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JUNE 2021

US Says China To Face “Consequences” For Militarization Of South China Sea

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On May 3, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders issued a warning to China over the growing militarization of the South China Sea region:

“We’re well-aware of China’s militarization of the South China Sea,” Sanders said. “There will be near-term and long-term consequences.”

A spokeswoman for the US Department of Defense Dana White also expressed concerns over the current situation in the South China Sea:

“We’ve been very vocal about our concerns about them militarizing these artificial islands,” spokeswoman said. “China has to realize that they’ve benefited from the free navigation of the sea. And the U.S. Navy has been the guarantor of that.”

These comments followed May 2 reports over China’s deployments of anti-ship cruise missiles and surface-to-air missiles in three outposts of the South China Sea. According to CNBC, missile systems were moved to the Spratlys within the past 30 days to Fiery Cross Reef, Subi Reef and Mischief Reef, which is 216 km from the Philippines. The parts of these islands are claimed by multiple regional states including the Philippines and Vietnam.

A spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry Hua Chunying said that “necessary national defense facilities” on the Spratly Islands “are meant to safeguard China’s sovereignty and security”. She stressed that “no reason to worry about” over the Chinese missiles deployment in the region.

On May 7, Chinese Premier of the State Council Li Keqiang said that although China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) have different views on the South China Sea issues, they would maintain peace and stability in the region.

“Together China and ASEAN will safeguard regional stability. And together we will safeguard peace, stability, freedom of navigation in the South China Sea,” Li Keqiang said at a press conference in Indonesia.

On May 3, US and Philippine forces launched their largest joint military exercises under Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. According to Philippine officials, the exercises are the part of the annual Balikatan military training focused on developing skills in fighting terrorism, chemical attacks and disaster response. Forces from the US, the Philippines, Australia, and Japan will also participate in major training events this year.

Amid the tensions in the South China Sea, negotiations over economic issues are also ongoing between China and the US.

On May 7, Sarah Sanders pointed out that the trade talks would continue in Washington as both countries “are working on something that we think will be great for everybody.”

“China’s top economic advisor, the Vice Premier, will be coming here next week to continue the discussions with the President’s economic team, and we’ll keep you posted as discussions are ongoing,” spokeswoman said at the press briefing.

On May 3, the US trade delegation arrived in Beijing to hold 2-day talks with Chinese officials on trade policies. The discussions aimed to cover issues in the economical standoff of countries. However, none detailed information hasn’t been provided so far.

On May 8, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang described the US statement as a “positive signal” over the economic ties:

““We have noted the statements made by the White House spokesperson, which, we believe, demonstrate that the US side hopes to reach consensus on trade issues with China. This is a positive signal.”

Trade tensions raised on April 3, when Washington published a list of 1,333 Chinese imports with worth about $50 billion, for punitive tariffs of 25 %. On April 5, the US President Donald Trump stated the readiness to increase the tariffs up to $ 100 million. On April 6, China promised to respond with the same measures to the USA.


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“””We’re well-aware of China’s militarization of the South China Sea,” Sanders said. “There will be near-term and long-term consequences.”””

Right, the near and long term consequences is that China will eclipse the US naval power in Pacific, having the financial resources and territorial proximity along with standoff anti ship MRBM that render US naval assets very vulnerable.
Also, US’ willingness to “show up” in the Atlantic Ocean to have a robust presence to reinforce fledging NATO positions in Europe minimizes naval concentration in the Pacific.

The short and long term consequences of US being in a economic war and an arms race against two peer countries are negative and self defeating from a economic and financial standpoint.

You can call me Al

I do understand why the Yankers Gob off on this, I believe that in their minds when they hear “South China Sea” – I believe they really hear and understand “South USA, USA USA Sea whoooha”…..


No we think the whole thing is BS. The South China Sea has China’s name in it so….but you can keep thinking about US with those stereotypes.

You can call me Al

Only the government mate, only the government.


A “hegemon” expects to own everything on the planet, however, the notion or delusion of US hegemon is dissipating quickly, they are trying hard to convince themselves otherwise.

You can call me Al

As stated above I am generalising, meaning the government, not the people.


i share your views on the US! However , china has a very, very, very long way to go to match the US navy! And then there is also the other navy’s of the world who are allied to the USA!So lets keep it real! i hate them too dude, but people need to be more realistic when it comes to China vs USA! Yes china has nukes etc! But maybe a 300 (plenty) USA has thousands! China’s military is very far behind the USA! They dont even have a “blue water” navy! only a “grey water”! They have 1 aircraft carrier that holds hlaf as many aircraft as the US carriers do and they cant carry as much munitions either! China still has to compete with South Korea (3rd biggest economy), Japan (4th biggest economy), the USA, Britain, France, India, singapore, taiwan, vietnam, malaysia, australia, thailand, etc etc! Their airforce is literally a copy of russian aircraft and they cant produce engines anywhere near close to what Russia and the USA can!
They are far behind and they ARE NOT RAPIDLY CATCHING! Nobody can compete with the USA unless they are an empire! China is not an empire yet! Russia used to be! So they have some stocks and tech they can fall back on!
China spends 180 billion a year! USA currently back at 700 billion and they already are 15 times bigger than China’s military hardware!
Lets keep it real!


