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US Signs Agreement With Poland Giving US Military More ‘Lebensraum’ In The East

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US Signs Agreement With Poland Giving US Military More ‘Lebensraum’ In The East

Poland’s leadership has been eager to get more US military presence, and is willing to pay

The long-awaited announcement about what will happen to the thousands of US troops being transferred from Germany finally came at the end of July. US officials, including Defense Secretary Mark Esper and General Tod Wolters, who heads US European Command, outlined the moves and the strategic reasoning behind them. Their references to Poland, the Baltic states and the Black Sea reflect how the US is using the region to get closer to Russia.

In July, the US Department of Defence announced plans to withdraw around 12,000 US military personnel from Germany, reducing its troop presence there from 36,000 to 24,000. Nearly 5,600 service members will be redeployed to NATO countries, including Poland, with 6,400 to return to the US. The decision followed repeated complaints from President Donald Trump that Berlin wasn’t spending enough on defence or contributing its share to NATO coffers.

While media reports suggest that some will be moved to Belgium and Italy, the US is pushing to transfer many of the military personnel to the east.

“We’re moving forces out of Central Europe, Germany, where they had been since the Cold War,” Esper said. “We’re following, in many ways, the boundary east [to] where our newest allies are, so into the Black Sea region” as well as Poland and the Baltics.

The shift means European Command will “now be able to rotate units in perpetuity in multiple locations,” including the Black Sea, which “dramatically improves our operational capability,” Wolters said.

On Saturday the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sealed an agreement with Poland to boost the number of US troops in the eastern EU member state and right next to the Russian border.

Under the pact, an additional 1,000 US troops will be sent to Poland to accompany the 4,500 soldiers already stationed there. The pact supplements an existing NATO Status of Forces Agreement and allows for the enhancement and modernization of existing capabilities and facilities by allowing U.S. forces to access additional Polish military installations.

The deal sets out a formula for sharing the logistical and infrastructure costs of an expanded US presence in the country, and is also intended to further other aspects of US-Polish cooperation, including investment and trade ties. Presumably the deal will also grant all US military personnel and contractors deployed with them full diplomatic privileges and immunity from Polish laws.

Several military commands will also be moved out of Germany, among them the US Army V Corps overseas headquarters. It will be based in Poland from next year.

Pompeo and Polish Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak signed the deal, known as the Enhanced Defence Cooperation Agreement (EDCA), at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw. The US diplomat is wrapping up a tour of Central Europe, which included visits to the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia. LINK

Russia may not be the only objective. On Sunday the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, accused NATO of deploying tanks and planes to Belarus’ western border, a claim the military alliance rejected.

Speaking at a rally of his supporters in central Minsk, the 65-year-old leader dismissed opposition calls for a new election and urged Belarusians to defend their country.

“I called you here not to defend me, but for the first time in a quarter-century, to defend your country and its independence,” he said to a crowd of supporters, as protesters once again mobilized in several cities demanding his ouster.

NATO said it was closely monitoring events in Belarus, but denied a military buildup was underway in eastern Europe.

“NATO’s multinational presence in the eastern part of the Alliance is not a threat to any country. It is strictly defensive, proportionate, and designed to prevent conflict and preserve peace,” a NATO spokeswoman said in a statement.

Lukashenko, who has led the former Soviet state for 26 years, denies election fraud. He says foreign interference is to blame for the unrest.

“If we kowtow to them, we will go into a tailspin,” he told his supporters. “We will perish as a state, as a people, as a nation.”

Earlier on Sunday, Russia said it had offered Belarus military assistance if necessary. Moscow also said external pressure was being applied to the country, but did not say where from.

Lukashenko told state TV he would move an air assault brigade to Belarus’ western border. According to the RIA news agency, the Belarusian army also plans to hold weeklong drills to strengthen the country’s borders with Poland and Lithuania starting on Monday. LINK

At the same time, a report at Business Insider reflects the push within NATO to send more military personnel and hardware to Russia’s borders to the south.

