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MAY 2021

US Sanctions Iraqi PMU Leader Over ‘Human Rights Violations’

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US Sanctions Iraqi PMU Leader Over ‘Human Rights Violations’

PMU leader Falih al-Fayyadh, source: al-hashed.net

On January 8, the United States imposed sanctions on the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) leader and former Iraqi National Security Advisor Falih al-Fayyadh.

In an official statement, the Department of the Treasury said that al-Fayyadh was designated due to his connections to serious human right abuses.

The department alleged that al-Fayyadh was a part of the PMU-led crisis cell that worked in October of 2019 to suppress protests in Iraq with the direct support of the Qods Force of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The PMU was also accused of waging an assassination campaign against political activists, who are calling for free and fair elections, respect for human rights and a transparent government.

“By directing and supervising the murder of peaceful Iraqi demonstrators, Iran-aligned militants and politicians such as Falih al-Fayyadh have been waging a violent campaign against Iraqi democracy and civil society,” said Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin. “The United States will continue to hold accountable human rights abusers in Iraq who aim to deny the Iraqi people in their efforts to peacefully protest, seek justice, and root out corruption in their country.”

Al-Fayyadh was designated under the he Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act that is supposed to target perpetrators of serious human rights abuse and corruption.

While the US is accusing al-Fayyadh of human rights violations, the truth is that the Iraqi commander was likely sanctioned due to his close ties with Iran.

The designation of al-Fayyadh is meant to pressure Iran allies in Iraq, first and foremost PMU factions. The US believes that some of these factions are responsible for recent attacks on its troops and diplomatic mission in Iraq.

Under the Presidency of Donald Trump, the US launched the so-called ‘maximum pressure campaign’ against Iran and its allies in the Middle East. Dozens of officials and popular leaders in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon were sanctioned. These sanctions have changed nothing, thus far.


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  1. LRcaptain says:

    oh shut up USA everyone knows you alone have done far far worse.

  2. verner says:

    well iran issued an arrest warrant for trump and his cohorts of thugs and iraq issued an arrest warrant for trump for the murder of the iraqi general travelling with soleimani a year ago, that is a very good start and it is a start towards justice the exceptional idiots in the white house will work hard to ignore. the same measure should be brought against today’s adolf hitler, the rotund parasitic vermin netanyahu, who deserves nothing better than a street lamp gallow and his head on a spike as a warning to others.

    1. klove and light says:

      the same measure should be brought against today’s adolf hitler, the rotund parasitic vermin netanyahu, who deserves nothing better than a street lamp gallow and his head on a spike as a warning to others

      Spot on !!!

    2. Just Me says:

      Iraq has done the same. The whole US government is made up of criminals and perverts.

      1. Tommy Jensen says:

        But the American people are innocents. They have done nothing wrong.

        The Americans voted on McCain and Bushes and thought they were peace angels. and after that the American people cried because of the pain in their arses…………………..LOL.

  3. Potato Man says:

    I’m sure PMUs have a lot of money in west and they travel to west…
    “violent campaign against Iraqi democracy.” you can say that again…LMFAO 4 hero died.
    Love when satanic apes talk about human rights…I forgot which country sanction Iraq before invading it which killed 1 million Iraqi mainly women and kids… :)

    Both Satanic shit hold US/Zion having good time at home…lol

  4. Just Me says:

    Sanctions from US deadbeat banana republic don’t amount to much and can be considered a joke.


  5. farbat says:

    the usa should be crushed soon the resistance is mistaken if they want to give the usa time they better go to action the moment they are ready

  6. farbat says:

    ansarullah next stage should not just be yemen as a whole not just the end of war but a clear win

  7. farbat says:

    hashd should stop playing around and mess up the americans soon and do the internal politics later because the public clearly wants the usa gone

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