As for keeping it real the man made islands armed have the ability to destroy a lot of that blue water navy you speak of.
The most advanced destroyers in the US fleet got ambushed in the same region as those islands by commercial craft, a tanker and a freighter.
The most expensive aircraft carrier in the world, part of that 700 billion you speak of has broken down again, speaking of the most expensive lets look at that dog of a jet fighter the F 35 plagued with problems.
The US military had to lower enlistment standards to make quota.
So having the most funds does not equate to getting the best results or products.
So lets keep it real!


Apparently the JSF is being sold on two attributes – its stealthy and has sensors. It is hardly stealthy as for most missions it needs external ordinance. Apparently Israel flew a couple into Iranian airspace. Big hint from the Russians is that they tracked them all the way there and back. It also has one big hot engine – Russia has very good ‘IR’ capabilities as I understand.

As for the sensors all that is needed is jamming and spoofing. No need to decrypt messages as killing the coms is just as effective.


“So having the most funds does not equate to getting the best results or products.”

I totally agree with this statement!
But whatever success u mention that the chinese have had over the USA with these islands is almost like a bee comparing the size of its dick to a horse lol!

So the chinese have some islands, so what! they are basically a small beach head! The USA has Singapore, malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Philipnes, Taiwan. South Korea, Japan, India! Vietnam is against the chinese islands too!

So do these land assets count for the USA too? Lets not forget the fall back / logistical land assets too such as Guam and Hawaii so to speak!

Besides India, the USA is imbeded in Afghanistan (can we call that a beach head?). they are in Pakistan too!

If China has one sub, the USA probably has 5 to counter it!

Here is a military quote “Quantity is a quality all on its own”!

Im sure the USA has a few tricks up its sleeves! Wouldnt u agree?

I mean China did get its Carrier tech from russia! They also carbon copied russian Jets (the SU-27). So why would i respect Chinese tech when all they do is copy! All i can say for chinese tech is that its probably cheaper to purchase and more than likely a copy!

Ure not selling me on the Chinese threat! U can easily sell me on a russian threat to the USA but certainly not a chinese one!

I dont care if China is the number 1 or number 2 economy in the world! They dont have bases world wide, they dont have the top 20 economic countires as their allies, they dont have top nations militaries on their side! They are completely surrounded by countires against them and the USA is 8,000 km away from China and have 10 carriers to spare and can build a carrier in 2 years if need be! Whats China gonna do when they are surrounded by the worlds navies that can port in almost every nation near china! Can they freely build replacement ships as they go down whilst fighting a war?

Eventually china has no navy left if a war ensued!

China is nothing compared to the USA and its allies!

China is nothing without russia!

China needs Russia and Iran to offer any kind of economical and military threat!
Hence their alignment! but those islands equate to not much at all! it just gives them more control of economic sea trade routes! control that can be taken away if push came to shove!


If you don’t think the Chinese military pose a threat you are in another reality.
As I mentioned in the earlier post 2 Arleigh Burke Class Destroyers got rammed in nearby waters.
So why would the most advanced US electronics not spot huge commercial vessels?
The USS Donald Cook was jammed and shutdown in the Black sea in 2014.
A Chinese sub has popped up during USN exercises leaving the USN very red faced.
So it would appear the USN is not as invincible as you may think.
The Chinese have hypersonic missiles and carrier killer missiles advanced laser weapons etc etc.
The PLA selection is of a much higher standard then the US military and if it came to war they would be turning out soldiers at a huge rate.
I have no desire to see a major war in my life time, but my eyes are open to what others have and are capable of.
A major war with China, Russia is a no win for humanity!


i know about the ramings! and i heard it was Chinese ships that did it too! Bit i also heard that the chinese satelitte that fell from space was the payback! Remember the US military launch that was done by space X early this year! a week later down goes the Chinese Sat! There has been Leaks on this info! Do u believe in Coincidences?


Also as for the F-35! i also think its a lemon! But how do we know the Chinese stealth fighter isnt one too?

What we can definitely say is that the F-16 and the fa-18’s are extremely good aircraft, well tested and proven and there is plenty of them to go around!


They are proven on other old aircraft, they have not been tested against new Russian or Chinese fighters.
So to assume they are superior is total BS.


very realistic comment


Your comments are a tad delusional. Vast amounts of the US budget goes on non war fighting capabilities (vast bureaucracy) and boondoggle projects that are delivering smaller numbers of very expensive barely capable assets.

The other thing to note are that Russia and China are underpinning asymmetrical strategies with seriously advanced technologies and there is no need to match asset for asset. A million dollar missile will blow apart a $2Billion destroyer.

Russia and China don’t have to support and maintain hundreds of bases which in the US case are no more than sitting ducks. A Rouble and Yuan probably buys a lot more than the deprecated US Dollar inside those economies.

