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MAY 2021

US Scrambled Warplanes From UAE Air Base For Supposed Strike On Iran After Missiles Hit US Facilities In Iraq

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US Scrambled Warplanes From UAE Air Base For Supposed Strike On Iran After Missiles Hit US Facilities In Iraq

ILLUSTRATIVE IMAGE: Capt. Andrew “Dojo” Olson, F-35 Demonstration Team pilot and commander performs a high-speed pass in an F-35A Lightning II during the Heart of Texas Airshow April 7, 2019. (Senior Airman Alexander Cook/U.S. Air Force)

US warplanes were scrambled from Al-Dhafra Air Base in the United Arab Emirates for a possible strike on Iran, according to reports from local and media sources. The group of the warplanes reportedly includes more than six US Air Force F-35A Lightning II fighter jets.

The warplanes left the UAE in several minutes after US military facilities in Iraq came under a missile attack from Iran.

According to Syrian sources, an intense activity of the US Air Force was spotted over Iraq and the Syrian province of Deir Ezzor (near the Iraqi border).

Earlier, Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps launched at least 10  missiles at the US airbase of Ain al-Assad in Anbar province in western Iraq. A second wave of Iranian strikes reportedly hit the US military facility near the Iraqi city of Erbil.


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  1. PZIVJ says:

    Maybe the aircraft are headed for safety in Diego Garcia? :DD

      1. Karen Bartlett says:


        1. d'Artagnan says:

          A Ukrainian civilian plane has crashed in Iran sadly. This phase of Iranian response seems to be over and they have put the US on notice.

          If the US and its allies launch any more attacks on Iran, they will incur
          “more painful and crushing responses,” the Islamic Revolutionary Guards
          of Iran warned, noting that ‘Zionist regime’ of Israel will not be

    1. Redadmiral says:

      Bibi shitting himself for he knows if he can’t persuade TrampUS to keep gun in holster IsraHell will be wiped off Map. Of course he egged on the Muppet in the first place but now realises the consequence of having a Big mouth.

      1. Assad must stay (gr8rambino) says:

        he fucked himself lmao

        1. John Wallace says:

          Pity he wasn’t fucked by a horse .

          1. Assad must stay (gr8rambino) says:

            hahahaha yea

      2. Jake321 says:

        And Iran will then be a glow in the dark parking lot. Get real.

        1. Kell McBanned says:

          Israel will be a glow in the dark parking lot no matter what – only a matter of time, tick tock

        2. John Wallace says:

          All these idiots who can’t say anything but turn Iran into glass or a parking lot. Brainless fuckwits without a clue.. Go and join Bibi and bend over .

      3. Ewan says:

        Them F35’s were actually doing an emergency diaper resupply run for NuttyYahoo

    2. Kell McBanned says:

      If I was Iran Diego Garcia would be a primary target

      1. Jake321 says:

        How will they get there? In row boats?

        1. Kell McBanned says:

          Lol keep eating your own propaganda k i k e, your already doomed :D

        2. John Wallace says:

          Same way Canada got to Holland in 45 . Swim. Clueless fuckwit.

        3. Ashok Varma says:

          Are you a teenager on Ritalin?

    3. zman says:

      There are reports out of Iran that they have tracked some US troops being redeployed to Aden in Yemen. Surely the Houthis would like to contribute to encouraging the US to leave. Funny how they didn’t run to their friends, the Saudis. Oh, yeah…even the Saudi’s are fleeing KSA. Gotta lot of faith in their US/western defenses , huh?

  2. Vince Dhimos says:

    Well, F.35s are supersonic, so if they wanted to hit Iran, why so late?

    1. Nowruz says:

      Maybe they remembered what happened to the RQ 4 Global Hawk.

    2. MikeH says:

      F35 is supersonic on paper. It has no range to use the burner and the skin fails at sustained high-speed flight.

  3. MADE MAKER says:


    1. Jake321 says:

      And Israel will nuke Iran. Your turn.

      1. Gary Sellars says:

        See what happens if Ziostan was so homicidal as to use nukes….

        Stupid kyke cunt

        1. John Wallace says:

          nukes don’t work in mountainous areas . Guess where Iran have their missiles..

