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US Sends 250 Trucks With Heavy Weapons, Armored Vehicles To SDF: Media

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US Sends 250 Trucks With Heavy Weapons, Armored Vehicles To SDF: Media

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The US has supplied the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) with 250 trucks with Hummer armored vehicles, heavy weapons and pick-ups over the past four day, the Russian state-run news agency Sputnik reported on June 11 citing a source in the SDF.

“There are three US military bases in the region, where the Americans are strengthening their presence. Over the last four days, the United States has sent us 250 trucks with Hummer armored vehicles, heavy weapons, and pick-ups, as part of the operation against Daesh*, which we continue to wage in eastern Deir ez-Zor. The US ammunition and armored vehicles are delivered overland from the territory of northern Iraq through the Semelka border control post, and from there to the east of Deir ez-Zor,” the source said.

The report added that to date the US had supplied 4,800 trucks with weapons and armored vehicles to the SDF. The recent and all the previous supplies were provided under a pretext of increasing the SDF’s capabilities of combating ISIS.

Currently, the SDF backed by the US-led coalition’s air power is carrying out a limited operation against ISIS near the border town of Dashisha. The town is currently controlled by ISIS. The terrorist group also controls a number of the settlement in the Euphrates Valley, including the town of Hajin.

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The U.S. Delivers weapons to any Headchopper-Militia that Can Steal Oil & Gold for them & Destroy Nations…SDF is just a collection of Kurds, Remnants of ISIS, Leftovers of Jaysh-al-Saudi, Nour al Zenki, Al Qaeda, FSA….and WTF… It is Just Arming TERRORISTS by the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA… the Biggest Criminal Organisation in the World… Looting, Raping & Killing at Will without Persecution… a Paradise for Psychopaths….Beware your Country Might be Next on their List….


Well said ??


When do the Kurds realise they are just the boots on the ground, the canon flodder the US needs but they will be betrayed and backstabbed like in Afrin and Manbij.

Jens Holm

How abourt Yourself. Its has been known from day one, that USA and Co could be verything to fight against ISIS apart from feet on the ground.

If Darwin made a wolf as avatar for You, it would have no eays, ears and nose.

You can call me Al

They should have learnt when the US left them in the North West to get battered by the Turks, but I know I sound callous, but I honestly don’t give a rats arse about them now – if they want to be Yank cannon fodder, so be it.


I get ur drift bro but how about them backstabbing the Yanks and switch sides so the most of the yellow on the map turns into red? ?


What Russia – you running low on bombs too??

Hisham Saber

No matter how much equipment, training and logistics the U.S., French and British forces east of Deir Ezzor give to the Kurds, they will be nothing more than a speedbump for the forces masses around them.

You have the Syrian Arab Army, NDF, Hezbollah, IRGC, about 14,000 Afghan volunteers, various militias and auxiliaries, even Russian Chechen special forces working for the Russian MoD, to the west of the Euphrates.

On the Syrian – Iraqi border, you have the PMU of various groupings, and a vast volunteer pool ready for action. The whole of the PMU’s answer directly to IRGC Quds Force Gen. Solemenei, who answers directly to Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran. It is Gen. Solemenei who is the glue that binds the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units and their auxiliaries, not the Iraqi central government. It was the IRGC and the PMU who in essence saved Iraq from ISIS, not anyone else. Gen. Solemenei is also the main mover and shaker behind the scenes in Iraqi politics, not Sadr. Muqtada Al-Sadr will go along with what Iran wishes for as far as its investment and geostrategic situation in the region. Iran is the regional power in the Middle-East, not Israel or anyone else. To the dismay of Washington, Tel-Aviv and the Saud family.

So, the Kurds and the U.S., French, British are isolated to a small number of bases, basically easy targets for artillery or missile bombardment, they are in effect garrisoned in hostile territory, for right in the middle of this envelopment maneuver (pincer movement) is a hostile Arab (Sunni, Shia, Assyrian, stc) population that is already starting to form an insurgency. Just the other day, 70 Syrian Arab tribes met for a big meeting , in which they released a statement saying they are with the Syrian government, reject foreign forces, and for the Kurds to leave.