“The Black Sea region is what the Kremlin uses (to) launch its operations in Syria and Libya and the Eastern [Mediterranean],” Ben Hodges, who commanded US Army Europe between 2015 and 2017, told Insider. “It’s how they influence everything that goes on in the Balkans and the Caucuses as well as obviously Ukraine and Moldova.”

Hodges is one of many who criticized the redeployment of European Command forces, arguing it doesn’t improve readiness and that the manner in which it’s being done hurts NATO.

“Having said that, I always welcome any additional focus on the Black Sea region, because I think that … needs to be a much higher priority,” Hodges said, adding that Esper’s suggestion that a Stryker brigade could be deployed to the region was “a very good idea.”

Increasing [NATO] naval presence in the Black Sea region really is even more important,” as the Turkish, Romanian, Bulgarian, and Ukrainian navies are “still not a match for the Russian Black Sea Fleet,” Hodges said.

In June, Adm. James Foggo, outgoing commander of US naval forces in Europe, said eight US ships spent about 120 days patrolling the Black Sea last year and ‘routinely’ conduct ‘complex exercises’ like Sea Breeze with allies and partners.

The US military has increased its presence in the area in recent years, and the 20th iteration of Sea Breeze, a Ukrainian-US exercise with other Black Sea and NATO nations, was the latest example. This year it included more than 40 ships and aircraft from eight countries. The Porter was there on its third Black Sea patrol in five months. The guided missile destroyer “conducted surface action group tactical maneuvering, over-the-horizon surface targeting, air defense, and anti-submarine operations,” Trent said.

The Porter worked with a US P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft “to share a common tactical maritime picture” and with Ukrainian tactical aircraft during the air-defense exercises.

The P-8A worked with ships and aircraft, including Ukrainian Su-27 fighter jets, on undersea warfare and air-intercept training, Cmdr. M. Trever Plageman, head of Patrol Squadron 47, told Insider. Russian planes frequently intercept US aircraft over the Black Sea, including during Sea Breeze.)

During Sea Breeze, US Air Forces Europe led a one-day mission with Navy and Space Command assets “to train US forces to integrate, operate, and communicate while executing all domain operations”.

It included F-16s that “conducted training scenarios” using Joint Air-to-Surface Missile cruise missile tactics. The JASSM is a long-range “precision standoff missile” designed “to destroy high-value, well-defended targets.” US Special Operations Command Europe also sent an MC-130J aircraft “to exercise special operations forces insertion.”

Sea Breeze concluded on July 26, but on August 2, the Navy and Air Force conducted a similar exercise in the area — with live weapons. LINK


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Thomas Osa Jeng

I guess the third time is the charm


Something tells me that “Lebensraum” In The East that they want, is not in Poland, but in Russia.

Jens Holm

Yes, the plan is to sell the part of the muslims we dont want to them. They probatly can make better cars and Sibiria has so many free parkingspaces.


Since Denmark is of the size of a parking space and close to all other Europeans they will logically take Denmark….And move you all useless Danes to Greenland. And than Trump will buy Greenland and show you to US tourists as exotic natives who write extremely stupid comments over the internet all day long.

Jens Holm

We wil sea. We do have many small islands, which has no population today. muslims are somany silly flags but by that each group can get their own country. MUslim incommers are used to remain poor as it was there in the old days.

And we do have plans ofr the future. Next generation will be Genetic Modified and in its most be 120 centimeter and 35 kilo. By that we can make 2 lane roads to 4 lane roads. It solve another problem. The many more people makes it difficult to make enough food, but most small people eat less.

And uselees for whome. We are not free social security for the rest of the world. We work hard and mainly has a good life.

We pr definition has no useless danes. We include all we can and it pays off.

The problem with Your kind are Your behave like noisy roosters and thats all You do. At least the hens lay eggs even we kill many and take their eggs.


I see no down side in this for Germany and the German people.

