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US Seeks To Split Syria And Create Quasi-State On Euphrates East Bank: Russia


US Seeks To Split Syria And Create Quasi-State On Euphrates East Bank: Russia

CC0 / Staff Sgt. Jacob Connor / 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne)

On Febraury 19, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov commented on the US policy regarding the conflict in Syria. Lavrov said that the US is attempting to to split Syria and create a quasi-state on the Euphrates River’s east bank. This is why Wahington is opposing to the return of the  Damascus government there.

“They are actively investing and are forcing their allies to pay for redevelopment of that part of Syria. However, they are prohibiting their allies to invest in the restructuring of the infrastructure of the other parts of Syria which are controlled by the legitimate government,” Lavrov noted.

These remarks came amid reports that the Kurdish-dominatedSyrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are working to finalize their operation against ISIS in the Euphrates Valley.

Meanwhile, the SDF released a detailed statement on its plans after the elimination of the last ISIS-held pocket on the eastern bank of the Euphrates. The group demanded Damascus to recognize the “self-declared and effective autonomy in the northeast” and vowed to “liberate” the Afrin region from Turkish forces.




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  • wwinsti

    Watching a little failed state being still born. Well that’s cute.

    • Tom Tom

      Russkies may be in on it, at least at the outset. Not in the long run, of course.

  • Gregory Casey

    If Kurds think for one moment that their brothers (& sisters) in Afrin and round-and-about will remain safe and, somehow, become part of their new quasi-State they have another think coming. SDF can go and play ball with Damascus or watch as the Turks massacre the Kurdish Population while SAA, Russia & Iran watch on, silently. Meanwhile, back on the East Bank of the Euphrates and its vast desert stretching to the Iraqi Border there is nothing except the towns and cities along the Euphrates and in the north, along the Turkish Border.
    Neither the Arab Syrian population nor the Assyrian Christian nor the Chaldean Populations of NE Syria that are squeezed against the Turkish Border want to be a part of a Kurdish State: Assyrian Christians have already experienced their Churches and Schools closed by armed Kurdish Military because the Assyrians refused to teach the new Kurdish Curriculum in Schools ……. Kurdish Language, Kurdish Culture & Kurdish insignia & flags and had themselves to forcibly repossess those Schools & Churches ……. Summer 2018. Those Populations will never accept a Kurdish State and THEY are the majority …… NOT the Kurds.

    • Leo Gjata

      I’m an American citizen of EU decent and I don’t approve of our behavior in the ME but we can make up for our mis-deeds there by creating an autonomous Kurdish state in NE Syria. I would hope that will be the beginning of a Kurdish Republic (incl. also the Kurds of Iran,Iraq and Turkey). They deserve a country of their own.

      • Tommy Jensen

        True. It would be good for Israel´s security. Israel citizens could begin to relocate and fill up the Kurdish area as their second place of choice, and their armies could join together.

        Already 200 000 joos from Israel are ready to move to Kurdish Republic to renew the oil, banking and gold industry in NE Syria with their expertise.

      • Tom Tom

        EU decent? Are you sure you’re decent? Cuz I don’t think so. I think you mean EU “descent,” which is ridiculous. You’re either French, German, etc.

      • Gregory Casey

        Why in NE Syria? Kurds are a Minority in NE Syria and only a tiny sliver along the Borders with Turkey & Iraq constitutes any part of the Kurdish homeland. Kurds already have a quasi-state in Northern Iraq and the only part missing from their homeland is 90% within Turkey.

    • Tom Tom

      part of the deal is if Turks wipe out Kurds, they get Greece.

  • Bigaess Wangmane

    The occupational forces in the East Euphrates & Al Tanf comprising of the US, UK, France, their Saudi-funded Jihadi pets & their puppet master, Israel are stuck between a rock and a hard place. The traitorous Turks will under no circumstances allow a Kurdistan to be created along their border and the traitorous Kurds will never allow the SDF to become an Arab-dominated entity.

    • BMWA1

      Hardly. Thanks to Trump, Al Tanfian freedom fighters, with an apropos ‘mutual defense treaty’ with the IDF and trans-Jordan, can look forward to peace and prosperity amongst the iconic vistas/deflated Pleistocene surfaces of the south Syrian borderland deserts.

      • Tom Tom

        southeast is where the fallen watcher angels descended into their watery (and sharp rocks) holding pen till they rise again at the same place here at the end of time.

  • occupybacon

    Shocking news!

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      indeed shocking. kind of pathetic too come to think of it.

  • Promitheas Apollonious

    that is been kind of obvious 4 years ago the russians just figured it out? Hard to believe.

    • Tom Tom

      Haha, yes, but they were in on it. They’re good at poker.

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        I agree with you.