      2. d'Artagnan says:

        Don’t be a stupid Jew brat! Nothing is about to happen.

      3. Concrete Mike says:

        And that would be suicide.

        If thats the only play, you guys are fucked.

      4. Kell McBanned says:

        how they going to nuke anyone when 200 000 Hez rockets turn every base and city in israel to Ash? I dont dont know but hopefully soon we will find out

      5. Ewan says:

        Then Iran will Nuke the Fake khazar Ghetto rats in HellAviv.

        Israel’s strategic depth consists of 3 cities. 1 nuke per city.Then what?

        Now Your turn

        1. Redadmiral says:

          NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Iran takes the highest moral position of all countries in the world. They will NEVER produce nuclear weapons and hold anyone who uses them as craven maniacs who should be executed.

  4. Luke Hemmming says:

    The PROVERBIAL shit is about to hit the fan.

    1. Free Dom says:

      Yuh think….

  5. WHAT says:

    More like scrambled to avoid being hit on the ground by Iranian cruise and ballistic missiles. US has literally no effective AA or radar warning, notice there is zero AA fire on incoming missiles in every released video.

    F-35 has a very short loiter time to boot, if they vere going to shoot at something in Iran there would be reports about it already.

    1. Jake321 says:

      Who needs to shoot down missiles that obviously miss any significant targets?

      1. d'Artagnan says:

        The FACT is that you have a big mouth like US and all Zionists. Paper Tigers :)

      2. John Wallace says:

        It was a message sent to let Trump know if you want to play we can and will.. nothing more.

      3. WHAT says:

        Familiar excuse when Iron Dome fails yet again versus literal pipe rockets, yes.

      4. Nosferatu says:

        So you claim US knew that those missiles would miss? In tha phase of misssile flight when intercepting missiles have to be released already it is not possible to determine where they would hit with that much accuracy….

    2. d'Artagnan says:

      Iranian response was expected and hit the US to get the message across that a rogue warmonger like US will not be allowed to kill people with impunity. US is now in a quandary as its bluff has been called and there is nothing it can do to Iran. Iranians are very cool, calm and collected customers, they will escalate as needed, but I don’t see the loudmouth Trump doing anything else but playing down US losses and hoping that Iran will stop here.

      1. Assad must stay (gr8rambino) says:

        i was watching cnn theyre saying no american deaths, i find that hard to believe, and trump says “all is well” the base was completely destroyed from what i read lmao

        1. d'Artagnan says:

          They are taking lessons from the Zionists is telling lies. The Zionists also say the same after Hezbollah humiliates them. The US is trying to deescalate as they are humiliated and now have only two options :

          1. Start a major sapping war for decades and start national conscription (highly unlikely)

          2. Deescalate and slowly get out of the region as there is real anger and rising anti-American sentiment. The Zionist criminals have gone quiet and most of the Arab Sheiks are in Europe hiding as Dubai and Tel Aviv will be hit hard if US commits suicide. I don’t think US will do anything, maybe cosmetically drop bombs in the desert for domestic PR.

          1. Assad must stay (gr8rambino) says:

            hopefully they choose option 2. i had been praying for sometime for US to get out of the region and for God to protect iran, and with soleimanis death it seems that is finally starting to happen. funny because i never in a million years thought it would start that way. God does indeed work in mysterious ways it seems

      2. Ashok Varma says:

        Iraq’s Ayn al-Asad Air Base and at least one site in Kurdistan’s Erbil
        were hit by Iranian cruise missiles and short-range ballistic missiles
        launched from within the neighboring Islamic Republic,local reports indicate severe damage to the bases and many casualties.

    3. Justin says:

      Dude, if the US ends up hitting something BIG and causing massive damage, whats gonna be your come back comment?
      Jesus will u guys pull ur heads in!
      all of u are fucking deluded cave men!

      Now….. say my name!

      1. WHAT says:

        That it changes nothing in the long run. Murrican golem will be out of ME and it will be its end.

        1. Justin says:

          USA wants what u want!
          They want out too!
          Did u not hear Trump’s speech?
          The fact is the opposite of what u believe!

          YOU believe Iran wants the USA out of the ME and the US doesnt want to leave!