S Melanson

I just wanted to give you the heads-up that I published an analysis piece on SF. It is part 1 of a 3 part series and I present a very unexpected premise. Any feedback on the analysis would be appreciated. The link is:


S Melanson

Sorry the link got truncated, this link will work


Cheers, Stewart


Thank you for the notification, but i’ve already found the article on SF. It’s quite an extensive one, i must say, for which i need to find some free time to read it in it’s entirty and let it soak in. I didn’t know you are a Doctorandus!?! I will surely post a comment after finishing it!

Regards Jakke

S Melanson

I just wanted to give you a heads up that I published another analysis piece and the link is below. It includes an executive summary of the first 2 parts and I think it is the better of the 3 pieces. Any feedback is appreciated, Cheers, Stewart.



the poles are historically about the most stupid cunts ever to grace europe and as proof it’s enough to say that poland has ceased to exist as a country on more occasions than one. how can you mismanage your affairs to such an extent unless, of course, you’re about as dumb as it’s possible to be. and just think about having your house of representation on a 100% approval requirement so a 99 to 1 % view meant that no decision could be taken. is that dumb, yeah seriously stupid.

Jens Holm

I dont think You should blame poles of today for that. Its a couple of hundred years ago.

Fog of War

Are you German ?

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Are you Polish?


The JASSM is a long-range “precision standoff missile” designed “to destroy high-value, well-defended targets.

Isn’t that the same missile that has failed miserably (together with “upgraded” Tomahawk missile) during Tramp’s missile attack on Syria ?!

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Only a retard of a nation could decrease it’s security (by a factor of multiples) by stationing non European continent troops within it.

Fog of War

” Only a retard of a nation ”

Dont be belligerent. The Polish people had absolutely no say in this.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Their govt did.

Fog of War

Show me a government not under the rule of the ZioWest ? Iran excluded.


there are a few around and as the jew-controlled world is flailing in its attempt to hold on to the controls, more countries will move away from what you call ziowest. bri is a good reason to join the other side.

Jens Holm

I dont see that. I se parts of the muslims do their best to replace Jews for Our right wings.

And You know who they are. They made Hitler, Franco and Mussolini.

By thats muslims like that kind are a double up for us and should go home and change their own belowed countries and their selfmade quamire. We never has asked them to come unless we has jobs for them. NEVER.

When I read here its no wonder so many leave no matter what.When they look down there is no grass. Here is grass even cows and gioats has taken most of it.

Jens Holm

Actually the people has spoken electing a Parlament and by a majority from them made a Goverment to decide by them.

Fog of War

How much say do your people have in your governments policies ? Not much I wager.

Jens Holm

If here, we have about 8 oppinions in the parlament. Here the job is to find the ones, or the one, which can get at least 51%,

You dont get people in most things are not 5,6 milion oppinions but few because those few ideas makes sense for for all, for most or selective groups. Here financing of it is same thing. I You want more You, selective groups or all has to pay more tax – or get less support. We cant just order stake if we only can efford porridge and like that.

We work hard with “consensus”. Thats talk, debate and a lot of it sometimes is not nice.

In Our Palament the Goverment has only 25% of the votes. By that their proposals has to find at least 25% more. In the other hand the opposition now and then can get up to 75%. Thats accepted for less important stuff and the Goverment dont resign.

By that we avoid stupid elections for things of lower imprtance and even so change for many people as well as for billions. The big Minority has real influence here and there.

The consensus with realinfluence if other then the Goverment vote for something else calm things down. Your political party do have influence and NEXT time hopefuly more infuence in after next election.

And it pays off all over. We have less strikes and other kinds of obstructions.

And its a right to demonstrate but in a peacefull way if the Parlament and Goverment dont listen. It makes less steam and less gab in the production in the private as well as the public sector as well as for the ones, which fx are under education or are retired.

I have not made that system. Most of the time I have been a keeper, because it works and do devllop during time.