Also whole classes of US military assets are all aging at the same time and Russia and China are turning everything into missile platforms. There is little defence against super and hypersonic missiles – Mach 8 is 2,744 m/s.

General Montgomery famously said that he had two rules of war – don’t march on Moscow and don’t invade Asia (China).


I have GREAT respect for the Russian military! I see Russia as a much more formidable force than China because of the tech they produced during Soviet times and have continued in terms of secret research!
China however has aquired this knowledge like a second hand shoe salesman! Secrets have surely been bought or stolen but not much has been proven and tested!
We can argue the loss of budgetary funds via bureaucracies but we should also take note of other factors! Who owns the current Petro dollar? Who is the Golbal reserve currency? Who has bases in every corner of the globe? Who has major financial backings from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar etc etc! Who literally sells 80% of the worlds military arms ( a major profit) which makes it even cheaper to produce such arms because of the vast numbers! Who has the richest and most powerful allies? Who’s airforce is so big that the number 2 airforce in the world is its own navy? Who has the most subs, missile destroyers etc etc etc!

Dude, the ONLY nation that comes close is Russia because of its stock of soviet era hardware and its nuclear arsenal! Thats IT!

China may pay its soldiers small wages but the USA doesnt exactly pay its forces large wages either! The Australian navy is paid double, if not, triple what the USA is paid whilst on active duty!

Even though an aircraft carrier is merely a conventional warfare tool doesnt mean it cant be a tool used! USA has subs too! Attack subs and plenty of them! So if a sub cant kill a US carrier then the carrier is going to be very useful! If a missile cant hit a carrier then the carrier is going to be very useful! And even if a missile does hit a carrier, the USA has another 9 carriers left over! They can build carriers faster and better than anyone else! They also have ships that can sink the launchers of these missiles! they have space weapons and God knows what else!

USA and Russia has made space walks in the 1950’s! im not sure if china has even done this yet! so im certain USA has much better and much more space weapons than China!

So if China is to stand a chance, they need Russia! China is nothing without Russia! Just look at the chinese aircraft, they are complete copies! Their aircraft carrier is ex- soviet! They only just learned to build carriers themselves! USA and UK lean on Centuries of knowhow!

Chinese only weapons are Economic / trade and cyber!

But USA has Japan, korea, USA, the rich fucking jews, UK, France, Germany etc etc! In fact USA occupies a lot of these countries!

USA’s military industrial complex is not effected AT ALL by globalism! USA’s military manufacturing base has and always will be made in the USA! There will need to be a big war before the USA loses its petro dollar dominance!

I hate saying this because i hate the USA and Zionists! But its reality! They have the best of everything and they have shit loads more of everything and they can print money to their hearts delight and they have rich and powerful allies!

How is this “a Tad Delusional”? Where am i wrong?

Ivan Freely

China does have a blue water navy. The difference is the number of ships they have. Aircraft carriers are force projections and China has the home advantage. Sure, China don’t have the ability to project their military power beyond the First Island Chain, but they have more than enough for a defensive war. As for nukes, have you noticed that the number, 300, has remain the same for ages? And it’s only an estimate.

I wouldn’t be so sure about those Asian allies that the US have. Only Japan can the US count in a direct war against China.


China WANTS a blue water navy! they dont have a blue water navy! China does NOT venture out into the open oceans with numerous fleets such as the USA has! They remain close to China whilst they practice warfare and the use of the recently purchased aircraft carrier! I think a carrier is a force projection and thus allows a navy to become blue water labelled! China can barely make it past the China sea if at war!

I agree, maybe china has much more nukes than 300!
But since australia owns 50% plus of the worlds uranium stores, tests nukes with the UK in the 1960’s, once had the world biggest rocket base in Woomera! then one can assume Australia is packed with nuclear ICBM’s too! Maybe australia is disguising itself with its “anti-nulcear” sentiment! They practically OWN the nuclear industry because of their uranium stores and the fact that the NNPT head quarters is based in Melbourne Australia!

So if we are going to ASSUME china has more than 300 nukes, can we also ASSUME Australia (a brittish commonwealth country / “bitch slave”) has nukes too?

All of this matters not!
China has some islands?
USA has japan, south korea, india, singapore, Taiwan, philipines, Guam, Malaysia etc etc!

China has an Aircraft carrier?
USA has 10 plus another 9 that are helicopter / jump jet carriers!

Why are we even talking about this? I dont think its even worth comparing to be honest!

I hate the USA! I hate Israel!
I support syria and Russia!

But i am not going to shove my head in the sand and ignore obvious realities!

Ivan Freely

“China does NOT venture out into the open oceans with numerous fleets…”

Not in the same sense as the US. The secret to US Naval power is their oversea bases which the Chinese lack, which we all know. I seriously doubt the Chinese will ever build that many bases. There’s simply too many strings attached when it comes to oversea bases.

HOWEVER, the PLA-Navy have ventured past their territorial waters on a regular basis for years. Their Anti-Piracy Task Force (latest one the 29th) operating in the Gulf of Aden. It’s technically called a flotilla (<5 ships) and not a fleet (5+ ships), but the experience that they gain cannot be ignored. Their anti-piracy task force usually consists of two frigates or destroyers with a replenishment ship; no word if a submarine is there or not. On several occasions, they've sent their Type 071 LPD (likely to act as a stand-in for an aircraft carrier).

