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JUNE 2023

US Secretary of Defense Believes UN ‘Approved’ US Intervention In Syria

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US Secretary of Defense Believes UN 'Approved' US Intervention In Syria

U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis

US Secretary of Defense James Mattis stated that the UN approved of the US entering Syria because the UN had approved resolutions against ISIS.

“You know, the UN said that ISIS — basically we can go after ISIS,” Mattis told reporters on November 13, answering a question about the legal grounds for the US presence in Syria.

The Head of Pentagon said that the US were there to “take ISIS out”, at the same time stressing the importance of the Geneva settlement process held under the auspices of the UN: “But that doesn’t mean we just walk away and let ISIS 2.0 pop back around as if we’re surprised either. So we got to get the UN-brokered effort in Geneva to take this thing forward,” he added.

The Security Council have not explicitly allowed the US to intervene in Syria.

The US presence in Syria has been repeatedly criticized by Damascus, which stressed that any foreign military operation taking place without government approval would be considered an illegal invasion. Russia began its operation against ISIS in Syria after the request of the Damascus government.

The US administration has yet to receive the approval of Congress for conducting any military operations abroad, but this rule is constantly violated. The continued fight against terrorists in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya is explained by the fact that Congress allowed the Pentagon to fight Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks.

Former UN Director-General Sergei Ordzhonikidze said that Jim Mattis made himself a “laughingstock” by saying the United Nations allegedly approved the presence of the country’s forces in Syria.

“He just doesn’t understand or know what he is saying, and apparently he has no decent advisers who could tell him how to act… It is, I believe, just a shame to say things like this, for such a large state, a superpower, like the United States,” Ordzhonikidze stressed.

Moreover, he added that the United States presence in Syria was illegal and was “an attempt to justify in an awkward way the illegal stay of US-led coalition forces in Syria”.

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Doom Sternz

The Head of Pentagon said that the US were there to “take ISIS out”, a five star restaurant maybe?

Kira Binkley

Maybe he meant Chinese take-out, the most American of dishes.


Sorry this is Israeli disinformation. Be smart and identify fake news on the first place.

Graeme Rymill

The United States says its involvement is permitted under Article 51:

Article 51 Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defence if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken measures necessary to maintain international peace and security.

See for example this article:



It is not mentioned in article 51.

Graeme Rymill

When you say “it is not mentioned” do you mean the United States is not mentioned by name? Or that Syria is not mentioned by name?

None of the Articles that form the Charter of the United Nations mention specific countries except where the permanent members of the Security Council are listed and also with regard to ratification of the Charter itself . You can see all 111 Articles here:



Israel is an illegal disgusting terrorist failed state like ISIS in Palestine.

Graeme Rymill

OK……. but you asked which Article and I told you! If you are aren’t interested don’t ask….


Being this dillussional, it’s a metter of time before he starts believing he can fly…


Let him!

African Child

Its time US gave up on this Syria war; BBC have a recent article (which is actually un-BBC like) with videos showing about 4000 ISIS which this fool says he wants to ‘take out’ being escorted out of Raqqa in vehicles provided by US through the SDF with air cover by coalition providing lighting by dropping flares


As an amateur farmer I’m well aware you always need to leave some seed for next year’s harvest…

Zainab Ali

only retards behave arrogantly – they expect others to think highly of their strangest acts of evil worldwide

Vicky SD

From now on, I’m confident few if any UN resolutions of this nature will pass based on this comment.

Kira Binkley

But “I” didn’t. Approve. In fact, I said, over and over, “Stay out of Syria, America!”


Kira for Secretary of State! :-)

Syria is no threat to the US. It’s no threat to anyone, even Israel. But we spend billions to throw out Assad or partition Syria. Israel wants us to interfere so what choice do we have?

Kira Binkley

Kira is not an American, she cannot be S of S.

But hear this:

I posted this comment on another forum a couple of days ago. “It is time for the international community to address the issue of sovereign rights, and the violation thereof. Specifically, when is it advisable for a state actor, or non-state actor, to intervene on behalf of the peoples of a country, and when is it best not to? Also the question of proof, or evidence, also needs explication. What would constitute reliable proof of misdeeds on the part of a government towards its people?

Remember that the proper assessment of past and present, and its implications/explications for the future will aid in the determination of violations of sovereignty”

Now, just go away little boy. When you are mature enough to understand, then you may comment on my posts. —KiraSeer


That’s a sensible approach to considering violating sovereign rights. The UN does not authorize helpful interventions short of actions authorized by the SC or actions in self defense or in aid of collective security so misdeeds are irrelevant. The R2P nonsense, about which you are properly skeptical.