I am active and see myself as influencer in Denmark. I have supported windpower for before it came. I have supported burning our garbage into electricity and heat. I have supported improvemenets for solar electricity. I have supported realistic changes according climate change and growing things in a different way and more parts should go backk to nature.

In cleaning I have supported recycling and cleaning water as well as noice reduction in towns by develloping not noisy equipment as well as cars.

I always has been working for improving womens and girls right as well as decline the macho part of men into a more peacefull and sober level. Thats very much about removing old stuff and old ideas to museum.

And locally I have had great influence in traffic. Thats about lampposts on dark streets and tunnels under the big roads for walkers and children to school. I hve alos beingnumber one with 2 others to clean a very dirty pond by getting donation and activate many people to take all dirt and fis up, clean the pond and put in only the needed fish for it.

So I feel me as one of those 6,6 mio. having influence even its small.

And I do compare with other systems. Some are good but most of them are much much worse.

Democrasy is being a very responsible person and by that get more freedom too.

If You look at how it works here, You can get data for it. It do work with a female Premiere minister even Lukashenko and Arabistan and Putin says no. Mette Frederiksen is not elected because of her Gender. She for the monent is the best we have for it.

By that I support people should know how we have done it and at least know, where they can copy, what they think can be improvements, if their country or parts of is “Something rotten in Denmark”.

By that I dont expect people are like us and become as us or wotes by Email everytime things has to be changed.

And we can create jobs. Look at he long list, which create more and more unimplyment and more and more poor people. Do we steal from them? No we work hard, advanced and in very good logistics with a needed infrastructure.

So Nato and EU wanting to take Bellarus is a total lie. As I have writrten before, we dont need food and another take over of a Bolshevic collapse. We already help too many and maybee too well.

But we will help them to choose by themself and they deemes to need a hand for it against the Lukashenko and Putin Propaganda and jailing people, which tryt to ask niocely for needed changes by sober lections and gets only 20%.

Lukashenko should not has been dictator there for so many years. But it was unclever to write 80%, when he know he was declining from the faked 83%. Maybee he should have told it was 70 or 65%. Thats majority far from 51%.

Fog of War

Thats alot of words to tell me that you Nation is collapsing just like all the other ” European ” western nations. Enjoy the ride to the bottom.

Jens Holm

I actually try to tell You and for that matter others, why we DONT COLLAPSE but we mainly grow but also can decline instead of collapse.

When You comment and predict things, You systematicly ignore the most importants glue and tools of Ours, because You dont have them at all.

I could understand that, if You were doing fine. Maybee You think You are doin fine and only kill eachh other for fun having revenge at number one.

I tell You the most advanced democrasies like trhe danish one can be runned very well even if the Goverment only has 25% of the seat and how and why. The tool is debate and making the solutions which is the best for all or at least 51%.

Thats vewry difficult if only one oppinion is allowed.

Opposition here all support Our Constitution and changes are by that. That Constitution are for all and can never be taken away and is close to human rights in most things.

Jens Holm

The Western Group of Forces (WGF),[a] previously known as the Group of Soviet Occupation Forces in Germany (GSOFG)[b] and the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany (GSFG),[c] were the troops of the Soviet Army in East Germany. The Group of Soviet Occupation Forces in Germany was formed after the end of World War II in Europe from units of the 1st and 2nd Belorussian Fronts. The group helped suppress the East German uprising of 1953. After the end of occupation functions in 1954 the group was renamed the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany. The group represented Soviet interests in East Germany during the Cold War. After changes in Soviet foreign policy during the late 1980s, the group shifted to a more defensive role and in 1988 became the Western Group of Forces. Russian forces remained in the eastern part of Germany after the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the German reunification until 1994.


Poland wants US troops, Germany doesn’t. So why not, its a win win for everybody.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Why would any European country want A-hole Yank troops stationed within it, unless they like being bitches for America and having a potential death wish in extremis?

