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JUNE 2023

U.S. Says Syrian Government Will Never Have Foothold In Raqqa, Acccuses Damascus & Allies Of Hindering Efforts To Liberate City

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U.S. Says Syrian Government Will Never Have Foothold In Raqqa, Acccuses Damascus & Allies Of Hindering Efforts To Liberate City

Brett McGurk

Washington is in full swings with its accusations against the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance after the end of the battle for Raqqa.

On October 18, the US Special Envoy for the US-led coalition Brett McGurk said during a meeting with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Raqqa Civil Council that the “Syrian regime will never have a foothold in Raqqa”, according to a report of the SDF official website.

The report added that during the meeting McGurk stressed the US support for the SDF and Raqqa Civil Council according to the source. McGurk added that the priority is now to de-mine Raqqa city and to restore electricity and water supplies and other services in it.

In other words, McGurk confirmed that the US is still committed to the SDF and is going to further use this force for own political goals in Syria. The statement also indicates that the US may be ready to support the SDF in case of a standoff against the Damascus government after ISIS is defeated.

Furthermore, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders accused the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance of hindering the US-led coalition’s “efforts to liberate Raqqa” during the October 18 press briefing.

“This eminent victory by the global coalition and our brave servicemembers comes at a high cost, particularly to the Syrian Democratic Forces who suffered many casualties as they fought to liberate their own country from the oppression of ISIS,” she said, according to the White House website.

“As coalition and our partner forces closed in around them, ISIS used civilians as human shields and killed those who attempted to flee. ISIS’s barbaric acts have left many scars across the region, and we remain committed to supporting stabilization efforts and local security forces in liberated areas through a political transition in Syria.

Unfortunately, the Syrian regime and its supporters hinder the efforts to liberate Raqqa. Instead of focusing on fighting ISIS, the pro-regime forces attacked our partners and attempted to block them from liberating the Syrian people from the brutality of ISIS.

It’s interesting to note that Sanders once again repeated the mantra about some kind of “political transition in Syria.” During the Obama administration, these words meant that the US is seeking to overthrow Assad and to establish the “moderate opposition” [accidentally linked to al-Qaeda] goverment in Damascus. Right now, it is not clear what the Trump administration means when it uses these words.

In a related development, the SDF announced that its fighters repelled a new attack of ISIS on their positions around al-Suwar town in the northern Deir Ezzor countryside. The SDF added that one of its fighters was killed while repelling the attack.

Lately the SDF advance in Deir Ezzor governorate slowed down due to multiple counter attacks of ISIS on its positions in the northern Deir Ezzor countryside. However, after the end of Raqqa battle, the SDF will be able to redeploy a big force from Raqqa city to the front lines in Deir Ezzor countryside.

With the help of the US-led coalition, the SDF will likely advance towards the strategic Omar oil fields. At the same time, the SAA also seeks to capture these oil fields. So, tensions between the SAA and the SDF may grow further.

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la Cariatide

you are joking. Raqqa is Syrians’ land, how can they dare to even think about keeping all the lands they have stolen, for now? … murricans.. when is that asteroid supposed to wipe out that fascist country?


Bite it jerk-a -toid, how about you choose a stronger nation next time your born !!

Gail Malone

Stronger? This small country has been fighting terrorists and US/NATO interference for near on 7 years, and they’re still on the march and will win back all their territory from the illegal invaders. You can take that to the bank!


And McGurk’s charred remains will dangle from a bridge.

la Cariatide

you must be british to speak to people you don’t know like that. i’m french, take that for data.

Dr. Ronald Cutburth

mr bcbingram you confuse me when you say jerk-a-toid, we don’t know who you refer to

Terence Silvestre Jr.

It would mean nothing to the Americans and their Kurdish servants to stay in Raqa if the Syrian government and its allies Iran, Turkey, Iraq decide to isolate them completely economically and politically, having no one to trade with them, I fear my friend, that Raqqa and all the others territories stolen by the Kurds, will soon return to the legitimate hands of the Syrian government before a cock crows. You can believe it.

la Cariatide

we’ll see. seems the Iraqi kurds have been pushed back to the 2003 borders. the kurds in Syria defended themselves since 2014 against CIA proxy, then they became Pentagon’ proxies..

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They always were Pentagon proxies and they had SAA and FSA help in the beginning of the situation. The US came at the request of the FSA factions fighting ISIS in the north. The Peshrungo in Iraq was all a dog and pony show. Barzani used it to control the Presidency of the KRG.Masoud betrayed the Kurds and had his KDP militia withdraw before the PUK forces did.