Not even U.S. airpower will be able to save the day in the region, especially occupied areas of Syria-Iraq once hostilities really break out. But if they don’t reach that level for whatever political reason, like Iran and Syria showing Russia much respect by not going into full battle when Israel was bombing Syria , then there is always the option of launching a vicious, ferocious and constant insurgency against the foreign forces around Deir Ezzor, Raqqa, and near the Jordanian-Syrian border region.

The insurgents would be wearing civilian clothing, making it a fatal campaign for the occupiers and the Kurds immediately, making it just too costly to continue, and withdraw necessary. You can never win a war against insurgents in their own territory, just doesn’t work, like we saw in Iraq, where 14 of the total 16 battalions of the U.S. Army were effectively bogged down, ground into the sands, chasing shadows around the country, and being terrorized by snipers, and shredded by way of IED’s.

Of course, the U.S. will not double down and send a vast army to Syria if things go bad fast, it simply doesn’t have the political will to do so, nor is the U.S. population ready, nor want, nor allow for another war in the Middle -East. Obama wanted to go full out in Syria, and also to assist Israel to destroy Hezbollah, but the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff informed him that the U.S. is simply not ready for major combat until at least 2022, because they are in the process of re-tooling, rebuilding manpower and equipment after the brutal war in Iraq, and still going on in Afghanistan.

At the end, of course, the big losers are, and will continue to be Israel and the Kurds. And both are similar to each other in many ways, one being their heavy reliance on the U.S., who will disappoint them , in the case of the Kurds, all over again.


Very detailed and informative…provided it is true…
But time will confirm (or not) your words.


Infiltrating the SDF will be SO EASY… because the Hunger of the U.S. for more Mercenaries is insatiable…and this Blinds them…

You can call me Al

As a total side issue – did you actually go and meet that bloke in the café ? ……… sorry I have been away for a few days.


Yeah… I have met “Matt”….in the Stedelijk Museum…he’s a Good Man, Architect…he is a lot different than he pretended to be in here…

Baron Von MuleBanger

Eeeeeyyy what’s good my dearest friend?

You can call me Al

Wil you count me in, if you meet again please ?.


Sure would be nice…:)

Joe Dirt

Syria is now owned by the Russians, Turks, Britain, French, and Israel. :D


You are Owned by the FED…


Joe Dirty Mouth is proud excrement of the Empire.


This of course is true. But do you wait until bit by bit they have built a powerful force then go to war?

Just like how they ate surrounding Russia and China bit by bit.

You nip them in the bud is the only way.

Jens Holm

Have You even been reading, what it all about ???????????????

And Your own great large army cant even clean Your own part of the deserts T2, DEZ, Sukna.


“U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff informed him that the U.S. is simply not ready for major combat until at least 2022, because they are in the process of re-tooling, rebuilding manpower and equipment” The Mercenary US military obviously can’t win a war against anyone, not today, not in 2022. If we attack Iran/Syria, it will be after a full mobilization.


Getting 250/4800 trucks in shows they have plenty of freedom of movement there.


Is there any information of Dutch or Belgian Special Forces LRRP on the ground in Eastern Syria or Waest Irak ?


I wonder who paid?

Joe Dirt

I did bitch!


Yeah sure, mom gave you a raise did she?

Joe Dirt



Did you also pay back your $64.340 Public Debt per Capita?

Jens Holm

You really dont get it. They work harder and better and are also more advanced. When they pay tax they get something back too.

You really dont get much of the good and bad sides of the USA system. You know nothing about what public depht pr capata is at all.

Its trust for loan, where people give them money, because they will get them back with interest. Let me also remind You that the world is USA too by IMF.