Fog of War

They have no choice, otherwise , they would allow their people to vote on the issue. Do you think the Polish people were asked if they wanted this ?

Jens Holm

This is not about Poles.

Its about an open Europe with no more USSR Neocolonialisme.

Before USSR collapsed itself, there were big armies with tanks west of Berlin.

And now the Russain destruction of Eastern Europe has to be replaced and by themselves and not by a Russia forcing them. They has a right to find their own way and should be handcuffed by no one.

I find USA a little too agressive in this but in my mind I only wish them in a softer version. Russia seemes not tounderstand dialog and talk. There has been less and less of that since glasnost and peristrojka.

Russia also has to do and decide by themselves. But who is Russia. I see many which dont think its Putin and hos Oligarcs. I see no sign of Putins are able to make progress and in that make a Governess which unites the Country.


Well they voted the rabid government in.

Fog of War

Supposedly, so did every other nation on the planet, the alterantive would have been a pro EU LGTBQ controlled government ,not much of a choice. Face it, the people of Europe need to rise up and kick out both the EU and the ZioAmericans.


gotta ask them. maybe Poles think of US troops as weak and amateur and want to train them. Then even more win win

Jens Holm

Thats already being well descriebed for decades. Are You not allowed to read about it or are Yiu censured?


Will be good business for Polish whores and arse Bandits.

Fog of War

Read again carefully. Tens of thousands of ZioAmerican troops still remain in Germany as its a conquered vassal state.


Then a double win for US

Dick Von Dast'Ard

This is the same U.S. that has more internal political strife than Lebanon is it?

The ultimate bananas republic.


Yeah lets call them banana troops. It doesn’t matter. The facts that they are there and to remain for a while, is not gonna change.

Jens Holm

I agree. When Nato and for that matter EU has moved East, It makes sense to move Nato as well as an economy change by a collapse into almost anything else.

People here dont reflect in USSR from 1961 had an armed wall through Europe from The Baltic Sea to the Black and Tanks and Migs behind it.

We took care of so many refugees every year and most of them got jobs right away. None here wonder why just as people here still never comment that muslims emmigrate TO west.

Instead we get the same half tone mijav about all Our poor and Our rich zionist Jews and the dollars at these sites has been predicted to collapse several times every day.

But the facts are people writing this is connected hard to liras, rials and rubels.

There are no proposels for help for themself as well as USA and others.

I the Chinese take over and take them, its fine. Then they will blame the Chinese and in Chinese, which I dont understand.

Jens Holm

Yes, USA has big problems but You underestimate USA and the many connected.

USA can decline permanent or for a time but they are in a high level in most things.

Lebanon systematily is eroded down by Hesbollah, Assads and the contrast and stupidismes they have made. Now the only things working there are by greedy higly corrupt ones.

Most things in USA actually works. You focus on the things, which dont. I hope somenew President at least can make a level with enough small reforms.

Alejandro Bonifacio

lebannon is eroded by the same political system, not for others, please read Elijah J. Magnier

Jens Holm

Magnier is Hesbollah. I am sober. And I do know the infections well. And I have stayed at Hotel Phoenesia 2 nioghts only.

Where is the Phoenesions in Beirut and their way of making Beirut and other parts of Lebanon to an income and a kind of Mecca and Medina.


Who made them go?????


If not for Hezbollah Lebanon would have ceased to exist a long time ago.

Jens Holm

Not at all. There would be no reasons for attacks both ways.

Lone Ranger

Really? How so?

Fog of War

Yes, the Zios keep doing what they want without any repercussions.

Tommy Jensen

By a thousand approaches we will build up Barbarosa II and then walk against Moscow. No one will notice a shit, and no one will ever imagine when we do it………………………………………LOL!

Lone Ranger

Cannon fodder. Those troops won’t last 5mins in a real war.

Jens Holm

As too often the arguments are in a skizzofrenic split up.

Why bother at all, if those troops is worth nothing. Be happy POles gets in some dollars. hey might need them more then Germany.