  • seawolf

    Lavrov declares the obvious, but he very well knows that land seized with arms never returns back by negotiating

    • verner

      not entirely correct and the steady and systematic work by russia and turkey and iran and syria will set things right and the morons of moronistan (aka usa) will face another humiliating defeat, to add to all other defeats they chalked up over the last 70 years.idiots will never learn and moronistan certainly is fully packed with idiots.

  • potcracker777


    after 4 years… they come up with this conclusion??????????????????????????????????????????????


    and im writing u the truth again after 4 years of writing here

    A one world government, with jeruslaem as ist capital, under satanic jewish Leadership.
    ALL nations that RECOGNIZE the illegal satanic evil Entity Israel are part of the Agenda…this includes

    u Folks arer still in Alice in wonderworld rabbithole.ewake the fuck up.
    there is nom good USA or bad USA or good russia or bad russia u morons.

    and ill give u another example of how u all are beiing bs day in and day out.

    the us governemnt is now Building up Military in space.Ofcourse russia is screaming “no no no , u bad americans” lol do you know who builds the american rocket engines they use in the Atlas rockets to move the various Military coponents into space u morons??????????????????

    ITS russian engines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so they are telling u Folks, that they the bad bad russians are selling them bad bad americans the rocket engines with which they can build up Military in space??????

    lol Folks … u r beiing played!!!!!!!

    • verner

      by whom – msm maybe, always after headlines, gory headlines with photos of carnage.

  • potcracker777

    and here is another example of pure bs…….

    how did the vote go in the united nations security council on weapons sales for the houthis to defend themselves from the combined attack of us,british,israeli,saudi,uae,germany,french attack??????????

    well russia and China voted FOR the Resolution, against the houhtis!!!!!! while both selling them Saudis and uae cocksuckers the best of the best weapons!!!!!!

    alll bs for the 99 % sheep.
    again. The Agenda,

    a one world government, with Jerusalem as ist capital under satanic jewish Leadership.
    ALL nations that recognize the illegal satanic Entity named Israel are part of the Agenda.
    including russia,uk,usa,china,eu etc…….

  • potcracker777

    and we will all pay the ultimate prize for neglecting the truth ….for beiing sheep……u Folks have no idea how evil this will become…..not the worst Zombie Hollywood movie Comes eben remotely Close to the truth…..this is pure evil…….read 1984 (a book written by an Insider in 1948-mirror Image) thats the world we are heading to…and this future is closer than u think..ist right around the Corner…….
    so Keep believing in good USA or bad USA or good russia or bad russia or good uk or bad uk………
    fuckking 99% sheep

  • Tommy Jensen

    Ok……………and who made the deal to separate Syria along Euphrates into a Russian and a US part??

  • RichardD

    Waiting for Trump’s “withdrawal” is almost certainly a waste of time. It’s been 2 months and there are more US forces in Syria now than when the “withdrawal” was announced. And the US has been shipping in war material to the secessionist Kurd terrorists on a regular basis.

    The only way that the Syrian government is going to unify the country is by expanding the no fly zone over Al-Tanf and the NE to keep the US and it’s tag alongs out of Syrian airspace. And upgrading the Syrian government coalition’s escalation management capabilities to deter the US and company from launching airstrikes on Syria from outside of Syrian airspace.

  • Smaug

    Trying to? No. Have done so? Yes.
    The war was a bit complicated, you see.

  • RichardD

    The Trump withdrawal plan is a scam. His statements make it clear that he has no intention of turning occupied areas over to the Syrian government. He’s just trying to turn more of the partition project over to other actors who will keep it going for the Jews.

    It isn’t 2,000 US troops, the international coalition, or the SDF that’s keeping the Syrian government coalition out of Al-Tanf and the NE. It’s the US air force. Until Syrian airspace is secured, and airstrikes from outside of it are deterred. Any advance by the Syrian government coalition is vulnerable to airstrikes.

    Trump’s withdrawal, if it even happens, is of some ground troops only. And from the sounds of it, it’s a partial withdrawal at best. With some ground troops to remain as a justification for continued airspace violations and airstrikes to protect US partner forces.

    • Joe Kerr

      Airstrikes can be deterred, as the lack of recent IDF strikes confirm. Israeli planes are the same as those of the USAF… and if one can be stopped, so can the other. That’s when the stupid Syrian Kurds will experience the same loss as their brethren in Iraq.

      • RichardD

        I agree, but the deterrence capability has to be commensurate with the adversary, and the FUKUS Jew 3 is a much bigger adversary than the baby rapers. So what worked on Israel may not be enough to deter the US. So if there is an upgrade needed to do this. There’s no sense in waiting to put it in place. Because without it. There’s a much greater probability of continued US prevarication and delay.

  • Domenic Patrone

    And then SOMEONE will ship in tanks and other military hardware, and THEN ..

  • Tom Tom


    Well, h’yeah, duh. That was CIAda/Mossad plan all along.