I don't expect the Chinese to have flotilla's or fleet's sailing around the World for at least another decade. Sometime by 2035 is when things will get interesting.

Now, their second aircraft carrier just returned from the first sea trial and it's been stated that it's main duty would be combat, unlike the CV-16 Liaoning which is designated as a seed (training) carrier. Yes, we're all aware that the US Navy have more carriers and experience, but in time so will China. Don't expect the PLA-Navy to have the same SOPs as the US Navy. This is THE biggest mistake that people make; comparing the Chinese to the Americans.

Also, don't expect the Chinese to fight and die for any nation other than for themselves. They fight and die for China, not Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey nor Iran.


All u have said make sense to me! But i will add one thing. A Grey water navy typically means that the ships operate close to shores! For example, cruise ships may travel the world but they do so by staying in international waters but still close to land. This would be why the Chinese navy practice anti-pirating! Cargo ships are susceptible to pirate attacks because they are close enough to shores that enable them to be attacked!

An aircraft carrier means “force projection”! It is not used to humanitarian missions or to help another country in national disasters! They are built to intimidate, stake claim and for war! i do understand that aircraft carriers may be more open to attacks these days due to missile tech but lets not forget that each aircraft aboard an aircraft carrier grant the carrier longer range for attacks with ship killing missiles. Also these carriers never travel alone and come with state of the art defence ships as well as attack submarines. And lets be clear, the USA has 10 Carriers plus another 9 LHD carriers! i dont believe tat 10 years is enough! more like 10 to 40! The US still holds the petro dollar and the biggest consumer market in the world! A war would have to ensue before the USA give away its petro dollar! How does the USA protect this? With its blown out military budget! Since 1945 the USA has had a lot of power (even before then). China is very new to this and they are far behind! Put all of Europe’s,Russia and China’s aircraft carriers together and still the USA has more that can also carry much more aircraft with more ordinace / take off weight!

China is still a baby navy! Another reason why they stay close to sure.

Ivan Freely

Partially correct. IMHO, the Chinese task force operates sufficiently away from shore so it can be considered a Blue Water (BW) Navy. However, you are most correct in the experience analysis of the PLA-Navy. It’s still a young navy where they are still learning in how to operate one.

The USN have an Achilles heel; it’s overseas bases (actually it’s everyone that have oversea bases). Given the growing anti-US sentiments around the World, those precious oversea bases (except the larger ones) will become unreliable. Once those bases fall, the USNs ability to project force will be greatly hampered. It doesn’t matter how many carriers or LHDs one may have, if the navy can’t find a place to resupply it’s fleet, it’s next to being useless. Second, submarines. Third, submarines. Did I mention submarines? LOL

Anyway, I wouldn’t count on the “PetroDollar” to save the US backside now, especially with the EU slowly moving away from the US camp (i.e. see Iran Nuclear Deal). Hopefully the USD dies a horrible death before any war break out.


The USA has maybe the most subs in the world the last time i checked! russia closely behind! But still enough to give their aircraft carriers a huge advantage!

Naval bases! Im from Australia, if they needed one here they would et it easy! Guam is practically owned by the USA! Diego Garcia in the indian ocean could be used! Bahrain is being used by their 5th fleet but they could just as easily shift to qatar, KSA or UAE! Perhaps even Israel! I cant uderstand why a NATO country couldnt supply the USA either!

They have so many allies! South Korea, Japan, Philipines, Taiwan, thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Pakistan gets so much aid from the USA too! The UK. Its endless! they will have bases so long as they are the most powerful force! if Aramco is publicly traded on the New York Stock exchange (which is most likely going to happen) u can then LOCK IN the US petro dollar! It will pump the US economy sky high! Its 2or 4 times bigger than the Biggest company in the world (Exxon mobil)! so i dont think the petro dollar is going away fast! EU / germany will fall into line on the Iran deal!

Germany (who is occupied by the USA) will have a choice to stay in the Iran deal or have sanctions placed on them! Sanctions on companies such as Siemens, BMW, Mercedes etc! this is Germany’s bread and butter! Maybe even their bio tech companies! And who is Germany’s biggest market for this? the USA!

U can bet ur ass that Germany will do as its told!

If the EU created its own army, allied with Russia then yes i would agree the EU could fuck the USA off on the Iran deal (especially interesting after Merkels visit to Russia recently). But i doubt it will occur! BUT ITS POSSIBLE!

If it did occur id be happy too!


“””China’s military is very far behind the USA! They dont even have a “blue water” navy! only a “grey water”! They have 1 aircraft carrier that holds half as many aircraft as the US carriers do and they cant carry as much munitions eithe”””

That is the problem with the US leadership, always to belittle and underestimate their opposition. China currently does not need a blue water navy, it needs a navy that controls the trade routes going through Malaga straights, China will soon have two carriers while having a few more being built in various stages of construction.
They militarized several man made islands in the Spratly archipelago, so for all practical purposes they have they currently have 3-4 “carriers” deep into the South China Sea that cannot be sunk.
Add to that supersonic anti ship cruise missiles and DF21 MRBM That have ranges greater than the range of combat aircraft based on carriers, making US carriers of limited value against superior range weapons the Chinese have deployed.