Lone Ranger

Im not the schizophrenic here… Aside from that Poland pays $100million a year for it. They will lose money on it.

Jens Holm

Soldiers always gather makes a lot of money. Im sure those soldiers will use airports more.

It also saves the need of polish soldiers.

Not Nato, but Poland gets a lot of devellopment money from EU.

Lone Ranger

I doubt 5000 U.S. soldiers will spend a $100million per year… EU money has nothing to do with NATO, aside from that it comes with a high price. Like restrictions in production and protectionism of western companies inside Poland against Polish ones…

Jens Holm

I get it. You dont like people being able to cross and trade in Europe as they used to.

I do. Denmark was very much connested to Estonia, Latvia, Lituania, Poland and much more to the amputated Finland as well(Tallin in Estonia is even named after danes 1219 and we by the faitales got Our new Christan flag there). Parts of DDR now and then has been parts of Denmark as well as Sweden and that kind of German are or was very semilar to us. Poles were not.

Thats what You are missing in Your infantile support and Your non argumantation.

And You dont take the fact, that Comecon was bealdered and plundered production of the most ineffective kind and collapsed. ……………………………………………..

And Yes. Poles have to be allowed to try to keep what worth keeeping. But We are not country economy but western economics and private owned by stockholders, so everybody can own parts of every company which is on the stockmarket and poles too.

And Yes EU has rules, which cover all memebers. If You dont follow them, You can remain outisde as it was. Thats it. Poles and others get years to slowly implement things and also are helped by extra money for it.

Last year we gave them 16 billion dollar. That´was for reatructuring things and other investments. Some are used for own reasons too. We fx like fishing in the Baltics but pollution from Polen makes fish die, so we make a cleaner Baltic Sea. Its the same for warming up houses. A lot of the heat for it goes right up in the air by non insolated pipelines and houses. People dont pay pr meter and therefore forget to turn up and down or has no thermostate.

Both things we export to Poland for own benefit. But it pays of for them. They also can catch more fish, they can get more fish in their tivers and swim in them. They save a lot of money in heating and we enjoy they pollute less by their dirty coal. I will remind You polluted air from the come to us.

And that do make jobs in advanced constrution and educate Poles in new sectors even You see Danes as international plunderes. Tourisme has improved both ways and we have many poles working here and many are sending money home every month. Some poles even stay here. By that we keep their unimplyment down as well as make the saleries in Poland higher giving more income tax for schools, hospitals and pension.

So Poland being a member is much more freedom but also much more responsabilities for Poland and the rest of us.

The idea is the same as for when I worked with small children. We learned them to take clothe and booths on and off as well as brushing their teath. Thats good politics instead of just doing it for them.

And when they can, they becomes proud and more independent but also raised into responsible for themselves and others.

Lone Ranger

Truth hurts, try to handle it…

Jens Holm

Facts are Poles has improved a lot. There is no very big hidden unimplyment as before and by that people which for their whole miserable life behave and live as bums.

Well parts of Poland still is in the old days, but as for fx China You cant just moderneise old days to new. Its about stepby step for Poles.

Parts of the population has to change a lot inside themselves.

I have known Poles for many years and even back to Solidarnost. In those days everything was totally corrupt and the incommers was afraid for Our police. They were chocked about what they did not had in Poland because they were told so many was very poor because of the rich ones took all money.

There was a lot of things they also should pay for and even wait. It wasnt only medicine and needed treatmenets at the hospitals but many many things.

It was good chocolate, good coffee, good foreign vegetabiles and they hardly ever had eaten fresh fish from the sea.

Lone Ranger

The reason they have low unemployment is the fact that 5+million Poles left Poland, working abroad.

Jens Holm

Yes, we have given them jobs, so they can send money home and support their country. Thats decided by EU. Thats one of the reasons for UK are leaving EU.

AND we are giving them 20 billion dolllar a year which makes new jobs as well as updating or cloding down ancient jobs.