          The USA wants to leave and Iran is trying to keep them there! To break them and their economy! Foreign wars are what would collapse the USA!

          Interesting how u had the complete opposite understanding!

          “Let someone else fight over this long-bloodstained sand.”


          1. WHAT says:

            Get back on your meds.

          2. Ewan says:

            Do you think the Americunts fought a trillion dollar war to leave iraq’s oil and resources to be processed by the Chinese and Ruskies? Go BS your way on another forum.

          3. Justin says:

            i meant to say ME wars! Not ME!
            This means out of Libya, Syria etc etc!

            Check this out

          4. Concrete Mike says:

            Leaving the middle east makes no sense for the american policy makers, because of the petro dlollar scheme.

            Come on man, of all people, you should know!

            Thats the bottom line. This is a battle to keep USA dollar as worlds reserve currency, this is the USA’ s strongest weapon. Them leaving the middle east would comprimise that weapon greatly.

            I beleive getting off the us dollar will benefit mankind, it will hurt me.and my family alot, but i understand that alot of what we have is because of plunder basically.

            So im willing to sacrifice so we can all be equal and work together. Im tired of living in a bubble, arent you?

          5. Justin says:

            Sorry i meant to say ME wars!
            Of course they are staying in Qatar, kuwait etc!

            Check this out

      2. Ewan says:

        Yeah, Hollywood, the ONLY place the US can win. Couldnt win in Somalia, so Hollywood made them win in Black Hawk Down. i cant wait to see how hollywood makes the Americunts “win” this war.LoL

  6. Thraxite says:

    Probably going to take out the oil fields because they’re about to be kicked out of the region. Peevish is how the US works.

  7. Free Dom says:

    I want to see aircraft carriers sink

    1. Jake321 says:

      Sorry, Iran doesn’t have any aircraft carriers and the one Russia has sunk in dry dock. How embarrassing.

      1. Gary Sellars says:

        Sunk in dry dock… Nope :-D stupid zio-rat kiddie fiddler

      2. d'Artagnan says:

        Even though you bloodsucking Jews want a war between Iran and US, it will not happen as American military is well aware of the consequences and not about to commit suicide. But not the same can be said about the doubtful future of the Zionist parasites. Iran has shown some big balls today and God Bless its brave and tenacious people.

        1. Kell McBanned says:

          Yep israel is doomed, the US will now withdraw from the region and they are on their own lol

          1. d'Artagnan says:

            Israel is a fake failed state and was created by British imperialists to sow mayhem in the region and was never tenable anyway, like its Nazi and Apartheid role models. The doom for Zionism is now much closer. Iranian government just released a statement that so-called “Israel” will be hit next if there is any escalation. The US has gone quiet.

      3. John Wallace says:

        In that case better pick an American one then.

      4. grandel says:

        You got it wrong, buddy. The dry dock sank, not the aircraft carrier. How embarrassing, indeed.

  8. pk says:

    Keep in mind that Iran has a large fleet of subs.

  9. jade villaceran says:

    Iran attack and jews bot here in sf hides

    1. Kell McBanned says:

      Jew bots and normal people you mean

  10. Hide Behind says:

    US does not need to hit within Iran, they can bring immense amounts of hurt by striking Iranian malitia forces in Syria and Iraq.
    I do not know what.world most people live within when they talk of US.military being weak, but then again most of people living today have only seen limited engagements by US military , it is called proportionate response .
    There has to be some survivors in Europe that witnessed the destruction of whole cities, by old far less powerfull and nowhere as numerous bombs than what are in US arsenal today.
    Syrian cities are but a small example of destruction by only a few aircraft of US aiding the Kurds.
    One US aircraft carrier. strike force has as much firepower all of what Japan expended in total from 1930’s – 1945.
    World wide on average in some13 nations the US daily sends out 40 sorties of planes.
    They are not starting at one point and totally leveling a square mile but just individual targets; targets where only a.few die.
    Much is made that there is still ongoing combat in Afghanistan so US.did not win War, but US is realy winning the war of stealing resources and the cost of a few American lives, damn few of US compared to enemy combatants and civilians,
    Israel has killed hundreds of Hez, Iranians and Syrians and lost but 1 soldier and 1 plane.
    Thousands of babies are born deformed and the mentally damaged are/were tens of thousands more youths born since US invaded Iraq by depleted uranium munitions, poisoned and polluted foods and waters, and the bombing and artillary was lightly used by US. in Iraq.
    How many at beginning of invasion from Kuwat where thousands of Iraqi troop living in trenches were simply bulldozed over, shot waving white flags of surrender while still alive and not costing one American life.
    US did not need to unleash even 1/10th its military arsenal to destroy Iraq nor need to kill millions because millions just ran away or stayed to bow down in surrender, same as in Syria.
    To those who have seen the actual destruction during Real wars, not tv movies and video games, or some I’m nirvana of martyrdom means winning, please speak up.
    But that is not allowed in Europe and US, and as victors not victims we are proud at how well we did and still can kill with so little losses of our own.
    A widow of an American soldier recieves $250,000 Tax free USD, pension for life and health plus education for kids till they finish college.
    The most I heard paid out for a mistakenly killed Iraq man woman or child was.1500 USD, .life is cheap over there.

    1. WHAT says:

      Yawn. US has two functional CBGs that will under no condition even approach Syria, because it will trigger devastating russian response. Of those two, only one is close enough to peninsula, and last time it was seen on maps, it was leaving.
      One option in Syria US still has is cruise missile attack, and everybody remembers how shamefully it went the last time. What was it, 60% interception rate by old soviet(granted, upgraded, and with guidance from Khmeimim) AA stock?

      You literally have nothing to play with.

      1. Hide Behind says:

        US does not have to attack Russia, Russia in long term helped divide up Syria
        Russia early on made an agreement with US to not fly or attack US frces and it’s Kurdish allies, nor defend anyone but selves from Israeli attacks. and then further along is now aiding Turkey to steal a buffer zone.along the border.
        There is one other large chunk of Syrian land that Russia told Syrians to back away from and that is along Border with Jordan.
        US shoots down an unsuspecting Russian jet no responce, Turkey shoots down an unsuspecting Russia Jet,no response; US blows the heck out of 100+ Russian private security, no response.
        Russia is not at war.with US, just protecting own interest, and smart enough to know how to give a reach around now and then has its rewards.

        1. WHAT says:

          Do you even have anything other than this stale MSM bullshit? What “russian private security” exactly, without any kind of visual proof, with radio communications falsified by literal khokhol to boot, lol?
          Continuing with your delirium further, “US shoots down an unsuspecting Russian jet no responce” happened literally only in murrican wet dreams, while sad(for murricans) reality of the situation is, CENTCOM has a hotline with Khmeimim which they use specifically to never even approach russian jets to a launch distance.
          Turkey thing did happen, and there was a very painful economic responce from Russia, but murrican MSM of course will never tell you that. Responce so effective Turkey was virtually torn out of NATO lol.

          1. Jake321 says:

            I think he was referring to the Russian’s glorious Syrian allies shooting down that Russian plane and killing lots of Russians.

          2. Kell McBanned says:

            Yeah the israeli provoked incident that ended up getting the Syrians S-300/S-400s lol, well done kykes yet another “own goal”

          3. WHAT says:

            Don`t expect hasbarats to mention that. ^_^

          4. Ewan says:

            Yup, shot themselves in the foot that time

      2. Jake321 says:

        Well, I guess little Israel has more than giant US. For a long time, Israel has been bombing Iranians and their lap puppies, Hezbollah, with impunity in Syria and send lots back to Iran and Lebanon in body bags.

        1. WHAT says:

          Yes, their propaganda would like you to think that, except ineffective standoff bombings of empty barns and total strategic failure is all they have to show for it. Mention of Lebanon is especially funny, considering jews have managed to lose an F-16 over it even lol.

          1. Jake321 says:

            Guess those Iranian and Hezbollah body bags were also empty. I’m sure the families in Iran and Lebanon getting those body bags didn’t think it was funny.

          2. WHAT says:

            Yeah, yeah, keep repeating about bodybags as the handbook says. ^_^

        2. Arch Bungle says:

          They’ve been bombing inflatable targets. Standard military decoys.