Cheryl Brandon

Indeed;See how Iraqi forces are kicking them out.

Dr. Ronald Cutburth

US treachery helps

Kira Binkley

I think America is doing it deliberately to keep itself reviled by the world’s peoples and world leaders.


It is just blah blah blah man, pay it no mind at all. It is Syrian territory. They have no leg to stand on, in anyway shape or form.

The American people, as I am one of them, will tell you they are not ready to sacrifice their kids for the Kurds, Israelis, Ukrainians, the sacred tree frogs someplace or anybody/anything else for that matter. That is why, for example, we know President Trump is just running his mouth. There is nothing backing up the threats anymore. There will be no rally to the flag for nonsense and any losses will not be tolerated. We are done with it and the politicians know this.

It is a propaganda speach, said because they think words do not count and they will change their story when convenient. My opinion on the it is just have a good laugh and continue to watch the show. I wish you well Cariatide.

la Cariatide

*the American people is not ready to sacrifice their kids for the Israelis?* pity that’s what the US army has been doing since 1991 (at least)..

*propaganda speach?* that’s for you lad. http://www.voltairenet.org/article198429.html

*In order to decide between these two hypotheses, we will have to wait for sanctions against the Revolutionary Guard. Then we shall see whether or not they are serious or simply an expression of Donald Trump’s manner and the traditional masquerade of the United States against Iran.*

rather than an asteroid crushing ‘Murica, may the American People arise together: conservatives, liberals, alt-right, alt-left, black, whites, chicanos (sorry, not sorry). i mean, all the people hating others: libtards (brainwashed citizens who voted for killary!) against deplorable ones already live all together in the same country, share the public space. pity we the people are divided..

thanks for you to wish me well, a Cariatide needs to take care about his back :)


First things first, medical needs are the priority. Take care man. :)


would love to agree with you, but there are so many hands at play in the deep state… let us hope for the best.


Hi Tito. It is a mess for sure. I too am hoping for the best.

Deo Cass

The opposite is true. It is the US invasion forces and its slaves the Kurds who attacked the Syrian government forces near Tabqa, with the US also shooting down a Syrian military aircraft. The Syrian government troops need to move fast to take back the oil and gas fields on the Eastern shores of Deir Ezzur before the foreign Western colonial invaders steal also the Omar fields from the Syrian people.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

You’re quite right, my friend. The SAA and its allies should not trust and underestimate the crafty and cunning Kurds. Before anything else they have to go through those oils fields quickly.


The Syrian military liberated Raqqa that was full of US paid, armed and trained terrorists. The US has sunk to even lower moral levels then ever. The largest terrorist state is the US.

Dr. Ronald Cutburth

Need to find out how many ISIS have jew/kazarian blood in them

Kira Binkley

Do you even understand how to distinguish between peoples?

You can call me Al

Look at their colour shade, eye colour and nose size ?


I guess no one got the message that all land and resources in the world belongs to the US. Well, at least that’s what people like McGurk, who are very much full of themselves, believe. After funding and weaponizing terrorists in the region to destroy Syria, they finally found some useful pawns (kurds) to do their bidding. We’ll see how long the occupation of Syria lasts once the dollar is no longer the reserve currency and the US becomes bankrupt.

Kira Binkley

If all land and resources belong to the U.S., then say good-bye to the world.

Bobby Twoshoes

Just like “the regime” will never cross the Euphrates, eh? Talk is cheap from the best of us but American talk is totally worthless.


As usual US talked nonsense. One thing for certainty never give any credibility to anythingvUS or it’s coalition claims. Opposite is true all the time.

Go SAA, finish off SDF with Russian air cover. Russia in US has no guts to intervene


Turkey tried to destroy the Kurds for decades. Then Kurds themselves said “Move boy, let us show you how it’s done!” – Kurds make an alliance with USA -> bring complete doom upon themselves! haha


Never mind. In 2017 US diplomatic talk ‘never’ means not for the next few days.


There is no darkness black enough to describe the heart of this duplicitous evil which emanates from Washington DC.

Lies! Always and forever, lies!

Kira Binkley

I’ll say this to America: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go ahead, shoot yourself in the foot. The rest of the world isn’t having any of it.

Floyd Hazzard

These Yankees are shameless….truly.


Real Propaganda……..is the lie that tells you what you knew before you suspected it

Kira Binkley

I’m not sure I even understand that.

John Mason

like saying “it is awfully nice”, makes no sense.