It is immaterial about what the US carrier can do, how many aircraft or how much munitions it can hold, if it’s range of engagement is inferior to the Chinese anti ship cruise missiles and DF21, the Chinese can keep the US carrier task forces at a distance where they are useless.


i disagree entirely! u are still falling short on many aspects!
1. Thailand, Taiwan,Philipines,Japan, south Korea, guam etc etc! do u think these nations are only chop liver? USA has bases in taiwan! go get urself a map and check out how close taiwan is to china! Check out South korea too!

Ur anti-ship missile statement is flawed even if we assume the USA doesnt have high speed, long range missiles! You cant sink taiwan! U cant sink South Korea! U cant sink a USA submarine!

I think ur statement is biased! i think u dislike America (as i do) so much that u cant imagine for one minute that the USA may have equal or even better missiles than china! I mean, how do u know? Because they didnt list them in last years “military magazine”?

Do u even take into account all the land bases USA and its friendly allies who share this Chinese sea? Do u take into account all the combined naval forces? Is your statement totally relying on a single particular missile system? Do u consider any draw backs or counter measure the US may have? I always thought that an advanced navy with much greater numbers and a massive allied fleet was an ACE up their sleeve! Maybe four aces! Maybe its the whole deck of cards!

Why are u assuming China can defeat all of these assets when the USA is well established in the region in many countries! I honestly believe that u are clutching at straws! U should try and consider the enemies positives! i dont think u would make a very good General!


“””Ur anti-ship missile statement is flawed even if we assume the USA doesnt have high speed, long range missiles! You cant sink taiwan! U cant sink South Korea! U cant sink a USA submarine!”””

US does not have any high speed anti ship cruise or any hypersonic missiles in development, the anti ship cruise missiles are intended against floating ships…..not islands or stationary bases. Why can’t you sink a US submarine? Is it some sacred cow?
The US fleet and it’s carrier task forces will be overwhelmed by hundreds of Mach 3 cruise missiles, and hundreds of hypersonic missiles. What are allied navies going to do? The only substantial naval ally is Japan, how much do these allies really want to go to war because US feels threatened and out of its element?

In case you have not heard, NATO and US allies in Pacific do not have any defenses against hypersonic missiles, Russia already deployed two platforms, China has on platform ready, carrier task forces are reminiscent of battleships without air cover that get attacked from the air.
Aegis system is ineffective against hypersonic missiles and possibly Mach 3 missiles, since these weapons did not exist when the Aegis concept was applied to naval defenses.
These weapons took into account the capabilities of the Aegis system, they are made to defeat them or degrade them seriously, where a carrier task force becomes a turkey shoot.


Dude, what u are telling me is that the USA has made no developments in missile defence nor in missile offence in the last 30 years! i say this because the tomohawk cruise missile was being used in 1990 (the first gulf war). And we only found out about it when we saw it on video in the skies! Russia has only just shown their cruise missile equivilant in the last 3 years (2015).

We didnt know the USA had a stealth fighter F-117 until 1990 (gulf war) until it was shown but it was developed and built in the late 1960’s (introduced in 1983)

And the point i am making here is THAT YOU …… THINK….. YOU KNOW!!!

Why? Because u read it on the internet? You know all of the US military secrets and developments? what they have and dont have?

Well i can tell u what i know!

Russia’s newest weapons (hypersonic glider) and the (hypersonic missile) is USA tech that was sold to them!
I can go deeper into it but ill let u google it and find out urself since you THINK u have all the information!

If u truly believe that the USA does not have a hypersonic missile, what makes you so sure? What did u read or not read to make u think this?

What makes u believe that the USA failed, forgot, didnt know how or just were too busy fighting conventional wars so that they did not make a hypersonic missile?

You show me a very narrow minded and biased opinion!

DUDE I SUPPORT RUSSIA LIKE U WOULDNT BELIEVE! But blind patriotic support does mean u are right! USA has hypersonic missiles!!!!!! They have multiple air defence systems! Systems that intercept at launch, mid range (very high altitude) and also for incoming! they have laser systems and God know what else in space! The fact is, you have absolutely KNOW IDEA! What they have! NONE! You are not in a position to state that China and Russia have weapons that the USA cannot defend because you simply dont know!

Also you dont know if Russia or china can defend against US offensive weapons! So it could be mutual! What i can tell u is this…. China is far behind he USA in terms of tech research! hey buy and copy and steel info! Why cant they make a supercruise engine? Russia makes china buy SU-35’s but all china wants is the bloody engine!

If the USA doesnt have a hypersonic cruise missile then im a monkey’s uncle! They had crusie missiles 25 years before russia did! And ure trying to tell me they cant defend or even have equivilent offesnive weapons?