        3. Ewan says:

          Jake the schmuck, take your head outta Netanyahu’s ass, The last time the Polish Ghetto rats attacked the Hezb, they got SERVED. that was 13 years ago. The organ harvestiing Tel Aviv thieves NEVER let it rest THAT long, they always “Mow” the lawn every 2 years or so, meaning, they got SERVED too Well in 2006.LoL, by a 2000 strong stone age militia.

    2. Free Dom says:

      Hahaha you delusions yankees. Times have changed. Your soldiers return home mentally deranged, suicides of 22 per day, they live on the streets homeless, etc. Yea bro we believe you hahaha

    3. Karen Bartlett says:

      Proud of being able to kill millions of civilians?

      1. abuqahwa says:

        No – but you must face the brutal reality – the US has overwhelming military force -so-called full spectrum dominance, and a petulant, childish, re-active leadership urged on by neo-con warmongers (Bolton, Nuts-to-you etc..) make no mistake the US kills brown people like the Nazis killed untermenschen – US really doesn’t care about right or wrong, they just do it because they can.

      2. Hide Behind says:

        Tis late here and while I have been occupied talking with Islamics here in US, did you know there are 100, 000, ex Iranians some third generation and if Canada is included 150,000 at least in North America, about significance of Red Flag in Iran, I caught your question and knowing you to be level headed and I respect, I will answer.
        Am old, talked to military men their friends my relatives and have read family letters clear back into late 1600s, who had been in wars from Spanish American until todays veterans and active duty.
        I an a Veteran of Vietnam conflict, still sane and spent years volunteering with a psychiatrist friend at State Mental Istitutoion coinciding Vets and tagging along with him on military bases where his firm specialized in militarys rampant spousal and child abuse for a contractor under DOD, and as having added experience through a few military step fathers, or as mom called them Uncles, I have a more than passing knowledge of military mindsets.
        Oh I have met one hell of a lot of both military and non, men and a couple women who liked killing, and some , majority had no real feelings about how, who or why they killed, were scary as all get out and passed as being sane by their bosses, friends, aquaintence, lovers and relatives.
        It is now being admitted, my psychiatrist friend wrote peer reviewed papers saying such years.ago, that not all men and women with PTSD and those committing suicide had actually been traumatized by combat or seen the effects of combat first hand.
        Deliberate ignorance is a normal(very common) human mental condition on the order of a self defense means of hiding from wars reality, and only as an observer did I watch my friend council parents whose sons and daughters suffered mental stress caused by their military years.
        Here is something to note:
        parents with military backgrounds had hardest time understanding why their child acted as they did, especially the grandparent if ex military.
        Another point to note over half those sessions I sat and took notes were parents who feared of child’s sanity because they liked being in combat,; were thrilled by it and could not stand stateside military and kept Volunteering.
        Yet even they swore their child would not kill civilians, others children did but not theirs.
        Then,especially Korea or WWII Gramps or Dads would interject with in wars things happen, and those who support your enemy are not realy civilians.
        What does a youth who has high ideals of patriotism instilled by dad mom and gramps do when he finds out he is responsible for the needless deaths of civilians and even those people who are only defending their homelands we invaded.
        Then he has immense peer pressure to man up and not be a p,,st and begins to think he may well be.
        Then he is back home out of service and only real people, to him he can talk to are ex vets who were not p,,sy”s.
        Long and complicated subject, but mental self defence hides behind deliberate ignorance the known true cost of war on non combatants even their children.
        Proud of indoctrinated and lies of memes upon glory of nations soldiers who after all we are told from age 3 that we owe all our freedoms to.
        There are lies we all can live with, but some once sane and rational who find the lies, find they cannot cope with them except through drugs, play acting or take own lives to end mental torment.
        Are their any solid answers or proofs. who knows as those who are said to know are best and most rewarded liars in US.

