in his garden in the Çukurova town in the southeastern province of Adana.

The initial investigation shows that he may have fallen or jumped from the 10th floor. However, the circumstances of the incident reian unclear.

The Incirlik Air Base is located in the İncirlik quarter of the city of Adana. The airbase currently hosts aircraft involved in the US-led air operations in Syria.

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Pippo Spano

he was found dead in his garden…. he may have fallen or jumped from the 10th floor….really big home!!!

Real Anti-Racist Action

I am guessing someone went in with a gun to shoot him, and he jumped to try and get away, thus falling to his death, and helping the gunman to get away with even less evidence. It is like the perfect murder.

Zuzana Rehakova

He has nothing lost on foreign territory. Mercenary died, that is his fate.

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