BUT I also tryed to refer to at under Comecon. So many was doing nothing or worked as they were 100 years old. Here we name it as “hidden unimplyment”.

We have here even we need those people and fx import poles. Almost all of them are non unintegrated muslims with low educated men doing anything to support the family by govermental wellfare. And their wifes and girls are not allowed to work, because that os seen as the man is not the leading person in the family.

Thats a vital difference. Here we as men are not born with honor and respect. We gain it for what we do and its not in gender.

And even if the Goverment find good jobs for the vomen in black tents, the men and they pretend they are sick and even after every doctor and psyakitrist say they are fine, they dont feel well stay home and gets fired.

We hardly can deny them vital help if they have children. They all have.

Lone Ranger

Its no charity, since EU companies are operating in former Eastern Block countries virtually tax free with major support and loans from local govts, we also buy your food and produce eventho we dont need it, its charity… The $billions we get from the EU is only a fraction of the profit they make on us. Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland, Romania, without these countries the EU would be bankrupt.

Raptar Driver

Like the late great Archie Bunker once said. “Take a running jump into lake polak”.

Jens Holm

Many poles has changed a lot since 1991 and their iberations before that. There was many jokes bfore that.

I remember one. The badest persons in hell was on a big ironplate. They were waiting for polish coal :)

rightiswrong rightiswrong

In Americas push to surround Russia with bases, why are US bases in Alaska, bordering Russia, much quieter than the bases in Poland and the other Nazi states who border Russia?

It seems like the Yanks don’t do jack shit when they share a border with Russia, but cause all sort of problems for other nations who border Russia.

cechas vodobenikov

an opportunity for sexually repressed US soldiers to rape Polish females…..as the USA exhausts its resources via military expenditures, domestic conditions worsen…are amerikans gullible enough to be distracted by this kabuki? where is Artaud when he is needed?

James Adams

Does Russia secretly pay you South front? No wonder why you are kicked off everything. Just look at your tittle. America is Actually pulling out troops from Germany and sending half home. The other half will go to Poland.

Why is it when America says “we want our troops home” you call them NAZI’s?


cechas vodobenikov

ur too stupid to comprehend truth—does the CIA subsidize your meth and pay u to post fascist nonsense here?….amerikans more troops in most nations—1000 military bases on foreign soil in order to steal resources from civilized people….of course u cannot pay for your imperialism indefinitely …your decaying cultural desert empire is near collapse….a nation of obese robots sexually assaulting mobile phone


Must be a lgbtq activist,otherwise why does it keep on promoting euro phaedokweers?

cechas vodobenikov

more lies–37000 in Germany—5000 to Poland…4500 sent to USa to quell the insurrection in plywood USA…”we are a nation of used car salesmen that have no qualms about killing anyone that makes us uncomfortable.” Hunter Thompson amerikans so shallow u cannot comprehend irony…”fewer than 3% of amerikan adults r literate enough to comprehend irony”. Morris Berman


the neoliberal disorder as propagated by the more than stupid yankee-twats is nothing but another word for fascism. and as you probably don’t know, ignoramus, is that fascism and nazism are closely related, in fact siamese twins. anything else you need to have explained?


No future in skulls n bones/lgbtq/nwo usa empire,cia are nazis (period) Only a petty weak cia/soros troll fear dictators where in reality they are kegot elected keaders, best begone insolent cia/soros troll,the world has awakened,infact you are broken and weak!


and it also means that the yankee-twats are guaranteed impunity for the rape and murder and drugs the under-educated slobs from the fly-over states are bound to commit. and the dumb poles are giving the mod and pentagon one blow job after the other in order to ingratiate themselves beyond doubt.


Poland back then with cccp,over 70,000 workers building ships + raising familys compsare to Poland with cia/eu-epp 600 workers making only parts for ships and 69,400 jerking off hollywood war games and advocating soros/incest (fake democracy) No wonder the eu-epp is all fkd up in retardation!

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