    4. abuqahwa says:

      You tell the truth, the brutal reality is that the US is a rogue state, out of control, which does whatever it wants, with very MINOR blowback – until the mainland US takes even 1 % of the deaths and destruction the US has done they will continue to kill , unrestricted. Furthermore having trashed every international treaty on arms control the US will not hesitate to use tactical nuclear warheads if they suffer major military losses in the region. Remember the big difference (which also applies to NATO states) is that unlike Syria/Libya/Iraq/Iran the US homeland is not under direct attack, this is why it is very, very, short-sighted for Libya/Syria/Iran to surrender their WMD which effectively gives the green light to US+Israel to bomb with impunity – how many airstrikes/missile attacks did Israel/US/GB/FR do on Syria last year with ZERO retaliation ??

      1. Jake321 says:

        Well over a hundred. And well over a hundred Iranians and Hezbollah were sent home in body bags with ZERO retaliation. Mostly because they don’t want to be wiped out in an all out war with Israel and the US. That is also why the Iranians have just made an ineffectual attack on US troops in Iraq. It’s for home consumption while they pray that the US will not respond.

        1. abuqahwa says:

          I doný like it but this IS the reality, those who cheer-lead the odd, miniscule, pinprick on the US war machine should think about the consequences for those who will suffer

        2. Arch Bungle says:


  11. PZIVJ says:

    Iran has shown they are not just talk.
    This puts Trump in a very difficult spot, since he started the fight.
    How can he save face without serious escalation, and many World leaders asking to deescalate?

    1. Kell McBanned says:

      100 Americans dead and a US aircraft shot down over the Gulf, the White House is concealing this indicating they are pulling out

      1. d'Artagnan says:

        Kurdish TV has shown severe US losses, the US is now humiliated and the damage to both bases is extensive as the footage shows.

        1. Kell McBanned says:

          Yep they targeted personel housing and got a bunch – post links to the sites with photos so we can dispel any disinfo

          1. Pantelos says:

            Can I see your proof for that?

      2. Assad must stay (gr8rambino) says:

        whered you read this? was it an f-35?

        1. Kell McBanned says:

          Dont know several were scrambled out of Qatar when the first missiles were launched, 1 was dropped over the gulf according to the source

      3. Redadmiral says:

        Earlier this morning when on The Last American Vagabond there were reports of a commercial airliner a B-737 having been shot down with 180 passengers on board on its way to Tehran. Haven’t seen anything since to confirm or refute this.

    2. Kananda says:

      Iran has shown they just talk.

  12. Kell McBanned says:

    Reports of a US aircraft shot down

    1. Assad must stay (gr8rambino) says:


    2. Jake321 says:


    3. d'Artagnan says:

      US has taken a good punch in the face and will now deescalate as NOT A SINGLE IRANIAN MISSILE WAS INTERCEPTED as Kurdish TV has clearly shown.

  13. Arch Bungle says:

    This is disinformation.
    Putin is in Syria. All US and Israeli jets are going to be locked out of Syrian airspace. Nothing American will be flying over any airspace that might threaten Putin while he is on the ground.

    1. Squeeth says:

      Good point….

  14. Cronos Sin Apellidos says:

    So, USA has no patriots in Irak? Why? ¿Or there are some and are useless?

  15. pk says:

    Iran launched a satellite in the past and that should be the indication. Attach one more stage booster rocket, it becomes a ICBM. Iran likely has ICBMs that can strike US continent.

  16. northerntruthseeker . says:

    False flag attack, anyone? I have seen some reports that claim that the “missiles” launched from “Iran” hit nothing (!) Honestly, are the Iranians really that bad of shot? Or are we seeing a set up here!

  17. Black Waters says:

    I dunno about this… the U.S military industrial complex it’s getting what they wanted
    Best thing Iran could do right now it’s to capture their tech and share it to their competitors (or even produce their own tech if they can)
    Tech always gives advantage.

  18. Squeeth says:

    Scrambled for an attack or scrambled because of one? Perhaps this is the moment that Russia and China start calling US bluffs?

  19. verner says:

    down them down them while the 80m$ bounty on trumps head works its miracle (can’t the Iranians put up a bounty on jared kushner, ivanka, pompeo, mnuchin, bolton and few others in the criminal junta running the show in washington dc) it’s about time they paid for their evil deeds.

  20. Ewan says:

    Iran still waiting to be attacked by those “scrambled” jets. How fast are they flying, 100Mph?

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