The IMF is Controlled by the Banksters… a Criminal Organisation that uses Babylonian Money Magic… which is based on Creating Money out of thin Air….

Concrete Mike

So your telling me your glad your tax dollar went to bomb some dudes you never met somewhere you probably dont even know where.

Instead of being spent on roads, bridges, water/sewer, creating american jobs for americans everywhere??

If you beileve that your fucked


Don’t forget affordable health care!

Jens Holm

So You will make “shake hands with ISIS days” giving them chocolate as well ?

Wise Gandalf



Probably, our tribute payments to the empire are quite significant.


Now US tax payer (and world(since we all are paying that )) can see where are those “missing billions” are going…
Hundreds of billions every year for which DoD and Pentagon do not have explanations where all that money has gone….
They use billions to give new weapons to their terrorists in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan and wherever needed….
US Jihad is in full swing ! Beware you “infidels” !

Joe Dirt

I am a US tax payer and I fully support the destabilization of the M.E :D

….And I think russki agrees with me, seeing how soft they are in the M.E.


What are U.S. Citizens doing to change their situation?

Answer: Having two Jobs…Watch the Superbowl, Raise their Mortgage & get an Extra Gold Credit-Card to live the Parasitic lifestyle of a True American Patriot…the World Happily Pays for you anyway…so you don’t give a Shit…

Jens Holm

Correct, but thats the propaganda version too. You dont see the rest having a good life and only one job.

They also have decided that system themselves as a contrast to the Governess, which they came from. Thats why they are armed against the state.

If it was so in Syria, there never would have been any Assads. Turks are in the same possition. Eysy to keep unarmed Kurds down whining even when kurds in Iraq and Syria get light ones.

Fred Dozer

Your Kidding Right ? Trump won on being a Anti-war candidate. So with several guns, for every man woman and child in the USA , how many attacks have the gov faced ? We are the terrorist to other governments, if they do not see things our way. We love true terrorist states with zero, human rights, Israel, Saudi Arabia, etc.
Americans that are poor will only get poorer. Cuts, in food stamps, medical, and other social programs continue. They do this, to make the rich, richer. We have no regard, for the murder and suffering of millions and millions of innocents. It is only pure evil (government & military people), that could sleep at all, knowing how inhumane a country, we become. Or maybe, always was.

Bill Wilson

We make those cuts to force the lazy slackers to get jobs.

Fred Dozer

Yes, I am a lazy slacker at 82. Thank God their has been zero inflation in the US since my retirement. I only need one part time job, so I am not a burden on my children. Hope I drop dead before a nursing home happens.


It is a cryin’ shame you have to work at 82….respect…

Jens Holm

Well, then change it. I see unsystematic populisme in the worst version, You can get but not come throug only making chaos.

You are right about the income levels, but the system is made for that. There is no lack of money for the poor, but why should they have, when they fx dont work and so many extras are incommers only usefull for non educated jobs lowering the payment for it.

If You take the money from the rich – or more of it – You even can make much more money. There is no lack of money.

I live in a contrast to that, where Sanders has taken some inspiration from. But how many voted for that. And how many did not vote – especially not even the poor ones. The American are their own.

One big difrence is, that we mainly see the poor ones as investments and do invest, By that we think we loose a lot but gain more. Even people are poor, they feel, they are a part of it.

But Trump is right about refugees and migrants – as I see it. Why cant they solve their own problems in their own countries. How comes its attractive to go to here and stay as the poorest ones aming chritians and infidels – and often not even try to assimilate some.

We are in a very high porduction level right now and the muslims here as unimplyed families har fallen to 40% from 50. But for the rest its less then 5%. And we do count back and see that 50% level is after 10 years where we have learned them danish as well as most education is totally free.

Its estimated that those non intetgrators cost us in netto money around 5,5 BILLION dollers, because we help them more then many others.

Parts of our parlament now are very negative to give the same level for those people even we should treat them as ourt own according to our traditions.

