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JUNE 2021

US Says It Will Not Be Able To Prevent Other Powers From Launching Military Operation In Idlib If HTS Seizes Whole Province

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US special envoy to Syria, Michael Rantley, issued an official statement clarifying the US position on recent developments in Idlib where Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) capture a major part of the province last month. In the statement, Rantley blamed “Golani and his gang” for bad consequences that Idlib will face.

US Says It Will Not Be Able To Prevent Other Powers From Launching Military Operation In Idlib If HTS Seizes Whole Province

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Rantley stressed that the United States see HTS’ attacks against other militant groups in Idlib as proof that HTS ha not abandoned the ideology of al-Qaeda and that changing the name of the organization hasn’t changed its essence.

The statement also confirmed that HTS (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) always remain a target for the United States, and anyone who joins HTS becomes a part of the Al-Qaeda network in Syria.

The statement also stressed that the United States sees the so-called civil administration, which HTS founded in Idlib, as a mask that HTS plans to use to hide behind.

The statement added that the United States will not work with any entity that includes HTS. The statement also stressed that the United States would consider this entity a part of the terrorist organization.

Rantley added that the United States undertands that some parties have joined HTS “for tactical reasons” and not for ideological reasons. However, the statement called on all parties in Idlib to stay away from HTS.

According to the statement, the United States would continue its efforts to deliver aid to Syrians without reaching the hands of HTS or passing through the crossings that it has captured.

At the end of the statement, Rantley warned that if HTS takes full control over Idlib province, the United States would not be able to persuade other parties not to take military action in Idlib.

The US statement reflects the current situation in Idlib, where HTS is the most powerful faction and controls the so-called “civil administration” that manages Idlib city and Bab al-Hawa crossing on the Syrian-Turkish border.

Rumors are circulating that Turkey and Russia may be planning to coordinate efforts in order to counter the HTS influence in Idlib, and it seems that the United States is also interested in resolving the HTS issue in some way.

US UAVs over Idlib:

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Wahid Algiers

A free ticket from the US for the Russians and Turkey? Days before Russia refused to support ground operations of the SAA regarding Idlib province by air power. Things change now? The SAA are the only boots on the ground to purge Idlib gov. from HTS. What will the Idlib-FSA do when SAA forces arrive. Will they be chained like dogs by Turkey? Where then could be the benefit for Turkey? Which game the Russians are playing? Syrias miltary HQ should clear the Hama CS, Deir Ezzor province at all, means along both sides of Euphrate and mainly DE City to get over 10.000 new army men to deploy wherever needed. And these men will be needed soon. An attack from inside Idlib province will come next time. A welcome reason to counter attack. In case of need the SAA should take Idlib gov. without air support by the Russians. Time runs away for any delayed actions and maneuvers in eastern Syria.


The way i see it HTS is surrounded from within and without by forces that are not ideologically or politically aligned with it, and therefore are highly suspect as potential allies against a long time foe like the SAA. For now, there isn’t really a need for anyone to attack and conquer the Idlib province, merely contain and stir up internal conflict (as what is already happening.) I’m not saying the HTS is incapable of conducting offensive / defensive operations on its own (against anyone), but its more or less paralysed until Idlib is entirely under its control. Limited raids like the ones in western Aleppo are the best it can hope for until the situation get better for it… if it ever does.

Russell A Wilson

Seems to me Idlib is an outdoor prison. All terorists that have surrendered to the SAA and did not accept amnesty were allowed to keep their weapons and were bussed to Idlib. Idlib will be dealt with when the rest of the country settles down.

Kao Li

The current situation in Idlib is ridiculous, because THS cannibalized the terrorists (other ones that are ending on -Sham) backed by Turkey to replenish dwindling resources. The funny thing is that THS is funded by Saudi Arabia and the others are funded inderectly by Qatar through Turkey (Turkey and Qatar are currently best budds) so there are rivaling terrorist organizations fighting each other as Saudi backed is winning which greatly displeasures Turkey. So in the moment THS is cut out in Idlib and try to pilfer the arms that are generously supplied by USA for the oter so called “moderates”.
The Russians and Syrian goverement have very democratic view about Idlib – everyone that is not under the goverment flag or maybe Kurdish flag should be bombed unrelentlesly but USA was whining about “moderate” opposition that should not be murdered indiscriminately. Well, now the “moderate” opposition is officially RIP, because USA don’t even know what the hell is going on in Idlib and who is in control there. The UN doesn’t even dare to propose to send there humanitarian aid (because UN people are lucrative ransom targets :)).


A free ticket for Russia and Turkey , or possibly a free ticket for the US , to dump their Al Qaeda boots on the ground , in favor of backing the Kurds in Afrin , and “claiming more territory ” by attacking Idlib from Afrin ? Hope not .

Jens Holm

If You make soup like that, I ertainly hope You use a lot of salt and pepper,bedore You serve it.


Sunnies are so stupid. They are useful idiots that USA used to get their foot in Syria. As usual, sunnies will be the main loosers in Syria like in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Libya, in Egypt, in Palestine, ….

These people never learned.

Solomon Krupacek

oK, this you wrote 35x in 3 days. make a break. until next year.


