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US Shifts Official Justification Of Its Illegal Presence In Syria From ‘Guarding Oil’ To ‘Fighting ISIS’

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US Shifts Official Justification Of Its Illegal Presence In Syria From ‘Guarding Oil’ To ‘Fighting ISIS’


Submitted by Khaled Iskef

On February 9, the Pentagon announced that its forces in Syria are no longer responsible for the protection of the oil wells.

A Pentagon spokesman, John Kirby, said that the employees and contractors of the US Department of Defense are no longer allowed to assist any private company seeking to exploit the oil resources in Syria, nor to help the employees of this company or its agents.

Kirby added that the 900 personnel stationed in the region are there to support the mission of fighting ISIS only, which is the main reason for their presence.

The announcement of the US Department to shift the formal objectives of its military presence in Syria goes contrary to the position of the administration of former President Donald Trump. President Joe Biden announced that it would fix what Trump ‘sabotaged’ in the US policies.

Two years ago, Trump that he would keep a limited contingent of US forces in Syria to protect the oil wells, and said at the time that the US forces would take their share of the Syrian oil.

Last July, the SDF signed an agreement with a private US company called Delta Crescent Energy to modernize the oil wells seized by the SDF with the support of US forces, and to smuggle the oil extracted from them outside the Syrian territories.


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Hasbara Hunter

How often do we have to keep repeatin’ this shit??!!!!

The Israeli Secret Intelligence Service & al-CIAda (aka Mujahideen) are AngloZioNazi Mercenaries, Terrorist Contractors & Headchopping Operators….



Switch from (1) Guarding Heroine Poppy Fields in Afghanistan to (2) guarding Syrian Oil switched to (3) fighting ISIS = in the future just switch into any Deep State chance to your liking.. The reason they did this is similar to UK Government announcing Britons will need MULTIPLE REPEATED shots of Bill Hates’ satanic rancid zombie vaccine concoction to fight the ever respawning African and then Oceanian Covid strains. You don’t know you had the Nothingburger Flu virus, until a faulty PCR test proves you “have” it thus you should be totally deadly afraid and become INDEBTED to pay for future shots forever.. if you die or get deadly blood zombie diseases from the vaccine THAT’s YOUR FAULT AND THEY SUE YOU!!!


Just give those bastards two weeks to leave the Country of face whats coming.

Fog of War

Syria and Russia are too chicken shit to do that.

Aleks Noir

This is not much of a difference in strategy, just change in uniform.

Pave Way IV

We can’t even agree with ourselves. We are Official Justification incapable…


So now the Syrians can take their oil back

Jihadi Colin

And if ISIS isn’t there to fight it can always be imported.

Or created in Hollywood studios.

Stinky Man

The mission has not changed. US Troops are in Syria to protect Israel, 100%. US troops are the IFL ( Israeli Foreign Legion). US servicemen lives are put in harms way while Israel’s young men sleep safe at home.That’s not going to change. The US has NO interest in Syria the US occupation ONLY benefits Israel.

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