How wealthy was Russia between 1990 and 2007? They were poor as hell! How Rich was the USA in those years? They were rich as hell! But somehow u want to believe that Russia was sitting quiet and making a master plan to develop more advanced weapons with 20 billion military budget per year and the USA couldnt do anything with 700 billion per year! Ure going to tell me “dude, they were too busy fighting conventional wars and just forgot or didnt have the brains to figure it out”! Really? You want me to buy this conclusion?

Youve been Duped! They have them and plenty of them! And if u research, u will discover that Russian tech was purchased by the USA from certain people involved in whats called “pay for play”! You will also find out that So too id North Korea get the tech from the USA!

In fact, Iran got its Uranium from the USA!

Google “Uranium 1” Google “Rosatom’s involvement in Uranium 1 scandal”.

Google “Iran links to North Korea”!

Just start finding out what u dont know! Because when i read your comments i feel like im talking to a person who only reads sputnik news, al-masdar, southfront, russia insider, so on and so fourth!

You really need to know what u dont know!

another fast track learning curve!

Try this one on for size


“””China still has to compete with South Korea (3rd biggest economy), Japan (4th biggest economy), the USA, Britain, France, India, singapore, taiwan, vietnam, malaysia, australia, thailand, etc etc! Their airforce is literally a copy of russian aircraft and they cant produce engines anywhere near close to what Russia and the USA can!”””

China is the economic powerhouse of Asia, the SCO framework allows its members to form a strong economic and military powerhouse that will have much greater influence than the G7.
China reverse engineers weapon systems, nothing wrong with that, they have a fifth generation fighter and their armed forces are becoming more efficient and modernized.

“””China spends 180 billion a year! USA currently back at 700 billion and they already are 15 times bigger than China’s military hardware!
Lets keep it real!”””

Lol, please tell me what equipment did the US armed forces get for 700 billion spent on defense expenditures, compared to the Chinese budget of over 200 billion?
The Chinese like the Russians get a lot more value for the dollar they spend on their defense budgets.
And BTW, China is engaging US on a trade war to diminish the significance of the petro dollar as a reserve currency, and has ample tangible resources to engage US in an open arms race, while US’s ability to spend lavishly on its bloated defense empire ( built on debt because of the reserve currency privilege) will be diminished; presently US is falling behind technologically in areas of new generation weapons and related technologies.


China is currently in a trade war with the USA! Currency wars and trade wars are always a prelude to a world war! For a shift in ownership of the petro dollar, there will need to be a war!

USA has the NATO treaty! All nations MUST be involved! Canada is apart of NATO! Australia is in ANZUS! Japan and Korea totally depend on USA! USA wins a war against China hands down!

Aircraft carriers are certainly just conventional weapons of power projection but it doesnt mean that each of those 85 aircraft on board cant carry a cruise missile or a Ship killing missile! With such a range added to the missile from a naval aircraft which air launches a missile (adding far more range) gives advantage! Having 10 of such ships gives advantage! Having bases in every country around the china sea gives advantage!

Far more subs than china! attack subs at that!

To THINK USA doesnt have a hypersonic missile s rediculous! China and russia advertise their tech to fend off USA ideas to attack! USA ddint admit it had a secret stealth fighter jet (F117) until we found out 27 years after it was designed! e ddint find out they had long range ship launched cruise missiles until 1990, 7 years after they were introduced! Nobody new about the SR-71! Nobody new about the U2 until it was shot down!

Why on earth would anyone (YOU) know if the USA has a hypersonic cruise missile?

What does logic tell u?

Russia was BROKE from 1990 to 2007 yet they made a hypersonic missile!

USA was rich beyond its dreams and didnt? REALLY?

How did u come up with this assumption? Where did u read that the USA doesnt have a hypersonic weapon! Was it in ur local newspaper? lol

Its MOST LIKELY they have it (like they have most things first) and u just dont know about it yet!

And if u think a war wont occur before a shift in petro dollar occurs, then u are not thinking straight!

North Korea was the beginning! If North Korea De-nukes, its a big win for the USA and a big loss for China and perhaps Russia too! Very Strategic…. its a border! Do u understand he military term of “Containment”?

The war has already started! The trade wars, North Korea and soon to be Middle east! We are slow walking into it! So if u truly backChina, then u should pray North Korea doesnt De-nuke! Otherwise its not looking good for China! They have India to their West, Japan to their east, South Korea to their south East. Taiwan to their south, Malaysia,Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, NATO alliance, Canada etc etc!

Tell me how does China make new ships if their entire coastline and ports are being destroyed?

USA has Patriot and THAAD systems all over that area!

(i don not back the USA but i am a realist)!

And finally, what if the USA does have a hypersonic missile with the same range or more than China? what then? Does that screw up your plan?

What if they can shoot shit from Space?

U dont know! But come on dude….. this isnt Rocky lol! USA has massive alliances and so much military power! Stop playing games! Its a silly comment u are making about China!