Not my fault if each article prove that I’m right. I talked about the real reasons of all this mess.

Solomon Krupacek



I don’t spam. Sunnies spam.

Jens Holm

Its not spam to me, but its 95% wrong.

Jens Holm

Your articly mainly show illeterate ignorance. You might pump Your globe up and se things in a better and more real persptective.

Tudor Miron

OK, mate… At first when you started to post here you sounded as pro Russian, pro Assad and anti zio. But recently all you do is lay dirt on sunnies… What did they do to you? Most Russian muslims (Dagestan, Chechnia and other muslim nations of Russia which is multinational entity) are sunnies and I see your post as offensive generalisation about people you may never see in person. They are different you know? Some are stupid and some smart just as every other nation. What is the goal of your posts rediculing sunnies?

Jens Holm

You are wrong in most matters. fx there are sunnis at all fronts in Syria. ´Whenever wins, som Sunnis will win. Fx the non related to Pakistan are almost all sunnis as well. Even generals in Egypt are sunnis, Palestines are 90% sunnis but their enemy isnt even Shiits.

You are only right about Iraq, but You seems to forget sunnis there had a terrorregime against Shiits and Kurd and Turkmen Sunnis and the uprise against the Bagdads are/was of same kind of neclecting the others oil- and progress.

John Whitehot

“Rantley stressed that the United States see HTS’ attacks against other militant groups in Idlib as proof that HTS ha not abandoned the ideology of al-Qaeda and that changing the name of the organization hasn’t changed its essence”

OMG Rantley that must have come as a total surprise for you!!


If we go back to dump of Clinton’s State Department emails, leaked via Wikileaks, there was the one circa 2011, where Clinton explicitly stated that Al Queada – ‘are on our side’ – in Syria. :(

Jens Holm

Limited explanation. It was compared to others….Stalin was at Roosevelts and Eisenhowers side too, but its about Your level…

Peter Fastwolf

first of all ISIS and al-Qaeda call them what they are,, have and had American and Saudi Arabia weapons ,and support, now America has turned to the Kurdish Forces to get them a foot hold into Syria , and yes Russia has through their air power let the SAA do what they can do and to do most of the real fighting against terrorist in their country , but Russia has a weakness , they get a jet shot down and do noting and then let Turkey just come right in to Syria when they also helped ISIS and other terrorist groups , they let the Americans have bases, they let the Kurdish Forces take land not to help Syria but to keep it and let the Americans have their bases on it , how can Syria win, by getting half of their land back oh and Russia lets Israel come and bomb anytime they want to , with friends like Russia i would say no thank you , it is time Syria does its own talking not the Americans and Russia or turkey they are only there to make money and test their weapons in my eyes

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Russia is playing a diplomatic game knowing Turkey only serves Turkey , also with the US they have allowed them to hang themselves and reveal the criminal actions by the US and their proxies. Israel can’t bomb anymore if they do the US is forced to act against it, there are a lot more subtle ways to expose an agenda than this, but overt is the best. The Kurds are a minority in the area so even if the UN were to hear them it would be limited in telling Syrians what to do, since they already declared Syrians decide and not foreigners. Syria talks but many don’t listen and blame the US which no one should listen to at all as they are only for US first, and screw anyone else.

Tudor Miron

” with friends like Russia i would say no thank you”(c) that’s OK. Syrians think different. When they were left alone to do its own talking it was on the verge of total collapse. Syrian legitimate government asked for help and Russia provided help.
May I ask, who’s friend your country is?

On the Turkey note. You seem to look at events in very short time span. Russian foreign policy = “Turn your enemies into neutrals, neutrals into allys, allys into friends”. Where is Turkey on that path in this very moment? Is it still an enemy? I agree that Turkey is not a friend yet and not to be trusted. Their level of awarness is only getting there. But we had a clear enemy working under US orders and now 2nd biggest army of NATO is not that hostile as it was not long ago.

Jens Holm

Using “Syrians” like that is the populatic way. You dont represent all Syrians as You pretend. Look at the map. Whatever they are, they dont support the regime and the regime dont reprsent them.

Assads matured Syria by no reforms, which could prevent that. You should blame Baathistas for making that poossible. I cant see Assads are doing anything to unite anything. The rest only has be knocked back into the dark, they were supposed to be.

And Yes, Im for a wall west of Istanbul. ´Food in for oil – thats it – and contraseption every Eid.

Jens Holm

Syria has been posseded as a private proporty by Assads and Baathistas since the old ones coup. Before that the Landowners as feadals was removed and needed reforms came through.

After that and ever since, You just have regained it by new feadals.

We and USA came in because of that incl. oil. You are experts in blaming all incl. pinquins at antarktis for knocking down the rest.

Very groteske examples. Kurds are blamed because they take all the oil and controll dams, but before the uprise, they almost got nothing. All benefit went to damaskus and the western parts.

Just like in Íraq. Syria is no country, but they have a regime illegal elected by cheainting hard and killing all opposition as well.

Some hard corrections are needed. So much power shouldnt be in so few hands. Those are not good people for the whole country.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

HTS will try and rename themselves what will these US public relation firms come up with next , have them taking pix with puppy dogs, and we will all know they secretly beheaded them afterwards.

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