It is now impossible to build the saudi/quatar pipeline with the iraqis firmly in control of northwestern iraq and the SAA firmly in control of central/eastern syria…

Give it up already, ALL of your plans have failed, even the jew one to destabilize these countries… In fact the opposite has occurred: now both iraq and syria have well tuned armies that have worked out the bugs in their systems that could become invading forces to the south in the future…

Mahmoud Larfi

Time to teach the yanks a lesson in respecting national sovereignty. Hope the concerned parties in middle east call for a regionwide popular jihad against Western illegal presence.


These statements are Jewmerican for time to switch to plan b, partition and regime change in Israelistan. The new Jew world order puppet state for bringing decades of war and deprivation to the middle east.


Yes, what is this lady (USA) is talking about ? Raqqa is Syria’s land !, as pointed out by “la Cariatilde .”

We all understand that this is the normal behavior of a phico.

Langaniso Mhlobo

When Syrian forces were in Libanon UN was first to blamed Syria and was forcing it to withdraw. Just to please it’s master’s USA and Israel.Kofi Anan even flew in Lebanon to instigate Hariri to lodge a complain to him as a UN head.Does UN only representing white racist supremacists USA and NATO countries.No USA/NATO wishes negotiations or election before all towns USA and its terrorist have stolen is surrendered to the legitimate government.If this I’ll tendency of USA is not stop in Syria then all the world countries wil do the same trick.none invited USA coalition is busy with new war plan in Syria.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Who ever think USA was fighting ISIS in Raqqa was actually fool Raqqa was reserved as bargaining tool.Yes USA was fighting the infrastructure hiring and firing rebel terrorist.



REALLY?? Hahahaha, reminds me of when John McCain said “Russia will never intervene in Syria”! How wrong he was! :)


VeeNarian (Yerevan)

It is truly disgusting to see this old evil hag shift around when he is cornered with his support for Al-queda in Syria. Shame on the electorate of Arizona for voting this “man” into office and so dance of the graves of the 3000 murdered on 9/11. Just how IGNORANT can his voters in Arizona get? Truly truly disgusting.


There are no voters in Arizona, Vee, there are only cacti… LOL, and transplanted New Yorkers, just like in Florida.




His a fucking Liar.. They will bounce as soon as the SAA ride on Raqqa and abandon the kurds. The US deep state support ASSAD


Jewmerican diplomats are such an embarrassment to America. You would never see Russian or Chinese diplomats embarrassing their homelands like this. Rex Tillerson talked a lot of sense for a while. But the Israel first swamp slaves and their Jew masters no doubt are trying to put a muzzle on him.

The lying Jew media is a cesspool of filth dragging a great nation through the pigsty of their degeneracy. A Jew free America and humanity is a better humanity. This pedophile rape cult that rapes a thousand babies a week should be outlawed to create a Jew free future.









The US is $20 trillion in debt:


Melotte 22

The report added that during the meeting McGurk stressed the US support for the SDF and Raqqa Civil Council according to the source.

If they are going to support them as they supported Kurds in Kirkuk, game over for Kurds.

Cheryl Brandon

The battle for Raqqah will start all over again because, SAA means to re gain all their stolen lands; SDF must be brought before ICC! SDF/KURDS , you will receive the same treatment as from the Iraqis who drove you out of Kirkuk and other areas; SAA and their allies will do the same.

Solomon Krupacek

dont dream. also the russia mod told, the war is over, mission completed

Cheryl Brandon

As you see fron across the border_ Iraqis Iraqis in no mood for handing over territory! Syrians are not leasing lands. Russians might have finished their anti terrorists offensive but Syria has unfinished business!

Solomon Krupacek

in iraq will come new civil war. you will see.


McGurk, another US official who has made a retirement plan of controlling some of Syrian oilfields. “Political transition” means “it’s mine now”. A bullet is too good for these schmucks who come to countries to enslave their populations – because that’s what’s going on here. Kurds should wake up now so they don’t wake up as slaves when it’s too late, or don’t wake up at all because something called Tigers just rolled over them.

eric zweistein

” the SDF will be able to redeploy a big force from Raqqa city to the front lines in Deir Ezzor countryside.”

Utter rubbish. SouthFront has no clue whatsoever.

Solomon Krupacek

zweifel, you are wrong


You think SDF will be stationing those 40 to 50k in and around Raqqah? The first convoys already arrived in Manbij (MMC) and Shingal (YJS).

As of yesterday, , advances of SDF in DeZ cs accelarated, two crossings of Khabur river, Markadeh partly taken and drive to the south east of the Khabur river.

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