I’m relieved that I did not post an UNfriendly comment on the thinking of the formidable Binkley.

Kira Binkley

Well, Ace, it is now time to start thinking about it. And the world has seen some of the horrors that can come about because of violations of sovereignty and lack of restraint on state power.


The government of Syria is the only one to approve or not and they said no.

Kira Binkley

You are right, Lupus. To a certain extent. The rights of sovereignty have yet to be addressed by the international community. And it’s about time. It won’t be easy.


The so called international community is always the USA and their puppets

Kira Binkley

Well, that is what is about to change.



John Whitehot

i’d rather say israel and their puppets


We have special privileges to pass judgment on other countries. We can tell when they are bad but please don’t ask us to say what will come after we set them on fire.

Ricky Miller

Which means that sovereign rights rest not on the United Nations Charter but instead on how many weapons a country has, and the quality of those weapons. For smaller countries this means they will always be vulnerable to a big spending treaty violator. This negates the entire reason the United Nations exists. The United States only attacks small states many times smaller in size, population and resources. So, in the future small States can only safeguard their security through nasty weaponry. This is the chaos in International Affairs that Nelson Mandela spoke of in 2003.


Based on US/NATO sequential actions of aggressively attacking the non compliant states of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and Syria – it is quite clear that current North Korean leadership perceives its only safety from US systematic regime change policy is the pursuit of a nuclear weapon deterrence program. Despite the US leadership, and compliant MSM, applying their standard ‘international crisis’ model, of hysteria and caricature, toward the North Korean leadership, it is actually not an unreasonable conclusion by the latter – who are no doubt very keen to avoid sames fates as US/NATO deposed Milosevic, Hussein and Gaddaffi.

Kira Binkley

You are astute. The International Criminal Court refused to consider “aggression” within its provenance, as there were many, many questions concerning the perception of what “aggression” really is. If we are to limit warfare and conflict, between states, or even in other venues, we must consider it in its relationship to sovereign rights.

Carol Davidek-Waller

These guys are all on drugs. Perhaps more than one. You can’t reason with a junkie. In a real government, such clear evidence of incompetence would get you fired yesterday. In a just society, playing fast and loose with other people’s lives would get you incarcerated. The Geneva Conventions and the horror of WW II have been effectively erased from the collective memory.

Kira Binkley

Well, it is re-emerging now.

Paul Lynch


Kira Binkley

Douglas Feith, the great neoconservative, wrote a book titled: “War and Decision”. One of the chapters he called “Either We Change, or They Change.” The man is a psychopath. A good book to read is “Lawless World” by Philippe Sands.

Expo Marker

Yugoslavia/Serbia was targeting practice for NATO. The real target was everyone in the middle east.

Pave Way IV

F’ing Israeli-firster traitor…


Is Mattis an Israeli-firster as well. Wow, I don’t know it extended to the military as well. It is very troubling when the top officials of a country all turn out to be traitors…

Shy Talk

he’s got strange ears

Kira Binkley

Big ones. Good observation.

John Panelli

Perhaps Mexico should be allowed to bomb and invade Texas because there are groups of UN-condemned drug cartel affiliates operating there?

John Whitehot

right. but that doesnt work much. they are exceptional you know.


USA-Israel took ISIS in Syria. Great countries !!


There is a Hollywood movie of the US and Israeli ‘destruction’ of ISIS about to be made now. Of course that will be as soon as the Zionist Hollywood Moguls have had sex with the cast first.


For Mattis to even bother saying this ,it indicates to me that ‘Behind Closed Doors ‘meetings at the UN there is a groundswell of US criticism.

I hope so anyway.


“I hope so anyway”

Me too.


Could be. But also Daesh days are numbered in Syria, and on the day of their final dissolution the Americans, by their own admission of being there to fight ISIS, will be left with no legalistic excuse to stay. My guess is some planners are working feverishly to launch ISIS v.2.0. Syria and Iraq have done a clever thing in defeating Daesh at the same time. Don’t forget that US left Iraq a few years ago. Now they are back to “fight ISIS” ( which is a lie). Partitioning of Syria and Iraq has failed and will backfire. Soon US is forced to leave both Iraq and Syria. PS Kurds are the last throw. After taking over stolen land and strategic resources in syria, soon we’ll start hearing of the “ethnic cleansing” of Kurds and how US needs to stay behind to defend them. But it ain’t gonna work.