Some factual statements outside of the hype realm.
1. US does not have any hypersonic missiles in advanced stage of development or close to production. MIC squandered huge amounts of money on meaningless projects without having anything to show for, since their enemies were third rate powers, and their arsenal dating to the late 70’s was sufficient for the task.
2. US does not have ANY effective anti ship or land attack cruise missiles, their Tomahawks have shown their uselessness against peer power air defenses and EW.
3. The carriers without long range strike weapons are useless given their aircraft range of 600 miles that is greatly exceeded by medium range ballistic anti shipping missiles DF21-26, with ranges in excess of 2000 miles.
4. For the last 3 decades US MIC has been farting around producing nothing tangible for the money allocated for new weapons, today, US is facing two peer countries that can field more technologically advanced weapons. I am not sure if the MIC can overcome their ineptitude funk, and lack of creative thinking……a high ranking general said if Russia would use hypersonic weapons, US would retaliate with its nuclear triad, since they do not have any defenses against it.

What you have is a situation where US military has been caught with their pants down, being boastful and delusional and slowly coming to grips with their inferior position of strength. All they can do is bluff publically,


yet, the latest news leaks suggests that these news technologies developed by russia (hypersonic missiles) were bought and paid for by russia to the Clinton foundation and thus the blueprints handed over from the USA to Russia when she was Secretary of State! Stay tuned, this information is soon to be released along with the Uranium One scandal!


You are pathetic, US cannot hand over any technology it does not have. They do not even have reliable rocket engines to launch space payloads, they have to buy them from Russia.
Why don’t you seem to understand that since US fought third rate powers, the 70’s weapon technology was sufficient, and the fat ass MIC sucked up all kinds of money without producing much, except for white elephants to be black holes for taxpayers money. The MIC is like a shoddy contractor that wants a lot of money for poor quality work, or no finished work.


Yeah i know about the Russian engines. they need the russian RD-180 for heavey lift to extremely high altitude! However they use their own rockets for medium and low earth!
Ure preaching to the quire here, i know all of this! SpaceX has now developed Heavy lift and deep space launch rockets!
NASA always had them and did away with them because Russian rockets were far more reliable and cheaper! Not now though!

Also u seem to think that u KNOW what the USA has or does not have! Unless u are Q level military intel then u have no idea what u are talking about!

Did u know they had a steal fighter before they showed it in 1990 Iraq war?
Did u know they have cruise missiles when they showed it in the 1990Iraq war?
Did u know their rounds used depleted uranium before so many soldiers were dying of cancer 3 years after the Iraq war?


Russia announced its Tech only recently in order to push back on the US and try to scare them from escalating things in the middle east! Make them think twice! If it were not to try an save their goals in Syria, this would not have been required and thus u and i would not know that russia had these weapons coming out!

When people like u get angry its because u have no proof of anything! and u just try to FORCE your opinion! YOURE WRONG!

I know that the USA leaked this info to North Korea (nuke tech and ICBM tech)
I know Iran got its uranium from the USA via Russia’s Rosatom!
I know why they got it from the USA, i know how!



In the mean time, think white and get serious!

U are saying the same old arguements. That Russia was broke between 1990 and 2007 yet the USA was just to blind and dumb to not notice any advances being made by russia or China! You want me to believe that the USA who developed stealth a decade or more (maybe 2 decades) before anyone, a cruise missile 25 years before anyone, just didnt have the money, the know how or were just not keeping their eye on the ball?


Because this is basically what u are saying to me! And ur proof is that they havent shown it or announced it and i have given u many examples as to how the USA has just only shown new tech when they go to war. They dont fucking announce it and say “hey guys, we got this new tech stuff that can do a, b, c and d”. Why would their need to be “Top Secret” shit if ure going to announce what u got or whats coming in soon? huh?

between 1990 and 2007 russia was broke! they got a loan from the IMF to survive with bread lines! In this time, USA went into Iraq (im sure fo oil) and had nobody to stop them! They did everything they wanted. Iraq, Lybia, Afghanistan! Stealing oil, opium trade etc etc!

Dude the USA was milking it! And ur explanation to me is (read this with a dumb voice so u get my point what i think u sound like) “yeah, ummm, well, u see…. they were only concentrating on smaller wars with conventional weapons. So they just made a lot of tanks and shit. And while they were looking the other way, russia was secretly fixing its bread lines and developed new EW tech, New ICBM’s, New hypersonic missiles that the USA didnt notice! Its like russia was testing Avanguard hypersonic gliding missile in their skies but the USA couldnt detect what they were developing! In fact the USA only had all their satlittes over middle east and didnt notice what russia was doing even tho russia still has thousands of nukes! so yeah, USA isnt all that technically capable dude! Even when they are super rich and russia is super poor, USA just lost the plot dude! They just wasted their military budget funds and never developed any cool tech after the cold war! So yeah, russia just made all this shit on 40 billion a year and america didnt do anything on 700 billion a year! Thats pretty much what happened dude, and i know this cos the americans didnt say anything on youtube as to what new secret tech they have!

lol ure a fucking dumb cunt! Thats what u are!


So because the united states military havent released their latest top secret military tech on YouTube, u assume u know what they have and havent got!

Im not asking u to prove to me what america has! Im asking u to prove what they dont have!