We see no changes, where most of the refugees as well as emmigrants come from. We hardly take emmigrants unless they respond and are qualified to specific jobs in the high levels.

We have our own problems too, and I hardly see any friends even trying to make a future for any progress. Syria is a very good example.

They have only to go back to Old Assads or Jihadists. The only ones having a plan for any future are the PYD-SDF kurds, but all around them agree, they should not decide even a comma more in the dayli life.

So I do understand parts of Trumps and would prefare a wall west of Istanbull, but Trump is the same as chaos and instabílty and should be replaced at once. After all he has replaced everybody around the Presidential power him self reducimng it to twitter level, when its the worst.

I say for Trump as for too many muslims and several others: Respect and honor is not, what You are born with, but something Ypou gain by doing thing well. I cant see Trump so far has done anything well – even for his and Your country.

I certainly hope Ypour political parties can make a better system for electing the qualified ones.


The globe’s richest 1% own half the world’s wealth, according to a new report highlighting the growing gap between the super-rich and everyone else.

The world’s richest people have seen their share of the globe’s total wealth increase from 42.5% at the height of the 2008 financial crisis to 50.1% in 2017, or $140tn (£106tn), according to Credit Suisse’s global wealth report published on Tuesday…

This Shit doesn’t really seems Fair to me…


The Problem with America is they are a War Machine out for the Destruction of Nations…

American Revolutionary War

Cherokee-American Wars

North-West Indian Wars

Shays’ Rebellion

Whiskey Rebellion

Quasi War

First Barbary War

German Coast Uprising

Tecumseh’s War

War of 1812

Creek War

Second Barbary War

First Seminloe War

Texas-Indian Wars

Arikara War

Aegean Sea Anti-Piracy
Operations of the United States

Winnebago War

First Sumatran Expedition

Black Hawk War

Second Seminole War

Second Sumatran Expedition

Aroostook War

Ivory Coast Expedition

Mexican-American War

Cayuse War

Apache Wars

Puget Sound War

First Fiji Expedition

Rogue River Wars

Third Seminole War

Yakima War

Second Opium War

Utah War

Navajo Wars

Second Fiji Expedition

John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry

First & Second Cortina War

Paiute War

American Civil War

Yavapai Wars

Dakota War of 1862

Colorado War

Shimonoseki War

Snake War

Powder River War

Red Cloud’s War

Formosa Expedition

Comanche Campaign

United States Expedition to Korea

Modoc War

Red River War

Las Cuevas War

Great Sioux War of 1876

Buffalo Hunter’s War

Nez Perce War

Bannock War

Cheyenne War

Sheepeater Indian War

Victorio’s War

White River War

Pine Ridge Campaign

Garza Revolution

Yaqui Wars

Second Samoan War

Spanish-American War

Philippine-American War

Moro Rebellion

Boxer Rebellion

Crazy Snake Rebellion

Border War

Negro Rebellion

Occupation of Nicaragua

Bluff War

Occupation of Veracruz

Occupation of Haiti

Occupation of the Dominican Republic

World War I

Russian Civil War

Last Indian Uprising

World War II

Korean War

Laotian Civil War

Lebanon Crisis

Bay of Pigs Invasion

Vietnam War
(1965–1973, 1975)

Communist insurgency in Thailand

Korean DMZ Conflict

Dominican Civil War

Insurgency in Bolivia

Cambodian Civil War

War in South Zaire

Operation Eagle Claw

Gulf of Sidra Encounter

Lebanese Civil War

Invasion of Grenada

Action in the Gulf of Sidra

Bombing of Libya

Tanker War

Tobruk Encounter

Invasion of Panama

Gulf War

Iraqi No-Fly Zone Enforcement

First Intervention in the Somali Civil War

Bosnian War

Intervention in Haiti

Kosovo War

Operation Infinite Reach

War in Afghanistan

Iraq War

War in North-West Pakistan

War in Somalia

Operation Ocean Shield

American-Led intervention in Libya

Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency

American-Led intervention in Iraq

American-Led intervention in Syria

Yemeni Civil War

American intervention in Libya


Think you might have missed one or two, Merijn. Lol


Yeah before I started making this list I didn’t know it were that many….