How in thee world a person of USA can make a statement like this !! This guy must be totally drug.


Who can now doubt that the US is one of the main problems in the world.

They reserve the right to chase ISIL wherever they chose.

That menas if someone in Australia donated $5 to ISIL, the US reserves the right to attack and invade Australia to “Fight ISIL”. . .


US is definitely a mega problem of the world. ” They reserve the right to chase ISIL wherever they chose “? Are the US so arrogant that they become ignorant to the fact the world knows that they along with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UK, EU etc invented & are pay rolling ISIS?


Instead of graciously exiting Syria like the Syrian government suggested them to by giving them the option to leave Syria saving face; these “mad dogs” want to leave Syria the hard way. So, just like Nasrallah said a few months back: “you want to come back? ..be my guest!” :) USA will leave Syria in full disgrace like ISIS.

Really stupid comment from Mattis. He should know better: Never openly say what your intentions are.


How many dead Americans does it take to make the public demand withdraw from syria?

(My number is 50.)


On a pure cost-benefit analysis for the Syrian government: losing 10k soldiers more or less with no infrastructure left to destroy: of course they will confront the Americans (shamelessly reduced to mercenaries for Israel after ISIS).

When it comes to air defence etc., the Syrian government has also long given up on the Russians for those who haven’t noticed yet. No need for hypocrites.

John Whitehot

don’overestimate the us public.

it’s not the same of vietnam times, it actually believed the bush administration about 911.


9/11 was an outside job.

John Whitehot

wonder when they’ll start telling that Putin did it.


First we must eradicate gender harassment from the face of the earth.

John Whitehot

gender what? xD

John Whitehot

“Never openly say what your intentions are”

i’m not in the business of praising maddog, but you are preaching hypocrisy


“But that doesn’t mean we just walk away and let ISIS 2.0 pop back around as if we’re surprised either.”

Is Mattis suggesting that Obama WASN’T surprised when the JV team took over half of Syria and Iraq on his watch?


Hasn’t USA already “intervened” in Syria with their ISIS proxy army since late 2013? Was that “UN approved” as well?


What a stinking pile of shit!! This weird old geezer needs to retire into an old folks home already, as he is not right in the head

John Mason

Like to hear an official UN statement condemning Mattis and the US for violating International Law and tell the US to leave Syria.

Brad Isherwood

Putin/Lavrov deconfliction agreements give** illegal foreign invaders license to remain on Syrian Sovereignty as protectors against ISIS,…and also political track. US continually says they will remain in Syria to ensure democratic freedom and some other word spin concerning Geneva. So ya….US represent FSA at Al Tanf, and Kurds. Turks get their land grab to break up Kurd aspirations. Israel gets to steal the Golan representing no one…unless Syrian Druz have suddenly been bought by Israel . In history past,…you cut deals with the Mongols and they betray you,return and sack cities,kill everyone. US are not the Mongols,…the do however betray…..Millions of dead from Afghanistan to Libya remind they are something like the Mongols

Kira Binkley

Where’s your link saying Putin gives illegal foreign invaders license to remain…

Brad Isherwood

How about look at the map…. Hello!….Israel gets deconfliction agreement and sits on more stolen Syrian Golan, Deconfliction agreement means Russia will not bomb there or send it’s forces. Same for Turkeys illegal land grab in Syria, Russia will not send airstrikes nor Kalibr missiles to hit US/FSA in Al Tanf. Russian will not send airstrikes nor Kalibr missiles to hit US/Kurd bases or where ever US and Kurd roam and steal Syrian territory. ..like Kurd steal Omar Oil Fields and land east of the Euphrates.

Kira Binkley

Oh, well, yeah, that makes it true.

Brad Isherwood

There is some few positive points however regarding these deconfliction agreements. Each region has the Arab Tribes or even Gangster/warlord types. These are forced to negotiate with Russia/Damascus, …or get placed over on the hostile/combatant side of the ledger. The East Euphrates oil fields are Arab tribes who have SDF/ISUS on their turf,…yet may deal with Damascus. Putin has to deal with these vs what US and Israel can front as bribes to buy them to Contend and reject Damascus. . Putin’s leverage along with Iran’s increasing presence might embolden US and Israel And the Saudi to keep things in limbo while undermining Damascus politically. US in Afghanistan 16 years signals that US will not respect national Sovereignty.

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