You have no idea!

Because if u knew what tech they have, they wouldnt be doing their fucking job right? How can u be sooo niave! Think like a white man for just 2 mins and try to understand how silly ur statement is! and dont say “Oh dude they admit it” because EVEN IF THEY DID, how do u know its not disinfo?

Think logically!

Most high tech nation and most richest especially after the collapse of the Soviet union! Versus a country that had bread lines and was poor from 1990 to2007. Also they never forclose any info on weapons, they just show up on a battle field in some new war! thats how we always find out! Yet ur tiny brain cant conceive this logic can it!! Just doesnt compute in ur tiny head! That the most advanced country and mst wealthy doesnt have high tech weapons that russia has! U dont believe in spies getting blue prints or some dirty politicians releasing tech for money! Ur brain is too small for me to even be conversing with!

Your argument is so dumb im thinking to snap shot it and make it an issue on face book!

“look at this moron! thinks he knows what the USA hasnt developed because he hasnt read about it on he internet! hahaha. How dumb can someone get”!


Aside from your Hollywood fed bravado, please tell me what effective weapon systems has the MIC forwarded for production for the last 3 decades? Past performance is indicative of present and future trends.
So what about expensive technological weapons and concepts that can be rendered ineffective with EW warfare?
How about the moronic concepts to build carrier task forces that are easy prey to swarms of antiship and hypersonic missiles? The carriers worked in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Libya…etc., today they are sitting ducks, yet the MIC keeps producing them, knowing very well that they are floating coffins.

The military suffered significant moral issues with the social experiments forced on them by Obama, and their leadership is mostly made up of politically corect nodding donkeys.

When you post again, bring some actual facts along to make your argument more persusasive.


America and Israel both are notorious terrorist states. I don’t know how the world communities let them to produce and keep Nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and its delivery systems for the killing of world humanity. I think the world community is totally powerless. This is not democracy.


The world community is not powerless, you neutralize US economically and Israel will be neutralized militarily. The foundation of a multipolar world is being established, there are no Jews in China and most SCO countries, SCO will antagonize G7 and win the economic and military contests.


The US State Dept statements sound more like Israel’s threats every day. :)


Every day they become More & More Laughable…bunch o’ pathetic idiots


They are the statements of people who have never had a real productive job in their lives Merijn :)

You can call me Al

Wow, a bit harsh…you even unticked him / her.


Harsh but fair Al.
I would also include the career soldiers in the ‘ Not a productive job as well ‘. Endless exercises and brainwashing does not make a balanced citizen. The majority of soldiers never fire a shot in anger throughout their careers.


The US State Department has a direct line to Tel Aviv/Netanyahu to receive ORDERS from their MASTER IN ISRAHELL.


Is it a Direct Line from Israel or the US servants quarters bell :)


They are both in the same predicament, US decline in the world affairs and influence is synonymous to Israel’s diminished role and power status in the ME.
They talk the same language filled with empty threats and make believe bravado, because they know that the inevitable fall of the empire will mean that Israel will be all alone.


Wtf…Why is the U.S. interfering in this Sea… It Is Called the South Chinese Sea… Not the North American Sea…cuntzzz

Vincent Van Zyl

Because they think they own the world. How fard China and Russia put their countries around US military bases?


Yeah….I know that Feeling… I am the King Of Holland… Marinovitsch the XIV….. I have a Crown with a little Propeller on top, so I can Fly…


comment image
Only have to adjust it a little…my Crown constantly flies away without me… that sucks…


Hey U.S… Buzz off out of OUR Sea… or we Dump your Stocks & Bonds in it…So Back Off!!


FOOLS, There will be ZERO consequences.

Mahmoud Larfi

Aaand the long term consequences are:
We will fart in water and make neat bubbles


Always Wanted to have a Yankuzi….

You can call me Al





Yes, greater freedom for China and a kick in the Ass to USoA


“And the US Navy, ‘has been’ the guarantor of that”. That is right past tense, China just took over.


Imagine, China is in South CHINA , repeating CHINA, Sea!!! How Chinese dare to be in CHINA Sea??!!! They should be in Northern American Sea (is there such????) This is a complete clusterfuck: illusion, impatience and incompetence of current USA political establishment!


Because 200 years ago vienam was part of chinese empire. therefore south-china sea. but not anymore. btw., the countries in that region asked washington for help. if already vietnam is americas allied, this tells everything. (stupid ruskies lost another friendly country!) china with building of new islands in the intrnational water and then call that chines broke the law and is as conqueror as was hitler. in THIS chapter china is wrong and usa right.

Steve Bell

Vietnam isn’t involved in any military drills with the U.S., in fact it’s recently becoming friendlier with China. Read some non-fake news before commenting, fart-brain.


you should rebew your knowledges :D

Steve Bell

Consequences? What and where? The U.S. knows that China’s new supersonic anti-ship missiles will turn any USN warships within range into fish food before its Stone Age harpoons get half way, so it will continue to bark but not bite.


the old dying lion bark threats to young lion , thats the only thing the dying king can do

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