Think it is at least 5 jobs these days and world champions of games, not played by any other country. Lol

Jens Holm

They make them themselves and has had this kind of foreign politics since ww2.


Rumsfeld’s address to Congress 9/10/2001 he announced 2.3 trillion dollars was missing from the Pentagon. The next day the world forgot about it. The figures are about 15 trillion dollars today.

You can call me Al

Very true and by November, that figure will have increased.


Main problem with the US is that everybody in the Middle East hates the Anglo/Zionists.


Not only in the Middle-East….it is the Ripple Effect…

Bill Wilson

Main problem in Syria is that everyone hates the Assad Regime!


Many of those are in Idlib now, and many are not even from Syria!
Perhaps they can cross Turkish border to vote for Erdogan.
Or maybe they will be given absentee ballot.


How ignorant one can be ….


As usual, you are wrong. Assad is very popular. Israel and you hate the government of Syria….sad.


Okay, sure but, ………. uh, who is paying for the maintenance on those things? US equipment is generally complex, expensive to repair and has a regular maintenance schedule that must be adhered to per instructions. Hell, now I know where all the police equipment has gone; to the Kurds. They were passing out this stuff to US police departments and it was so expensive to maintain, that those police departments quickly found out that the ‘toys’ were too expensive to maintain. Good luck keeping it running. :P

To the Kurds, I will see you …………… in the toolroom. :)

Brad Isherwood

Now that Uncle Shlomo is protecting the Kurds.
The World Health Organization can implement a Kurd National Vaccination program.

Evil Grinning ; )


Also the the unnamed SDF source stated:
“Now give us a shit load more supplies so we can take the next ISIS village, And don’t forget the trucks with new uniforms and shaving kits for those we capture. Or else we shall have to postpone offensive ops for another 3 months!” :D


What bases is the US using to fly materiel into northern Iraq? Why not use their bases in NE Syria? It’s closer to Europe and the Turks don’t apparently mind. Or is all this stuff coming up from the Gulf?

Richard M

I wouldn’t call these uparmored technicals “Heavy weapons”. Seems Washington is careful not to tread too heavily on Sultan Erdogan’s toes.


No doubt.
A MG is only heavy if you have to carry it.
I think the SDF got 82mm mortars and some ATGM also?

Richard M

ATGM would be significant. John McCain’s weapons industry pals would love the idea of replacing a few dozen armored vehicles for TSK!


I was thinking a light ATGM, not a TOW.
I saw them used in Afrin.
You know, somebody supplies some money and a mysterious plane flies in from Bulgaria. :)

Jens Holm

They have, but only in very limited quantities, where they cant be avoided. We see this projekt is a hard one, and they get some of it too.

Elmarie Muller

Gangsters paradise G7 failed now their equipping terrorists to get unwanted attention.Greedy Gangsters of G7 heads devils of Bible.


Sounds like the Semelka border control post needs some Iraqi Army to replace Kurds and some PMU back up on the Iraqi side.

You can call me Al

They came via air,


More shit for the SAA to blow up, and a waste of American taxpayer monies. Pathetic.

Jeth Roderet

“SDF” = “ISIS” with a yellow flag. Peace will only come to Syria when all of these foreign-backed terrorist groups have been defeated by Syria and its allies.

Allan Greedspoon

The Kurds will be left high and dry after the next US election, surrounded by bitter enemies. Perhaps they will all be given green cards for Israeli citizenship?


This is not remotely a new or surprising development. Much of the value of both US and Russia presence come from the unlimited supply of food, bullets, and equipment. The good news is that a growing number of weapons there can be a growing number of offensives against ISIS, despite the SDF’s internal issues.

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